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File 133137075010.gif - (21.75KB , 650x450 , beam me up scottie.gif )
62956 No. 62956
Last thread: >>62454

Any thoughts on how Slick being alive in Hussie's world will effect the story at large? I'd love to see a three-Jack meetup at some point.
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>> No. 62958
I'm glad he's alive, I still hope he's the one to kill English.
>> No. 62960
I love them scotty dogs :3
>> No. 62961
Didn't Hussie say that he's not going to directly affect the story beyond that yellow yard junk?
>> No. 62962
So....Andrew Hussie is dressed as Fanart UU?
>> No. 62963
Yeah, but Hussie's a lying monster with no human soul
>> No. 62964
Pretty sure he's only permitted to live because one way or another he's out of the story. Kind of like Ms. Paint!
>> No. 62965
Yeah. He's "alive" here but only because he's permadead in the actual story.
>> No. 62967
It could be somehow related to the Alpha Jack Noir sleeping right now.
As in, this is the dream he has when he sleeps. Being babyfed by a strange man in a troll costume.
I might have meant to say nightmare.
>> No. 62968
So Alpha Jack Noir's dreamself is.... Alpha Jack Noir?!?!
>> No. 62969
No, no. Alpha Jack Noir is the Jack Noir that was clocked by the White Queen in Jane's session. The Jack Noir that's being taken care of seems to be the Jack Noir that blew up Snowman's troll universe heart thing.
So Alpha Jack Noir would be dreaming about Spades Slick, I guess? And Bec Noir is flying through sessions.
Basically, we've seen three iterations of Jack Noir and I don't think a single one of them have died yet.
>> No. 62970

Is it safe to assume Hussie likes Jack too much to ever kill him off?
>> No. 62971
He was originally going to be the next main character.

Of course Hussie fuckin' loves him.
>> No. 62972
I dunno... Hussie really loves killing characters off.

Hussie's love is being torn two ways!! Oh noes! Which will prevail!
>> No. 62973
The troll session was also an alpha session.

Explain that, atheists.
>> No. 62974
Eh, he has spare ones.
>> No. 62975
Aw Shit
>> No. 62976
I guess we can add Hussiebot and Ms. Paint to the dead character pile.
>> No. 62977
Is Hussie really making those self inserts part of the plot?
>> No. 62978
File 133143340897.gif - (196.66KB , 650x900 , 04680.gif )
>> No. 62979
Oh don't you motherfucking DARE.
>> No. 62980

He already did.
>> No. 62981
If Ms. Paint dies, I'm out for good.
>> No. 62982
I'm interpreting metaworld shenanigans as metaworld shenanigans. i.e. this is all just goofing around until we see it mess with the room John and Jade are in.
>> No. 62983
>> No. 62984
Oh shit, LE actually can mess with John and Jade while they are crossing between windows. What's happening right now with Ms Paint and Andrew is completely inconsequential because they are essentially non-characters, but if he is in the same realm as the windows then...
>> No. 62985
>> No. 62986
don't you touch her you son of a bitch she is purer than anything you'll ever know-

Oh shit. This is what white knights feels like. ):
>> No. 62987
NO NO NO NONONONONOnononononononononohgod
>> No. 62988
Hey guys, maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe, he'll just take them prisoner and hijack the comic like Scratch would have. I kind of want to hear what this guy has to say already. He's only spoken like once.
>> No. 62989
I can't get over how silly his stance is. It's like he's straddling an invisible horse.
>> No. 62990
Oh LE, how i love your design, even if it looks kinda silly right now.
Hussie said their traveling is only like, 3 milliseconds in his time. That seems to imply that, from the time Hussie put the coat over the fourth walls to now, they probably passed through. It seems unlikely that LE will be able to do much to them, or that he'd even care to right now.
>> No. 62991
He's a huge guy staring down a tiny woman. His wide stance is to accommodate the fact that he's leaning forward.
>> No. 62992
Ms.paint becomes English's new harbringer of doom.
>> No. 62995
guys, guys relax

she's the title character
>> No. 62996
She is. And LE is taking over Homestuck. Ms. Paint is doomed.
>> No. 62998

LEadventures.com somehow seems not as good a name. They better not cave to these British influences and change the name just because some large angry green man told them to.
>> No. 62999
Sounds more French to me personally.
>> No. 63000
Hussie confirmed for selling out to the Reddit audience.
>> No. 63001
>It seems unlikely that LE will be able to do much to them

Well, he DOES have the ability to make time itself his bitch, so there's that.
>> No. 63002

That's all I have to say on the matter, really.
>> No. 63003
Ms Paint cancels Feed Injured Carapace: Interrupted by Time Demon Pimp
>> No. 63004
Brace yourselves guys, this comic is about to get-
>> No. 63005
Woah woah woah, back the fuck up.
LE vs Hussie would be one hell of an epic show down.
>> No. 63006
John and Rose vs. Jack would have been, too, but it wasn't.
Probably other instances, too.
Given an opportunity, Hussie will always choose "joke" over "epic showdown". And given that his in-comic avatar has, to this point, done nothing but make jokes . . .

(ok except that one time that it actually affected the story, but that was fucking hilarious anyway)
>> No. 63007
>good in making fight scenes

HAHAHAHAHA, good joke.
>> No. 63008
I don't think this is going to be epic. I don't think it's going to be a joke. I think it's going to be short and brutal and no fight at all.

I think Lord English is going to kill Hussie's avatar and we won't have a narrator any more. He's going to use brute force to change the very structure of the narrative.
>> No. 63018
the problem with this is that he's carrying the head of hussie's robot. if the obvious implication (he killed it) is true, then...
1) he can move at the same speed as hussie's robot, i.e. fast enough to affect the boat before it makes it to B2
2) he met hussie's robot, which means he might very well have already been in the room where all that nonsense is happening

so while nothing lord english does from now on is likely to affect john and jade's transit, there's a real worry that something has already happened.
>> No. 63019
MS paint memorial thread soon
>> No. 63021
That'd be, like, so meta.
>> No. 63022
Too meta to be practical. I doubt it.
>> No. 63023
Here we go again.
>> No. 63024
Yeah this is without a doubt the single most pointless stable time loop in Homestuck so far, and that's including the "friendship is not an emotion" one.

God I missed those memos.
>> No. 63025
I used to really like Karkat but I find it hard to read convos with him and unbearable to read memos when he talks to him self. Hope this goes somewhere else fast.
>> No. 63026
Oh come on Hussie, now you're just mocking us. You could have had Karkat vent his feelings regarding Rose and Dave without creating a ten minute time loop. >:/
>> No. 63027
As obnoxious as these memos are, I have to say: It's about time. Everyone knew Karkat's blood color and didn't really give a shit. It makes sense that he'd eventually stop typing in gray.
>> No. 63028
But that means he noow types in the same colour as Dave.

And really, why DOES he need to type in his blood colour?
>> No. 63031
Actually, it's a different shade of red from Dave.

karkat's red is pure #ff0000, while dave and autoresponder are #e00707.
>> No. 63038
File 133152640235.png - (191.03KB , 800x975 , 40812.png )
Pssht, I'm more worried for LE than MS.P


>>Prospit dames take shit from no one.
>> No. 63044
This is going to end in a whole lot of telling instead of showing, isn't it?

