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File 135661903847.jpg - (157.80KB , 800x1162 , 694.jpg )
29607 No. 29607
I knew it, I knew it all along about the heart.
Doflamingo is headed to punk hazard and shit's about to go down.
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>> No. 29608
Ignore the first link, Managstream is out.

So Monet's dead huh? Oda you heartless bastard.
>> No. 29609
File 13566396795.png?spoiler - (458.05KB , 1571x1150 , 31be519a43e2ddc7775745f6ccab15c3.png?spoiler )
>> No. 29610
No one dies in One Piece...unless they die in One Piece.
>> No. 29611
File 135665987028.jpg - (155.98KB , 781x433 , 17.jpg )
the more i see of Law the more i like him
he can be pretty vicious
>> No. 29612
Baby5's powers are pretty cool. But even they can't compare to THE INVINCIBLE IRON PIRATE! GENERAL FRANKY!

I'm glad to see it isn't getting jobbed to force Franky to fight on foot, I have a feeling that would be the case in most shounen series.
>> No. 29615
Cool, I called it on that thing.
>> No. 29616
shit's made of wapometal i'm thinking it's going to last until raftel
then we'll get a gundam wing style "goodbye" scene for it

speaking of baby5 though, is she like weapon logia or something?
i don't remember any paramecia that let you reconstitue yourself
>> No. 29617
What about that Bomb-man from Baroque Works?
>> No. 29618
He didn't seem to be effected by his own explosions.
>> No. 29619
Speaking of explosions I wonder if the small blast in the tank room is related in some way to the method he's using to travel to the island.

Something about sacrificing subordinates to reel himself in to their location?
>> No. 29620
This has got me curious about why Doflamingo's cronies are so loyal. I mean ostensibly he is just kind of a dickhead but both Vergo and Monet were willing to kill themselves for him without question.
>> No. 29621
Speaking of Donquixote Doflamingo, I think he's fucking stilting on strings, which adds credence to the Devil Fruit theory.
>> No. 29623
I don't believe he was planning to go to the island until Monet failed to respond. Why go to the island when he expected it to go up in flames?

Its definitely something with his devil fruit.
>> No. 29624
"Weapon" isn't an element and her fruit's already a confirmed Paramecia. She was reconstructing herself after a self-made explosion. Obviously this woman isn't gonna keep turning into a missile and blowing herself up if she hadn't found a way to rebuild herself. Maybe it's a form of welding or .. particle reconstruction or something. Iunno.

They keep calling him Waka, which was the title of princes and royalty and such in Japan. But we know that he's not of royal descent, since he was apparently a vagabond street rat as a child. My guess is that he's simply made a name for himself and has genuinely earned these people's trust. He's the king of the underworld, so he's gonna have more than a few people's respect and admiration.
That, or he's completely masterminded and controlled everyone into absolute submission via his devil fruit and/or drug effects.
>> No. 29625
swamp isn't really an element either but i see your point
>> No. 29627
Oh hey looks like the site is working for me now.

Anyways just stopping by to remind people that there won't be any new chapters for almost a month due to end of year shenanigans.
>> No. 29628
I really hope that the arc doesn't move on until Dofla gets there and is defeated and pulls an Enel and we never have to see the fucker again.
>> No. 29631
Oh its finally stable? Thats good.

Swamp is basically mud isn't it?
>> No. 29638
He may be a dickhead, but he does seem to care for his direct crewmates in a psychopathic fashion. He takes care of Baby 5, gives his respect to Vergo, and apologizes to Monet. For Doflamingo standards, that's incredibly compassionate.
>> No. 29652
>For Doflamingo standards, that's incredibly compassionate.
I think you mean for villain standards. There's not one villain in a major arc that I can recall being compassionate for their comrades besides Magaellan. Everyone else is just out for themselves and desires power.
>> No. 29653
Arlong, he loved his fishman brothers and got pissed as hell when Luffy used one as a human-shield

Obviously he didn't hold the same level of affection for humans of course, Nami was more like a pet. But then again Doflamingo is dismissive of certain subordinates as well.
>> No. 29654
I was hoping it was finally winding down and now motherfucking Dofla may run into them!?

