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File 135834019514.jpg - (792.81KB , 500x8112 , Good lord.jpg )
29824 No. 29824
It's out, who knew Usopp and Nami could be so useful?
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>> No. 29825
Did you HAVE to use that image?

Hah! Franky Shougan was dominating Buffalo and Baby5 so hard he's looking like the villain, while they seem like you plucky shounen protagonists struggling against his overwhelming power together. If Doflamingo had arrived to save them Goku style before everyone else showed up it would have fit perfectly.
>> No. 29826
So I guess now the biggest question is who that man is at the end. Could easily be one of the new Warlords. Or even one of the two new Admirals. It could really go any which way, so it's pointless to try and speculate on Oda's mind. Most likely gonna interact with or even be a foil to Doflamingo's arrival.

What it looks like to me is a thin, regular-sized man atop a giant bird's head. TIME TO PLAY RORSCHACH!

Also did the brilliant Usopp just let three devil fruit eaters fall down in the middle of the ocean..?
>> No. 29827
I have to admit, even though I despise internet memes I must say that this was pretty well done and funny.
>> No. 29828
I'm sure someone will swim out and save them, I mean one of them's a woman, even if it was lady-hitler Sanji wouldn't let her drown.
>> No. 29829
Pretty sure that's Mihawk at the end, you can see the cross bar of his sword (and he's the only one with a tiny boat like that).
>> No. 29830
File 135835215378.jpg - (30.92KB , 252x413 , the girls dont care about robots.jpg )
This will never be unfunny to me.
>> No. 29831
File 135835401793.png - (369.46KB , 900x695 , Chicks_dig_giant_robots_by_JodyPSchaeffer.png )
Oda clearly does not understand women
>> No. 29832
It looks more like a handlebar to a guy's wheelchair, with a blanket over his legs.
>> No. 29833
I'm guessing it's Aokiji there. He's in the middle of the ocean, after all.
>> No. 29834
Yeah. it's most plausible. I'm just wondering how Oda will explain the giant seagull.

I got sick of it after realizing that females in the OP world are actually boring.
>> No. 29835
File 135836281038.png - (160.67KB , 395x365 , Girl_hitler.png )
>> No. 29836
Super floaty wood.
>> No. 29837
File 135836447624.jpg - (216.04KB , 835x706 , wellthatendedabruptly.jpg )
>> No. 29838
File 135837465264.jpg - (230.90KB , 730x526 , duck.jpg )
Maybe it's crippled Mihawk on a bird.
>> No. 29839
File 135837631138.jpg - (49.55KB , 638x638 , 1355873986768.jpg )
>> No. 29840
Someone on this board called Usopp's seastone shackles, hats of to you.
It was cool to see Nami and Usopp show off their new toys, but there isn't much more to discuss int this chapter.
Also Doflamingos crews continue to show great loyalty, thats intriguing and worrisome.
>> No. 29841
So... nobody's going to take note of Law's "Heart Chair", explaining not only the name of Law's pirate crew but implying our Doflamingo has a court of pirates built upon card suite motifs befitting his title as Joker?
>> No. 29842
Oda's sexism is innocently amusing.
>> No. 29843
How wonderfully Shounen manga.
>> No. 29844

nah, its just that Franky-bot is way to small to get anything more than blank stares.
>> No. 29845
That does raise an interesting question though. What happened to Ace's old crew, the Spade Pirates, when he joined up with Whitebeard?
>> No. 29846

They joined the Whitebeard Pirates too. Ace was the only one that was a shit about it for such a long time, though.
>> No. 29853
It seems like a dude floating on a giant seagull. Seaguls~ Marine symbol~... some sort of marine special officer?

Mahaps instead of the Strawhat Alliance and G5 Marines hanging around long enough to meet Doflamingo it will be Doflamingo and this guy who end up meeting each other and interacting?

Geeze if they all show up at the same time thats alot of chap's at one party.
>> No. 29854
That's most likely what's going to happen. Especially considering that Doflamingo seems to be splashing along across the ocean and it took Baby 5 and Buffalo almost ten chapters to show up there.
It's reminiscent of Thriller Bark's ending with Kuma also joining the fray, except it really is already way too many people.

Unless Law is killed somehow. Then I'd be all for a massive, nonsensical brawl.
>> No. 29855
Since he talks about having overslept, I say it's Aokiji.
>> No. 29856
I'd love to see Aokiji intercept Doflamingo by accident and take him down for being a nuisance.

But why would Aokiji even be going back to the vicinity of Punk Hazard, and why would he be doing it via bird friend instead of his trademarked biking method. I don't think it's him.

To puzzle out who it might be of already introduced characters, we need to find more who would pull a gag like falling asleep on the way somewhere. Ace comes to mind, as he had like narcolepsy or some shit, but he's asleep forever now. However Luffy and Garp share that gag trait. Why would he be going there either?

That's all I can think of, I'd have to reread the arc and see what kind of Marine loose ends it has. Why would any of them be coming there, did Smoker or Tashigi or anyone ever send a signal or report or contact? Iunno.
>> No. 29866
I wonder how effective Aokiji's ice leg is, he might not even be able to ride his bike anymore.
>> No. 29872
he does in z
>> No. 29895
Heh, i remember back when we didn't know Luffy and Ace aren't actually biological brothers we thought that narcolepcy ran in the family, so we assumed Dragon would have it too...
>> No. 29896
But why was he narcoleptic if he wasn't related to Garp and Luffy? Is Oda implying that chronic brain disorders are a choice and not something you're born with?
Maybe Roger and Garp are brothers.
>> No. 29897
Maybe it's from brain injuries they got from getting hit in the head a lot.
>> No. 29905
It's a D thing.
>> No. 29908
File 135861884953.jpg - (61.93KB , 502x484 , wan piss 695 high res.jpg )
so this looks pretty cut and dry
>> No. 29915
That actually looks like he's using binoculars. I still think it'll be someone new.
>> No. 29919
>implying that blood relation matters to BROTHERS in shounen manga/anime.
I don't know if it's a D. thing.
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