But then again what timeskip doesn't.
>> No. 63047
'Cept Hussie doesn't need the excuse of a timeskip to tell instead of show.
>> No. 63055
He needed some way to age the characters.
>> No. 63057
I may have phrased it in a confusing way.

I was saying even when not in a year/s long timeskip Hussie has often had the character mention in passing something notable having happened without actually showing it.
>> No. 63074
Can you really fault Hussie for not SDTing absolutely everything when there's so much stuff happening?

I mean let's take one really specific example. How about.... Die's voodoo doll. Hussie tells us "you're gonna jump to a timeline where he's dead." Okay. How much does that actually tell us, as opposed to what we're shown? We already saw Die use his power a bit earlier, and we already knew that he jumped from a place/time where Itchy was alive to a place/time where he was dead. So the only thing it's really telling us is that he wasn't arriving from the past or the future. That would have taken fucking forever to show. Like, you could dedicate a story arc the entire length of the intermission to showing just that and not much else. It would just be a huge waste of time HAR HAR HAR.

How about the stuff we were shown? Let's see. Inserting and removing pins triggers the time jumps. Each pin corresponds to a character. Timeline selection is predicated on the deaths of the characters whose pins are inserted. We learned this stuff by observing how Die used the doll before Slick killed him. It didn't actually get explained. Every time the rules were mentioned thereafter, it was in a way that assumed the reader already understood more or less how it worked.

A ton of other stuff has gone down exactly the same way. A lot more stuff has never been explained at all. What the fuck are fraymotifs? We've never been explicitly told, but we saw a couple in action. Is that enough showing? How much is enough, anyway? Does it have to be 100%? Is it just not permissible to have any telling at all?
>> No. 63077
>>What the fuck are fraymotifs?

Special moves in the game, what the hell aren't you grasping about them?
>> No. 63078
>yfw this is all in preparation for UU/uu and Karkat talking, so we don't have walls and walls of varying degrees of gray, like in the past.
>> No. 63079
Haaaa, Karkat, how I have missed your memos!
>> No. 63080
He knows that, you idiot. He says as much in the very post you're quoting. His point is that it's never actually said, but only shown.
>> No. 63081
Admittedly there's a big difference between never outright explaining something but still making it clear what happened and how it works, thanks to a general assumption of intelligence and knowledge of basic video game tropes on the part of the reader (such as in the case of fraymotifs) and "Ha ha, man remember when X happened that was crazy too bad it'll never be explicitly depicted onscreen".

That being said, I think that we can assume that the kids/trolls roadtrip through the hell dimension is shaping up to more or less lack offscreen character development and be more like the Homestuck sitcom in space we'll never see.
>> No. 63082
>The Switch
>Good Luck Chuck
>My Best Friend's Girl
>All movies about the protagonist losing the girl he loves to another guy
>> No. 63083
File 133153968711.jpg - (8.37KB , 300x155 , 300px-Imperial_eagle.jpg )
Huh, Karkat losing Terezi to Dave or something? Ugh not the kind of drama I enjoy.

Also Terran/Xenos relations are wrong and heretical.
>> No. 63084
I would've found it hilarious, personally.
>> No. 63085
>Huh, Karkat losing Terezi to Dave or something? Ugh not the kind of drama I enjoy.
Less that and more him worrying that he'll lose her.
>> No. 63086
Well, people have been theorizing from early Act 5 that Karkat and Terezi would wind up living out the typical flirtation-conflict-happy end (or something like that) plot arc that tends to feature in his favorite genre. So maybe this is all part of that narrative obstacle in the middle - which, as >>63085 notes, hasn't really been directly dealt with yet.
>> No. 63087
Also, I think those all end with the protagonist getting back together with her. Then again, sometimes the protagonist was actually the "other guy" in the first place?????? And it would be weird if Dave were in the Dane Cook position considering his blog posts.

So now I'm confused. And everything is as it should be.
>> No. 63088
Personally I can't wait to see what happens in the dream bubble they're about to pass through. It would be a little lame if it were the same trip we already saw Roxy take, but I'm probably saying that because I don't know what everyone else could have been talking about. Probably interesting things we'll never hear. ):

Oh, but wait, Roxy's dream trip was when everyone else who's alive (or at least Rose) were asleep. Maybe it will be a different bubble? Or maybe they'll be there in dreams as well as physically like the kind of weird time stuff that's supposed to happen in the Furthest Ring.
>> No. 63089
I guess it's worth noting that when people are overly anxious about their girlfriend breaking up with them and moving onto this one other guy, she often does. Not because anything you believed she may be thinking behind your back was initially true, but because having to deal with crippling insecurity, mistrust and undue jealousy is annoying as fuck to deal with on a constant basis.

If that's what's happening here, I love you Karkat, but this was totally your fault dude. Like 100% totally your fault and I'm not feeling for you at all here.
>> No. 63092
The first is "show don't tell", the second is a noodle incident. They're basically complete opposite.
>> No. 63094

Lifey Thing Confirmed for Heals++
Feferi's Lifey Thing is her blood color, not light blue like Jane's. Maybe specific powers aren't tied so strongly to the aspect colors?

What does this MEAN?
>> No. 63095
it means that some aesthetics of god tier powers are tied to a player's personal mythos. jane's color is blue, and feferi's is amaranth, so their powers are colored accordingly.

it's like aradia's ghost zero wings, or vriska's 7+1 pip wings.
>> No. 63096
A Fef back in the comic? Is this like an early birthday present?!? More of the best troll hussie plz.
>> No. 63097
Eridan looks like a duck.
>> No. 63098
Yay WV! I am so happy about it.
>> No. 63100
Took me a moment to realize this was a flashback. For a second there I thought everyone had just let him bleed on the ground for a year.

I am not smart.

Anyway, is anyone else looking forward to the possibility of WV having spoken (well, probably typed) dialogue? I'm really interested in seeing if he actually has conversations with the other characters.
>> No. 63101
File 133160537091.jpg - (43.81KB , 550x700 , psyduck.jpg )
i know right
>> No. 63102
>Anyway, is anyone else looking forward to the possibility of WV having spoken (well, probably typed) dialogue?
Yes, oh yes.
>> No. 63103
Eridan's nun-duck-foofy-pants-combo god tier is the best god tier
>> No. 63104
Wait, the dream bubbles can actually affect real world, and anything can appear in them, thanks to the doomed timelines? Doesn't that basically render all death and failure irrelevant, since Hussie can pull anything he wants out of there?
>> No. 63105
Even better than CANON?
>> No. 63107
Basically, they don't even need Dragonballs/Life players.
>> No. 63109
They can't leave the dream bubbles. They are prisoners in the dream bubbles except Sollux who's a half-ghost.
>> No. 63110
The Furthest Ring has certain traits that limit its effectiveness as an emergency response to death and failure:
1) Dreaming ghosts probably can't leave the bubbles.
2) It is almost impossible to find one's way to a particular destination.

