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File 129019684435.png - (1.52MB , 1380x1000 , +4chan.png )
14966 No. 14966
Good evening/day/night/morning.

You may not remember me, but I assure you, that I remember you.
Long ago I posted a thread featuring links to livestream channels that had One Piece marathons.

We stopped advertising our actions here after a while, but now we see it fit that we do it once more, since we managed to verify our channel through some...shady ways.

This thread is dedicated to those weekend marathons with my title cards announcing what the next marathon will feature.
Occasionally we stream a movie of random choise after the main event.

If (read: Once) the channel gets locked down, you may find a new channel link posted at http://twitter.com/CaptainUsopp

Guess I should mention when we do this.
Weekends at Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm EST.
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>> No. 14969
File 129019713790.png - (593.67KB , 1001x788 , 17_ G8.png )
Lucky you. We have already gone through the boring Skypiea and landed in G8.

Links for the lazy:

Starting at 7pm EST
Bring snacks!
>> No. 14970
I do have snacks!
>> No. 14971
Out of Skypiea and into G8..?
Eh, not sure which one's worse.
>> No. 14986
Not intending to upstage you, but I think we ought to make this our Stream thread, since I fully intend either this weekend or the next to do as much of the first full 54 episodes that I can....with hong kong subtitles.
>> No. 14987
File 129029164829.png - (440.67KB , 1000x816 , 18_ Davy Back Fight.png )
Well I originally made this to advertise our channel, but you can use it as streaming regular if you like. I dont mind.

Speaking of streams, Next one today is Davy Back Fight.
Going through the entire arc. AFRO POWER!
I know that we went through an entire filler arc last night, but it was a good filler. Filler games of DBF will be skipped, making an othervise 13 episode arc last for 9 episodes.

7pm EST as usual.
>> No. 14988
File 12902920191.png - (258.96KB , 640x480 , Lol troll.png )
Guess I'd say that would be 16:00 according to the timezone shown in the posts here.

So in 1,5 hours, Davy Back marathon.
>> No. 14989
Unlike last night, this time i'll report that the marathon has now ended.
Next Friday: Aokiji and some of Water 7.
Movie: Batman & Robin.
(Mr. Freeze Ahnuld + Aokiji)
>> No. 15178
File 129080996421.png - (1.89MB , 1543x833 , 19_ Water 7 I.png )
With the snow falling in most places that watch this crap, Aokiji finds it good time to show up and make some pirate pants brown.
Also Merry gets a grim bill of health and the money for surgery is wasted on some party. Friendships get questioned.
Some of these plot elements are present during tonights movie.

Starting at 7pm EST.
>> No. 15194
File 129088670982.png - (152.25KB , 800x454 , 20_Water 7 II.png )
Next portion of One piece is a bit more dark.
Robin is still missing. Usopp has left the crew. Merry is dying and something bad has happened in Galley-la company.

Starting at 7pm EST. (In 4 hours from this post.)

Bring snacks!
>> No. 15350
File 129141558039.png - (1.00MB , 1233x665 , 21_ Water 7 III.png )
Friday night, snow outside and feet are cold.
What a great time for a sad flashback on the arc villain.
Personally, I already saw tonights movie when it was shown around Halloween. Still gonna watch it again.

Starting at 7pm EST

Bring snacks!
>> No. 15375
Few fights on the train and Robin is almost rescued, until...
She snaps Sogekings spine?!
We arrive at Enies Lobby and cause some mayhem right before Blueno fight.

Starting at 7pm EST. (In 1h 30min from this post.)

Bring snacks.

(couldn't post an image for some reason. Kept telling me to "Only post one image")
>> No. 15495
File 129201924652.png - (1.62MB , 1551x818 , 23_ Enies Lobby.png )
Well Luffy has finally reached the Judicial Tower and one man standing before him is Blueno. The rest of the Strawhats need to mosey to catch up, but with Guilty Jury throwing their balls at them and giants awoken, they'll have some trouble.
We also take a look 20 years into the past so see The Genocide of Ohara.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks.
Also do make use of this thread for your own streamings. I already gave a permission to do that. >>14986
>> No. 15497
File 129210801984.png - (1.03MB , 1000x836 , 24_ Enies Lobby.png )
Tonight we go through few CP9 fights. With the way we have to stick to doing 10 episodes per night, Sanji's and Zoro's fights are for next Friday.

Starting at 7pm EST.
Bring snacks.
>> No. 15654
File 129263129118.png - (1.15MB , 1534x817 , 25_ Enies Lobby.png )
Sorry that I have forgotten you.
Enies Lobby.
The Hunter. Asura. The Cyborg. The Hero. The Hand of Giant
These are the thing that we will see tonight.
Marathon movie tonight: Gremlins.


Bring snacks!
>> No. 15754
File 129271144683.png - (1.51MB , 1586x817 , 26_ Enies Lobby Finale.png )
Finishing up the arc with only 5 episodes, but we'll "make up for it" by streaming movie 7 on the side.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16043
File 129323266736.png - (1.24MB , 1403x753 , 27_ CP9 saga Finale.png )
Tonight we find out crews new bounties and a new guy joins in!
Weare not expecting too many viewers on Christmas, but do join in if you have time.

Starting at 7pm EST

Brign snacks!
>> No. 16080
File 129332037059.png - (1.25MB , 1348x696 , 28_ Thriller Bark.png )
"...But skeletons and spooky ghosts are not very Christmas minded."
Shut up! Here comes Thriller Bark.
Special Saturday movie: Tron. (Not The Legacy)

7pm EST as usual.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16180
File 129383412728.png - (347.48KB , 832x697 , 29_ Thriller dos 2_0.png )
The Strawhats have lost 3 shadows of from crew and thing seem grim. Mysterious Brook reveals a plot breaking detail of his past.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16184
File 129392319765.jpg - (163.35KB , 835x700 , 30_ Thriller Tres.jpg )
Absalom VS Sanji.
Perona VS Usopp.

That is all you need to know.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16344
File 129443761480.png - (526.20KB , 835x699 , 31_ Thriller cuatro.png )
[Good god. My name is dominating this thread.]
Nami vs Absalom.
Kuma gives a visit.
Nightmare Luffy
Moria dead, Kuma causes brown pants.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16349
File 12945237729.png - (1.52MB , 1968x968 , 32_ Thriller Finale.png )
This is it. The final battle against Shichibukai Bartholomew Ku-
*Paw print nuke*
Nothing happened.

Marathon movie: Trigun Badlands Rumble.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16375
oh man, you guys are still doing this? Sweet!
>> No. 16452
File 129504766459.png - (1.17MB , 1066x853 , 33_ Saboady Archipelago.png )
We are almost there. Fishman island is just below the Red Line.
Suddenly some fishbunny attacks and vomits up something...

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16459
File 129513029989.png - (763.50KB , 1066x856 , 34_ Saboady end.png )
Keimi/Camie has been captured and about to be sold as a slave to some cheeky noble.


Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16604
File 129564772235.png - (1.42MB , 1554x819 , 35_ Amazon Lily.png )
Oh god damn it. One Piece didn't end afterall...
That faggot Luffy is somehow alive and running around some deserted island.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16615
File 129573486049.png - (1.26MB , 998x900 , 36_ Impel Down.png )
Luffy is on his way to Impel Down, but while he is doing that, we have a look on how the rest of his crew is doing.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16706
File 129625206942.png - (518.07KB , 999x653 , 37_ Impel Down 2.png )
Almost captured at level 3, The party splits up with Buggy and Mr. 3 betraying Luffy and hiding. During the game of Hide & Seek, Mr. 3 hears a familiar voice and goes to investigate, only to be even more shocked...

Starting at 7pm EST

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16716
File 129634000338.png - (570.12KB , 1031x837 , 38_ Impel Down 3.png )
Luffy's poisoning is healed. Ivankov knows about Luffy's connection with Dragon. Ace is about to be taken to Marineford and we meet yet another old "friend"...

