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79799 No.79799
The Averton High Battle of the Bands is coming up!

Can this new kid defeat last years champions?!

I have no idea what possessed me to make this thread

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Fuck yeah I can get behind this.

Aang = Guitar (Although he's a multi-instrumentalist).
Katara = Bass.
Zuko (Only a few days before the concert takes place) = Drums.
Toph (living up to the stereotype) = Keys.

Sokka doesn't actually play any instruments, instead he's in an electronica group with Suki. Of course, this isn't really Battle of the Bands stuff, so they don't compete.

Not sure about the bad guys, but Ozai has the ultra high pants of Simon Cowell.

File: 127708490391.png-(141.59KB, 796x609, ducks.png)
new kid gets slushied. no exceptions.

This made me laugh so hard.

> slushied
I think we're having a dialect breakdown, because that means something very different to me than what should happen in school...

File: 127708546976.gif-(4.21MB, 374x211, 2w71wjm.gif)

Ah, I see.

Well, good.


why? what did getting slushied mean in your high school...


It would be best not to say, it would give a terrible impression of me as a person.

what is this oh god i dont care as long as there is more

>Sokka doesn't actually play any instruments, instead he's in an electronica group with Suki.

And they perform in a giant fan with a big sword mounted on their deck?

Really, shouldn't Aang play some sort of woodwind?


Aang confirmed for Ian Anderson.

Clearly there must a Dangerous Ladies band.

Ty Lee as requisite tambourine girl, Azula on electric guitar and vocals? Mai on....keyboard, maybe? Bass? And Zuko plays drums for them until he leaves them for the Gaang's band.

Air guitar?


I've imagined Sokka being a DJ/producer for Aang as a rapper before.

Zuko formed a band called Blue Spirit. He sang and played guitar. Toph played drums. Mai was on bass. I think Jet was on second guitar.

And Ozai was formerly a fairly major rock star in a metal band called Firelord ...

Weird times.

>And Ozai was formerly a fairly major rock star in a metal band called Firelord ...

Those last three seem all kind of mixed up to me. Toph seems like she'd be a bassist, Mai a rhythm guitarist, and Jet a drummer.

> Jet a drummer.

I'm now seeing him with a drum stick in his mouth.

You're welcome.

White Lotus = Bunch of old has-beens who end up teaching the kids the true meaning of music.


As far as my reasoning went, Toph was a drummer because she loved the percussive element of the instrument. And someone who can feel vibrations in the ground might have a very good sense of rhythm. Also, drummers are classically the 'crazy' member of the group and it's pretty easy seeing Toph getting up to some crazy rock n' roll shenanigans.

As for Mai being a bassist, basically, she was mostly in the band because they couldn't find anyone else. Her real passion was cello.

And Jet just got smushed into there somewhere because we needed another guy to round it out.


This is why I see Mai as a bassist.

Look at him just chilling with his hand resting on the neck.

...I'd imagine one band to be atleast somewhat Tame Impala/Mid Rolling Stones-ish.
One'd play the sitar, another a piano, with one on harp or something.
It IS a culture-charged show with characters ranging from traditional to ...even more traditional.
So it'd make sense in my book.

I am so fucking expanding on the Glee/Avatar universe from >>79803 with characterizations:

Katara Berry is the adopted daughter of two gay men. Basically the student leader of New Directions, she believes she is the best for every musical selection. She's pretty unpopular and gets slushied on a near daily basis by the jocks and Cheerios. She's extremely driven and does whatever she can to reach her goals, although she only thought of herself. Eventually she learns to be a team player and instead of setting goals for herself, she sets goals for New Directions to accomplish. She was previously in a relationship with St. James and is now dating Aang.

Aang Hudson all-around jock and the most popular guy in school, he's forced to join glee club after Hakoda learns about his amazing singing and sets him up with a bag of weed. He's the son of a single mother and has devoted his entire childhood to making her proud. He was in a relationship with Fabray in which time she was found to be pregnant and did everything he could to help provide for his but really Sokka's kid. He goes apeshit when he learns it's really Puckerman's kid and leaves Fabray. He's used as Lopez's beard for a short time, but finally realizes his feelings for Katara and they're now in a steady relationship.

Note: I am so disregarding Rachel's canon relationship with Puck in the actual show because that creeps me out when Avatar is put into the Glee universe to have Sokka and Katara in a relationship.


