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File 129503114031.jpg - (218.43KB , 1096x480 , 13617434_p0.jpg )
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Hoo boy, what a week, so much to see, so much too do.

Anyway, listen fella cause old Hal did his best but there were still 11 pokemon that just did not meet image criteria for this thread series so I apologize ahead of time as I'm gonna have to post non Gijinka image of them, I apologize for any undue dissapointment.

Anyway, here we go!
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>> No. 17995
Now see, if you'd waited a week, you could've done this in English.
>> No. 17996
>> No. 26205
I think I remember seeing the sinnoh version of this gijinka dex, do u know what happened to it? It was like a month ago, do you know where to find it?

File 13643732865.jpg - (38.42KB , 640x384 , 3DS level graphics.jpg )
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Apparently, it exists.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeo... : Traileryoutube thumb
>actual gameplay

Nintendo 3DS - Pokémon Myster…youtube thumb
Nintendo 3DS - Pokémon Myster…youtube thumb
>not actual gameplay
>that voice acting
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>> No. 26081
I guess I had forgotten about Chocobo's Dungeon-- I mean, I knew it existed, but once I found out it wasn't coming to the U.S., I never looked into it after that.
>> No. 26083
Why is the map so blurry?
>> No. 26111
>Oh I turned into a Pokemans, just like I always dreamed and has happened in every one of these games
>Pokemon all talking to each other and shit

Nah man.
I quit the demo a few floors in.

File 13647851783.png - (58.54KB , 171x188 , mx3F8EC.png )
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Got any humanized Pokemon out there?
ive seen nifty designs but some are just bland. None the less, toss 'em here.

(didnt see a tread like this so decided to start one)
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>> No. 26091
File 136494887881.jpg - (425.02KB , 1200x871 , kiyoi_egg.jpg )
>> No. 26092
File 13649489019.png - (440.64KB , 457x700 , l_hakase_honchkrow.png )
>> No. 26093
File 136494892395.jpg - (293.95KB , 1587x884 , micho_fashion.jpg )

File 129153504597.jpg - (47.81KB , 300x512 , PSA10CharizardBase1st.jpg )
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Where can I buy reasonably-priced booster boxes that are legitimate? All of the top hits on Google look shady as hell.

I figure you guys have got to have somewhere you get your cards. I'm trying to get back into collecting and I've got some spare change, so I'd like to start big.
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>> No. 26028

It's even worse when you realize you can put that on any basic pokemon, and not just ones that can evolve.
>> No. 26029
I know, right.
I'm trying to build up a nice force of stage 2s and they plop down an army of EX with Eviolite that I can't do anything about.
>> No. 26030

You could try to beat them at their own game.

File 135004223782.png - (124.85KB , 500x374 , tumblr_mbqgzjd5dr1qaobevo1_500.png )
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>> No. 25795
It's not -that- bad now that its accuracy is 100%. I used it to completely ruin my friend's Baton Pass setup once.
>> No. 25800
Double Team still refuses to ever do me any good.
>> No. 26027
I grinded my Flygon (with the lucky egg) from 45 to 55 in a reasonable amount of time before the 7th gym (for dragon claw), and I otherwise haven't had any problems. I wish I had challenge mode.

Of course, I probably broke the game when I traded myself a Leafeon and Glaceon infected with the Pokerus when I got to Virbank.


Minimize is pretty handy, if a bit harder to get.

File 130262455979.jpg - (15.69KB , 335x219 , 1302600953110.jpg )
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>> No. 25039
You better get your Pokémons awakened before June!
They're redoing it.
Obviously in preparation for b2w2.
>> No. 25888
File 135596350815.jpg - (394.09KB , 1280x800 , SC20120607-203052.jpg )
Guys someone please answer my question i just registered my game card and I tucked in my Zorua and when i went to dream world it only shows a box with question mark what is the problem is it about my samsung galaxy tablet? Or should i do it on pc?
>> No. 25890
1. Pokemon GL tech support.
2. Nintendo tech support.
3. Come back here if neither of those help.

Seriously people, GameFreak have a help department. Use it.

File 134378967481.jpg - (52.72KB , 609x473 , Farfetch'd evo.jpg )
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Fans have been clamoring for Farfetch'd to get an evolution for years. Should he get one?
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>> No. 25823
>terrible and unusable
Then you don't like it very much do you?
>> No. 25830
you can sweep the gen 3 E4 with nothing but a luvdisc if that luvdisc is the best goddamn luvdisc you've ever trained, you have no excuses, enjoy your farfetch'd
>> No. 25866
I imagine that he'd merge with his leek and become a flying/grass type. And his final evolution would be some horrible, vine covered monstrosity.

File 130686739891.jpg - (50.11KB , 338x600 , litwickcake.jpg )
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Break out the insulin shots.
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>> No. 25837
File 135246737190.png - (941.85KB , 1371x2000 , BaneBerry Sawbuck - i.png )
>> No. 25838
File 135246738733.png - (1.01MB , 1371x2000 , BaneBerry Sawbuck - ii.png )
>> No. 25839
File 135246739867.png - (203.89KB , 600x500 , BaneBerry Sawbuck - iii.png )

File 135138617587.jpg - (147.05KB , 620x610 , 1351349545295.jpg )
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I remember this guy had a huge website where he was draing all of the pokemon but I forget the site. He has a pretty distinct style, anyone know who I'm talking about? Can they drop a link please?
>> No. 25805
Can you give an example of his style?

