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hide File: 128089733526.jpg-(68.17KB, 448x664, Avatar_sketch___Aang_vs_Zuko_by_eis.jpg)
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Before the 3rd season started. I had the idea in my head that the final battle was going to come down to Aang vs a Zuko who would have spent all of the 3rd season seizing power from his family, which would have included killing Iroh. This would have culminated in Zuko sacrificing himself to save Aang, and maybe the world being welcomed by Iroh to whatever fate awaited him on the other side.

But obviously, things didn't pan out that way. What were your predictions.

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Not to whore out my fic or anything (by which I mean to totally whore out my fictional or everything), I actually have a chapter that kind of deals with that scenario.

I'm on my phone, but I can post a link to the chapter when I get home if you want.

(I can at least promise that it's better than HIBY... though possibly not as amusing)


>totally whore out my fictional and everything...

I love when my phone decides to correct my spelling without my consent.

I thought we'd see Iroh's journey to the Spirit World.

I thought that since the Avatar State was locked (at the time) Aang would have to "think like a mad genius" and find some clever way to defeat Ozai without it. I also thought maybe Momo would play some role in that due to what Bumi said, but in the finale it showed that Bumi's belief in the importance of Momo didn't really mean anything after all.

I thought Ozai or maybe Azula would die, though I'm happy with the way things turned out.

I thought the Sun Warriors and possibly Chit Seng would play a role in the finale and that the reason they were introduced was to have more "good" Firebenders to balance out the bad ones. Turns out Chit Seng was pretty much useless and the Sun Warriors were one-shot characters. What a waste.

I also thought maybe that golden "egg" would hatch and be a new dragon.

I thought Aang and Bumi would meet up again. I'm sure they did off-screen at least.

I thought Toph might have her issues with her parents resolved.

I thought Mai and Ty Lee might break out of prison.
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hide File: 128123120886.gif-(170.97KB, 450x300, anim_5ac57882-b599-fcf4-d1a0-99daa792bd59.gif)
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Only if you suck on the straw suggestively. In that case, post pics.

Assuming I can find some in Southeast Asia.

Also, I'm a neckbearded Asian guy.

Hopefully you can do find it.

Suck on a zuko anyway

hide File: 126865038863.png-(277.09KB, 630x674, awesome.png)
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My friend and I have taken on a project to create a FPS Source engine mod similiar to Team Fortress 2 but with Avatar characters. We've taken the 9 classes plus one and expanded them to fit major characters. Basically, it's just a friend and myself who can currently texture and make models for the characters, and now we're just brainstorming how to make everything evened out so no one's OP. Note that this is based loosely off the original classes.

I'll post all the info in the following posts.

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This won't be done period. These projects always fail.

Have some confidence, man.

The ed edd n eddy mod is going according to schedule.

hide File: 124380510490.jpg-(70.60KB, 600x825, 0a55aefdb6e8ef41.jpg)
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Need pics of Katara being awesome. No shipping please.

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File: 128142946247.jpg-(108.68KB, 564x800, Waterbender_Katara_by_arugaisou.jpg)

File: 128142968290.png-(625.10KB, 841x889, Katara_by_KasumiTan.png)

... her?

hide File: 126669205296.jpg-(29.63KB, 259x281, Zuko__s_new_hairstyle_by_kartos.jpg)
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ITT Avatar characters dressed as each other.

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File: 128141782592.png-(405.87KB, 600x863, Avatar__Uhh____I_can_explain__by_schellibie.png)

>>blue and orange.



hide File: 127631637440.jpg-(404.36KB, 839x480, Avatar__Singularity_by_Avatar_Singularity.jpg)
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Previous Thread: >>28074

Old cyberpunk thread is on auto-sage, so I'm makin' a new thread to hold my artwork and the like for this comic.

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This is awesome; afsdkfjlkgjlkjgads.