Starting at 7pm EST

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16720
I'm sorry, but Crocodile looks high as all hell in that picture.
>> No. 16721
What do you thinks in those cigars?
>> No. 16854
File 129685711180.png - (1.23MB , 999x962 , 39_ Marineford.png )
This is it guys. Some brand new episodes out of our asses.

But first we check on how the loser crew is doing.

Starting at 7pm EST.

Bring snacks!
>> No. 16855
Sooo.. what do you guys do when it hits the inevitable end of the road? Just start over?
You should do the english dub next for shits and giggles.
>> No. 16856
They've started over many times already. They've shown the 4kids dub arcs too.
>> No. 16936
Its just like what >>16856 said.
We have started over many times before and we have watched 4Kids dubs up to end of Whiskey/Misty Peak.

Mind though, those 4Kids streams were done as Sunday specials and for some reason I did not post about them here...
>> No. 16950
File 12969434442.png - (1.12MB , 1000x838 , 40_ Marineford War.png )
Whitebeard has arrived. His friends are pissed off and one of them is pretty damn big.
A marine ship falls down from the sky with estimated 200 escapees of Impel Down. One of them is actually an invader.

Starting at 7pm EST.
Im sure you can find the links in here already.
Bring snacks!
>> No. 16956
You should start the Funi dub next. They're up to (almost) the end of Skypia. I'm sure by the time you get there they'll be done, too.
>> No. 16957
I want them to hurry up and get to Water 7. I'm really interesting in how Franky and CP9 are gonna sound
>> No. 17106
File 129746558993.png - (686.40KB , 999x838 , New.png )
And the war goes on. Luffy is now behind the enemy lines and tanking everything! Ace might even be freed or...

Starting at 7pm EST
You know the drill...
>> No. 17110
Actually, it seems the most recent release (Season 3, 4th Voyage) that came out on 25th goes to exactly the end of Skypiea and the set coming out on April is the G8 arc (as in the entire thing).
>> No. 17118
File 129755190055.png - (455.67KB , 1000x754 , Its Buggy Time.png )
Last nights dramatic death of Whitebeard and Ace has caused us to have a massive flashback all the way to episode 1.

Starting at 7pm
Lurk more.
Bring snacks.
>> No. 17225
File 12980679652.jpg - (179.99KB , 1000x756 , Kuro arc.jpg )
Hey. Hey you!
Remember that one villain that was never mentioned after his downfall?
And the origin of that one ship we will cry for?
Good times...

Starting at 7pm EST
>> No. 17234
File 129815550855.jpg - (231.20KB , 1000x840 , Baratie.jpg )
"I want my check, please?"
>Green haired dwarf in a box.........24,00$
>Zoro's Flashback.........................12,00$
>Guided tour to Baratie+lunch........75,00$
>Damage repairs..........................500,00$

Starting at 7pm EST
Links at the buffet table.
Grab some snacks!
>> No. 17235
File 129815566278.jpg - (56.85KB , 844x618 , Warning smaller.jpg )
Something cool happened last night at 4chan.
>> No. 17236
What's the story behind this?
>> No. 17237
I did the usual advertising and a 4chan mod, who apparently loves One Piece, came to our stream and just gave me a warning and a slap on the wrists. Stayed there for a bit, but i lost the track of him at some point.
>> No. 17238

I'm glad to know mods love OP
>> No. 17252
So that's what happens when it goes "user was warned"? huh
>> No. 17341
File 12986733446.jpg - (227.20KB , 1000x992 , Arlong Park.jpg )
Holy shit we got a long night ahead of us.
15 episodes of Arlong Park.

Same pirate time.
Same pirate place.
And be sure to bring your Pirate snacks!
>> No. 17342
15 episodes? Do you try to catch up with the anime?
>> No. 17343
No. That would be insane.
During East Blue part we go for an arc per marathon.
After East Blue, the arcs get longer, so we resume the 10 eps per marathon.
>> No. 17367
File 129875979669.jpg - (537.64KB , 1000x1000 , Loguetown + STRONG WORLD.jpg )
End of the first saga.
We get Smoker, Daddy the Father and a mysterious figure in a cloak.
With only few episodes on this marathon, we give you 2 movies.
STRONG WORLD and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

7pm EST
Look up, stupid.
Look in fridge, stupid.
>> No. 17369
File 129876469299.jpg - (22.41KB , 130x189 , emporio_ivankov_5456.jpg )
Let me know when you start streaming the Funi dub, then we'll talk.

Though you, sir, tempt me with your promises of Rocky Horror.
>> No. 17371
File 129877721846.jpg - (89.26KB , 820x706 , Ban.jpg )
Welp. I got banned again.
No biggie. I can just post the title cards here and seek out a sacrifice to post it for me while I wait for ban to go away.
>> No. 17451
File 129927888683.png - (1.24MB , 1000x1000 , 6_ Whiskey Peak.png )
We shall now enter The Grand Line.
Icebergs, totally-not-killed-bountyhunters and Navy trainings.
Can you handle it?!

Starting at 7pm EST.
You can find links here, but Zeroboy seems dead...
Bring snacks.
>> No. 17453

It's still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that /a/ has mods now.
>> No. 17463
File 129936433721.png - (0.98MB , 1000x1000 , 7_ Little Garden.png )
Giants, bombs, wax and painting.
Oh, and dinosaurs.

Get in her already for random good stuff. (7pm EST)
Locations spammed all over this joint.
Gimme your snacks!
>> No. 17648
File 129988210782.jpg - (305.41KB , 1000x1000 , 8_ Drum Island.jpg )
2 years ago our first marathon at Double_tv was held. So instead of snacks you should bring beef and champagne.

Drum Island.
Nami gets sick, A doctor is needed and on a nearest island there is only one available and she's a bit troublesome...
>> No. 17661
File 129997193428.png - (0.99MB , 999x1024 , 9_ Arabasta.png )
This show is sponsored by:
It's everywhere. Get used to it.

Landing in Arabasta
Raiding Rain Dinners.
>> No. 17662
I've heard this joke before..
I'm on to you.
>> No. 17668
Disney's Alladin
Movie 3
>> No. 17768
File 130048865639.png - (1.70MB , 1000x1000 , 10_ Arabasta II.png )
More Arabasta shenannigans. Strawhats are stuck inside a cage while Crocodile laughs like an idiot.
He leaves them to drown, but a mysterious hero appears.

You know the drill.
You know the time.
You know the snacks.
>> No. 17772
File 130056962927.png - (1.02MB , 1000x1000 , 11_ Arabasta III.png )
Miss Double Finger vs Nami.
Mr. 1 vs Zoro.
Vivi getting strangled by Crocodile.
Luffy's new form.
Crocodile's search for Pluton.
>> No. 17834
File 130108852350.jpg - (391.81KB , 1000x1000 , Arabasta finale copy.jpg )
Crocodile vs Monkey in a deathmatch in a bedrock cage.
Outside is a bomb that is about to go off in 30 seconds!
Who wins!?
>> No. 17835
File 130109477056.jpg - (46.91KB , 640x480 , robot-chicken-stupid-monkey-stoop_d_monkey_kiddie_.jpg )
>> No. 17840
File 13011751987.png - (425.20KB , 640x480 , 13_ Jaya.png )
Skipping few fillers...
And PRESTO! We are at Jaya. Cities of gold, Laughing hyenas and "Jewbirds".
>> No. 17843
Bit unrelated, but could you send me an email on how you set up your Livestreams? I've been trying to set up one of my own, and I've been having difficulties.
>> No. 17866
File 130142395365.jpg - (189.25KB , 1148x800 , Preparing for the show_.jpg )
I just sent one for you.
If it doesn't help, you can yell at me as much as you like.
I did give you a better choise of guidance in it.
>> No. 17923
File 130169425583.png - (1.50MB , 1000x1000 , 14_ Skypiea I.png )
I am regretful to inform you that this will be our last marathon.
Snake has gotten married and his new wife is really needy. I cannot take the seat of our great leader for reasons i will not tell you.