Suki Fabray, previously a Cheerio, found comfort in New Directions after Sue Sylvester had Azula, Ty Lee and her infiltrate glee club to destroy it from the inside out after she was kicked off the sqaud for getting pregnant even if she was in the celibacy club. She had a previous relationship with Aang who was thought to be the father, but it's shown to really be Puckerman's kid. Her parents kicked her out of her house and moved in with Jones. Puckerman and Fabray gave up their daughter - Yue - for adoption and is adopted by Berry's mother.

Sokka Puckerman, the self-proclaimed stud of all the high school, joined glee club after Hummel scored the winning goal of the football game. He learns that Fabray is pregnant and pressures her to pick him over Hudson. Fabray calls him a "Lima loser," which he vehemently tries to disprove. Eventually, he does and falls into a secure relationship with Fabray. He was previously dating Lopez and Jones.


Azula Lopez became head Cheerio after Fabray became preggo. She uses her prior relationships with Puckerman and Hudson to hide her relationship with Ty Lee. Slowly, she's opening up to glee club after seeing how Coach Sylvester could be like and how New Directions treats Ty Lee and becomes immersed with New Directions. She starts to show public displays of affection (even if they're small) towards Ty Lee around the glee club members only.

Ty Lee is second in-command Cheerio after Azula. She is literally inept after confusing a ballad with a male duck and thinking a dolphin is a gay shark. Speculated to be is totally in a secret relationship with Azula. She has a hard time remembering her middle or last name. Although she had bad intentions in the beginning of joining glee club, she eventually became friends with everyone involved.

Note: Ty Lee accidentally let it slip that they had previous sexual relations with each other. Most likely on more than occasion.

Note 2: Inb4 someone gets mad about shipping Tyzula in everything.


Teo Hummel is arguably the biggest homosexual in the entirety of high school. His father, Leo, is a very successful car mechanic. He reveals to that he's really gay and he's too afraid to admit it in fear of disappointing his father. In order to try and appease his father after he was found dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies, he joined the football team as a kicker and won the high school's first game. Shortly after, he finally comes out to his father who's not completely comfortable with it, but assures Teo he still loves him and stuff.

Toph Jones becomes Suki's best friend during her pregnancy. She develops feelings for Hummel and when he says he has feelings for someone else who she misinterprets as Berry instead of Hudson and she busts his front windshield. After he comes out, they become total BFFLs and shit. She's a badass and a powerhouse and doesn't take any shit.


Mai Cohen-Chang was reprimanded for her gothic style because of "Twilight fever" and was forced to change her clothing or face the consequences. She was shown to have a stutter when she became nervous but it turned out it was fake.

Zuko Abrams was in a car accident when he was younger which caused him to lose his mother and all feeling in his body from his waist down. He was in New Directions from day one and had signed up with Mai. He formed a relationship with Mai which he promptly broke off when he found out she was lying about her stuttering but got back together shortly. He's always inspired to be a dancer. He tried walking with crutches with the help of Mai but fell flat on his face and temporarily lost his honor.


Jet St. James is the lead male in New Direction's rival glee club. He has a short-lived relationship with Katara and joins New Directions to help them win regionals. However, when everyone thinks he's a total douche, Katara dumps him and he returns to his original group.


Sue Sylvester - head coach of the Cheerios and Schuester's in-school rival. I didn't pick anyone from Avatar to be Sue because Sue is too awesome.

Hakoda Schuester - Spanish teacher and coach of New Directions.

Kya Pillsbury - love interest of Schuester.

Principal Iroh Figgins - self-explanatory.

Well, if we go with the idea of one band playing Stonsey rock, we've got the idea from in the begining of Sokka and Suki being a techno/house band. That's two massively different cultures right there, since electronic music owes its history to classical music (through Kraftwerk), and rock to the blues.

Oho, I wouldn't go so far as to call it stonesy rock.
But I see what you mean. Still, there should be some variety to the music as there is to the characters.

I meant Stonsey as in Rolling Stones, not stoner.

I see Aang's band being like Sigur Ros, or that post-rock sound. In fact that makes too much sense.
"It's freezing, how can you wear a t-shirt in this weather?"
"My mom's an iceberg."

Also, Jeong Jeong is some bitter old man who got screwed over by the record company.

