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File 133137075010.gif - (21.75KB , 650x450 , beam me up scottie.gif )
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Last thread: >>62454

Any thoughts on how Slick being alive in Hussie's world will effect the story at large? I'd love to see a three-Jack meetup at some point.
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>> No. 63473
HS just updated, thread is saging. Time for a new general?
>> No. 63474
And there are perfect images for it. Make haste gents and gentettes!
>> No. 63476
Not it. I'm browsing from my phone at work.

File 133205038596.png - (29.18KB , 272x128 , page_illumination.png )
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Finally got them cleaned up, with previews, English translation, and artist credits.
If you can tell me who made the few remaining ones marked with artist 'unknown' I'd appreciate it.

If you aren't using Windows -- don't worry, I have a few things for Apple OSX and for Linux as well at the same place.
>> No. 63293
Oh my gosh, I remember these! I've still got a couple of them squirreled away in my downloads folder.

Neato torpedo, thanks for the share.

File 131318649130.gif - (106.70KB , 650x451 , kanayacornvampire.gif )
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>>38571 previous thread
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>> No. 63043
File 133153156845.gif - (245.81KB , 650x366 , 1330834170554.gif )
>> No. 63071
>> No. 63302
File 133208770754.jpg - (53.67KB , 391x583 , dmaul.jpg )
Can we have eri as dart maul pliz?

File 133014616441.png - (2.30MB , 1616x2600 , humanstuck_by_cryst4lm3th.png )
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Because some of these are pretty cool.
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>> No. 62618
I really like the Aradia&Sollux there.
>> No. 63051
File 133153195488.png - (757.65KB , 1057x614 , tumblr_lyuwqnjR5z1r2qahd.png )
>> No. 63059
File 133153276135.png - (31.28KB , 600x700 , rosetrollrose.png )

File 131612276625.png - (176.12KB , 582x820 , tumblr_lqyhednQUj1qmydsoo1_1280.png )
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post your fav art of terezi.
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>> No. 63054
File 133153232853.png - (956.53KB , 618x900 , sweet_cherry_fuck_by_catastrophilia-d4qw1cz.png )
>> No. 63056
File 133153237678.png - (705.15KB , 654x1007 , Terezi_Pyrope viivus.png )
>> No. 63058
File 133153257079.png - (207.63KB , 1280x800 , Karkat_Vantas land_of_thought_and_flow Terezi_Pyro.png )

File 133126901182.png - (354.43KB , 400x600 , tumblr_lzz381xa7g1r8rvxqo1_500.png )
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We're doing this.
>> No. 62930
doing what? posting confusingly vague threads?
>> No. 62937
``Back to /nudestuck/,´´ please.
>> No. 62939
no "we're" not

File 133039658459.gif - (95.17KB , 650x650 , 04626.gif )
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Old Thread: >>61821

Recent news:
Dante Basco has a tumblr and is kinda-sorta reading Homestuck publicly.

Other things to discuss:

The White Queen's pimp-ness.
Roxy's undying love of too-friendly cats.
While the patterned purple mom-gooey scarf is pretty slick, is it from the Alpha or Beta Rose?
What's up with the "guests" in Roxy's lab?
GCat confirmed for infinitely more douche than Becquerel ever was.
Why teleport it to Dirk's place?
Is he going to plug it back in in time to save her?
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>> No. 62951
Hussie will probably show us how he and Ms. Paint ended up there.
>> No. 62952
I know, I'm sorry! It was done in the white-hot grip of Update Fever. You understand.

(But I think the scottie-origami would be just as nice.)

File 129799955473.png - (27.10KB , 837x434 , mspasprites2.png )
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I'm making a Homestuck minecraft texture pack.

There'll be at least two variants, one on Earth and one on Alternia. Making them pretty similar; mostly a palette change for the textures, and some changed items (bow/arrow instead of rifle/bullet, etc).
The Nether is LOHAC for Earth, undecided for Alternia.

I'll also do player skins for each character.

Haven't decided if I'm making other variants; LOWAS/LOLAR could be neat. Depends on interest I guess.

Input appreciated.
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>> No. 62801
it really does add some spice to your game unless you habitually play on peaceful
>> No. 62802
lousy stupid doublepost
>> No. 62810
No, the white is wool or snow and the black is obsidian I believe. Someone just made that world in MCEdit.

I don't know how they changed the sky to yellow, though.

File 129147316953.jpg - (170.59KB , 600x750 , aloneforevver.jpg )
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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: 19/m/usa
Stranger: asl
You: 6ss/t/alt
You: wwhat is usa
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hey
You: glub
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 55685
Uh, Zingled is still up. No one uses it, but it's up.
>> No. 62789
Question to discuss:
Are you in t)-(e dream bubbles? 38)

Stranger 2: YES
Stranger 2: YES
Stranger 2: I AM
Stranger 2: Do you think the void
Stranger 1: what ?
Stranger 2: Is the dream bubbles?
Stranger 2: It's homestuck
Stranger 1 has disconnected
>> No. 62806
What did Omegle ever do to you guys? I don't know what it's for; but this isn't the first time I've seen a thread like this; sometimes in /vp/ you pretend to be a trainer, or homestuck or whatever.

