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File 130036912611.jpg - (14.45KB , 508x376 , 1233084921582.jpg )
19535 No. 19535
Old thread is autosaging:

I honestly don't have anything to say in the opening post.
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>> No. 19536
File 130036935999.jpg - (175.79KB , 1920x1080 , 1300361400638.jpg )
But for here...

>Team Rocket is back to normal?

...Well, maybe not. We still won't be seeing them in the next airing episode (which involves Bianca and Emolga), so we'll have to see whether or not they will go back to being Ash's punching bags.

James also befriends and captures a Yamask, giving him a Pokémon after 25 straight episodes of nothing.
>> No. 19539
Well from what I hear their next objective is Looking for Giovani who was Kidnapped by Team plasma So maybe they wont see ash until he meets up with Team Plasma
>> No. 19554
I haven't watched the anime in ages, but my understanding is that the current season has changed writing staff completely and is now actually good, being about the entire Rocket organization have decided to seriously ruin Unova's day.
>> No. 19565
Yeah, from what I've seen (not much because I can only view it via wherever on internet) the show really has taken Rocket to a new level.

Though I do take issue with how it feels like Ash and co were hit with chloroform, mind wiped, and tossed into a situation where they don't know anything. I mean wow, I knew how the show in the past had him act dumbfounded at new pokemon, but it's like he's never seen a pokemon now. It even seems like he's forgotten about everything that has happened in his past? Will we never see old characters make a reappearance or have callbacks?

And why does EVERYONE look so short? Otherwise, I like the new show. I stopped watching the minute the Advanced series began, not liking it much after a few episodes. I've started again with this series, albeit only seeing episodes 4-6.

And can someone direct me to a good place to watch all of the new series's episodes, because I'd really like to give it a shot.
>> No. 19569
People in Pokemon have always been oddly short: it's a side effect of them all being kids which is easy to forget. Old characters probably won't be making many reappearances seeing as it's Unova, until they get incredibly desperate for writing material.
>> No. 19570
>but my understanding is that the current season has changed writing staff completely and is now actually good

Diamond and Pearl was awesome

BW is alright, not as good as DP but still good.
>> No. 19579
>> No. 19581
File 13004696661.jpg - (22.15KB , 375x499 , tumblr_li5vhrDc641qdw986o1_400[1].jpg )
>So I got a Japanese Ditto off the global trade station in Pokemon to find it was holding mail.

...Oh God D:
>> No. 19584
Sorry I've never heard of nyaa.com...
>> No. 19585
File 130047701889.jpg - (104.78KB , 735x900 , yotsubaww.jpg )
>> No. 19589
Quick, deploy the boat train.
>> No. 19607
File 130052478455.jpg - (11.54KB , 191x205 , feelsbadman.jpg )
>You will never be this pathetic
LIVE - Shiny Ponyta after 2596…youtube thumb
>> No. 19608
File 130053732420.jpg - (50.51KB , 512x384 , 67256548.jpg )
>> No. 19611
File 130054689492.jpg - (2.69MB , 3072x2304 , DSC00710.jpg )
so it turn out i don't have any reaction images of people crying because nothing on the internet has ever made me want to cry before. so have a pretty picture i took in japan last year.

anyway, best use of mail ever.
>> No. 19613
File 130055510119.jpg - (96.61KB , 800x600 , well.jpg )
>> No. 19617
File 130056669472.png - (501.18KB , 900x666 , charmanderflood.png )
Man. That Tsunami really fucked things up, huh?
>> No. 19620
Yeah. It's more restrictive, but doing the mail like this increases the odds that it will be coherent in several languages.
Helping Hand's Japanese name just means Help.
>> No. 19624
File 130060183566.png - (661.79KB , 1280x720 , [BWS]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_010_Rival_Battle!.png )
So hey, everyone remember this guy?