Come here and vitness our final hours...*bang*
>> No. 17924
The end is merely a friction of your imagination. There is never an end, because there was never a beginning.

The marathon can continue if you want it to.
>> No. 17943
File 13017783412.png - (1.10MB , 1000x1000 , 15_ Skypiea II.png )
Ok so that last one was a joke.
Never mind that. MORE SKYPIEA!

Fat faggot gets kicked in.
Nami discovers beastiality. (old joke is old)
Enel appears and innitiates the Survival game.
More Priest battles.
>> No. 18118
File 13022964006.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1000 , 16_ Skypiea III.png )
Snake has left us for Boston.
Now i will take over this joint and you shall bow before your new ruler!
Oh and Skypiea happenings.
Going for 11 episodes.
>> No. 18129
I hope you have a good explanation for what happened last night Sanji
>> No. 18130
File 130238297354.png - (1.40MB , 1000x1000 , 17_Skypiea IV.png )
I blacked out from lack of sleep. I found myself lying on the floor at 8am with procaster still on.

No worries though. I will keep my promise of seeing Norland flashback tonight even though the arc climax has be be delayed till Friday.
>> No. 18132
I am acting as back up for Sanji tonight. Just in case.
>> No. 18310
File 130290626293.png - (1.45MB , 1000x1000 , 18_ Skypiea V.png )
With the arc almost over with 6 episodes remaining, we decided to play the Movie 6 at the end.

Yeah i got nothing witty to say other than G8 is for tomorrow and we have gone full circle by then.
>> No. 18313
File 130298877476.png - (1.33MB , 1000x1000 , 19_ G8.png )
Lucky you. We have already gone through the boring Skypiea and landed in G8.

Links for the lazy:

Starting at 7pm EST
Bring snacks!

What a weird feeling of deja vu.
>> No. 18314
File 130303294050.jpg - (45.01KB , 704x400 , One Piece - Movie 06 (Kaizoku Fansubs)_mp4_snapsho.jpg )
Aw shucks I missed a movie 6 stream.
>> No. 18472
File 130350635888.png - (1.24MB , 1000x978 , 20_ Davy Back Fight.png )
On tonights marathon we play a series of games where you can get new friends AND lose your old ones.
-Donut Race.
-Groggy Ring
-Kaptain Kombat!!!

Other games? What other games?
Hopefully you are not too attached to that friend of yours.
>> No. 18476
File 130350956695.jpg - (46.61KB , 537x401 , Totoro.jpg )
Late night movie shall be My Neighbor Totoro.
>> No. 18501
File 13035925231.png - (313.45KB , 1000x672 , 21_ Water 7 I (+4chan).png )
The crew is back to its regular cruising after the encounter with the annoying captain Foxy. They stumble on a seemingly empty island, but they will soon find out that while the island is uninhabited, its cold wind brings forth a great change in the crews emotions.

Starts at 7pm EST as always.
Still don't know the place?
Bring puns. Cold puns are preferred.
>> No. 18505
File 130359470932.jpg - (189.60KB , 1032x774 , porco_rosso_wallpaper_by_swfan1977-d32wgdu.jpg )
AMV hell 3 by Double_Snake
Porco Rosso by kamenriderhiro
>> No. 18615
File 130411295018.png - (1.00MB , 1000x837 , 22_ Water 7 II.png )
One crewmate deserted and one is missing. Things are not looking well and morning papers bring up yet another problem into the mix.

7pm EST
The usual place.
Remember the condom, I mean snacks.
>> No. 18616

my favorite shipwright Lucci also has a devil fruit? what a fun spoiler.
>> No. 18617
Nah. That's just the pidgeons friend Leopard-san. They are just trying to frame Lucci on some murder or something.
>> No. 18618
>Child Porn Nine is a nasty piece of work.

I don't get it. Am I missing something?
>> No. 18623
Try to figure it out from there.
>> No. 18624
File 130419641115.jpg - (30.10KB , 288x288 , hu.jpg )
.. I feel so ashamed for not getting that one.
Don't look at me. I'm a disgrace.
>> No. 18626
File 130420016136.png - (1.16MB , 1000x836 , 23_ Water 7 III.png )
Is it Stockholm syndrome if the emotional one is the captor?
Anyways, Franky explains a legend to Usopp and tries to beat the cruel truth into his head while Men (and one woman) In Black come to knock at his door.

Train leaves at 7pm EST.
Platforms are:

Snacks are bought at the dining car. Tickets please.
>> No. 18639
File 130421036524.jpg - (164.19KB , 948x748 , Another ban.jpg )
It happened again, but with raised stakes. Instead of 7 day ban on /a/ they gave me 7 day ban on ALL BOARDS.
>> No. 18721
File 130471571553.png - (1.53MB , 1318x1000 , 24_ Water 7 IV.png )
After an intense session of D&D, Luffy and the gang are steadily rolling towards Enies Lobby on Rocketman, where Sanji, Usopp and Franky are headed while on pursue for Robin and answers.

Usopp leaves, explaining that he is no longer part of the Strawhats and its problems are no concern of him. Soon after his departure, A mysterious masked man appears...
>> No. 18739
File 130480349142.png - (2.15MB , 1400x1064 , 25_ Enies Lobby I.png )
The War is on, but there are no brothers to be rescued the enemy are just few thousand Marines and guys in suits. NO WORRIES!
With the position of Robin's flashback in such place as it is, we got 12 episodes in total tonight.

The battle begins at 1900 hours
Links at the Armory.
Bring Rations.
>> No. 18827
File 130532048879.png - (2.02MB , 1400x1055 , 26_ Enies Lobby II.png )
Finally its Friday and 2 days of relaxation...
What? I have to make a post about this stupid anime marathon? Fuuuuuck...

-Sanji VS Kalifa
-Fukuro VS Franky
-Zoro & Uso...Sogeking VS Jyabura & Kaku
-Chopper VS Kumadori
-Nami VS Kalifa
-Luffy VS Lucci
>> No. 18841
I know this thread is strictly for streams and announcements

but would anybody know where to get a high quality download of Strong world for the purpose of screen capping the gorgeous art? Don't care if subbed or raw.

Preferably not a torrent. I don't want Funimation pretending to sue me.
>> No. 18843
File 13054069554.png - (1.90MB , 1400x1062 , 27_ Enies Lobby III.png )
Damn my mouse hand is trembling. Making this card was such pain after few hours of RTS addiction.

-Nami VS Kalifa conclusion
-Sanji VS Jyabura
-Zoro VS Kaku conclusion
-Luffy VS Lucci still going
>> No. 18949
File 130592553480.png - (1.87MB , 1400x1061 , 28_ Enies Lobby IV.png )
Im afraid i cant help you with that. I got my "copy" of Strong World with a torrent from Yibis.

Now then, MARATHON!
Luffy is still getting his ass handed to him by Lucci.
Robin is pretty much safe, but Buster Call is all around our heroes and total of 200 Captain-level marines jump off to melee them. So basically 200 Smokers are gonna pound them silly.

Be sure to bring your tissues for the end. Don't reuse ones from your wastebin.
>> No. 18956
File 130601240168.png - (1.39MB , 1200x951 , 29_ Water 7 Revisit.png )
Water 7: The Returning.

There is peace on earth (or what ever you like to call the One Piece planet) and Strawhats are resting after the vigorous battle of Enies Lobby. They need a ship and the adventure would continue, but there are people who want to have a little talk with Luffy before that.

Meanwhile, Shanks meets up with Whitebeard and Ace finally finds Blackbeard.
>> No. 19023
File 13065327881.png - (1.50MB , 1200x905 , 30_ Thriller Uno.png )
So we gained a new crewmember, Cyborg/carpenter Franky and Usopp has joined once again. Time for the Sea of Adventure!
Rather grim and dead looking here..

Thriller Blargh...
The one arc where everybody agrees that it went for too long besides Skypiea.
>> No. 19033
File 130661690357.jpg - (329.27KB , 1200x905 , 31_ Thriller Dos.jpg )
Snake is away on a trip somewhere. He didn't say where, but he left me to take care of things in a mean time. This time it seems that my quality is better than last time.