So while these rest stops offer our heroes some insurance on their way to the B2 session, they're not a thing they'll be able to double back and exploit once they arrive.
>> No. 63113
Isn't that exactly what Karkat was talking about?
>> No. 63114

Exactly. Recall that Rose was able to select THE most fortuitous path for them not only to reach their destination but to complete all their objectives, including getting there safe with hopefully (haha Eridan) as many advantages as possible. Not a guarantee or free pass to anything by any means, mind you. They don't get infinite help and they only have one shot, but it is the Seer's job to thread the eye of the needle.

What I'm honestly interested in seeing right now is what a fully realized Prince of Hope and Witch of Life can do, and what that illuminates about the Prince and Witch classes, as well as the Hope and Life aspects. How does a Maid differ from a Witch? What exactly is in the domain of Life versus Doom? What does Hope even represent as an aspect? What are the limits on how loosely the Prince title interprets "one who destroys x, or caUses destrUction throUgh x,"?

I'm just a terrible metagamer and will now stop typing questions and instead begin patiently waiting to (hopefully (Eridan haha)) get the answers as we go.
>> No. 63115

This is one of the more messed up points in the story. Imagine an alternative timeline where the trolls played the game correctly, doing their sidequest, listening to the choice their Denizen tells them, not rushing the game, everyone getting godtier, making a healthy universe and leanring valuable lessons, only to find out that's not what the Elder Gods have planned in your fate.
>> No. 63117
Yeah, but we've seen people can survive when not in the 'right' universe, its not a total death sentance like when you time travel without looping is it?
...Unless they only survived long enough to cross over into the 'right' universe so they could play thier role?
This really is fucked up.
>> No. 63119
I could see why Karkat's bitching to himself. He should talk to Rose about it or something.
>> No. 63121
>making a healthy universe

I doubt Paradox Space allowed them to get that far, or the tadpole universe died at some point.
>> No. 63122
Great to see Feferi again, but wow that is the worst color combo ever.
>> No. 63124
So now that he's addressed the issue, will Hussie actually DO something about death being meaningless, or is he just typing all this because he thinks it'll make people shut up? Calling one's self out like this is pointless unless you intend to try to change.
>> No. 63125

Everything we've seen so far indicates that Karkat is WRONG about what makes a doomed timeline. It's nobody's whim and the Noble Circle have nothing to do with it.

A doomed timeline is one in which there's an irreconcilable causal paradox. Nothing more, nothing less.

A timeline in which the trolls all God Tier'd and trivially beat Jack down when he appeared would result in them never thinking to look for and troll the kids, which would result in Vriska never creating Jack, which would be a paradox. Doomed Timeline.

A timeline in which the trolls created a perfectly healthy universe would not produce Jack at all. Without Jack to destroy the human universe at the same circumstantially simultaneous point Snowman died in the troll universe, the Green Sun would never be born, but Lord English was Already Here. Various "if this happens the Sun won't be born" paradoxes have been the main cause of paradoxes to this point, because most of the actors involved didn't KNOW this had to be a stable time loop. In any case: Doomed Timeline.

It also works for smaller things. A timeline in which John dies due to Terezi's influence? He can't have a conversation Karkat had already had with him. Doomed Timeline. A timeline in which Jack kills Karkat and Terezi and then duels Vriska? Kar and Ter from after the Critical Moment can't message their past selves about trolling the humans. Doomed Timeline.

Now, if this is WRONG, and the horrorterrors or indeed ANYONE is making a "decision" on what timeline is doomed or not, then we've been deliberately misled on a massive scale by everything in the comic to this point. Which is possible!

It's also possible that Karkat's horrorterror phobia and existential angst are leading him to misunderstand the situation.

It's also possible that Dave (dick) and Aradia (busy) never actually EXPLAINED how it works to Karkat. :)
>> No. 63128

Also note that maybe they didn't explain this to him simply because he didn't ask and thus they don't know he's wondering about that.

And as a final note, this is how Vriska justified creating Jack (her worst crime by far) and she was right. Preventing jack from being created would have ended in failure at best (or worse, doomed them all), while introducing herself as Jack's cause made her better able to defeat him (as it is Paradox Space's nature to have the cause of a problem also be its solution).
>> No. 63131
>It's also possible that Dave (dick) and Aradia (busy) never actually EXPLAINED how it works to Karkat. :)

New headcanon: Dave constantly feeds Karkat BLATANT misinformation about how time travel works.

>TG: no dude, every time i time travel i go through some hell dimension bullshit
>TG: yeah its only there for a couple seconds but holy shit
>TG: big giant psychic lobstersquids with teeth
>TG: getting all touchy-feely with my brain
>TG: you get used to it though
>> No. 63134
What's stopping him from talking to Aradia about it? Did she start holding Jack back?
>> No. 63136
So CG/GC Isn't dead, Hooooray, it's just on fucking thin ice.
>> No. 63137
File 133169104894.gif - (61.57KB , 650x650 , 04688.gif )
Hell yes.



>> No. 63138
Aradia stayed in the Furthest Ring to fart around as a psychopomp forever (and , as you mentioned, to briefly stave off Jack). She's not on the meteor.
>> No. 63139
It's like 3 races(and one shining beacon) coming together through shitty kid drawings and towns made up of cans.

It's become one of my favorite panels in this comic.
>> No. 63140
So did Karkat just break up with himself? He isn't kismesis with his past/future selves anymore?

I honestly really hope so. Seeing Karkat actually get his shit straightened out and having him actually grow into a better person/troll would be really nice.
>> No. 63141
Has anyone else noticed that Karkat is not being terribly specific about his rival for Terezi's attention

He could be talking about WV, seriously

Like it actually sort of makes more sense that way
>> No. 63142
>> No. 63143
That'd be fucking hilarious. She does like black licorice AND WV is full of candy red blood.

It just

hahahahaha. oh my god.
>> No. 63147
File 133170910553.gif - (10.87KB , 650x450 , 04689.gif )
Amusing as that would be it seems he's talking about Dave, based on this panel.
>> No. 63148
Finally, we are about to get an answer to that crucial question : will the trolls keep their typing quirks in conversations where they do not actually type?
>> No. 63150

Did you even read the last intermission
>> No. 63152
This makes so much goddamn sense.
>> No. 63153
I liked this loop. It's interesting to skim a second time from the point of view of FCG now that you know what he just went through.
>> No. 63154
Why are Kanaya and Rose trying to walk into a table?
>> No. 63155
File 133173844892.png - (95.02KB , 1162x550 , Earthbound Andonuts Lab MSPA 006596 comparison.png )
As a HUEG fan of Earthbound, I was pretty happy about this little easter egg in the latest update.

That little device against the wall in the back is called the Instant Revitalizer, an invention of Dr. Andonuts, the father of Jeff from Earthbound. It was pretty sweet because it would instantly restore all of your party's HP and PP for free, better than a hotel.