Who the hell is he? I think I missed it.
>> No. 19625
I think he's the new Nurse Joy?
>> No. 19626
File 130060456968.png - (1.85KB , 137x117 , StealthTears.png )
>> No. 19627
Because there was totally a demand for multiple big sweaty dojo men apparently. And speaking Joy, why did they redesign Joy and Jenny? Just because and it's a new region?
>> No. 19628

DON GEORGES, EACH A MASTER OF A BATTLE CLUB, A place for trainers to meet, greet, battle, and train up for the local gym apparently.
>> No. 19669
File 13007488653.jpg - (43.80KB , 500x375 , 1300735331594.jpg )
>> No. 19672
Replace Oak with a fully body Ash, and this is golden.
>> No. 19678
Jiggly Batmanyoutube thumb

Oh lord.
>> No. 19679
DAMN IT ALL. I can't access any of my usual servers on Pokemon Online because they all started asking for passwords, and I don't even remember setting one up! What bullshit is this?!
>> No. 19712
Sounds like someone's stolen your identity.
>> No. 19716
File 130088644676.png - (23.08KB , 484x211 , deleteme.png )
So this happened.
>> No. 19726
File 130089745590.jpg - (47.71KB , 500x400 , heatran.jpg )
Got a Heatran plush~ It's a Japanese import; does that count towards donating to relief efforts? Of course I did donate a total of $85 already, so with this it's around $120.
>> No. 19808
how do I update my pokemon online so I can use the new pokemon?
>> No. 19810
Look at how smug that fucker is. He is straight up B) ing.
>> No. 19811
Download the new client.
>> No. 19849
File 130108440533.jpg - (390.99KB , 1006x627 , tcg.jpg )
Hey, this is actually cool.
I hope it does well.
>> No. 19860
Hey if can injoy this: Pokemon Play It v2 [4]youtube thumb
Then I can play that.
>> No. 20040
Like what Japan had, it's a game that, if you beat, will let you get one of the Eevee evolutions on the Global Link when it launches some indeterminate time this Spring.
>> No. 20045
File 130135877178.jpg - (184.40KB , 780x510 , Choose.jpg )
Protip: The orbs decide which one you win.
Collect only the orbs corresponding to the one you want!
Psychic and Dark orbs dont' show up until level 3, while Grass and Ice orbs are in level 4
>> No. 20091

The question lies in which to get..

>Vaporeon - Hydration
>Jolteon - Quick Feet
>Flareon - Guts
>Espeon - Magic Bounce (Grants an inherent one-time Magic Guard each turn)
>Umbreon - Inner Focus
>Leafeon - Leaf Guard
>Glaceon - Ice Body

I'm leaning Jolteon or Espeon. If I get a female, I'll be able to make Dream Eevee for the rest, too.
>> No. 20094
>Took DS Lite to class and played for the 10 minutes until the lecture started as usual
>Stuck in pocket and went home after class
>Wasn't in pocket when I went to unpack my wallet, cellphone, and other crap I take with me to college
>Went back to school, checked lecture hall
>Not there
>Checked lost and found
>Not there
>Checked car, around house, and public library (and THAT lost and found)
>Not there
>Appears to just be fucking gone
>> No. 20095
Will a pokemon that likes Bitter flavour still lose happiness if given herbal medicine?
>> No. 20096
>> No. 20101
I can feel that.
I lost my DSi at work.
And I work cleaning rental cars, so losing it in one of those means its gone forever.
There's a reason I only wear pockets with zippers.
>> No. 20111
I feel for you man.

