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File 135135229186.gif - (675.01KB , 500x308 , tumblr_m06gp6Jphl1r0e55fo2_500.gif )
28458 No. 28458
None Piece - Episode 1youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 2youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 3youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 4youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 5youtube thumb

So None Piece. Greatest One Piece Abridged series by default?
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>> No. 28459
Ep 5 was a little to out there but I still enjoyed it.
>> No. 28460
There has never been a good One Piece abridged.

There never will be either.
>> No. 28463
That isn't Dub Piece. Also None Piece isn't funny and it's also shit.
>> No. 28464
Eeeeehh.. A for effort, but it's not funny.
>> No. 28465

Im surprised anyone here even REMEMBERS dub piece
>> No. 28466

To date it's the only TAS of One Piece that has made me laugh. RIP movie that never was.
>> No. 28467
You guys can't be serious. I just looked up Dub Piece and it's crap. Absolute crap. How you can put it above None Piece is beyond me.
>> No. 28469

it's just better, and not, at the same time.
>> No. 28470

Let's just agree they're both shit and it's stupid to do a comedy TAS of an already comedic series.
>> No. 28472
One of the reasons why Yugioh was so successfully abridged was the fact that the utter absurdity of the plot was never really acknowledge in the show proper. "Children's Card Game" with global ramifications is an insane premise.
>> No. 28474
A Brand New Abridged Series!youtube thumb

>Implying THIS isn't the best One Piece abridged series ever

You nigs best be joking.
>> No. 28481
Dub Piece kicked ass. Chopper acting like a nigga and Bill Foxy were the highlights of it all. Considering that it didn't take any notes from LittleKuriboh(Which is something almost EVERY fandub does nowadays)is an honor in its own. Have a short from the same guys who did Dub Piece.

DP Theater: Chopper Manyoutube thumb
>> No. 28482
File 135147673366.jpg - (5.11KB , 250x152 , 1350403895179.jpg )
mfw nobody mentioned owned piece.
the original OWNED PIECEyoutube thumb
Owned Pieceyoutube thumb
OWNED PIECE 1.5youtube thumb
>> No. 28492
Yeah no, I still think None Piece is way funnier.

>> No. 28494

None Piece isn't good
>> No. 28496
I think None Piece is pretty funny. But for the life of me I can't quite pinpoint why.

It has no right to be funny but it somehow is. I think it's a good example of how you can take supposedly stupid garbage material but still make it stupidly hilarious just by having a good performance.

Although honestly I don't even think the stupid material is the funny bit. It's just a nice distraction from the times when he suddenly does a 180 and becomes oddly solemn over something ridiculous.

"It's taco day... it's always taco day..."
>> No. 28497
his Code Geass abridged is the same way. I fucking hate the source material but I drop everything and watch when he comes out with a new episode, its funny as shit
>> No. 28498
And that's why it's so great.
>> No. 28499
dub piece was funny to me as a young teenager. It's not anymore, but i still remember lines like "I'm Ussop...KING OF THE VEGETABLES" and "How much wood would A pirate chuck...wood...if a pirate could chuck crocodile? NONE! I'LL DO IT MYSELF!"
>> No. 28729
Kinda cheap but still amusing
>> No. 29597
oh hey he made a new version of episode 5 without the code geass stuff in it. its kind of shit.
>> No. 29598
I thought the stuff where the dog fucked up the recording was funny.
>> No. 29599
>its kind of shit.
I think that's the point.
>> No. 29677
Indeed though I personally don't enjoy spite-motivated works, especially when the actual episode was so good.

I'd rather he put the time into the next 'proper' episode.
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