I still think it might end soon, I can't see a Dofla fight actually happening without it ending abruptly somehow, this arc is too far in and has gone on too long to suddenly throw a shichibukai in and have him defeated.

Plus there's the whole thing with Dofla's island, I'd bet that if Luffy takes him on anywhere it'll be on Dressrosa.
>> No. 29661
File 135706257674.jpg - (68.90KB , 550x550 , 1354039593813.jpg )
>> No. 29663
He ubdoubtedly means antagonist, because no one can forget that our heroes are actually the criminals.
>> No. 29664
mangellan is villain cause he wanted to kill himself and tried to kill himself and jesus said suicidals are sins
>> No. 29669
People forget that sometimes because the government is so corrupt.

And are thus shocked when the criminal main character does something self-serving that will lead to negative consequences for others down the line.
>> No. 29695
Yeah I actually really liked that he seemed upset about losing Virgo. Though I think he probably takes it more in a property like level. Like "Man... That was a good one and now its broke, now I'll have to get another..."

I mean he IS the head of the slave auctions so he definitely thinks of people as property.
>> No. 29696
I bet One Piece Jesus is a cool guy.
>> No. 29697
Mythical Human Models are a thing, so there's probably a Jesus fruit.

Awakened Zoan Jesus, just imagine that.
>> No. 29703
Correction, he was the head of the slave auction house. Remember, he said slavery was a thing of the past and didn't care much for it anymore. It's why he passed it on to Disco.. who promptly ran it to the ground in a blazing ball of fail.

The Jesus Jesus no Mi as a mythical fruit. Ahyuk hyuk. I like it.
>> No. 29709
What if Enel actually ate the Raijin Raijin no mi?
>> No. 29710
What if Enel actually ate the Raijin Raijin no mi?
>> No. 29711
His whole turning into a giant made of Lightning thing did sort of come out of nowhere.
I mean he's not the only one to try and pull that kind of thing when he's losing but when others do it the form tends to stick around for a little bit, his was pretty -blink and you'll miss it
>> No. 29712

His whole thing was a bunch of religious references, it'd make sense that he would become a literal lightning god.
>> No. 29715
.. what the fuck was up with that giant fat God form? It's one of those things that in hindsight didn't make too much sense. Devil Fruit-wise, anyway.
>> No. 29717
Logia can turn themselves into their element, and can turn their element into various things. So he turned himself into lighting, then turned the lightning into himself, only giant and fat. He thought this was a good idea because...
>> No. 29718
It seems a bit off because no other Logia's dem onstrated that kind of 'shapeshifting', you only see them able to turn into 'clouds' of thier element with thier body sticking out of it
>> No. 29719
Monet and Caesar have both done it in this arc (albeit Caesar had some help.)
>> No. 29724
and there's always been shit like swords made our of light, giant fists made out of magma, poison hydras

not to mention all the shit Mr. 3 pulled off
>> No. 29725
Well half of those aren't Logias, but I suppose it's some of the same principle, at least with the magma fists.
>> No. 29726
Akainu just launched parts of his body (which I'd imagine is a similar principal to when they get their limbs chopped off) and Kizaru made that sword out of his own power. Note you never see it leave his hands. Both Magellan and Mr. 3 secrete their substances from their bodies.. plus they're not even Logias.

Enel, on the other hand, seems to have.. inflated his own body and filled it with lightning(?). Not really morphed it or turned into a pure element form - so nothing like Monet and Caesar. It's by far one of the more unique Logia moves seen yet. Then again, Enel is an established powerhouse who could probably go toe-to-toe with an Admiral.
>> No. 29729
File 135741710341.jpg - (505.66KB , 1629x1200 , OP.jpg )
Was rereading One Piece and came across this spread. I guess Oda had a pink dragon in mind for awhile, Momo when he gets older?