Can't think of anythign so say that relates to the marathon...
>> No. 19176
File 130713587159.jpg - (309.54KB , 1200x907 , 32_ Thriller Tres.jpg )
Tonight we get to some viewer favourite fights.
Absalom VS Sanji
Usopp VS Perona (with guest starring Sogeking)
Zoro VS Ryuuma
Chopper VS Hogback.
>> No. 19197
File 130722148616.jpg - (353.92KB , 1200x905 , 33_ Thriller Quatro.jpg )
Mid bosses have been defeated adn now all that is left is Moria and Oars.
Luffy gains temporary asspull powerup and it would see that Moria is NOT the final boss...
>> No. 19310
File 13077399364.jpg - (466.45KB , 1812x904 , 34_ Thriller Finale.jpg )
Two movies after Sad Sake. Kung Pow by Snake and yet another mystery movie by Hiro.

Crew defeated by Kuma. Somehow they survive the event and gain a dead man in their crew.
>> No. 19327
File 13078257257.jpg - (388.62KB , 1200x951 , 35_ Saboady I.jpg )
Nearing the Fishman island yet again and the voyage is interrupted by the first mermaid we encounter. We also meet an old friend and someone who wants Sanji killed.
>> No. 19427
File 13083444324.jpg - (412.88KB , 1200x979 , 36_ Saboady II.jpg )
Caimie is about to be sold to some snotty 20 year old manchild.
Ninjas kidnapped the mermaid.

11 episodes total to finish the arc. Tomorrow is Amazon Lily.
>> No. 19429
File 130843097339.jpg - (396.05KB , 1200x977 , 37_ Amazon Lily.jpg )
An island full of women, who will kill you, if you have a penis.
Think of the possibilities!

Still starting at 7pm EST
Places to watch are still same.

Snacks are always good to have. And remember, EHK loves you all.
>> No. 19500
>> No. 19501
I love you Sanji

Also we do have a stream today. Doing the crew cover stories and what not. Don't know where Sanji is though.
>> No. 19502
File 130895496388.jpg - (443.94KB , 1000x1400 , Title Card EHK Style 6 24 2011.jpg )
Since Sanji aint here is a really crappy Title card in his stead.
>> No. 19505
File 130896273437.jpg - (370.49KB , 1200x950 , 38_ Impel Down I.jpg )
I was feeling feverish and hada nap, but forgot to set the alarm AND forgot to make the title card ready.

By the tiem this goies up, crew stories are over.
Enjoy what you can though and...

Sorry for any inconvinience.
>> No. 19512
Well Sanji your card looks a lot better than mine.
>> No. 19531
File 13090421705.jpg - (261.59KB , 755x1046 , EHK Shitty Title Card 6 25 2011.jpg )
Another sitty ass title card from me.
>> No. 19532
>> No. 19534
File 130905026842.jpg - (446.73KB , 1200x949 , 39_ Impel Down II.jpg )
FUckin shit gradwe batteries...
>> No. 19635
File 130955516055.jpg - (428.46KB , 1200x955 , 40_ Impel Down III.jpg )
Onwards and downwards. Ace is already on the move towards Marine HQ, but our escape team gains 2 more members.
We are going out with a bang.
>> No. 19637
File 130964130862.jpg - (378.75KB , 1200x906 , 41_ Marineford.jpg )
You are a courier, hired by the Mojave express to deliver a package to the New Vegas Strip..

Wait, wrong media!
Crew cover stories and WHITEBEARD WAR.
>> No. 19717
File 131015988416.jpg - (468.95KB , 1200x953 , 42_ Marineford II.jpg )
Not gonna say much. Just that i could end up being trained for 6 months (which is the minimum service time that has to be done in Finland).
Service starts at Monday so tomorrow's marathon ends up being my last on.

Speaking of military, WHITEBEARD WAR!
>> No. 19743
File 13102457992.jpg - (420.58KB , 1200x952 , 43_ Marineford III.jpg )
Luffy is really close to Ace now and the rescue seems more possible with Oars Jr. being alive.

This'll be the last post for about 6 months or perhaps 3 week if my mental health fails me. It's been fun guys. The marathons keep on going as long as Snake sees fit.
>> No. 19904
File 131076320554.jpg - (380.26KB , 1200x953 , 44_ Marineford finale.jpg )
I got the boot 'cause my overal physique and health was not good for military actions. Also it was overly mentally exhausting to me..

Not matter. Im not bitter. Somebody dies tonight and women scream over an armless jackass.
>> No. 19920
File 13108497192.jpg - (348.20KB , 1200x950 , 45_ Sabo I.jpg )
Flashback galore. Almost an entire arc filled with one single flashback. We even meet a new character who certainly will live and meet up again in the future.
>> No. 19921
I'm sure the army is richer because they lost you.
>> No. 19923
File 13108598479.jpg - (67.53KB , 712x569 , Untitled-2.jpg )
>> No. 19924
Jeez dude, how much ground do you cover in one night? You're already at Sabo's flashback? And got through Marineford in two nights? That wasn't a short arc, either.
>> No. 19926
File 131087477691.png - (543.83KB , 640x480 , Gintama_75_Large-09.png )
Think your math a bit more.
You can see 4 title cards featuring Marineford.
4 nights.

Might as well make this annoucement now.
Next Fridays marathon will finish up Sabo flashback and it'll be a last One Piece marathon for a while. Snake goes on a friend's party on that Saturday and week after is Otakon.
Us other mods have free reign over the channel for then, but once Snake returns, he's gonna start streaming Gintama instead of OP.

He says that Gintama streams are just temporary break from One Piece, but he is the boss and he decides when to resume with One Piece again.
>> No. 19929
Hey can you post a full list of episodes you stream?
I have problems with the fillers, some are important :/
>> No. 19930
File 131100058864.jpg - (39.80KB , 640x480 , One Piece - 206_avi_snapshot_13_58_[2011_07_18_17_.jpg )
There really isn't any important fillers. I could give you a big listing of over 500 seperate episodes, but i think this should give you a good enough idea of what we stream.


All fillers, recap episodes and "special" Edo period fillers are skipped.
G-8 arc and episode 50 (Usopp vs Daddy "the Father") are the few fillers we do stream.

Here is a little quick list of what we stream.

That is pretty much what our current runthrough contains. Hope this helped at least a little.
>> No. 19984
File 131136683198.jpg - (425.22KB , 1200x954 , 46_ Sabo II.jpg )
3 sworn brothers. One of them is a noble while other two are your average riffraff. They live together ina tree house until one day, a certain man comes into picture...

Oh screw it. Sabo dies. Places burst into flames and Luffy cries again.
>> No. 20386
File 131318281621.jpg - (383.14KB , 1023x1050 , 1_ The restart.jpg )
>> No. 20387
Done with Gintama already?
>> No. 20389
Apparently so. What I was told is that Snake would go through all of Gintama, but i guess plans have changed.
>> No. 20390
Well, count me in.
>> No. 20394
File 131327019720.jpg - (407.82KB , 1200x1180 , 2_ Lies.jpg )
Incase you didn't realise it, our regular One Piece marathons are back and starting from the beginning.
>> No. 20557
File 13137881801.jpg - (245.30KB , 1000x840 , 3_ Baratie recycle.jpg )
Restaurant Baratie.

The one place where scallywag cooks can go for work. Where they can fight as they cook and customers enjoy watching it.

Welcome to Baratie, you mere bastard.
>> No. 20576
File 131387489597.jpg - (23.62KB , 491x348 , d-119.jpg )
Well shucks. I fell asleep and stream died after 3 episodes.
Im blaming this on my new job and my inablility to adjust my sleep schedule.

I'll do better next time. Snake is gonna re-stream Baratie arc tonight, including the episodes I streamed.