...I don't think I've ever heard Sigur Ros but yeah! I like the idea.
...And someone should make comics based off these ideaes and shite! Make a storyline! Condense it all and give it a production blog and/or a Deviantart account! Get featured in several fanblog, reach a moderate amount of fame within the fandom.
Then get invited to cons and shite, going nowhere for a while until we get a mention on a tv show who's humour relies solely on pop culture references! Then we EXPLODE completely! We'll be on tele, have a comic con panel, even probably invited to the animation studio where the show's done!


...But just a step at a time. This isn't a Nike ad or anything.

> This isn't a Nike ad or anything.
You mean Adidas?

Also, this is Sigur Ros.

No, no. I meant Nike. (This ad specifically. How at first he seems to play in some B League reserve team. Spotted by Arsenal talent scouts. Subbed in and faced against Rooney and Ronaldo from Man Utd. Then goes on to play in the Champions League, along with moments for Inter and Barcelona's Rafael Marquez and Ronaldinho.
...That kind of shite. Escalation.)

...And, oh. Apparenly I have heard Sigur Ros before.

Wow, that's a pretty sweet advert.

Yeah. Nike have the best ads...

So, on a rock n roll world, does this mean that Lu-Ten OD'd?


Fell off stage due to rocking too hard, also he couldn't find his dad in the crowd. Transferred to another school.

  I support flute playing Aang.

No instrument rocks harder than the flute.

For once, Lu-Ten didn't party hard enough

  It should be like Cromartie High School, where they're always hanging around in class rooms and that, but there's never any lessons, and absolutely no sign of any teachers.

Also, from now on every comment must be accompanied by music.

Aang – Newly transferred to the school after his old one ended up being burned down. Was in the orchestra of the old school, but since this school doesn't have keeps his trusty flute and tries to make it work with the rest of the bands, but doesn't got over well. Ends up befriending Katara and Sokka on his first day.

Katara – I'm kind of tempted to make her a drummer, so, like the show, she can get her power from the Moon yes, I am ashamed of that. But all terrible puns aside, her character in the show makes me either think of either a bass player or rhythm guitar – There keeping everything flowing together.

Sokka – Anyone who has seen the Wayne's World SNL sketch with Tom Hanks as the roadie knows that we can't have that be Sokka. That's why I think the house/electronica/whatever band idea with Suki is a good bet, because it's music for people who can't play instruments.

File: 127733879616.jpg-(36.07KB, 500x500, 1408355469DeathFromAbove-1979_YouWomanIMachine.jpg)
Sokka and Zuko form a two man band called "That's rough, buddy".

I've actually thought this through before.

Sokka and Katara start out trying to form a band, but they only have the two of them so they start out as a White Stripes kind of thing (with Sokka on the drums and Katara on guitar) until they meet Aang, who's a boy genius that's just skipped a few grades. He's a musical prodigy and can play any instrument, but prefers the flute (this part just added in after reading this thread). He joins their band and they keep getting into crazy band battles every episode. Eventually Toph joins (on bass) and even later Zuko (on lead guitar; Katara switches to rhythm guitar) and then Suki (on keyboard).

There will never be another DFA album.

Feels bad man.

But that takes away the distinction of being a "bender". Aang being a multi-instrumentalist ties in with him being the master of all elements, but beyond that it's all fair game. I'm not saying that specific elements need to represent certain instruments, but being a bender should show proficiency with an instrument.

Do you see what I'm getting at? Maybe I worded it badly?

Maybe "Avatar" could take a different meaning in this universe? Maybe it means like, Great Musician to Inspire Generations and shite.
John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain are the Avatar and shit. And he's re encarnated.

....And since I forgot music for this post, I shall make up for it.


I can't help but imagine Aang's visions being like Wayne's World 2, with Jim Morrison and the Weird Naked Indian.

I wasn't disputing the role of 'Avatar', more what a bender should be, to create the distinction between those with and those without, for the lack of a better expression.

Well, I wasn't really arguing the meaning of it, just... yeah. Sayin'.

I'm just trying to present my reason for:
Bender = Can play an instrument
Non-Bender = Can not play an instrument

Eh. I was thinking something along the lines of TALENT.
Though I'm aware some people here don't believe in talent, (I do, but I accept the possibility of one working for one's skill) I think it's a fun possibility to play with.

