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File 135986805528.jpg - (12.06KB , 300x168 , dafuq_why4chan_why.jpg )
30076 No. 30076
its seems weird that there aren't many perverts on these threads saying stuff like " the feels when you know you cant ever cum inside Nico Robin" . unlike the My Little Pony threads...which is mostly stuff like that..i find that rather odd.
>> No. 30077
What the fuck are you even talking about.
>> No. 30078
We may have our issues, but we're not that mentally ill yet.
>> No. 30079
.... Whhhaaaat?
>> No. 30080
Also don't actually put your real email in the email field you dingus. Anybody that tells you to do so is a crook or a charlatan. In fact, just don't put anything at all there, forever.
>> No. 30081
This isn't 4chan. Even the MLP thread don't do that.
>> No. 30082
That's because we all know what it feels like to cum inside Nico Robin.
>> No. 30086
are you actually autistic?
>> No. 30087
do people actually say "the feels when"?
that's just bad grammar
>> No. 30088
please no
>> No. 30096
i want to cum inside chopper
>> No. 30098
I want Brooke to fuck me in the ass as he whispers Bink's Sake to the rhythm of his thrusts. As the rhythm increases so to do the intensity of his thrusts and the volume of his song, until he is nearly screaming in my ear. At the point of climax he shouts BUT~ I DO NOT HAVE A PENIS

and then he sprays dusty old jizz in my face.
>> No. 30099
Which form?
>> No. 30100

whaddya mean which form

>> No. 30108
I want to be the gangbanged by Brook and the Rumba pirates. I want each and every member of the crew to use me until they all pass out in turn, until at the very end, Brook narrates:
"What's wrong? Now this is just a quartet... trio... duet... solo. Why? Leaving only the accompaniment..."
only to pass out himself, finally drained of his seed and his stamina.
>> No. 30111
>tfw I poisoned my orifices
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