My apologies.
>> No. 20666
File 131439322510.jpg - (426.83KB , 1200x1048 , 4_ kraP gnolrA.jpg )
Its the Park of Arlong and its gonna be fun fun fun.
Grab yoru extra lagre snack bags as this shit lasts for 14 episodes!

Friendly reminder of links.
>> No. 20672
File 13144790687.jpg - (305.46KB , 1198x1194 , 5_ Smoker.jpg )
Buggy the clown is small. Captain Smoker is big.
Luffy is an idiot. Captain Smoker is smart.
Did I mention Smoker? Alright, Logue town tonight.
At 7pm EST.

With hurricane going wild on east coast, Double Snake might have to hide in the basement and I'll take over.
>> No. 20673
File 131447980161.jpg - (664.11KB , 1500x944 , Gaki_no_Tsukai_by_kakashi_no_ai.jpg )
Since Buggy cover story and Loguetown arc are both shortm im gonna hold up a little vote on 4chan thread on which of the Gaki no Tsukai episodes i'll stream.

Choises are:
2000 - 24-hour tag
2001 - Haunted Hotel
2002 - No-Reaction Pie Hell
2003 - No-laughing Hot spring inn
2004 - No-laughing in Yugawara (incomplete subs)
2005 - No-Laughing High School
2006 - No-Laughing Police Station
2007 - No-Laughing Hospital
2008 - No-Laughing Newspaper Agency
2009 - No-Laughing Hotel Employee
>> No. 20787
File 131499740358.jpg - (406.28KB , 1200x1177 , 6_ Whiskey Whale.jpg )
Here we are again folks. The Grand Line.
Giant whales, bounty hunters, fat rubbers and sleepy marines.

Late effects of recent hurricane has caused Snake to lose power in his house. THey say that it should be fixed by Saturday, so I'll take over till then with good pally of mine, EHK.
>> No. 20799
File 131508424748.jpg - (0.98MB , 1803x1276 , 7_ Little things.jpg )
Dinosaurs, giants and wax. That is what is coming up tonight.
Snake still has no power so EHK steps up and streams Little Garden for us.

Post-marathon movie: Movie 11.
>> No. 20892
File 131560368463.jpg - (438.05KB , 1200x1186 , 8_ Snow.jpg )
We arrive at the exotic winter island of Finland. Its snowing 24/7 all year, every day and people ride to work on Polar bears and walruses, depending on their route.

Tour starts at 7pm EST.

No pictures or filming allowed, but you can take as much snow as you can carry as souvenir. We never run out of that stuff.
>> No. 20893
File 131568901583.jpg - (536.42KB , 2010x1179 , 9_ Sand I.jpg )
From snow level to desert level. Boy, the developers sure thought this one through. Skipping over few fillers that litter the place.

You should know when it starts.

Brinkg snacks and loads of water.
>> No. 20953
File 131621161730.jpg - (0.95MB , 2096x1276 , 10_ Sand II.jpg )
Most of the Strawhats are locked in a cage with Crocodile laughing and mocking them. SOmething happens and our heroes are on their way to Alubarna.

That nostalgia I mentioned in the title?
Movie 1.
>> No. 20979
File 131629538092.jpg - (460.85KB , 1200x880 , 11_ Sand III.jpg )
>Barely Safe
Live after receiving a 4 ton bat to the face.
>Copyright Infringement
Defeat the weird ballerina
>Guaranteed Replies
Defeat Mr. 1
>Thorn In Your Side
Defeat Miss Doublefinger
>> No. 20986
File 131633324618.jpg - (97.46KB , 694x448 , dumbshit.jpg )
. . that fucking picture. Why?
>> No. 20997
I was feeling lazy and searched high and low for good Alabasta picture that I haven't used too often. Stumbled upon that little gem and slapped it there so i could get you to react to it.

I wonder if I could find something questionable about Jaya for next Saturday...
Perhaps Blackbeard vore?
>> No. 21007
There are a few Blackbeard gems out there. I have faith you'll find them.
>> No. 21080
File 13168118315.jpg - (471.07KB , 1200x898 , 12_ Sand IV.jpg )
Luffy is dead again. This time mummyfied bone dry. Oh wait, he lives yet again.
Time for round 3 in 'Ruined Tomb' stage.
>> No. 21081
What a lucky duck!
>> No. 21088
File 131689889358.jpg - (349.50KB , 1200x858 , 13_ Jaya.jpg )
Its once again time for that one part of Skypiea saga that is better than the actual story of Skypiea.

Landing on Jaya in search for info about an island in the skies and meeting an intersting character at a local tavern.

Tonights movie is Movie 3 - Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals
Last night was movie 4 and last week movies were 1 and 2. Isn't that weird?
>> No. 21151
File 131741761176.jpg - (378.08KB , 1200x947 , 14_ Clouds I.jpg )
Prepare your Sudokus. Its time for the long and tedious arc, Skypiea.
What is the bump limit on this place anyways? Should I be ready to make a new thread soon?

7pm EST.
Links in image.
Snacks in your fridge/closet.
>> No. 21158
File 131750530057.jpg - (381.22KB , 1045x1043 , 15_ Clouds I - Nami hates beasty.jpg )
Dango priest gets kicked in and Nami is up for the challenge of the knot.
>> No. 21160
These posts and pictures are just starting to get really weird, dude. Just sayin'.
>> No. 21174
DeviantART is a wonderfull place, don't you agree?
>> No. 21194
File 131770286959.jpg - (143.85KB , 613x753 , 1317690139017.jpg )
We love you Miku! (Vlog)youtube thumb
>> No. 21260
File 13180225968.jpg - (455.19KB , 1200x1224 , 16_ Clouds III.jpg )
We are gonna rush to the end of Skypiea this week. with 23 episodes remaining, we divided it 12 episodes tonight and 11 tomorrow.

And unfortunately Norland is gonna have to wait for tomorrow.

7pm EST

Bring snacks or you will be pelleted with snackoos.
>> No. 21261
Yeah...not really fond of your choice of artwork.
>> No. 21288
File 131810888384.jpg - (374.43KB , 1200x1125 , 17_ Clouds IV.jpg )
I know I've been kinda dickish lately with these art choises. So have this nice Calgara portrait.

The finale of Skypiea. It even has Norland. Why are you not here yet?
Yeah sure the thing starts at 7pm EST, BUT WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE?! We even got Clone High and sometimes Dragon ball without Z.
>> No. 21386
File 131862688039.jpg - (474.84KB , 1200x1178 , 18_ Gate.jpg )
How the hell is our channel still running? We oughta be put into jail for the ammount of copyright infringement we did in these years.

Back at G-8 once again. Starting to feel repetetive yet? Didn't think so. Its a story of a little marine base that gets invaded by nasty pirates. We follow the day of marines during this predicament.

Starting at 7pm EST
>Links for the lazy:
>> No. 21387
Nmmnggh. Delicious aviator Robin. At least we finally got her like this in a canon arc.
>> No. 21388
File 131871410630.jpg - (510.33KB , 1200x1180 , 19_ Chocula.jpg )
You like games, don't you? Well we got you soem games that you will never want to play!

Three stupid games, where the winner gets a new friends each time and loser goes home with one friend less then before. Its horrible! Who invented this game?! GRAAAAH!!!

The games start at 7pm EST

No food is permitted to be brought into the stadium. Only food bought from Foxy pirate booths are allowed.

