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File 134697337628.jpg - (80.92KB , 1024x768 , 2231230a.jpg )
27652 No. 27652
Yo /op/

can we have a merchandise thread?

also does anyone know the good places to order these things online? I'm going crazy trying to find a good distributor. Cause I mean look at this chopper. dang.
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>> No. 27655
good idea I would love to find something with Franky that doesn't cost a fuckton of money and I have 0 experience with jap based stores
>> No. 27658
Could try play-asia.
>> No. 27686
File 134715063114.jpg - (403.91KB , 540x720 , luffy_chesspiece.jpg )
I recently bought this in a store. The character was random, and I was lucky enough to get luffy.
>> No. 27710
That is one of the coolest luffy's I have ever seen. Is the whole chess board one piece? WHERE?

Also, I'm looking for a sogeking PoP, but on ebay, they're always $100 with shipping. Sucks being a canadabro.
>> No. 27719
File 134731108468.jpg - (88.25KB , 1024x768 , id give an arm and leg for this.jpg )
Oh, man. So, having suddenly gotten the chance to research more into figurines and merchandising has brought me to a pretty obscure subculture of the anime/manga world that is pretty hardcore for its own good.

Apparently there are websites where you could order the swag, but It gets pretty complicated along the way with per-orders, bootlegs and trading or buying second hand goods from people in circles around the internet. We can get this thread going to sort of dumb down and nudge each other in the right direction.

That's a sweet looking luffy. I wanna say it's off the chess set of sculpts, but I might be wrong.
>> No. 27802
that's fucking sick mate.
>> No. 27827
Any good Nico's figure?
>> No. 27828
>> No. 28010
>> No. 30009
thread resurrection

I just won an auction on ebay for 8 cheap shichibukai figures, including Crocodile and Blackbeard, and I'll try to post them when they arrive
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