File: 12814948762.jpg-(145.28KB, 689x1128, Toph - Street Clothes001.jpg)
Some sketches I decided to upload in the interest of bumping my thread.

Copy-Paste of what I put in the description:

>A few sketches I did of Toph in some more casual clothes. I've yet to piece anything together to work as an analog for the more fancy clothes we've seen her wear in the show, both in her home and in Ba Sing Se.

>Visor idea's totally ripped from Ghost in the Shell, but it looks cool, and I figure Toph likes the idea of a visor that plugs into your occipital lobe better than some quack doctor scooping your eyes out and putting in vat grown autogenetic replacements.

File: 128150050957.jpg-(249.15KB, 1166x1436, Mai - Endoskeleton sketch001.jpg)
I also occurred to me I never posted this:

Copy pasta of what I put:

>A few sketches I did a while back running on ideas from the thread regarding Mai. There isn't one specific post or story, but a few different ideas tossed about were enough for me to work with.

>Some had her be a gynoid; some others, she was a cyborg. My own plans are still being tossed around, but this was something I drew to kinda help my focus and act as a sort of compliment or foil against the more gentle, less visceral appearance of Ty Lee's shell

Also, yes, I stole the hair from Hina's High school AU pics, but I just loved how it looked on Mai, so I "borrowed" it.

hide File: 127036606024.png-(484.73KB, 720x480, ep44-862.png)
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a.k.a. the thread in which everyone makes Murph write some Avatar smut! I shall consider this an an exercise in conciseness ( something I haven't been proficient at in my past works).

Here's the deal, respond to this thread with the following:

Pairing (or Grouping :3)
Scenario/fetish (in [ spoiler ] tags, just for fun)
-No slash please, it simply ain't my thing.
-Snuff, torture, or non-consensual requests will simply be discarded. Don't bother making them.

You request, I attempt to write a drabble about it! Fire away +/a/!

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Sorry JVC, I haven't been feeling very motivated lately. Maybe I can rustle up something in the coming week :)

bump <3

Pegging. And 'twinkletoes' better be in there somewhere.

hide File: 127421692728.png-(620.17KB, 1063x799, Avatar1.png)
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Okay, so I've got some questions about the Avatar, and I'd like to hear what you peeps think.

First is the question of progeny. While our knowledge about Avatars past is very limited, there is some information provided about Avatar Roku and his descendants. Take Zuko for instance; as a direct descendant of a previous Avatar, he seems to play a crucial role in his interaction with Aang. The same may even be said of Azula. Do you think the progeny of Avatars past are all connected to the Avatars reincarnate?

Also, regarding the spirit forms of Avatars past. Is the form decided by how the Avatar looked at their time of death, when a new Avatar was born? If so, Roku looks relatively a lot more aged than Kiyoshi and several previous Avatars. Make's you wonder why they were struck down in their "prime" so to speak.

I guess ITT: "Avatar" General

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I've read fanfics where the next Avatar after Aang is one of his descendants (with Katara, of course). Not too novel to "keep it within the family), but it wasn't even considered in canon.


File: 128142199725.gif-(67.01KB, 448x394, LOL_coffee.gif)
Hahaha, go look at the Avatar page on ED. Which one of you did that? And does anyone know the sauce on the MaiLee pic?

hide File: 127929771429.png-(340.30KB, 720x538, Tokka 8.png)
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Give me all your fanarts.
And fanfics possibly.

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That flick may have been an accident. Perhaps he just tensed for a moment.
Yet she was so sure that it was cheating.
I'd say she can sense movements with very high accuracy, so the much larger muscle movements required to hold up three fingers would be a cakewalk compared to spotting the different between a twitch and a cheating gambler.

Yeah, that makes more sense than my idea.