I'm just happy Hussie is still throwing in little things like this.
>> No. 63156
Very good! Now, who caught that the bookshelf, some of the books, the piece of paper on the bottom-left and the lollipops on the top-right are from Chrono Trigger? Or that some of the plants are borrowed from Secret of Mana?

man, what the fuck was I doing with my childhood
>> No. 63157
Just to establish more nerd cred, I recognized both sets of things you named, but I just really really liked Earthbound a lot more than either of those games (though Chrono Trigger was still completely boss), so I completely ignored them. d:

Also, what's the chances we'll get to see John and Jade this intermission, do you think? I honestly want to see what shenanigans they're doing on all the planets they have. You just know it'll be something cool.
>> No. 63158
I'd say the probability for that is 1.
That's the point of these intermissions after all. To get us up to date with the original characters, in regular intervals, until the big meetup.
>> No. 63159

I'm pretty sure the gramaphone is from Final Fantasy VI.
>> No. 63160
At first glance I assumed that vita pod was the one from Chrono Trigger not Earthbound. The two look strikingly similar anyway.

Can anyone actually claim nerd cred for recognizing stuff from those two games? Especially considering the fan base you're dealing with here.
>> No. 63161
i love you guys

I bet John and Jade have been hard at work moving in, so to speak. Humanizing the place a little. John definitely seems like (source: absolutely nowhere) the type to need a familiar environment, especially since the fiasco with Dad. Or maybe they brought emissaries from all the lands and united them under a banner of colorful hats, vandalized bedsheets and sweet jam sessions. :v
>> No. 63162
Oh my God

This stuff

This stuff is priceless.

That is probably the most human (and delightful) face I've ever seen Rose make.
Holey carp this Instant Revitalizer business is delicious. I bet it makes the best coffee.
>> No. 63163
File 13317848454.gif - (111.22KB , 5000x5000 , 1331783077711.gif )
>> No. 63164
Which is better, Rose's :T face or Kanaya's resentful puppy face. The world will never know!
>> No. 63165
Hmm, a lot of practical considerations just occurred to me since they're all living on a meteor or a ship for 3 years.

How/who do they get to cut their hair? (Rose still obviously favors the short and practical)
If you go God Tier do you stop being a filthy mortal and you just never get dirty anymore? What about their clothes?
Where do they take baths?
How do they do laundry?
What about food?
Do God Tiers need to worry about food and water, for that matter? (John said he was getting hungry last intermission)
Or air? (Paradox Space seems filled with air anyway)
Or sleep? (I know they nap for dream bubble times, but do they need it like mere mortals do?)
They still seem fleshy enough to kill with swords, so do they still need sustenance?
Or do they simply starve to death, turns out that was neither heroic nor just, and revive?

As an aside, I would friggin love to play a game like SBURB then get three years to read the infinite fluff it provides in huge tomes on a meteor.
>> No. 63166
They've got devices don't they? Alchemizers and such.
Also you're thinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about this
>> No. 63167
>How/who do they get to cut their hair?
Haha oh god Gamzee should have the most insane 'fro by now.
>> No. 63168
Gamzee's still alive? Damm.

Andrew couldn't you put your killing fetish to good use at least once?
>> No. 63169
I laughed out loud at the expressions in that panel, they were wonderful. I'm not quite sure what everyone's problems are but clearly, there are problems.
>> No. 63170
File 133179172085.jpg - (95.07KB , 500x709 , Mysteries solved.jpg )
trufax totes cannon
>> No. 63172
hey guys hang on. there are some earthbound references here.

and now they are gona drink coffee,

>> No. 63173
oh god you're right
brace for recap
>> No. 63174
A recap through trippy music? Okay!
>> No. 63176
If there are Mr. Squiddles I will shit myself.
>> No. 63177
Dave and Rose chats still confirmed for best chats
>> No. 63179
Dave and Rose chats still confirmed for best chats
>> No. 63185
guys, the coffee has dead troll blood in it.
>> No. 63186

>> No. 63187
well i guess we know where gamzee put the heads, then
>> No. 63188
Nah, it's just film that forms on shitty coffee.
>> No. 63189
jade is bringing the new session a battlefield to fight on
>> No. 63190
It's like that thing what's it called? In-vitro fertilization?
>> No. 63191
No big surprise re: no prototypings, but the name "void session" kind of makes me wonder just how important Roxy's incipisphere-wide blackout is gonna be. I could imagine that it blocks Skaia's whole retroactive feedback loop, allowing them to do things without those things having already been taken into account.
>> No. 63194
>2400, 4 centuries

"Years in the future, but not many" my ass Hussie!

I consider that many!
>> No. 63195
You should have complained back in Act 2 then. No way he'll listen to you now, what with the suggestion box closed for like two years already.
>> No. 63196
So if they're that many years in the future, then how are they "direct relatives" to Rose and Dave? We can see Rose and Dave being placed years back (but not many) behind Jane and Jake. How long did they live for exactly?
>> No. 63197
The genetic connection is ecto.
The personal connection is Ancestor. They live in a kind of troll society, remember?
>> No. 63198
Of course, but Dirk and Roxy themselves has mentioned some direct/indirect interaction with their respective guardians. Roxy with her claim of Rose's passive aggressive movement of providing her child with an infinite supply of alcoholic drinks and Dirk with his mention of Dave placing a bust of Snoop Dogg as portrayed in his starring role of Soul Plane in front of his bedroom door. If all that really is the case, how were Rose and Dave alive for over 400 years?
>> No. 63199
perhaps they still have a parent of some sort around, but it's not rose or dave? Maybe they have a lusus (that can buy alcohol somehow, I don't know)
>> No. 63200
So the meteor dupilcation/two exits theory was correct after all. Roxy, Dirk, Jane, and Jake all being unrelated confirmed.
>> No. 63201
Myeah, seems that way. I'm really curious now how the troll ectobiology and LE's calling card are gonna fit into this.
>> No. 63203
If the pre-scratch sessions do the ecto-biology to make the ecto-babies for both sessions, what's with the ecto-grubs Karkat made?
>> No. 63204
Pre-scratch trolls.
>> No. 63205
You know what this means guys?

Liv-Tyler was used in Con Air twice. Post-scratch Rose gave the bunny to be used in Post-Scratch Con Air.
>> No. 63206
So English is confirmed to be present in the post-Scratch session.
>> No. 63207
Kinda obvious given that his island is shown to be mostly flooded by the time Dirk and Roxy are around doing their thing.
>> No. 63208
All things being expressly pre-determined makes it harder to give a shit about whats happening for the characters.
>> No. 63209
Yeah....that and someone had to raise them. Who were their guardians while growing up?
>> No. 63210
The kids are gonna show up, raise-em, then die?

Unlikely but who knows.
>> No. 63213
You mean because the post-Scratch players are not playing the session that spawned them?
Because that's the exact reverse of the situation we saw with the trolls. LE entered the universe with the ectobiology session, not the one with the players spawned in another session.
>> No. 63215
You mean it might not be Rose that's been purposefully neglectful guardian to Roxy? Because that'd be awful.
>> No. 63216
Nice catch. And I was all about to get my explain on, too.

Pretty much the Post-Scratch session being the one where ectobiology happens (rather than the Pre-Scratch session) is the "Lord English glitch" Doc Scratch was talking about. And he talked about it in exactly as vague a way as was needed to keep us guessing until now.