...Though I did manage to find mine. It WAS in the lecture hall, but I had to wait until my night classes to get in there with nobody around and dig under the seats.
>> No. 20254
File 130186049951.jpg - (344.03KB , 1280x720 , 13018600840086.jpg )
Pokemon Smash got a new opening animation.
Interestingly, it has all the Pokemon currently owned by Ash, Dent and Iris and a Cottonee.
>> No. 20325
File 13021059401.jpg - (33.09KB , 529x397 , 2e214yv.jpg )
I wonder what that miserable bastard Yahtzee's reviewing toda-
>> No. 20328
Good job stealing a joke from something awful.
>> No. 20349
File 130216338932.png - (449.48KB , 598x341 , 098946784.png )
Out of nowhere I've just realized I sent my pokewalker through the wash and dryer. So much for being on a good streak.
>> No. 20351
Is it still functional? I've had stuff like that go through a full laundry cycle and come out fine in the past.
>> No. 20355
>> No. 20357
Related: because of that code, you can't trade a Cofagrigus over GTS without giving it a nickname first.
>> No. 20371
I'm still trying to figure that one out. In what language does any part of it's name become offensive?
>> No. 20374
>> No. 20375
...OH! Well, okay then. That's a bit of a stretch though. I mean, this can't be the only pokemon this applies to. It just seems unlikely that with 640+ pokemon, only 1 just so happens to contain three letters in a row that happen to be a derogatory term.
>> No. 20378
Well, there's Skuntank, Marshtomp, Emonga...
>> No. 20420
File 130238369148.png - (658.88KB , 760x700 , comparison.png )
So I made this because I hate one-sided discussions.
>> No. 20421
Ash is made of plot armor and deus ex machina. Few of his victories had anything to do with skill.
Not to mention that the anime completely ignores basic Pokemon mechanics and doesn't even bother to have any consistency on its own terms.
>> No. 20480
File 130240808643.jpg - (13.73KB , 265x195 , red___.jpg )

...When's the last time you watched the anime?
>> No. 20487
I'm telling you, eet's changed, mang!
>> No. 20491
File 13024225375.gif - (21.51KB , 3403x403 , bad animu.gif )
Ash is still ten after all of his adventures. Pikachu's power is still a function of the plot.

Fuck the anime. It was supposed to end after Kanto and the first movie and it shows. Johto was shit, most of Hoenn was shit. Not trying again, that ship has sailed.

Also the first movie and that other Mewtwo movie were the dumbest shit ever. SAILOR MOON made more sense than that.
>> No. 20494
Ash is actually 11 now.
>> No. 20495
Says who?
>> No. 20498
I don't see why people are so hung up on Ash's age anyways.
>> No. 20499
File 130245816031.jpg - (149.69KB , 1280x720 , ohcraps.jpg )
Diamoand and Pearl and Best Wishes are awesome, bro.
I assume that confirms Dent is catching it then.
>> No. 20500
File 130245921341.png - (603.92KB , 800x404 , prximobw032.png )
Or Ash??
>> No. 20501
Hope not, Jesus, he's getting a ton of Pokemon really fast. I hope Dent gets it since he's the Grass/Bug user.
>> No. 20502
I would love to watch it if ash for no reason just forgot the basics of being a Pokemon trainer.
>> No. 20503
They did promise he would catch Pokemon more enthusiastically than ever before.
>> No. 20505
This far and away will always be my favorite pokemon theme, the movie version of the Johto theme.

Pokémon 3 Soundtrack: 02 - Pokémon Johtoyoutube thumb
>> No. 20520
Wait, do you mean if he for no reason DID forget the basics, or of he DIDN'T forget the basics? Because...
>> No. 20568
There were so many bizarre crossovers when Pokemon aired on Kids WB.

Pokemon KidsWB Promo Compilationyoutube thumb
>> No. 20569
I like this and I don't know why.

pokemon park mad s 02 ep 02youtube thumb
>> No. 20583
Oh god, I never really realized how weird all of those promotional things were until just now.