File 133052599919.png - (14.82KB , 407x534 , god_tier_gamzee_by_lunalaughgood-d3eagp3.png )
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That moment when you hear a song that fits a character perfectly and nobody's used it for them before...

Thunderbolt Bjork From The Album Biophiliayoutube thumb

(The end even has honking.)
>> No. 62539
This would have been a lovely addition to the youtube thread less than half a page down from here.
>> No. 62547
Or the song association thread on page 3.


File 132963327686.gif - (9.80KB , 650x650 , 04579.gif )
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figured it was time for a new thread

what ???
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>> No. 62453
Suffling out a new thread, brb.
>> No. 62456
Shuffling* every day

Dammit, I'm almost as bad as Roxy now.
>> No. 62482
Maybe Dirk will turn it on...

File 132975226495.jpg - (179.40KB , 735x800 , jeff.jpg )
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Can it be done?

I know there's a Gamma World mod out there but I'd love to see something more devoted to the initial core idea of the comic: a bunch of friends dicking around in paradox space.

Unfortunately the only tabletop games I can think of that would support Homestuck's bizarre shenanigans would be either Gamma World or Mage: the Awakening.
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>> No. 61953
I remember wishing someone made a Sburb fan game, as in just the actual sburb game itself. Building shit, Alchemizing shit, fighting shit. Seemed like it would be fun.
>> No. 61959
cloud mirages actually work pretty well in nobilis - you can run them as imperial miracles, which gives the GM leeway in defining what was seen but gives the players leeway in figuring out what it means. as far as the other stuff... exiles can be secondary characters that the group switches to every now and then when they want a breather from plot stuff. and prospit/derse are a great way to get in social/intrigue type quests (as opposed to the more "slay imps" stuff in the Lands).

Even if you don't use "proper" 60-BIT sylladex codes, approximating alchemy in real software is really, really tough.
>> No. 62044
I tired to read nobilis once. It was a headache. I couldn't understand anything that was written, and the pictures were no help either. I couldn't understand anything at all; I just remember flowers and something about a tree, a city of nothing and everything, and some stupid guy who wasn't but was evil and held it back behind a smile. Oh, and that an angel killed the dinosaurs because it pooped to close to him.

File 130396789848.png - (16.43KB , 427x488 , image 369.png )
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Just posting up my archive of audio and images that have been extracted from the Homestuck flashes.



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>> No. 38713
File 130542618510.png - (17.11KB , 818x647 , image 328.png )
Added 005660 - [S] Flip. to the Mediafire page.
>> No. 43966
Along with tagging music in the extracts, I uploaded all the flash files themselves to mediafire and made a torrent.

Also put up my Medium mega mix I made, its just all the songs in the Medium album blended together into one song. because WHY NOT
>> No. 61912
this is pretty handy, not to mention still being updated with all the new flashes. you guys should check this out.

File 132803530420.gif - (63.31KB , 650x450 , 04519_2.gif )
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Last thread:

New thread since old's auto-saging. Xtreeeeemly relevant blog post:
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>> No. 61816
Oh my fuck, that's a nice touch.
>> No. 61817
it reminds me a lot of hal 9000

ahahahahahaha it's a real link

File 132633538339.gif - (302.29KB , 650x900 , 02844.gif )
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We have threads for present homestucking, threads for speculation for future homestucking, how about one for homestucking that's already happened and we (or just i) don't understand?

Here's something I still don't get: This page. We know now that this is Beat Mesa and contains energies that when breached somehow reset the game.

But why was all this stuff engulfing Jack? It didn't seem to harm him, but so much emphasis was put on it that it had do have done SOMETHING. This is explicitly drawn, there must be SOME point to it. Nothing in Homestuck is shown just for the hell of it.
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>> No. 61588
I know which bunny you're talking about. Should be possible to fix that with some alchemy, though. Maybe ||ing or &&ing it with the intact bunny is enough already. The book is the bigger problem, but both the text and the person with the right handwriting will be available in their session, so that should be possible as well.
>> No. 61589
Seems like an awful lot of effort to close some time loops from people who probably aren't aware said time loops occured. Of course, the story certainly provides enough plot devices to make that work, but you kinda have to work around things instead of it happening seemingly by accident, like it usually does.
>> No. 61590
Yeah it's mainly the book thing, as I said. While Jane trying to fix that old bunny does make sense, I can't think of a way Nannasprite would duplicate the thing without knowing what she's doing.
But it's the alternative to the kids' and trolls' sessions to be operating under different rules for no reason, and I like that less than I like this.

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