So yeah, even though I was totally behind the "Pre- and Post-Scratch sessions have their own ectobilogy" theory, I will have to eat crow today.
caw caw motherfuckers

So basically Beat Mesa provided the retroactive TimeSpace energy to bifurcate the defense portals, thereby creating an Alternate Reality that ISN'T a doomed timeline (necessarily).

Or if you think about it, when Lord English isn't involved, causing a Scratch is basically specifying your current universe/session as a "Doomed Timeline" and going back and changing one thing to make the new universe/session into the "Alpha Timeline", just like when Dave traveled back in time to save John and became Davesprite. Just on a much bigger scale.

Just as from the "Alpha Timeline's" point of view the Dave that became Davesprite "came from nowhere" (really came from the "Beta Timeline"), the players and ancestors that populate the Post-Scratch Universe/Session "came from nowhere" (actually came from the Pre-Scratch Universe).

So really what happened isn't truly anything completely new that we've never had the ideas for. It's just a lot bigger.
>> No. 63217
The weird thing being that the Condesce and all the shit about Jake imply pretty fucking hard that LE is involved somehow.
Which is weird.
>> No. 63218
Ok, so it was my thought originally that every session had an ectobiology excursion. This has since been proven wrong. Now, it seems that only Pre-Scratch sessions do that.

Here's the problem I'm seeing. The trolls had an ectobiology session AND were a Post-Scratch session. How can this be? If the original trolls made themselves and the Scratched trolls like the kids' session suggests, then who did the trolls we know create when Karkat made two sets of trolls? This would imply that the teens' will have an ectobiology moment.

Unless that whole business was in regards to Void Sessions, then I just don't know anymore.
>> No. 63219
The second set of trolls Karkat made were just the ancestors. The pre-Scratch trolls were presumably made by the same gate-diverting process we just saw, just in the opposite direction. That is, from post- to pre-Scratch, not the other way around. Hence the "this session was not the one in which they had been spawned".

It's quite possible that this reversal of direction is LE's calling card, because it forces the original universe to Scratch in order to avoid a paradox (the players and guardians coming from nowhere).

The only weird thing about this is that it implies that LE is not interested in the B universes (no calling card there), when we've clearly seen the Condesce and all hat Jake bullshit in those very universes.
>> No. 63220
>The only weird thing about this is that it implies that LE is not interested in the B universes (no calling card there), when we've clearly seen the Condesce and all hat Jake bullshit in those very universes.

It may seem that way, but if anything the Condesce doing everything she has til now implies very heavily that Lord English IS very interested in the B (Human) universes. It's just that the B universes don't have his calling card/gateway in, which is something that must have "always" been there. The Troll's universe did. That means that while the A (Troll) universes were "slated" for consumption by LE as Doc Scratch stated, the B were not, yet he's going after them anyway.


>He's more deadly.
>But the danger he poses is sanctioned by paradox space.
>It is a known quantity.
>But there are rules to his entry, and his grim procession through paradox space is rather orderly.
>The present equilibrium has accounted for him, and will continue to.

So, if the B universes were destined to be eaten by LE as Paradox Space sanctions, the Kids' session would have had the ectobiology in the Post-Scratch session which would then duplicated the kids to both the Pre- and Post-Scratch sessions as they went through their portals, just like what happened to the Trolls.

Lord English's actions in the B2 (Teens') universe are clearly outside the bounds of what is "sanctioned" by Paradox Space. Just like Jack Noir, he is looking for a way out of where he is stuck. He's going after universes which he shouldn't be allowed to eat, and he's breaking the rules to do it.

THIS is why Lord English is going to be a Big Problem. If he only ever ate the A universes things would be cool. Sucks for the Trolls, but that's life. Now, however, there's something big they have to deal with. I'll bet the Green Sun is something LE was only able to acquire by going after more universes than he's supposed to.
>> No. 63221
>Mom the same age as Dirk
So she was... 18 when she found Rose?
That explains a bit.
>> No. 63222
>It may seem that way, but if anything the Condesce doing everything she has til now implies very heavily that Lord English IS very interested in the B (Human) universes

That was my point. That the absence of the calling card contradicts everything the Condesce has been doing.

But you might be on to something with the rest, yeah. Interestingly, in the log you linked, Scratch goes out of his way to paint Jack as an irregularity and himself/LE as a natural force, but does NOT mention that he himself had quite some interest in in Jack's creation, not to mention that most if not all crucial steps of that creation can be linked right back to him.
So yeah, definitely seeing the possibility of LE trying to break the rules.
>> No. 63223
Are you sure they were 18...? Obviously they were young but I'd pinned them both at about 21, give or take a year. College age.

Mainly because Dad/Mom is a lot creepier if he first met her when she was a teenager, and presumably he wasn't. Just how old is Dad anyway?
>> No. 63224
>way to way to
>> No. 63225
Hussie mentioned that Bro was the same age as him and he's 31 or 32. So yeah the would have made Bro around 18 when he found Dave.

And we don't exactly know how old Dad was. What we know now because of this info dump is there's a possibility that he was adopted so he could've been somewhere between his 20's to 30's when he found John. Besides Mom was already of the age of consent when they first met so it wouldn't be that big of a deal if he was in his 30's back then.
>> No. 63226
LE might not be trying to break the rules. He might have actually been spawned in universe B2 before he started his "job" in paradox space.
>> No. 63227
Rose used VISION OMNIFOLD and dave used I duno something to raise kids centuries after they were dead.

Imagine roxy growing up constantly finding little notes everywhere from the mom she never met because she died a long long time ago.
>> No. 63228
Rose why are you winking

Stop that winking right now
>> No. 63229
i hope that winking means what i think it means about rose/kanaya

but who am i kidding it probably doesnt
>> No. 63230
i hope it means dave/rose
>> No. 63232
>ROSE: You're specifically wondering why I wasn't forthcoming with an answer to your question at the time, "hey who was that choice babe in the pajamas?"

I love Dave-Rose chatlogs. I'd forgotten how much I actually like Dave when he's actually capable of being bothered. It's pretty grounding that Rose is at least able to successfully poke fun at him.

And then there was the most wonderful wonks.
>> No. 63233
I like how it implies that at least at one point, Dave was interested in Rose.

Anyway I'm still confused on the whole alternate timeline mechanics. How could skaia send the babies to two different times?
>> No. 63234
Time travel magic, ain't got to explain shit.
>> No. 63235
you are most likely thinking of it like it sent them to 2 separate timelines at once

when really it sent them to one then the scratch then another.

the reason why the beta kids weren't effected was because they were outside the universe
>> No. 63236
> How could skaia send the babies to two different times?

See: >>63216

Sending the Beat Mesa to Skaia is a "request" along with the needed energy for Skaia to go back in time to when the baby player meteors were flying through portals and change where each portal went.

Doing so makes the new Universe/Session combo the new "Alpha Timeline", while the old "Beta Timeline" is "doomed".

The Beta Timeline doesn't stop being another spacetime continuity that happened, but a new one is created when Skaia changes the destination of the portals.