I have to admit that that was actually kinda funny when you think about. The ending comments made it for me though.
>> No. 20666
File 130279030291.jpg - (21.43KB , 342x192 , 476.jpg )
OK, scratch that, Team Rocket is still competent.
>> No. 20667

What have they been doing? The only scene I ever saw was when they successfully infiltrated a building of some sort. But it was all in japanese so I couldn't follow it.
>> No. 20708
>you can run indoors in B/W
>it's apparently based on America
>the American kid has no manners and so he gets to run indoors
God bless you, stereotypes.
>> No. 20709
I distinctly remember being able to run indoors in other games.
>> No. 20710
I know you could run inside of Pokemon centers, but I'm pretty sure being able to run inside other buildings(save for [evil team] Headquarters) is new?

But maybe I am remembering wrong. I have slept very little in the past few days, so it's more likely than not.
>> No. 20711
The PC has been able to run anywhere (but in deep snow and sand) since Diamond and Pearl.
>> No. 20712
My bad then, I'm just an idiot. B)
>> No. 20717
So where does everyone read the BW Chapters of Pokemon Special, and has anything past chapter five been scanlated?
>> No. 20718
Well for one thing, they haven't blasted off in forever.

Ash and company almost get's there asses handed back to them every time they fight as opposed to Ash just curb stomping them.

James was shooting stuff with a Laser Beam.

Just generally not acting like to old team rocket.
>> No. 20756
You know, everyone gives Hypno and Drowzee a hard time, but I bet with proper training, they could use their dream-eater ability to effectively cure schizophrenia.
>> No. 20805
Remaking Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS would not be a stretch. 2012/2013 will be the 10th year anniversary. Ruby and Sapphire would go with the whole "3DS" theme in a way because the colors match old 3D glasses. Plus with how you have to transfer Pokemon from Gen 3 twice just to get them to gen 5 and how you'd probably have to transfer them three times with the coming of a sixth gen, it'd make sense that they'd remake them to allow easier transfer.

Also holy shit Ruby and Sapphire are almost 10 years old.
>> No. 20836
We got a trade thread? 'cause I need a rufflet or Braviary to complete my pokedox.
>> No. 20847
Sixth gen is probably at least two or three years off. We've got to see Pokemon Gray first. But yeah, given past patterns most likely Ruby / Sapphire would be remade between Gray and Gen 6.
>> No. 20864
File 130325867491.jpg - (134.51KB , 849x305 , VGC2011.jpg )
VGC fun starts in May!
I wish there'd be Canadian events.
>> No. 20877
There probably won't be Diamond and Pearl remakes for Gen 6.

That would just be getting silly.
>> No. 20878
Aw, and I was so looking forward to the Black and White Remakes for Gen 7.
>> No. 20881

>> No. 20886
Did you recently change the clock on your ds?
>> No. 20889
NO! When I did do that nothing changed!
>> No. 20914
Hmmm... Cause clock changes makes the game reduce the city/forest.

Were you in the vicinity of someone playing pokemon white?
>> No. 20915
Clock changes can do that? May I ask how and why this happens?
>> No. 20916
>> No. 20917
Well, the game populates your black city/white forest based on how many days real time it took you to get to there the first time. So if your game senses that your clock has gone say, backwards, shit's gunna decrease.
>> No. 20919
Wouldn't turning the clock backwards make it increase, since less playtime is better?
>> No. 20921
It's a standard thing in Pokemon. Back in Gen 4 if you reset your DS clock you'd be locked out of doing the Pal Park Transfer for 24 hours from the time you reset, to prevent "time travel" cheats. This is most likely the same thing.

I imagine the way it works is that every time you start the game, it compares the time you've started to the last time you turned off the system, and figures out the difference. Then it sees if enough time has passed that it needs to drop the population of Black City/White Forest.

