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File 136391491019.png - (462.61KB , 550x720 , whitey-bay-is-vivi-mom-questionmark.png )
30318 No. 30318
i know no one gives a flying fuck about one piece over here but

i think theres somethin goin on here i dont know about you guys but that kinda looks like whitey bay could turn out to be vivi'smom or some shit? maybe thats why igaram had that nightmare and now oda's doing retroactive hints?

vivi for return crew 2014 gop
>> No. 30319
Stop making threads
>> No. 30320

I haven't...been making threads?

I actually noticed this a while back when watching luffy special and finally got arround to making a thread. i think its interesting how many design elements are shared between the vivi dream and this, currently, unimportant character that got special notice in the luffy special. the hat is the same down to the trim, they both have spotted bandanas and similar hair, it seems like it could be more than coincidence and reason to think that "maybe oda will write vivi back into the story at some point"

If this character is related to vivi it could be a good way to draw vivi back to the crew in some future arc? she always felt like she was left hanging, and her constant appearance on manga covers and in media seems to scream "dont forget about vivi" and now this from the luffy special....this could be one of those "subtle hints" oda drops on us about future stuff.
>> No. 30321
Nefertari Titi would be in her mid to late fourties if she had not died when Vivi was very young. She looked exactly the same as Vivi when she was alive.
>> No. 30322
They're not related. Igaram was just worried she'd become a pirate, but she didn't. She's on covers because she's still an honorary Strawhat and an important character.
>> No. 30323
Those two don't really look much alike, other than color scheme.
>> No. 30324
and hat, and having the same spotted bandana under the hat, and their logo on the hat. the hat also has the same trim. the fact that they both have the same type hat AND have spotted bandanas makes it suspect to me.
>> No. 30326
Both pirate hats and pirate bandannas are pretty common for pirates. Their logos are nothing alike except that they involve skulls, aka every Jolly Roger ever.
>> No. 30328

yeah but is it common to use those same elements on a character with light blue, wavy hair? (the logo thing was pointing out that its a constant between the two identical hats. blue with white trim ontop of the dotted bandana. they're similar clothes on characters with similar natural elements. not sure how you naturally get light blue hair but whatever)

I'm not saying it HAS to be vivi-mom, but theres somethin goin on here i bet and oda's giggling to himself that no one's caught onto YET ANOTHER mystery.
>> No. 30332
Incidentally, clothing is very rarely passed down genetically.
>> No. 30334
technically vivi never wore it, she was imagined wearing it. ;-[
>> No. 30335
>I'm not saying it HAS to be vivi-mom

But you want her to be, oh so badly.
>> No. 30341
My list of vivi-based wants and desires goes from here to the moon.
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