Davy Back Fight. Sponsored by Count Chocula.
>> No. 21470
File 131923266220.jpg - (312.37KB , 1200x1029 , 20_ Water 7.jpg )
Tonights viewing contains following and more:
-Ice sculptures
-Sinking cities of shipyards
-Stolen money
-Broken ships
>> No. 21477
File 131931757182.jpg - (398.25KB , 1200x953 , 21_ Water 7 II.jpg )
Goverment conspiracy, drama, attempted murder.
Water 7 is not a nice place to live in. Good carpenters though and nice people overal, but no. Just stay away.
>> No. 21657
File 131992299739.jpg - (397.13KB , 1200x954 , 23_ Water Lobby.jpg )
Meeting interesting people and then fighting them as soon as possible.
>> No. 21797
File 132044389479.jpg - (372.21KB , 1200x953 , 24_ Enies I.jpg )
Hey now you should come in here. We got new powerups and new characters introduced. They promptly get pounded into the curbstone hard.

a 23 minute movie in 3D about an animal that steals Luffy's hat for some god forsaken reason.
>> No. 21808
File 132053073948.jpg - (343.36KB , 1200x954 , 25_ Enies 2.jpg )
Its time for the Ohara flashback, but im having issues. EHK is downloading the episodes as we speak, since he might have better luck if Snake isn't coming back soon.
>> No. 21901
File 132105076390.jpg - (396.52KB , 1200x954 , 26_ Enies III.jpg )
Snake is keepign us waiting yet again. This time around we got shit under control. No more lag and no more bad quality.
EHK has new files is ready to stream for us.

Really. We got Movie 11 this tiem around. I promise.
>> No. 21925
File 13211373808.jpg - (342.96KB , 1200x955 , 27_ Enies IV.jpg )
You will not laugh. You will cry. You'll cry through the entire marathon until the bony skeleton sings.

If everythign goes as one of our guys has planed, we might get Kamen Rider after the marathon, streamed by Kamen rider.
>> No. 21932
File 132115575155.gif - (541.52KB , 320x180 , Chopper flop finish.gif )
Viewer requested this gif. I made it, but 4chan thread died.
So im posting it here.
>> No. 22000
File 132165606088.jpg - (359.65KB , 1200x950 , 28_ Water 7 revisit.jpg )
Alright posting a little late as always, but this time we got a goodreason for it. We couldn't get the procaster to work for a little while, but its working now.

Water 7 revisit. Cutting out the fillers, leaving the tasty canon intact.
>> No. 22009
File 132174264466.jpg - (451.59KB , 1200x1109 , 29_ Thriller Bark I.jpg )
Couldn't access this site for a moment. What happened? Doesn't matter. Here is the poster. Get in here an we'll talk about your zombie fetish.
>> No. 22071
File 132226049269.jpg - (422.20KB , 1200x1066 , 30_ Thriller Bark II.jpg )
Got nothing to say. We are watching Batman: The Animated Series.
>> No. 22081
File 13223493495.jpg - (308.13KB , 1200x1027 , 31_ Thriller Bark III.jpg )
We are gonna watch Perona hentai tonight. Care to join us?

Snake himself seem to be running late. Must be fapping away already.
>> No. 22082
File 132236434062.gif - (249.29KB , 320x180 , Franky excersice.gif )
Wasn't a request, but idea was thrown.
>> No. 22317
File 132286663742.jpg - (291.60KB , 1200x906 , 32_ Thriller IV (unfin).jpg )
We are nearing the end.
>> No. 22322
File 132295055486.jpg - (206.47KB , 1198x904 , 33_ Thriller V.jpg )
We are at the end.
>> No. 22473
File 132347002581.jpg - (402.33KB , 1200x956 , 34_ Saboady I.jpg )
Snake ain't here, but we got other professional marathon holders on board. Trust us. We try to do out best.

>> No. 22474
File 132347086547.jpg - (2.68KB , 126x126 , ISHYNFD.jpg )
>going from Thriller Bark to Sabaody and skipping over Strong World
I seriously hope you guys aren't doing this.
>> No. 22480
I thought Saturday was movie streaming day?
>> No. 22483
But it's not going to be in order now cause they screwed it up. SW needs to go on right after TB. God.
>> No. 22497
It's a movie, it doesn't matter.
>> No. 22498

Strong World isn't canon
>> No. 22501
Bullshit. It's the only canon one says I. Not to mention the only good one..
>> No. 22502
File 132355608133.jpg - (369.45KB , 1200x953 , 35_ Sabaody II.jpg )
And here I was hoping fo some one else to post here..
Didn't expect to find bad posts about Movie 10 being canon or not.
We don't play movies in chronological or logical order. We just play them when we have time and interest.
>> No. 22503
Someone needs to tell Rayleigh that's not what chins look like.
>> No. 22504
File 132355791254.jpg - (62.70KB , 704x400 , One Piece - Movie 06 (Kaizoku Fansubs)_mp4_snapsho.jpg )
>the only good one
I respect your opinion but completely disagree
>> No. 22505
We played Strong World less than a month ago I think.
>> No. 22507

NONE of them are canon you buffoon, and you only further humiliate yourself by completely forgetting about 6 and 4
>> No. 22508
Because 4 and 6 sucked.
>> No. 22534

you disgust me
>> No. 22540
File 132373185879.jpg - (9.67KB , 200x278 , 1321925340677.jpg )
YOU disgust me!
Wanna fight about it?
>> No. 22541
I get why people like movie 4, but movie 6 always seemed like "Trying Too Hard: The Movie" to me.
>> No. 22562
And you couldn't just enjoy that?
>> No. 22563

Man don't look at me, I don't even watch One Piece. Moving pictures are sorcery to me. It's just that I can see why people would like wacky sea races better than Luffy the human pincushion.
>> No. 22568
Art style is awful in the sixth movie, but it's by far one of the funnier and only other one worth watching besides 10. Fourth one does suck.
>> No. 22571
>Art style is awful in the sixth movie

【初音ミク】Hahahahahaha…youtube thumb
>> No. 22572

You must not have watched it before Sabaody.
>> No. 22573
They look like amorphous blobs with hair in about 80% of the movie, deal with it.
>> No. 22574

Would it be in bad taste to post the same video twice?
>> No. 22575

Fine, I lied. I had been caught up with the anime since Water 7 part 1. I dropped it after a particularly shitty Luffy vs Lucci scene.

Actually now that I think about it, I remember waiting for (and being massively disappointing by) Movie 7 (the one with the not-Metal Gear), so I might have actually seen movie 6 only a few weeks after its subs were released. I didn't like it. It was better than most One Piece movies but only because most of the other ones sucked (especially MAGIC SWORD MAGIC SWORD). Then of course Thriller Bark comes along and does dead crew crazy captain better and Sabaody does Luffy loses everyone better and suddenly all of movie 6 becomes a blur. Except for catching the big goldfish.
>> No. 22576
And this is a problem?
>> No. 22577
No, it would just make you seem desperate.

I would say so, yes. When my character's face becomes an eyeless goop for more than ten seconds on screen, I'd say we have a pretty bad problem.
>> No. 22578
Okay, I've just watched a few scenes, and I'm going to have to side with the namefags. "Amorphous blobs with hair" is a fucking awesome style, especially when paired with such high-caliber backgrounds.
>> No. 22624
You're a high-caliber background!
>> No. 22689
File 132407535640.jpg - (285.99KB , 1200x953 , 36_ Amazon.jpg )
Got a penis? You die.
>> No. 22701
File 132415932319.jpg - (385.30KB , 1200x955 , 37_ Impel I.jpg )
Watching illegally streamed anime? Go directly to jail
Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

(Snake may come in late, but stick around. Maybe one of our lesser mods might stream something nice.)
>> No. 22817
File 132468052170.jpg - (412.61KB , 1200x955 , 38_ Impel II.jpg )
Magellan was having a bad day,
with intruder on his way and hannyabal taunting on display.
Sadi comes in with a smile so cheery
it would leave anyone weary. (espesially the prisoners)
Bon-chan seeks help for his friend,
for Luffy is poisoned and near to his end.

You try coming up with a rhyme that is better.
Im not a master of English to the letter!
>> No. 22819
That's supposed to be 441.
What's with me and getting those numbers messed up lately?
>> No. 22828
File 132476537966.jpg - (344.95KB , 1200x952 , 39_ Impell III.jpg )
We bring Impel down arc to the finish tonight. If you are havign a lonely christmas, you can come here.
We are all family, aren't we?