Can we get some more Tokka

File: 128139683814.jpg-(241.86KB, 900x1250, Tokka_Week__Boomeraang_by_burdge_bug.jpg)

hide File: 127522930349.png-(354.64KB, 613x1105, OBJECTION_by_Yukina-chun.png)
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Got a problem with the way something was handled in the series? Have a complaint about the fandom? Or maybe you just want an all-out shipping war? Prepare your arguments, ready your objections, and let's debate about it. Just try to keep it above the belt.

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Did anyone really think she was going to die in this scene? I think I've seen a few people say they believed that. And for some reason, Toph was a popular guess when it came to "Which of the main characters might be killed in the finale?" but honestly, I knew that would never happen. When Aang got shot down, that was a surprise, but he was okay in the end. The only main characters I thought might actually die were Ozai and Azula, though I knew Azula was a stretch. It would be easy to kill off the main baddie in a series, but to do it to a 14-year-old girl, no matter how villainous, would be difficult. I'm satisfied with the end results, though I would have liked it if they specified in the show that she was taken to an asylum.

No, I knew she waasn't going to die, you're missing my point. SHE thought she was going to die. When the time came, Sokka manned the fuck up and just accepted it and told Toph "This looks like the end.". Toph on the other hand, showed something contradictory to all assumptions of her personality before the finale, real emotion.

I wasn't missing your point, that wasn't a response to what you wrote. It just reminded me.

hide File: 128089710572.png-(584.59KB, 457x590, avatarrpg.png)
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So, a while back there were some threads about Avatar tabletop RPGs... looks like someone finally came up with some stuff for it!

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Earthbenders get powers that trigger when an enemy makes an attack against a watched ally.

Firebenders' Source of Strength does max out, it helps to read it.

Sokka: Alright, we’re just about ready to start our first adventure. First, all of you need to introduce your characters. What races and classes did you choose?

Aang: I have a halfling monk! His name is Ulmo.

S: Yeah, I thought you’d go for that class. Though I had you pegged as a deva kind of guy, what with the baldness and the reincarnation and all.

A: Halflings are cool little guys who travel around and have parties!

S: Point taken. What about you, Katara?

K: My character is an elven shaman named Valna Bluemoon. She and her platypus bear spirit companion have vowed to protect the natural world.

S: Good, good. Toph?

T: Bjorn Goblinstomper! Dwarf fighter. Total badass.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh Zuko, you would make a Drizzt clone.

hide File: 126702623414.jpg-(130.31KB, 650x713, ATLA_Speech_Bubble_by_alexisneo.jpg)
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Submit your captions, +/a/

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File: 128094183924.jpg-(51.28KB, 303x459, ATLA___Sokka_will_Rock_Ya_by_AlisaChristopher.jpg)

File: 128094185513.jpg-(26.35KB, 300x383, Armed_Sokka.jpg)

File: 128094187546.jpg-(398.38KB, 868x631, Sokka___Watertribe_Warrior_by_Jonas64.jpg)

hide File: 128080283931.png-(238.77KB, 1024x683, Avatar_State_by_yorei.png)
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When an Avatar enters the Avatar State there's that glow and when you got that glow you're powerful, Sho'nuff. When it comes to Aang, it's not just the eyes it's also his forehead tattoo that gets all glimmery. So I got to wondering, do you think any other Avatar's also had something other than eyes glow when they powered up?

I sense that the above question can be a source of immense comedy in the right hands... and yes I'm aware that when it came to showing what the other Avatars looked like when they entered the Avatar state all we got was eye glowing but let's have some fun with it.

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Not a single fuck would be given that generation.

S/he would probably be all unbalanced and miserable - or at least dissatisfied, kinda like when you forgo exercise for a very long period.

really fat reincarnation baby.

hide File: 12808147702.png-(143.01KB, 333x250, FND.png)
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How would bending, a power which is based on both selective genetics and distinct culture, react in a world where greater globalization has led to a jumbled dominant culture and these specific gene pools have mixed?

Personally, I'd see either bending to become diluted over time, unable to work in people under these circumstances, Or the exact opposite possibly the ability for people to use both a dominant bending ability as well as minor abilities in bending types that were less dominant.