Most likely they either use the absolute value for the difference (so whether it's forward or backward makes no difference) or they treat all negative values as being a constant value that drops a resident or two.
>> No. 20922
The game would also lock out daily events if you moved your clock forward (to catch a weekly Pokemon like Drifloon for example) so I think it just sees if you moved the clock.
>> No. 20923
I've never had a time travel problem because I'd just change the date to the day before the one I want and change the time to 23:59.
>> No. 20928
This is bullshit, apparently no matter what I do my white forest is going to be completely empty because I'm too busy to play everyday.
>> No. 20949
File 130356138191.png - (14.31KB , 400x384 , teethandhunger4.png )
I traded a Kangaskhan for a Japanese (I think) Gothita. Caught in 2009.
I think it's cool.
>> No. 20955
>N speaks very quickly, as indicated by the fact that his dialogue is printed faster than that of other characters

Hory shit, how did I not notice that? His dialogue speed is ridiculous
>> No. 20978
File 130375090567.png - (93.00KB , 400x384 , TEETHANDfunallowed.png )

April - 27- 2011 to May- 31- 2011
Toys 'R' Us Egg Giveaway
Receive one of three eggs over the wi-fi.
The pokemon hatched are as follows:
Iris' Axew
Cilan's Pansage
Ash's Pidove

For more information on said pokemon look here: http://www.serebii.net/events/2011.shtml

Now I wonder if there's a way to get all three eggs.
>> No. 20979
File 130375828518.png - (302.38KB , 704x400 , disgust2.png )

>Ash's Pidove
>> No. 21018
File 130378310465.jpg - (33.42KB , 500x500 , natu.jpg )
>there's probability to the eggs
>ash's pidove has the highest
>> No. 21020
File 130378379911.jpg - (46.40KB , 640x360 , togemad.jpg )

Yeeaaaaaaah, I'm not sure if I could sacrifice 30 miles for that.
>> No. 21038
Actually I don't know if there's probability or not, I just wanted to post that picture.
>> No. 21045
Got a naive axew with terrible iv spread. Derp.
>> No. 21046
So after buying Black 2-3 days after release, I just now beat the main storyline. Now I can grind myself retarded for 50 levels so I can catch up to you guys and inevitably be murdered because I don't know how the multiplayer metagame functions at all.

>> No. 21047
Fuck grinding. Run headfirst into all those level 60 trainers.
>> No. 21048
I prefer to level as I go, even if it takes me a while to get through main storyline. I like my pokemon equally leveled if possible, and I like to get everything out of everything I can before I finish.
>> No. 21049
That's exactly how I did it. I kept myself mostly even leveled up until the Elite Four, N, and Ghetis, where I just used whatever worked. I didn't even fight wild pokemon much, because basically all I spent money on was repels and a stack of revives for the E4.

My understanding (not that I looked for much) was the only thing in post game stuff is one cave, Black City, and some super trainers like the foreign champions and new E4. What else is around?
>> No. 21050
Post game, you can re-match the following people daily, unless noted:

Game Freak Morimoto
Bianca (only on saturdays, after you beat E4 a second time)
Riches (just make sure to lose to the last guy, or else you can't rematch them anymore)
Black City
Nimbasa Sport Domes
Rotation/Triple Battle Houses
Ferris Wheel
Royal Unova

And of course the post game areas that contain the legendaries have some trainers, although you can't rematch them daily.
>> No. 21051
Derp. Forgot to mention that Cynthia can only be rematched during spring and summer.
>> No. 21054
Just ran into a level 18 Darumaka who slaughtered 2 of my level 22 Pokemon with no effort, without dying, in a Sandstorm.

Caught the fuck out of that thing, clearly it is the Darumaka chosen by Arceus himself to be the Alpha of all daruma-based Pokemon.
>> No. 21126

Ok, I had to change the time on my DS because it was off by an hour.
Now when I try to use game sync it says that it's out of power, and to wait 24 hours for it to recharge.
That was was two days ago. What do I do? Leave the game on for 24 hours?
>> No. 21127
Darumakas are amazing. The first one I caught slaughtered my lv. 25 Panpour in one hit.

With fire punch.
>> No. 21128
They have 90 base attack AND Hustle. Once evolved, they get 140 and Sheer Force.

