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File 136369934824.jpg - (188.17KB , 800x1182 , one-piece-3986749.jpg )
30284 No. 30284

Man, you guys and your overactive imaginations. He was just under the weather a bit.
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>> No. 30285
>>Tournament arc here we come
>> No. 30286
The cover page is top lel material. It seems Dofy's trap has been set. I really doubt that blind dude is Fujitora, something doesn't seem right there.
>> No. 30287
Also Mangastream is out.
>> No. 30288
Not much happening, but it's all good. Looks like Fujitora's pretty forgiving, which is odd for a guy hired by Akainu.
>> No. 30289
File 136371119453.jpg - (69.39KB , 569x370 , buildings.jpg )
>Toy people
>Crazy architecture

This may already be my favorite arc.
>> No. 30290

Ugh both of these idiots are pissing me off. HIS NAME IS ON THE FLAG.
>> No. 30291
This chapter got me tingly.
We're in for a good one.
Good Health to Oda.
>> No. 30292
>Commander Guevara

Yes, thank you, Mangastream. That was the joke. I don't understand why putting down that's written on the fucking flag is so hard for these translators.

Anyway, my body is ready for a good tournament arc a la Dragon Ball. I'd be worried about it with any other series, but I know it'll be amazing in One Piece. I also noticed Doflamingo was missing from the Coliseum. He's probably going straight to Green Bit to deal with Law.
>> No. 30293
I wonder if Luffy can pull the Blackbeard trick on it with Law's help. The fruit I mean, or if he'd just keep it or entrust it to someone to eat.
>> No. 30294
Luffy is not going to get Ace's power, and that some people even begin to contemplate such a thing is truly moronic.
>> No. 30295
I don't see why, he definitely wants it even if just to keep sentimentally al a the four star ball in dragon ball.
>> No. 30296
Luffy already has a fire punch that is a homage to his dead brother anyway, even if the anime made it look really weak by adding filler of him using it repeatedly on Hody.
>> No. 30297
Actually, I like that idea. Luffy keeps the fruit onboard the Sunny in a place of reverence.
>> No. 30298
>implying usopp won't eat it and his creativity combined with logia hax won't make him the strongest strawhat
>> No. 30299
Usopp having any fruit regardless of the power would only serve as a detriment.
>> No. 30300

Why does everyone keep wanting to give more Strawhats fruit powers?

That's a recipe for disaster: Do you all not remember what happens EVERY time Luffy falls into water. Now add yet another crew member to that chain of dunderfuckery.
>> No. 30301
Seriously, especially since we've entered a stage of the sea where the powers of devil fruit are tantamount to bum fuck all against skill.
>> No. 30304

no but saji has to have it so he can have diablo jamle be stronger and usopp aslo need it so he can make fire shoot.

>> No. 30305
>People thinking Luffy wouldn't if he could
Flaming Jet Pistols.
'Nuff said.

I'm feeling a pretty big role/spotlight for Zoro coming on though. I wonder how that'll pant out. With luck, it'll be the first in a series of arcs that put each Strawhat into the limelight for some development in character and power, going in order. But that's just fantasy of mine.
>> No. 30306
>Flaming Jet Pistols.

But.. he already has attacks that spontaneously catch on fire for no reason. And fruits don't work that way.
>> No. 30307
>Flaming Jet Pistols.
A technique he already has?
>> No. 30308
It has a reason, haki.

We already know it lets you infuse blows with special properties like explosions and fire.
>> No. 30309
[Citation Needed]
>> No. 30310
Amazon Arrows cause explosions due to Haki, which is directly mentioned but on Red Hawk I can't find confirmation but it's still likely.
>> No. 30311
They don't explode, they just pierce through damn near anything. Haki doesn't have special attributes, Luffy just did something by combining it with Gear 2nd to ignite himself.
>> No. 30312

Amazon arrows are are just really strong, so when they hit something it breaks apart. "Stone-breaking archery" is different from what you're talking about.

Red Hawk is unexplained.
>> No. 30313
File 136382529584.jpg - (7.84KB , 118x147 , Gundam.jpg )
Oh oda.
>> No. 30314

No, it does that because his heart is burning with passion for his brother. Gawd, ain't you know how physics works?
>> No. 30315
Seriously, I've been thinking, what would happen if one of the strawhats did get a devil fruit power? Not say what could happen, but would people think if Sanji or Frank or Usopp gets a devil fruit? How would people feel about that?

Why are you such a tool?
>> No. 30316
Ahh, I redact my erroneous statements.
>> No. 30317
Because his name is not Frank.
>> No. 30336
>How would people feel about that?

I would feel it was unnecessary.
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