The "Beta Timeline" session ends and the "Beta timeline" universe just kinda ends/peters out/is no longer relevant (in our case it was blown up by Jack).

Basically changing what time period the babies are sent to is like when Dave came back in time and saved John from dying and became Davesprite.

The universe/timeline where the Kids were the players "never happened" from the viewpoint of the new Alpha session where the Teens are the players, just as from the perspective of the Kids' timeline, John "never" died due to following Terezi's advice because Dave(sprite) came back and created a new chain of events, and thus a new timeline, by changing something to keep a causal paradox (e.g. John not having conversations whit Trolls he "already" had) from happening.

Ok, maybe it's not so short as a TL;DR should be, but whatever.
>> No. 63237

Since the Scratch was so interwound in their session, anything else would have created a doomed timeline. John had to send off the "request" and temporal energy to Skaia so that it would change the destinations. This created an offshoot reality/universe, which probably doomed their reality the moment the 8 meteors hit the portals (probably at the same time). That's why they had to escape before that moment. Skaia then sends like half of the temporal energy to post-scratch Skaia which reciprocates this with 8 meteors of their own to create a loop. Our pre-scratch heroes were created in the post-scratch universe. This explains why Jane has an oily hat that belonged to John's dad.
>> No. 63238
this is a very good explanation, thank you
>> No. 63239
File 13319568525.png - (429.95KB , 500x2495 , 41326.png )
>> No. 63240
>DAVE: dude dont touch my cape
>DAVE: ...
>DAVE: huh
>DAVE: i cant believe i seriously just said dude dont touch my cape to somebody and was serious about it
>> No. 63241
urgh not this kind of drama huss, its never been your strongpoint
>> No. 63242
yeah but it's still funny t least. see >>63240

and the whole thing about the mayor and mayo.
>> No. 63243
I wish WV was my best friend :[
>> No. 63244
Dude, dunno what you're talking about, shit's hilarious. My bro is staring at me weird because I'm laughing too much.

Also, watching Karkat flip his shit is always great. And now it's ABOUT something he cares about instead of being pissed at Paradox Space in general and the incidental things there always are to get all RAGED over. I'm having fun.
>> No. 63245
>DAVE: you dont ask about mayo thats not what you do with mayo

Been a long time since I laughed at Homestuck like that.
>> No. 63246
>DAVE: the mayor rules hes like my best fucking friend

John has been replaced.

This makes me sad.
>> No. 63247
So it goes after not seeing him for a year and knowing he won't be there for another two.

I wonder who John's best friend is now.
>> No. 63248
>> No. 63249
John is a bad best friend.

Mayor is superior best friend.
>> No. 63250
Davesprite isn't even a real person, silly!
>> No. 63251
So who would win in an honest to god fist-to-fist fight between Karkat and Dave.
I'd like to think the former but all the signs point to Dave giving him a can of whoopass.
>> No. 63252
What, you mean without any powers? Well when its player vs player instead of player vs enemy things like stats and levels don't seem to matter so...its not clearcut
>> No. 63253
File 133198626464.gif - (92.54KB , 500x422 , davekkslapfight_by_mostlyhazel.gif )
I wonder if this would lead to a Eridan vs Sollux callback or will Kanay will club(pun intended) the crap out of them.
>> No. 63254
Why would Dave and Karkat fight, Karkat seems to be the only one that cares here.
>> No. 63255
If he slugged one at Dave, don't think Dave's not going to punch him back. Ironic coolness or not, he'd get annoyed/pissed and cold clock Karkat just like most angry teenaged guys with Time powers would.
>> No. 63256
File 133199035674.png - (167.15KB , 650x923 , now rip off his shirt.png )
There will be no slugging, just ineffectual slaps and groping
>> No. 63257
File 133199057326.png - (849.69KB , 415x1614 , 41371.png )
Calling it now though, Karkat is way offbase and barking up the wrong tree in confronting the 'obvious' rival.

If anything-
Its too obvious/
>> No. 63261
Whoa, I just realized there are THREE different Lil' Cals around. This can't end well.
>> No. 63262
>trolls and kids just chilling
>getting into silly arguments
>dickering over bitches
>bitches dickering over gentlemen
>general hootentannery

This is actually kind of fun. Why doesn't H. do this more often instead of pretending he's actually following some kind of plot?
>> No. 63263
Whatever do you mean? Hussie is a master storyteller who has had everything planned out since day one, and the early days of user-input were an illusion to make readers feel more invested. To question or complain about his flawless plot decisions makes one an entitled, projecting whiner.
>> No. 63264
How do you figure? I only count two. The first one went through the portal with Bro, returned to the Medium when Dave entered, was snatched by Jack who took him to the Troll's session, fell into a portal with an Aradiabot, was repaired by Kanaya, and is presumably in the possession of Gamzee. The second went through the portal with Dirk and now sits in his bedroom.
>> No. 63265
File 133201829126.gif - (112.99KB , 650x450 , 04535_2[1].gif )
Dave's "two cals" were one and the same. That is not possible for Dirk. Hence the uneven number.
>> No. 63266
So basically the Cal on Derse in the post-Scratch session really is a Juju?
Huh, I guess that makes sense.
>> No. 63267
Depends on what the fuck a juju is.
>> No. 63268
you realise the whole concept of mspa is improv right?

that he only had four characters, the mechanics of sburb and the intention for it to become very complex with a massive scope when he started?

and that he has never denied any of this whatsoever--more like he admitted it, over and over and over again, that he had no overarching plan aside from "i want this to be a creation myth because doing that in problem sleuth was fun for me" and that he does litter the story with innocuous things and pulls some of them back up if he finds a relevant place for them. those objects, like lil cal for example, were not initially planted with the intention that they would play a major role in the story in a way he had thought out before he put it in. even people like the guardians, who used to be props but are now full-fledged viewpoint characters. he said like a month ago that when he first introduced them he would have never thought he'd ever give them dialogue, nevermind a whole dedicated arc.

it's literally his mission statement. whether this method is actually a good thing or not is debatable, but either way, you are woefully misinformed. if he called you, personally, a whiner, that's probably because you really do sound like a whiner who is feeding off what other people are saying about homestuck but does not actually get what they are talking about. nor have you made any attempt to understand what the author says about his own work.
>> No. 63270
lmao at u
>> No. 63271
whoa calm down buddy
>> No. 63272
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Proof the English language needs a textual notation for sarcasm.
>> No. 63273
Well there's always ⸮ .
>> No. 63274
Italics can be used for the same sort of emphasis that sarcasm uses.
>> No. 63275
File 133203650473.gif - (162.85KB , 650x650 , goodlord.gif )
Oh. Oh, if only it were time for a new thread right about now. So that this exact shit could be the new header for another 300 posts.

Karkat, you are self-destructing here.
>> No. 63276
actually wait, fuck
that's gonna be considered NSFW, isn't it?
didn't think of that
>> No. 63277

Oh my fucking god, this is the greatest thing ever.
>> No. 63278
Rose is making the best faces.
>> No. 63279

Oh my God Rose...