There is a possibility of a movie being shown.
>> No. 23003
File 132528333943.jpg - (384.73KB , 1200x956 , 40_ Marineford.jpg )

One Piece Marathon general.
>> No. 23013
File 132536914353.jpg - (395.94KB , 1200x954 , 41_ Marineford 2.jpg )
People of the past.
I have come from the future...OF 2012, to deliver this message.
>> No. 23095
File 132588965840.jpg - (408.76KB , 1200x955 , 42_ Marine ford 3.jpg )
Holes are being formed.
>> No. 23121
File 13259741965.jpg - (401.60KB , 1200x954 , 43_ Marineford 4.jpg )
War is over.
>> No. 23306
File 132649478789.jpg - (370.39KB , 1200x955 , 44_ Sabo.jpg )
Here's the news. http://twitter.com/CaptainUsopp
Snake's PC crashed and won't be doing any streaming for few days.
This is where I come in.
Sabo flashback arc tonight. All 12 canon episodes in one night.
>> No. 23323
File 132657940854.jpg - (425.66KB , 1200x954 , 45_ 3D2Y.jpg )
Yup. We finally end the Paradise portion of the story tonight.
Checking up on the crew one final time and also finally explaining Haki in better detail.
>> No. 23476
File 132709791250.jpg - (362.79KB , 1200x955 , 46_ New World.jpg )
Two years have passed in a blink of an eye and Strawhats are ready to reassemble at Saboady and show off their new strength.

Tomorrow we restart from episode 1, but the episodes sound different...
They are in English..
Pirate rap?
>> No. 23482
File 132718412916.png - (1.04MB , 798x800 , 1_ Bad start.png )
The day is finally here.
The begining of weekly 2 day marathons of 4Kids One Piece.
>> No. 23483

Optional drinking game: Take a shot every time they make a pun OR(not both or you'll definitely kill yourself instead of probably) every time you notice an edit.
>> No. 23498
Oh hey, wasn't there that one anon lookin' for the 4kids dub for whatever reason? They might be interested in that.
>> No. 23499
Where'd you guys get the episodes, anyway?
>> No. 23506
One Piece: Kaizoku Musou - PV 02youtube thumb
>> No. 23513
1st comment sums up my feelings.
>> No. 23662
"because xbox is shit"?
>> No. 23665
Dahaha. Posts like that really should quote the comment they mean for posterity.
Anyway, I think >>23513 was referring to:
>"Oh god, I have to relive the death of the Going Merry AGAIN? ;_;"
>> No. 23677
File 132770211378.jpg - (214.70KB , 798x800 , 2_ Kuro.jpg )
Snake says Google and that it is not that hard to find.
You try out your luck at finding this "small pox".
>> No. 23689
File 132778912527.jpg - (185.30KB , 800x800 , 3_ Lollipops.jpg )
You really ready for this?
>> No. 23939
File 132830796123.jpg - (183.92KB , 800x800 , 4_ Peewman.jpg )
Last week you had ear bleed.
Tonight you will rage while earbleed.
>> No. 23942
>"You watch your goddamn ass, Arlong. I got a shovel and I ain't afraid to use it."
>> No. 23944
No, Bellmere! Arlong will point at you!
>> No. 23954
File 132839524312.jpg - (263.15KB , 800x800 , 5_ Rogue Misty.jpg )
>> No. 24073
File 132891148834.jpg - (249.19KB , 800x800 , 7_ Basta.jpg )
We arrive at Arabasta atlast.
Expect never before seen filler episodes done by 4Kids and no clevages on women.

Drum arc? Of course we did Drum arc. The fact that you did not see it has nothing to do with the fact that Snake doesn't have those episodes because of lousy torrents that did not include them.
>> No. 24088
File 132899974822.jpg - (227.69KB , 800x800 , 8_ Basta 2.jpg )
We are starting to get to the phase where there are more edits than usual.
>> No. 24089
File 132900501027.png - (1.07MB , 800x917 , nimetön.png )
Can't post at 4chan for soem reason.
Adding links in image for emergency
>> No. 24296
File 132951714143.jpg - (263.08KB , 800x917 , 9_ Basta 3.jpg )
>BQ workers fights done wrong.
Bon chan sounding overly fruity
Nami and Miss New Years Eve (Double finger) havign no cleavage
Usopp getting hammered and his demise is downplayed by a decending musical note.
Zoro is not bloody.

>> No. 24297
>Miss New Years Eve
But that is her name, though. It's what it means, Oda's just too autistic to have it make sense.
>> No. 24305
New Year's DAY, not Eve. Doublefinger = 1/1. I give them an A for effort but they still managed to fuck it up.

Meanwhile I'm wondering how I managed to stomach nearly the entire 4kids run back when it first came out.
>> No. 24308

For me, I want to say it's because I was a stupid kid back then but I'm pretty sure it was actually like 5 years after pokemon gold so I guess I was actually like 14-15? Huh?

Maybe you could say that the fundamental good story telling shined through the bullshit. Except that East Blue isn't really all that great.

Who knows.
>> No. 24312
File 132960377749.jpg - (288.13KB , 800x917 , 10_ Basta 4.jpg )
>> No. 24350
File 13301216393.jpg - (307.09KB , 800x917 , 11_ Rainbows!.jpg )
The final fillers. Rainbow Mist
Something abbout a mist that bends time and stuff..?

NEW (probly not new) MIRROR FOUND.
>> No. 24352
File 133020734284.jpg - (632.29KB , 1200x1154 , 1_ Good start.jpg )
We have gone through all of what 4Kids had to offer and we need brain bleach. Cue the good subbed episodes.

Starting at 7pm EST
>> No. 24353
>promises brain bleach
>posts that picture
You know that I can't stop loving you, Sanji, but don't think I haven't tried.
>> No. 24354
File 133023500132.jpg - (59.87KB , 500x490 , 3962.jpg )
>> No. 24357

sanji what's up with that quote?

-best regards, Walter
>> No. 24359
File 133036221919.jpg - (39.85KB , 610x521 , 2705_102052%20-%20artist-GonzaHerMeg%20Christmas%2.jpg )
You said it your self over the radio. The multitude of colours was frightening to you.
>> No. 24497
File 133072610352.jpg - (417.85KB , 1200x1180 , 2_ Kurohadol.jpg )
Who can tell me the exact number of post, that leads into auto sage?
>> No. 24507
File 133081337541.jpg - (309.35KB , 1199x954 , 3_ Fish boat.jpg )
>> No. 24651
File 133133383686.jpg - (476.43KB , 1198x1029 , 4_ Arlong swag.jpg )
Tell me, dear community of plus4chan.
Do these posts actually remind you to come here, or do you come here at all?
>> No. 24653
I come here at least once a day because it's bookmarked. You are nothing to me. Nothing.
>> No. 24673
File 133141959666.jpg - (287.93KB , 1196x1200 , 5_ Buggy rogue.jpg )
That makes me a sad pandaman...
>> No. 24677

I don't go on regular 4chan. So this place is where I found out about it. (~--)~
>> No. 24836
File 13319376256.jpg - (397.66KB , 1200x900 , 6_ Whales.jpg )
>> No. 24862
File 133202241267.jpg - (526.95KB , 1200x1087 , 7_ Dino time.jpg )
>> No. 25049
File 133254146551.jpg - (460.78KB , 1200x1134 , 8_ Chopper.jpg )
Can you guess what we got tonight?
>> No. 25068
File 133262628298.jpg - (375.23KB , 1200x1000 , 9_ Sand I.jpg )
>> No. 25182
File 133322828798.jpg - (215.29KB , 1200x878 , 11_ Sand III.jpg )
You might have missed Sanji vs Bon Kurei because of +4chan being a bag of dicks, but there is still Zoro fight and round 2 versus crocodile.
>> No. 25234
File 133375038049.jpg - (376.29KB , 1200x1179 , 12_ Sand IV.jpg )
Croco boy is defeated. War is over. It is time to celebrate and escape.
>> No. 25241
File 133383557420.jpg - (451.93KB , 1200x1179 , 13_ Jaya.jpg )
Oh we are finally here. I wanted to go here right after 4Kids Rainbow Mist, but Snake is the boss and he said we'd go back to the past.
>> No. 25346
File 133443898123.png - (2.24MB , 1200x1180 , 15_ Clouds II.png )
Last night had couple of things happening. Snake had to look after an accomplise with heart problems and I was driving my mother around town for her birthday. When I came back around 6:45pm, I forgot to post here because I had to sort out the autopilot list and othervise prepare for the sudden stream responsibility.