Speaking of, what's this about SF getting Life Orb's boost without its drawback?
>> No. 21132
Man, Oran berries would be so much more useful if they, just, restored ten percent instead of ten hp.
>> No. 21134
So Oran Berries would be better if they were Sitrus Berries?
>> No. 21136
Significantly weaker Sitrus Berries, yes.
>> No. 21137
Then what would the little cuppers nom?
>> No. 21139
File 130417821910.jpg - (337.79KB , 1024x768 , cal_month5_1024.jpg )
May's theme was Victini Pose.
>> No. 21140
Sitrus would be thirty percent.
>> No. 21147
>Speaking of, what's this about SF getting Life Orb's boost without its drawback?
Sheer Force boosts attacking power by the same amount as a Life Orb, except you don't get hurt from Sheer Force.
It was speaking comparatively, not literally.
>> No. 21148
Also, Sheer Force negates the recoil from Life Orb, but only on the moves to which Sheer Force's effect applies.
>> No. 21149
Holy dicks, brb adding a Darmanitan to every team I have.
>> No. 21155
Feraligatr's movepool is almost as nice while offering slightly better defenses and typing, plus Dragon Dance.
>> No. 21174

But you can't legally get it off Dream World yet, so yeah.
>> No. 21180
So has anyone else noticed that in the post game tv shows, it confirms that the story took place over a year.

I thought that was neat.
It also implies that in my game they had a year long winter.
>> No. 21181
File 130455391898.jpg - (258.40KB , 1146x800 , sad.jpg )
I caved and bought Black. I am filled with remorse.
>> No. 21183
If that's not sarcasm, don't be B/W are seriously the best games yet.
>> No. 21184
Mostly I was waiting for that inevitable third version.
>> No. 21185
Ah well that does make sense, but judging by how different Platinum felt from D/P it'd say it's safe enough to buy one of the early versions and the third one without feeling too ripped off in this case.
>> No. 21195
File 130462934362.jpg - (27.05KB , 270x170 , typhlosion.jpg )
>> No. 21196
Or maybe he's trying to fold them.
>> No. 21197
In another sixteen years, he will successfully look like he just escaped the early 90's.
>> No. 21682
File 130642364049.jpg - (198.19KB , 600x799 , 19161171_p1.jpg )
>> No. 21683
File 130642366735.jpg - (192.02KB , 600x799 , 19161171_p2.jpg )
>> No. 21684
File 130642368861.jpg - (214.30KB , 600x799 , 19161171_p3.jpg )
>> No. 21685
File 130642370477.jpg - (216.96KB , 600x799 , 19161171_p4.jpg )
>> No. 21692
File 130654106511.png - (899.31KB , 1400x1200 , 18001927.png )
I'm okay with all of this.
>> No. 21693
But not this? >>21685
>> No. 21694
Especially that one. Curse my laptop's touchpad for excluding it!
>> No. 21705
File 130669319784.png - (1.15MB , 1121x600 , ashissogoddamnshort.png )
And then I downloaded a copy of Keeping In Top Forme to try and grab some better screenshots than the ones I got from Serebii.

Too busy watching Digimon.
>> No. 21709
Why are the colours so sunbleached.
>> No. 21711
You've been staring really hard into a washing machine.
>> No. 21716
File 130681497899.png - (524B , 56x56 , Spr_1b_063.png )
I used to think Abra was holding a giant acorn in its Gen 1 sprite.
>> No. 21751
File 130689451388.jpg - (33.59KB , 500x375 , 1306885420928.jpg )


>> No. 21752
File 130690361958.jpg - (58.47KB , 428x540 , 1306899958876.jpg )
Pokédex 3D, featuring all of the new Pokémon from the recent Pokémon Black and White games, will allow users to look up information about more than 150 Pokémon and their moves, all for free. It will make use of SpotPass and Augmented Reality.