Her expressions have been the best thing so far.

Rose has acted more hilariously "normal" during this intermission than ever before, and im 0k with it. Teenage girl stuck on a meteor with only these losers for three years? Why wouldn't she jump at the chance for some "entertainment"?

Did we honestly expect boring ordinary human romance novels to hold the interest of Rose's vast intellect? It's like the moment when one of the current Homestuck Scholars first discovered MSPA after a lifetime of ordinary web comics. *yoink* Later suckers!

Also, I think Dave is spot on, this seems like a messed up proposition even by Troll standards. The point of the romance novel was that it was a messed up situation, not something to strive for. Trolls frown strongly on infidelity, don't they? What ever happened to TROLL SERENDIPITY?
>> No. 63280
Isn't this the first time Dave's hate for Dane Cook actually shown up in the comic?
>> No. 63281

The hatred of Dane Cook by all sentient beings, much like Carlos Mencia, Rob Liefeld's art, and the abomination wearing the Simpsons' skin, is normally assumed.
>> No. 63282
Right as I was getting annoyed and bored of this whole romance bullshit, Hussie managed to make it absurdly hilarious and entertaining. Karkat and Dave conversations have replaced Rose and Dave conversations as my favorites, on another note. Also, Karkat is secretly brilliant in his own little fucked up way.

...wait if this is a fourangular clusterfuck... who is the fourth
>> No. 63283
>> No. 63284
Come on Dave, can't you commit? They better hurry before Terezi leaves them for Gamzee, though not if Kanaya does first, hohoho.
>> No. 63285
the funniest part about the cover is that both those dudes are fabio
>> No. 63287
I think Kanaya and Rose are going to be busty with that novel for awhile.
>> No. 63288
oh karkat

I was mega prepared to endure some painful second-hand embarrassment for the guy "getting his girl back," but then he went right around and gave me uncomfortable!Dave. The best kind of Dave. Karkat has the best troll logic.
>> No. 63289
File 133204646769.jpg - (33.72KB , 434x599 , sigmundfreud.jpg )
Well said.
>> No. 63290
It will be WV.
>> No. 63294
File 133205789986.png - (139.29KB , 640x400 , tumblr_m128bzfcBq1qidq6a.png )
>> No. 63296
File 133205811472.jpg - (79.95KB , 827x343 , tumblr_m129ciY9IX1qmw0pk.jpg )
>> No. 63301
In human terms this makes me think of something like the guy who's girlfrend is getting close to leaving him so he proposes they have an open relationship just to hang onto her.
>> No. 63303
AHAHAHAHAHA! There is going to be another memorable chart from Karkat in the next update, is there?
>> No. 63305
this is so awesome

also karkat's definitely gonna go black for dave
>> No. 63306
Oh my this turned out even better than I expected!
>> No. 63307
File 133210727669.jpg - (36.81KB , 575x416 , yorkhuh.jpg )
Memorable is one way to put it.
>> No. 63308
Well, looks like I got the answer to at least one of my questions.

>DAVE: theyre magic fucking pajamas they stay like perma clean or something
>DAVE: theyre enchanted and comfy as fuck give me the pen

Also, the spooky thing about penis ouija must be playing it with Dave rather than anything else. Guy must be pretty strong if he can force Karkat to keep hold of the pen with one hand. Hmm.

Wonder how much of that strength is God Tier enhancement, how much is from "leveling" in the game, and how much was his natural strength from before playing SBURB? Eh, probably doesn't matter much, I bet he just gets a lot stronger when trolling Trolls.
>> No. 63309
This is going to be the book, or one of the books UU ends up reading. You know it is. She's going to be reading the lore of the illustrious page of purple squiggly dicks.
>> No. 63310
rose's delighted expression and book-swiping is just wonderful.
>> No. 63312
Ahahahahah! Unwilling hate make outs incoming unless Kanaya...
>> No. 63315
Wow, I just forgot how much of an ass Dave was.
Makes me want to punch him.
>> No. 63316
not his fault kartat's a raging faggot

>> No. 63317

Guys, they are both asses. That's why Terezi thought they were similar.
>> No. 63318
Pretty sure Karkat is just being a tool.
>> No. 63319
Terezi's type is rampaging asshole. Explains so much.
>> No. 63321
Oh man.
This thing.
This thing has been the best thing.
>> No. 63323
I laughed so hard all the way through this update.

Ahhhh, good stuff.
>> No. 63324
what if
it's a dream bubble
>> No. 63325
today was a good day
>> No. 63326
dave just suplexed karkat onto the table.

i'm falling in love with the comic all over agian
>> No. 63327
File 133213726763.gif - (47.97KB , 650x450 , 04723.gif )
>> No. 63328
Andrew could have ended Homestuck right here, everything after this point is just gravy.
>> No. 63329
File 133213788594.gif - (103.49KB , 650x650 , 04724.gif )
>> No. 63330
File 133213790873.gif - (152.35KB , 650x650 , dave1.gif )
>> No. 63331
File 133213792310.gif - (122.62KB , 650x650 , dave2.gif )
>> No. 63332
File 133213793889.gif - (56.34KB , 650x650 , dave3.gif )
>> No. 63333
This update has given me a dream that I know will never happen, no mater how much I hope for it.

After a long drag out fight with someone I want to see Roxy standing over her fallen enemy staring down at her with murderous intent. Then she stares straight ahead as if looking towards a crowed.

And then Magic.

People's elbowyoutube thumb
>> No. 63335
I don't care for those who complain about "too much romance" and "not this Karkat shit again" or whatever. I couldn't stop laughing through today's updates.
>> No. 63341
I can't help but notice that people only complain about the lack of plot when it isn't goddamn hilarious. This is probably really obvious to everyone else.

Also, Dave is a master troll, his blood color would be ultraviolet.
>> No. 63343
Seeing as its been a fairly short period of time since those comments have been made, its possible people simply don't want to repeat themselves or mention it when they have nothing else to add, which can come off obnoxious
>> No. 63347
Yeah, Karkat is an ass too, but Dave is worse.

Fat chance. He needs to kill those universes to remake them, just to kill them again.

Indeed, not a big surprise to be honest.
>> No. 63348
i wouldn't really say that dave is being an asshole here, or at least he wasn't until karkat pissed him off. he tried to just leave like 20 times and karkat wouldn't let him.

if that had happened to me i would have made karkat draw penises all over the page too.
>> No. 63352
Drawing penieses all over someone elses book is a sin for which there is no absolution!
If Dave were to be struck down at this moment he would not be ressurected.
>> No. 63357
Dave is hardly being an asshole, he's just giving Karkat his just deserts.
The guy was basically suggesting they double team Terezi, and wouldn't shut the fuck up about something that was obviously making Dave uncomfortable.
So Dave made him draw penises and WRASSLED him.
The interaction between the two is gold anyway, and I wouldn't mind if the next goddamn month is intermission time.
>> No. 63361
>>they double team Terezi

Hmm...Spit-roast or Sandwich?
>> No. 63362
yo karkat was trying to draw a shipping chart on that book first

and you say penises are a sin?
>> No. 63363

Honestly, I find Karkat is the one acting insufferable, not Dave. He wanted to make a schedule dividing up Terezi's time... without consulting her. He wants to date Terezi and the first thing he does is not go to Terezi and tell her how he feels, but instead goes to Dave to try and hatch a plan where they could "share" Terezi. Karkat comes off as someone who doesn't even treat Terezi as a person, more like some prize to be won at this point. He's acting like the type of guy I absolutely hate, and I kinda want Dave to punch some sense into him. I'm glad Dave basically told him how goddamn messed up his plan was, drew penises all over his chart, and then suplexed him.
>> No. 63364
>thats the spooky thing about penis ouija you can never be sure who did the dicks
I knew reading Homestuck would sooner or later lead into finding the greatest written dialog line in existence.
>> No. 63365

Yeah, I don't really see why people say Dave is being a dick here. Not only is Karkat's plan is completely disrespectful toward Terezi, it's also a betrayal of what he supposedly believes about romance!

