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29933 No. 29933
So, will anyone actually subscribe to Shonen Jump Alpha now that they're supposedly in sync with Weekly Shonen Jump releases and the translations are done by what I assume are professionals?

Here's last week's cover story translated by them. Can't say I like the font but I like being able to understand it. Also, I feel the need to point out I'm not knocking manga panda or whoever because I've relied on them for a while now but I think being able to show we support Oda and his work and actually getting fresh chapters same day as Japan is huge.

What say you?
>> No. 29935
Hipster Mode: Anything done for money is worse for it. Passion resides in fans, not workers, and objectively that page looks worse than one done by some nerds in their spare time. Why would I support subpar work that costs? Get on my entitled, frugal level.
>> No. 29936
>they're supposedly in sync with Weekly Shonen Jump releases
But are they in-sync with street-date breaking pirates? So close, yet so far.

>I'm not knocking manga panda
Ugh, how terrible.


>Anything done for money is worse for it.
U serious?
>> No. 29937
This is something that could only be believed by children and assholes.
>> No. 29938
It's Fried Fishman, of course he's not serious.
I've subscribed, but with the unofficial releases coming out even earlier I doubt I'll be able to resist reading scans either way.
Still, damn it'll be nice to have official quality when I want it. And it runs One Punch Man!
>> No. 29939
You fucking piece of shit asshole. I saw the black and white chapter cover and instantly thought it was the new chapter, only to have my dreams crushed two seconds later upon closer inspection.

>> No. 29940
$26 is damn cheap for a yearly subscription. Even if scans still come out several days earlier each week I'm happy to support One Piece (and manga in general) in North America.
>> No. 29941
I'd like to... but I don't have a credit card.
>> No. 29942
>Hipster Mode: Anything done for money is worse for it.
hey retard, did you see the giant flashing ads on Mangapanda?
>> No. 29943
>Sorry, this website is only viewable from the US.
That's a nope from me.
>> No. 29944
The new chapter IS up on the internets, bro.
>> No. 29973
I haven't seen ads for a long time kid.
>> No. 29974
You should be knocking mangapanda, they are really shitty, not only are the scanlations poor but they are really obnoxious with the way they mark their scans
>> No. 29980
irrelevant, mangapanda still is clearly doing it for profit
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