Did he draw that lopunny?
>> No. 25806

His/her name is Pearl7

File 134694653250.gif - (350.62KB , 215x172 , rf Team Rocket laughs.gif )
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>> No. 25718
>>Why do you get so much money for winning?

I always thought Pokedollars were worth about the same as yen, it makes the prices and payoffs make more sense.
>> No. 25719
I saw a post on Tumblr suggesting that the bikes and stuff were so expensive to make up for the free healthcare.
>> No. 25801
This is most likely, to make the prices more familiar to the intended Japanese audience.

Unfortunately, it makes the prices all seem ridiculous to the international market.

File 135023485368.jpg - (153.37KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 2012-10-13 at 11_29 PM #4.jpg )
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Probably my favourite piece of pokemon dialogue is in Black 2 after you beat the Elite 4. The professor's dad shows up at your house and repeatedly shoots down your mom's attempt to flirt with him.

Pic related

Anyone else have any fave bits?
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>> No. 25734
that's hardly news
>> No. 25736
Goddammit. Hopefully it won't take too long for it to go up on the LP Index. I HATE YOU LOWTAX YOU BASTARD.
>> No. 25757
Well guys, I have some good news and some bad news again. The good news is that Lowtax isn't jewing it up anymore, which means the thread is readable by everyone! The bad news is that the thread is locked something like 1/5th of the way through the game.

File 131326096763.jpg - (87.02KB , 453x715 , ScreenHunter_52.jpg )
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Which pokemon crime organization would you join if you could?

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>> No. 25707
You've taken something that epitomizes the best of human imagination, this fantasy universe full of innocent idealism, where people get along with each other and nature is our friend, where the worst the bad guys get is being thwarted by ten-year-olds, a fantasy that preaches the very preservation and respect for the natural world that you claim to want, and you've turned it into the kind of minimum effort over-exaggerated parody a child or a hollywood writer would come up with in a pitiful attempt to shock and horrify innocent passers-by into listening to your self-aggrandizing, self-obsessed, hypocritical philosophy.

There is nothing even remotely redeemable about you, Peta, as an organization or even as individual human beings. You are absolutely disgusting and I'm sure you don't even realize it, because you're all too full up with your own propaganda. I hope the people who did this are thrown in prison for life. I hope this gets the attention of plenty of irate parents and ends in massive, crippling legal action against this so-called organization. It's honestly well past time Peta were put in the ground and buried forever.
>> No. 25710

This might be going a bit too far, especially since your main gripe is that they're targeting Pokemon and not the MILLION OTHER THINGS wrong with Peta.

Really what flabbergasts me more is that they're doing the whole "POKEMON IS COCKFIGHTING" thing when it's not like 80% of anyone who became a teenager but was born in the 90's didn't make that exact same joke/comparison.
>> No. 25711
Honestly, what gets to me specifically about this particular stunt is that PETA are attacking something that champions the very ideology they're supposedly built on way better than they do themselves, and doing it in the most utterly ridiculous, self-defeating fashion of hyperexaggerated gore and shock content.

And then they act like they have the moral high ground about it.

File 133021287452.png - (933.29KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-02-26-00h25m53s58.png )
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In a move no one was expecting, what Masuda just announced today on Pokémon Smash was not Pokémon Grey but Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
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>> No. 25694
It's like I almost want to pick it up, but I'm just bored to tears with the current formula and Black/ White was such a massive MASSIVE let down.
>> No. 25697
Not gonna lie, the things that annoyed me to hell in B/W are still there in B/W2. The absurdly long wait time/zoom thing whenever you enter a building, no auto run button, the bag is a disorganized mess, the bottom screen is essentially useless, etc., but the pacing is already much better. Pokes from every region available right for the get go really help.

It's a nice upgrade, but I'll probably sell it back once I'm done
>> No. 25698
Those...are pretty much the only things I really wanted them to fix.

Way to go not fixing any of them, GameFreak.

File 134333641937.jpg - (305.21KB , 696x2084 , champion teams.jpg )
25449 No. 25449 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Red's team doesn't quite compare with all the rest, does it?
28 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 25593
I like Silver precisely because he's an asshole. He might not have been too bright with his team, but to me he actually fitted the role of rival like Gary did. I don't want to be buddy buddy with my rival, fuck off with the lessons about what it means to be a trainer and shit, I just want someone that I'm willing to beat. I like Barry and the others, but I want somone who is a both a humongous faggot and strong enough to give me trouble. IMO that's what makes someone a good rival.
>> No. 25594
I respect Gary. He's an absolute jerk, but not in a malicious way. He is the master of not giving a fuck.

I actually -sympathize- with Silver. He's all attitude...but only because he's a young man with a terrible family who doesn't know how the hell to not be a jackass. And he's honestly pretty damn good, too.
>> No. 25634
File 13468149991.jpg - (216.46KB , 507x550 , 131003265350.jpg )
Gary has an Arcanine, of course he wins before the fight begins.

File 130894408631.jpg - (71.80KB , 516x1024 , Pokemon Movie 1 original.jpg )
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When are the original 3 movies coming out?
26 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 24600
I have 65 GB of music.
>> No. 24798
Anyone knows where to get the subs for the original mövees? Just the subtitle files, not the movies themselves.
>> No. 25617

Ash looks pretty badass in that third-to-last image. Too bad the big PIKACHUPROJECT2000PRESENTS text is in the way...

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