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File 13595486811.jpg - (146.16KB , 800x1108 , one-piece-3875295.jpg )
30025 No. 30025
Hey listen!
>More party
>Tears of farewell
>Doflamingo is pissed at Law

Be prepared for mangastream link when available.
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>> No. 30026
Dang! It isn't new but Law's power really does let him do some creepy things with people.
>> No. 30027
Yes. For a moment I found Baby 5's and Buffalos heads creepy until they acted "normal" by talking.
>> No. 30028
Whoever called Kaido, good job.
>> No. 30029
File 135955917375.jpg - (84.56KB , 794x424 , wut.jpg )
What.. exactly is going on in these panels? I don't get it.

No one did. All the hints were set to make it seem like the Yonko was Big Mom. That fucking weasel dick Oda.
>> No. 30030
Nevermind. I think it's supposed to be Caesar taking over the den den mushi. I'd forgotten what his eyes looked like.
>> No. 30031

There we go. Is it better? I dunno yet.
>> No. 30032
The translations seem a bit off, I couldn't understand the context so well. It's odd because its mangastream.
>> No. 30033
>"they must have horseshoes up their ass..!!"

Mangastream can be just as shit sometimes.
>> No. 30034
so, speculation on Green Bitt?
>> No. 30035
'green bitt'


The world thickens. Also, Law's denden mushi is fucken creepy.

Kinda dissapointed the marines are such weepy little babies now. They're supposed to be a ruthless branch.
>> No. 30036
Law lets Oda have a family-friendly Jigsaw.
>> No. 30037
It's a place. Not much else to speculate on right now.
>> No. 30038
so, speculation on Green Bitt?
>> No. 30039
They're ruthless in that they're a bunch of punk hooligans, not like the Cipher Pols.
>> No. 30040
What?! Weepy little babies?! Those are the tears of men! Manly men-emotions for the strong and powerful! TRUE MEN EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS WITH WATERFALLS OF TEARS!
>> No. 30042
eh. It seems everyone's crying too much in one piece these days.

I dunno, It was a fun arc, but I can't shake off the overly feel goodness of the whole thing. Also, a lot of plot elements seemed unecessary, like the samurai father and son, the dragon, the personality switching, etc.

Maybe I'm being a bitch though.
>> No. 30043
I'm sort of not looking forward to the Wano country in general. The addition of Samurai and their pseudo-Nippon flavour are not something I feel improves my pirates adventures.

I do sort of wonder about something though... Wano is Japan in One Piece, and the swordsmen of Wano are the Samurai... I just wonder why Zoro started dressing like a Samurai post-timeskip, he was training under a guy who's fashion tended more towards 'spanish' than anything.
>> No. 30045
Seriously thats Laws role in all this, hes a diabolical good guy.
>> No. 30046
>you have until tomorrow morning's newspaper issue
I have a feeling either Doflamingo will make his decision in one direction or the other by fucking up something or someone Law cares about, and it gets on the news. And we'll get the paper by chapter 700.
>> No. 30048
I really don't want them to go to Wano at all, either. I just don't see what they could possibly get from going there other than MOMG MOAR ZORO FIGHTS KOOL SAMURAIS! Two points worth noting on this:
One: They're an isolated country with zero ties to the World Government (and supposedly any major pirate group). So how exactly would them staying there advance the current story dealing with Big Mom and Kaido? Story wise, it'd be like smashing this train that's now picking up speed straight into a rock.
Two: Why is an entire arc needed just to drop off two dudes they barely just met? Of course complications could always arise, much like they did when all they had to do was drop off Vivi, but.. why?
>> No. 30049
>I just don't see what they could possibly get from going there other than MOMG MOAR ZORO FIGHTS KOOL SAMURAIS
...do we really need more than "ZORO FIGHTS KOOL SAMURAIS?"
>> No. 30050
Remember how the G-5 marines at the beginning of the arc were a bunch of crazy, boorish cowboy cops who were entirely too fond of ahem, enhanced interrogation? The weeping is to show that they're still decent people who can recognize the emotion of MANLY BROTHERHOOD at heart, I guess.

Also tbh, I don't mind a bit of feel-good. This is the arc where we got Donflamingo's fucked up crew, child experiment subjects being turned into raging druggies, and the arc villain testing Zyklon-B on his own henchmen while the world watches. I mean, not even Josef Mengele livestreamed his experiments.

It would be worth it just to see Zoro geeking out and revaling that he is a giant weeaboo.
>> No. 30051
If you're not a childish dumbass, yes.
>> No. 30052
If you're not a childish dumbass, why are you reading comics aimed at 12 year olds?
>> No. 30053
You have this confused with Bleach
>> No. 30054
Geez you guys are pessimistic. We haven't even gotten there yet.
>> No. 30055
That's all I hear nowadays. "Oh, a new story arc is coming. It'll probably be awful..."

Fuckin' Eeyores everywhere in the One Piece fandom.
>> No. 30056
Kaidou of 100 Beasts, or Kaidou THE Beast?

I'm really afraid we're going to have to deal with Law being Vivi for a while. When does the Alliance end? When Luffy and Law take down Kaidou? Which seems to be set in some queue of things to do AFTER Big Mam. So that's two major arc villains' worth we'd have to see him every page, and that's just assuming that they go right now and take care of them. And then how long are we going to have old-new Vivi, Kinemon? Eh, guess we'll just see. Kinemon's fine, I won't mind having him and Momonosuke hanging out for a bit until they depart. I don't predict their farewells coming at the end of a Wano Arc.

This talk of Shichibukai news brings me hope that we'll get Buggy confirmation.
>> No. 30057
Maybe if we're lucky he'll trip and fall overboard next chapter. His screams will be drowned out by the Strawhats partying. Nobody notices he's missing until they get to the next island.
>> No. 30058
>I'm really afraid we're going to have to deal with Law being Vivi for a while

I think this really depends on whether or not that submarine of his is parked at their next destination.
>> No. 30059
File 135965299536.png - (313.52KB , 808x1150 , 754e4d0cae7c9247dd8f1e83bccc7a9e.png )
Wait. If Doflamingo steps down from the Shichibukai he would never be allowed to show his face at Dresrosa again? It's probably not his base then, right? And would Kaido really care if Dofla was a Shichi as long as he got his Smile? I don't think he would.

Hmm, Dofla's situation continues to bug me. I hope we get a better explanation about his organization's... organization pretty soon.
>> No. 30060
If Doflamingo steps down as a Warlord, he can't be ignored enough to start Smile production back up, but the real bit is that Law's forced him into an impossible choice. Either Doflamingo incurs the wrath of the Admirals, or Kaidou: there is no winning play for him.
Which means he's probably going to try and murder everybody instead of going along with such a shitty deal.
>> No. 30061
all I know is that this means possibly seeing time skip buggy along with Mr.3 and alvida.

it's all good.
>> No. 30062
all I know is that this means possibly seeing time skip buggy along with Mr.3 and alvida.

it's all good.
>> No. 30063
No, it's because Dressrosa IS most likely his main base of operations that he won't be allowed to show his face there again. It means the WG is fully aware that's where he lurks and operates from. I also really fucking doubt they don't know about his SMILEs operation; they've just turned the other way because he's a Warlord. They came down hard on Crocodile for his Dance Powder fiasco, but Doflamingo holds a lot more clout outside and inside of the WG.

But if he quits, he goes back to being a regular scumbag pirate, and they have no reason to hold back in locking his ass in Impel Down.
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