Bender = Talent. Can play an instrument (based on what exactly he/she bends) and be good at it innately.
Non-Bender = Untalented. Doesn't stop them from trying, and some of them actually being decent.

That's my input. ...Or am I just making up bullshite to just add my own awesome music?
The world may never know.

I do see when you're getting at, but part of Sokka's character was not being able to do what everyone else can do. If he can pick up an instrument and pluck along, even badly, he's doing what they're doing.

Also, Azula needs to be part of a Shoegaze band, because I can just see her spending 18 months in a fucking studio trying to achieve perfection.

You are an awesome person and you should feel awesome!

Although given Zuko's obsessive pursuit of Aang, I could also see him pulling a Kevin. And he certainly has the haircut down.

Actually, now that I think about it, Mai does bear somewhat of a resemblance to Bilinda Butcher. And Aang would fit the 'omni-competent drummer' bill. And then years later go on to be the non-singing half of Katara Water Tribe and the Warm Intentions. :D


Are you in the /mu/ thread as well?

But yeah, I can see Zuko Shields as well.

I'm just trying to think of a way for Azula to go insane early in her musical career.

There's a /mu/ thread? Nah, I stay away from 4chan-proper unless I'm really, really bored. I'm neither young nor hip enough to frequent /mu/. I was an MBV fan back when we seriously thought there would be a follow-up to Loveless.


Yeah, /mu/ has Listen Along threads. They're listening to Soon at the moment. Just got finished on on a 2000+ post thread for Airplane Over the Sea. The other night they did Hemispheres, Thick as a Brick, In the Court of the Crimson King and Close to the Edge back to back.

Have some Loveless backwards.

File: 127752714868.png-(93.08KB, 1000x984, 1277526527393.png)
>my face when no metal

Besides drums, Toph would be a Metalbender.

Awesome! Thangs!

File: 127755987455.jpg-(54.62KB, 336x500, My+Bloody+Valentine+Bilinda.jpg)
I wholeheartedly support the idea of Bilinda - Mai.

Also, to the two of you who posted without music, shame on you.

I picked Sokka being a drummer because it's something you can pick up pretty quickly and be decent at if you have any sense of rhythm, but if you're really good at it, you can blow people's minds. I kind of picture him as only being able to keep a beat at first and only getting a little better until he meets Piandao (drummer of the Gramps with Amps band White Lotus) and after a few lessons with him, he starts getting really innovative.

I chose Suki for the keyboard because the keyboard is a versatile instrument and Suki shows an innovativeness in combat on the show that I thought would transfer well to the keyboard. If you really want a stricter no instruments for non-benders thing, she could work as a DJ and Sokka could be a rapper and we could go for a Linkin Park kind of sound (with a flute), but I really don't want Sokka and Suki not being part of the band just because on the show they can't bend. It makes no sense.

Those were both me; I keep forgetting my trip. Making up for my lack of music with delicious Sagan.

Keyboard Suki would be great.

Also, Sokka should be guitar if we're talking about how easy something is to pick up. But, make him not all that good, but still able to absolutely rock shit. Look up how many classic rock songs are made up of like 3 basic chords.

Anyway, who's to say there needs to be only one band? After all, the finale had them split off. Not saying that should be the basis of who's in a band, just saying.

Anyway, have some Gorillaz at Glasto.

File: 12776892074.png-(130.53KB, 480x640, 1277684686140.png)
Posting modern day Avatar in a vaguely related thread.

Is it just me, or does Azula look kind of Latin in this picture? I can't really explain why.


Yeah, I see what you mean.

It's really weird.

File: 127769569474.png-(511.74KB, 527x768, santanaFUCKINGlopez.png)


Eyes, lips, DAT SASS. That's why.


I honestly think I would like an Avatar high school AU more than the actual Avatar.

Just because it would be more cheesy and relationship-centric.

And I am a little girl.

File: 127770462882.png-(549.13KB, 900x600, ec37ddac1b0170716a8aa40b247ab488.png)
Yeah, I wish Hina would do more with her High School AU. It looks awesome but she only has a couple of pictures dedicated to it.


i like the high school AU better, too, because the whole music thing is extremely boring what with no one coming to a consensus. at least everyone could do something with a high school AU.

Looks like you've hit puberty, Charlie Brown.

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