I know it's been said that in the world of the Avatar we've seen, dualbending has been only available to the Avatar, but perhaps it was not possible due to the extreme seperation of the four nations, outside of the occasional trader. Now, with the existence of Fire Nation Colonies and the vast increases in technology that have been made by both the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom, maybe the borders will grow to blur.

Of course, I'm not talking about Korra's world, this would be centuries or even millenia down the line.

What do you think?

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Depends on if one party is dominating the others. I suspect we will be seeing the OPs vision writ small in Republic City.

Odds are there will be concentrations based on the Four Nations, but instead of a trader's child heading across the world if he/she thinks they take after thier father bendingwise it is just heading to the nearest mid-sized city.

What if...? They stop being able to bend sinlge elements, but they develop telekinesis!

File: 128087134032.jpg-(7.02KB, 200x200, demoman.jpg)
What if they all turn into big, ugly girls!

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  We've had some threads before about direct historical influences in Avatar, but I thought it'd be interesting to have a more general thread, just for things you've found interesting or entertaining from Asian culture or media. I think it's pretty safe to say that my love of Avatar was the main cause of me starting to learn Mandarin, and so I'm trying to find more of (ancient) Chinese culture (hopefully I don't end up the Chinese version of a weeaboo in the process, I'm trying not to!).

Anyway, my research on the ancient Chinese repeating crossbow (something I'd love to see in Legend of Korra! :P) led to someone on LJ recommending "Red Cliff" to me. I finally finished it today, and it's really stunning and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before.

It's basically a historical epic directed by John Woo taking place around the Three Kingdoms period. The only Chinese films I had seen with such production values were wuxia films, and it was interesting to have a different sort of movie with battles of massive scope, and a less "fantastic/mystical" feel (though "Red Cliff" does have a "heroic epic" tone to it, it's meant to be more historical than the exaggerated accounts in Romance of the Three Kingdoms). It's visually wonderful (probably would make for great inspiration for backgrounds and stuff for fanart), it's got a great soundtrack, and if you get satisfaction from seeing wonderfully complicated plans come together, you'll love it. I admit it made me a little sad inside to see a glimpse of how wonderfully an Avatar movie could have been done ;_;.

As an aside -- it made me realize that one thing that Avatar never really had were massive volleys of arrows filling the sky (a big thing in the movie "Hero" too), or archery in any large numbers -- though of course that sort of thing would never get past Nick and be effective at all. ;) Also, just from a perspective of cinematography, it's interesting to see techniques that feel outdated or out of
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I'm a fan of the early-modern Chinese period, though admittedly it's the most cliche of all the favorite Chinese periods (right up there with the Three Kingdoms). What distinguishes the late Qing dynasty from all the others is the increased interaction with the West, and it's great to bring some international intrigue on the scene. And Cixi the Dowager Empress could easily be Azula... without the murderous insanity.

The Song dynasty seems to be the most underappreciated. I've only seen one soap about the Han Emperor, and I'm sure there is plenty of material on Qin Shi Huang. Frankly, I'd rather see more of China's mythical ancient period (Xia-Shang-Zhou).


I'm a Hakka - we apparently dwell in those things. Apparently, we were also a big part of the Taiping Rebellion, a major conflict in the 19th century.

File: 128081936578.jpg-(1.75MB, 1706x5020, 020-1a0315.jpg)
So I'm sort of half-following this "Asian Art" online course, and I thought I'd post a couple links to online museum galleries that might be interesting:

Oh and here's something I had found a while back that might be interesting. It's a collection of almost 600 high-res scans of Chinese paintings, over a gig in size. Not all the scans are that high quality, but you might like it!

>might be interesting
>might be interesting
Goddammit I need to be more varied. >:|

Anyway, I also dig East Asian seals. Here's a demonstration of carving one that was neat (part 2 here: )

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