Not that this is the only eastern spread either, can't wait till they get to Wano.
>> No. 29755
Eh I'm not particularly enthused about seeing a japan standin within the world of one piece.
Maybe samurai just don't do it for me.
They just aren't something I feel like would improve tales of high seas adventure.
>> No. 29756
If it's anything like the original Wano in Monsters, it's not really a Not_Nippon, iirc.
>> No. 29761
Was Wano the country that particular story was set in or was it just the Samurai from Wano main character who had travelled to a new land. Its been awhile since I read it and all I can really remember is he was travelling about looking to challenge the King who he heard was such a badass swordsman but in a twist it was actually himself who had gained such a reputation from his travels.
>> No. 29768
I've just read Monsters and Ryuuma's onepiece wiki article, and Wano's and others, but I can't find any that says they're in Wano in Monsters. My mistake. Something must have made me think that though, I'm still researching. The places presented in Monsters were a lot more Western/non descript Medieval-mixed-with-modern-Fairy-Tail kinda-

It'll probably end up totally being a Not-Japan. It's name is a pun on a name for Japan, Japanese stuff comes from there like Samurai and Kasa, it's secular, etc.
>> No. 29771
If we do Wano I'd love an arc that semi-references Seven Samurai, perhaps with the Strawhats fending off an attack from one of the Yonko, maybe even that 'army of smiles'?
>> No. 29778
so... one more week?
>> No. 29779
As far as I know, yes. Official date is the 16th, but we might be getting it leaked as early as Monday.
>> No. 29780
File 135785558269.gif - (419.79KB , 350x271 , 1306629885197.gif )

>> No. 29781
Read something else. There's tons of scanlated manga.
>> No. 29783
Yeah, this. I suggest Magi.
>> No. 29784
Or Franken Fran, or Silver Spoon, or Beelzebub. Hell if you need something One Piece-like, Fairy Tail didn't take a break.
>> No. 29788
As long as we're offering a variety of genres, Sket Dance is a good read~
>> No. 29789
>something One Piece-like, Fairy Tail

get out
>> No. 29790
More specifically, there's tons that you can start and finish in a few days.

I started watching Magi just recently. Is the manga as shota-rrific?
>> No. 29793
Dunno, didn't watch the anime. I just suggested it since it has the same grand adventure vibe going as One Piece.
>> No. 29799
It's a very friendship and adventure based shonen. Characters are lively with tons of unique/interesting powers, but I guess that's where most of the similarities end. Worth a read if for nothing else but the fun of it.
>> No. 29805
And with similar art styles. Early One Piece and early Fairy Tail could've almost been mistaken for being drawn by the same artist. They've diverged a lot since then, and Fairy Tail was never quite as cartoony with its wild takes, but there are still similarities.
>> No. 29806
Isn't it because Oda and the artist of Fairy Tail were peers working for the same mangaka? The guy who did Rurouni Kenshin, if I'm not mistaken.
>> No. 29807
The Fairy Tail artist has admitted to tracing in interviews.

Early Fairy Tail looks a lot like One Piece, but his previous manga Rave Master doesn't, so that just makes it seem all the more dubious.
>> No. 29808
While Oda did work under Nobuhiro Watsuki for a while, Mashima did not.
The similarities in the styles of the two can be attributed to the fact that both manga-ka were heavily influenced by Akira Toriyama, especially his cartoonier, and more Dragon Quest-y stuff.
Either way, while the styles of the two have certainly diverged more over time, even when comparing early Rave Master to early One Piece, the art and story-telling really aren't all that similar. On the other hand, I can definitely see someone getting confused by the anime designs.
>> No. 29820
I've never really sat down and read fairy tale, but I saw one chapter with a remarkably familiar man named "Gildarts"... HMM WHERE HAVE I SEEN HIM BEFORE????
>> No. 29821

I googled Gildarts, and am greeted with Shanks wearing Kamina's cape and Nia's pauldrons. Fantastic.

An example I'm always keen to point out is that Fairy Tail introduced a female villain (who bore a striking resemblance to Califa) who could turn people to stone just a few weeks after Boa was introduced in One Piece. I mean.. its not a unique or original ability but.. thats a little ON THE NOSE..
>> No. 29822
Yeah yeah Fairy Tail is store brand OP we've all heard it before.

New chapter tomorrow? Yes, right?
>> No. 29823
there is not a single doubt in my mind
there are several doubts in my mind
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