If you missed the stream because of that, I am sorry. Atleast you only missed a larger proportion of Satori fight.
>> No. 25453
File 133496347233.jpg - (434.60KB , 1200x1178 , 16_ Clouds III.jpg )
I keep hitting a problem while posting.

"Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand."
>> No. 25471
File 133504483599.jpg - (429.95KB , 1199x1178 , 17_ Clouds IV.jpg )
>> No. 25545
File 133556222080.jpg - (419.11KB , 1197x1177 , 18_ The Condoriano Show.jpg )
That lame ass One Piece is all done.
It's time for The Condoriano Show!
>> No. 25577
File 133565052213.jpg - (387.84KB , 1200x951 , 19_ Games.jpg )
>> No. 25663
File 133616678525.jpg - (428.23KB , 1200x950 , 20_ Water.jpg )
You better not skip out on us. Its Aokiji time with Usopp beating.
>> No. 25672
File 133625406471.jpg - (372.15KB , 1200x953 , 21_ Water II.jpg )
Well it's Luffys birthday and here is the gift: Lost one friend(another one coming up), gained infamy among the citizens and almost get murdered in an unbeatable boss battle.
>> No. 25770
File 133677153715.jpg - (362.10KB , 1200x954 , 22_ Water III.jpg )
>> No. 25780
File 133685989978.jpg - (385.83KB , 1200x953 , 23_ Enies I.jpg )
>> No. 26111
File 133737624277.jpg - (349.73KB , 1200x953 , 24_ Enies II.jpg )
>> No. 26124
File 133746350636.jpg - (372.20KB , 1200x954 , 25_ Enies III.jpg )
>> No. 26230
File 133798385989.jpg - (402.41KB , 1200x955 , 26_ Enies IV.jpg )
>> No. 26244
File 133807003470.jpg - (371.28KB , 1200x953 , 27_ Enies Finale.jpg )
>> No. 26351
File 133858661939.png - (1.60MB , 1199x953 , 28_ Post-Enies Lobby Water 7.png )
>> No. 26357
File 133867249991.png - (1.53MB , 1199x905 , 29_ Thriller I.png )
And now be start one of the worse anime arcs.
>> No. 26424
File 133919315580.jpg - (268.04KB , 1200x906 , 30_ Thriller II.jpg )
More things are happening slowly.
>> No. 26439
File 133927948669.jpg - (374.89KB , 1200x906 , 31_ Thriller III.jpg )
>> No. 26654
File 133979544112.jpg - (357.02KB , 1200x907 , 32_ Thriller IV.jpg )
I've forgotten mention that we started doing little chapter reading during pre-marathon time. Each Friday we'd read the latest chapter of One Piece out loud.
Previous readings are usually left on autopilot during the week for those who missed them.
>> No. 26676
File 133988402955.jpg - (192.79KB , 1200x1119 , 33_ Thriller V.jpg )
Finally this arc is over.
>> No. 26718
File 134040494924.jpg - (426.38KB , 1202x876 , 34_ Saboady I.jpg )
>> No. 26729
File 134048551539.jpg - (387.75KB , 1199x952 , 35_ Saboady II.jpg )
Since we had Stong World and small part of Saboady yesterday, I'm going to stream rest of Saboady arc in a big 16 episode marathon just so we can move on to Amazin Lily and Impel Down next week.
>> No. 26820
File 13410056381.jpg - (370.43KB , 1200x950 , 36_ Amazon.jpg )
>> No. 26830
File 134109362184.jpg - (243.55KB , 1200x950 , 37_ Impel I.jpg )
>> No. 26833
Livestream started going haywire near the end of 420 and there sees no way out of it. Stream cancelled till next Friday.
>> No. 26885
File 13416106406.png - (1.76MB , 1200x950 , 38_ Impel I retry.png )
Continuing from where we were forced to stop at.
>> No. 26919
File 134170048677.jpg - (380.12KB , 1199x950 , 39_ Impel II.jpg )
>> No. 27032
File 134221735519.jpg - (419.49KB , 1199x947 , 40_ Impel III.jpg )
>> No. 27051
File 134230321742.jpg - (458.24KB , 1199x950 , 41_ Marine I.jpg )
I'm having serious doubts about seeing Fishman island on this runthrough.
>> No. 27112
File 134282019381.jpg - (408.58KB , 1199x951 , 42_ Marine 2.jpg )
>> No. 27115
File 134290720922.jpg - (372.16KB , 1199x951 , 43_ Marine 3.jpg )
>> No. 27163
File 134342643536.jpg - (420.72KB , 1200x954 , 44_ Marine 4.jpg )
>> No. 27167
File 134351135443.jpg - (420.29KB , 1200x953 , 45_ Sabo time.jpg )
12 episodes tonight.
>> No. 27269
File 134403394327.jpg - (431.37KB , 1199x950 , 46_ Paradise end.jpg )
>> No. 27270
File 13441186549.jpg - (388.50KB , 1200x953 , 47_ New World.jpg )
We have decided to start streaming Fishman island despite it not being finished in the anime. We go up to latest episode at the time and then Restart from episode 1.
>> No. 27343
File 13446365553.jpg - (368.19KB , 1200x952 , 48_ Fishman I.jpg )
>> No. 27348
File 134472270555.jpg - (354.56KB , 1199x957 , 49_ Fishman II.jpg )
Now we have that highly debated flashback.
Is it good? Was is bad?
>> No. 27349
What? Who debates the flashback?
>> No. 27360
People who think the flashback went on for too long for their tastes and those who liked the flashback just fine. Whether it was in manga or anime.

Kinda late for that now. Besides, I just wanted to put something in the message box instead of leaving it empty.
>> No. 27383
Went on too long in the manga, was paced just fine in the anime. You know that Sanji.

Also, Otohime was not that sympathetic of a character. Fuck her va
>> No. 27428
File 134524257799.jpg - (430.13KB , 1199x949 , 50_ Fishman III.jpg )
Restarting tomorrow.
>> No. 27429
Well that's all your opinion, bro. So.. you know.
>> No. 27430
File 134532794465.jpg - (419.67KB , 1199x1177 , 1_ Start over again.jpg )
Quick rewind 559 episodes back.
My god the quality was so bad back then!
>> No. 27496
File 134584394944.jpg - (287.80KB , 1000x1030 , 2_ He is a real boy.jpg )
>> No. 27498
File 134592869199.jpg - (388.09KB , 1200x1217 , 3_ Chefs.jpg )
>> No. 27499
That looks mildly homoerotic.

I like it.
>> No. 27500
that's pretty gay
sorry you won't be enjoying heaven
>> No. 27502
File 134594351932.png - (71.38KB , 500x452 , Pepe.png )
>I will never get into white American Jesus heaven cause Zeff butt pounding Sanji's hole makes my peepee hard
>> No. 27503
File 134594381324.jpg?nsfw - (137.86KB , 750x500 , robinfucksnami.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 27504
File 134594655481.gif - (311.84KB , 500x360 , tumblr_lrlks8oItp1qefwllo1_500.gif )
>> No. 27505
Leviticus is not a book for Christians or modern man.
>> No. 27506
Yup, if Christians can eat shellfish you can suck cock unafraid of their judgement.
>> No. 27507
This got weird.

I like it.
>> No. 27510
So how about that One Piece show? I hear it has pirates and stuff.
>> No. 27511
This wouldn't even be the right thread to discuss them, so.
>> No. 27570
File 134644977865.jpg - (665.51KB , 1199x1148 , 4_ Tickly Luffy.jpg )
15 episode long marathon.
Brace your asses.
>> No. 33400
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