Remember Troll Serendipity? That never stopped being a thing. It never stopped being a thing that underpins their cultural understanding of romance, so no way in hell is it not a major part of their romantic movies. Karkat is suggesting they intentionally create a situation that seems to be present in trollmantic media as the conflict to be OVERCOME, not a GOAL. In the discussion of troll romance, PREVENTING this was even called out as a major part of WHY trolls need auspicites and moirails!
>> No. 63366
for real, karkat's acting like a piece of shit here

i was happy dave seemed to agree that divvying up terezi's romantic time without even talking to her is fucked up
>> No. 63367
Do we even know how Terezi feels about Karkat now.
>> No. 63371

I feel like even Karkat knows it's fucked up, and this is more born out of desperation on his part. The reason he's talking to Dave first instead of Terezi is that he knows full well that she'd just be like "...WH4T." at him.
>> No. 63372
Would you play Ghostbusters II the MMORPG?
>> No. 63373
that's a good point, karkat's plan is retarded for many reasons
>> No. 63374
Yes, I would.
>> No. 63375
I'm just glad Hussie is using troll romance for something entertaining.
>> No. 63379
Whoa what an abrupt transition. Come on, the meteor junk was starting to be interesting.
>> No. 63381
That was a pretty weird place for us to jump to John and Jade. I suspect we'll see the meteor again before this intermission is over. Or maybe Jade and/or John will fall asleep and be in the dream bubble the meteor passes through.
>> No. 63384
File 133223119420.gif - (16.01KB , 670x770 , tumblr_m141brgJuM1r2encp.gif )
>> No. 63390
File 133223456944.gif - (160.86KB , 650x450 , 04729.gif )
>> No. 63391
Oh Jade
>> No. 63392
>>JADE: but there are other differences...

Haha yeah like the size of thier ju-NO! DAMMIT! For once I will not do this!
>> No. 63394
I came here specifically to make this same joke. Damnit.
>> No. 63395
Crows don't have junk. They have cloacas.
>> No. 63397
>> No. 63399
File 133224939870.png - (18.35KB , 600x600 , fucking furry-siblings.png )
>> No. 63400
And it's heterochromatic too!
>> No. 63401
File 133225061788.jpg - (105.18KB , 580x559 , HORROR3.jpg )

>> No. 63402
Exactly. Davesprite has a junk size of 0. Therefore, Davesprite and Dave's junk are at different sizes.
>> No. 63406
Oh no... I lost all the good feeling that I got from the previous pages. I really hope we'll get back to the meteor soon..
>> No. 63407
I'd love to play, if not an MMO, then a Ghostbuster strategy/business sim game.

Your player character is a guy who's going to run a new Ghostbuster branch in a different area (pretty sure this has been used as a basis in rpg-rulesets with the Ghostbusters brand becoming a national franchise) and you can't really do it all on your own, so you have to hire a staff, people to fill out your buster team, secretery or two to man the phones, maybe a lawyer incase you run into trouble with your un/intentional collateral damage...and so on. (Characters in general could have certain skills like SCIENCE! that can help you modify/create new equipment, Mechanic to repair and modify your vehichles in-house, Medic to help patch up the bruises you might get from a stroppy poltergiest, etc)
So you've got your base setup, your team outfitted, your transport ready, the ghostcatching cases you go on would be where the tactical gameplay comes in. Though maybe if you didn't want to play through every standard job you could set a team leader and have them resolve it and depending on thier leadership, the team's skill/equipment and the difficulty of the infestation, they would have a varied degree of success or failure.
I don't know if there would be any kind of 'storyline' or winning goal to shoot for (Make a certain amount of money and fame?) or if it would just be an on-going sandbox.
>> No. 63408
>Homestuck makes a filler shit page about Ghostbusters

Haha, this fucking fandom.
>> No. 63409
No shit, Ghostbusters is awesome.
>> No. 63410
I just realized Luigi's Mansion is the best Ghostbusters game so far. Maybe Roxy can hook John up.
>> No. 63411
File 133226056973.png - (338.43KB , 600x600 , tumblr_m1678lkHS91rqt8ws.png )
>> No. 63413
I rather have some certain subsets of the fandom recognize John's other interest than them making the same tired Con Air/Nic Cage ref for the umpteenth time.
>> No. 63420
Alternatively: Davesprite still loves Rose :3c
>> No. 63421
Heh, I guess they didn't know they were related in that timeline, did they?
>> No. 63423
That would be so freaking sad. :'(
>> No. 63426
Oh man is that the general thread maxxed? Too bad it didn't happen a little earlier, we could have had Jade's MMO character as an OP pic
>> No. 63427
They spent 4 months playing that game. I imagined that both Dave and Rose learned shit about each other and the game itself.

I always wondered why Hussie didn't expand on that. More ommitted bullshit
>> No. 63431
for what it's worth I think we'll be getting a LOT of future dave's issues out in the open in this and subsequent intermissions. seems like with just three "main characters" on the capital ship, and with two of them having such severe unresolved issues, it'd be the logical place for the action (such as it is) to go.
>> No. 63432
>Interdimensional monster arrives
>"now you will see my true form"
>gets defeated by crossing the streams

This Ghostbusters reference is going to be symbolic of the end of Homestuck, I fucking know it.
>> No. 63438
>Gozer trashes city using a parody of Pillsbury Doughboy, mascot of a baking corporation
>LE trashes Earth using Betty Crocker, mascot of a baking corporation

What the fuck.
>> No. 63440

So, the unholy lovechild of Ghostbusters and XCOM?
>> No. 63441

Dude, no, that is WAY too plausible. This is just the right amount of BS and intentional parody that it might end up being a real thing.

I will be so pissed/dying laughing if that's what happens at the end.

OK! So what are the "Streams" and who's going to cross them? Will it beat just the Batter Witch or will it get Lord English too?
And don't say the Red/Blue Universes, that's already happened, and made Lord English a Thing instead of beating him.
>> No. 63473
HS just updated, thread is saging. Time for a new general?
>> No. 63474
And there are perfect images for it. Make haste gents and gentettes!
>> No. 63476
Not it. I'm browsing from my phone at work.
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