Players start with 16 Pokémon and can unlock the remaining Pokédex entries by scanning QR Codes, using SpotPass (up to three random Pokémon a day), or by trading data with friends, likely via StreetPass.

Users will be able to view each Pokémon in 3D, and rotate them a full 360 degrees. The Pokédex features filters and bookmarking capabilities as well.

The app will use the 3DS' built-in Augmented Reality capabilities to display Pokémon in pictures taken via the 3DS Camera.

>> No. 21754
Must get my hands on that Snivy!
>> No. 21756
Curse my disdain and near boycotting of anything McDonalds....
>> No. 21757
Oh, I guess this is that "special game announcement" that was hinted at in April. mitebcool since it's free

Augh, I haven't been to a McDonalds in over 12 years. I don't even know if there's one in town.
>> No. 21761
>I don't even know if there's one in town.
Do you live in America? Because if so, there's one within five miles of you. If not, there's one within 10.
>> No. 21838
File 130722003412.jpg - (585.49KB , 1280x1024 , cal_month6_1280.jpg )
June is Zoroark.
What is he looking at over there?
>> No. 21856
File 130730654073.png - (452.62KB , 800x544 , dark trinity.png )
guys I found out who the shadow triad are
>> No. 21857
>> No. 21863
Fucking battle subway. I just want explosion, is that too much to ask for?
>> No. 21870
File 130749144173.jpg - (120.43KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110110192132.jpg )
Is he going to E3 just to see, or does he have something to say?
>> No. 21904
File 130806298845.jpg - (535.06KB , 1280x720 , 13080060420093.jpg )
I guess Masuda was just going to have look-see.
Oh well.
ポケモンミュージカル…youtube thumb
Pokemon Smash has it's own Musical!
>> No. 21922
File 13083298899.jpg - (23.18KB , 469x428 , 1280195472078.jpg )
>Green Lantern
>scene where Hector Hammond is transforming
>Pokemon Sapphire cartridge visible in scene for 5 seconds during transformation
>mfw only beta, fearful people only liked Gen 3
>> No. 21928
File 130853782518.jpg - (84.84KB , 400x240 , HNI_0078.jpg )
Tee hee.
>> No. 21995
Wait, I got the National Dex, but where's my data?
>> No. 22003
What data?
>> No. 22063
I captured a Bellsprout, Raticate and Krikitune, but I'm not seeing their data anywhere in the 'dex.
>> No. 22064
You might have to manually switch it over to National mode.
>> No. 22066
Oh, you can switch. Huh.
>> No. 22067
I wonder why the action replay says not to breed AR-caught Pokémon?
>> No. 22089
File 130904500672.jpg - (701.45KB , 735x3174 , ierukanabw.jpg )
Now you too can sing along with the hit jingle turned ending theme.
>> No. 22107
hey anyone got a link to the Pokemon special?
>> No. 22120
Somebody hook this dude up.
>> No. 22122


>> No. 22124
Its sure is!
>> No. 22125
oh man thanks this is awesome
>> No. 22132
File 13094744009.png - (1.59MB , 1280x720 , 1309469900901.png )
I didn't highlight anything in this pic, this is how it came to me. The background doesn't matter to me.

What does matter to me?

>> No. 22137
File 130950244441.gif - (238.44KB , 500x500 , DancingCharmander.gif )
I've been meaning to post this Charmander image since I found it a while back.
>> No. 22142
File 130964793823.jpg - (497.55KB , 1280x1024 , cal_month7_1280.jpg )
July is when the movie(s) come out!
>> No. 22148
You mean in theaters right?

Betting that means we won't be getting subs for about half a year after.
>> No. 22149
File 130971260951.png - (636B , 80x80 , excitedbabylapras.png )

I just want to know if Ash commands Reshiram/Zekrom in the movie. That like, some Pokémon Special shit right there. The dragons to be distributed during the movie even credit him as the Original Trainer, as opposed to something like the Movie's location.

The trailers have lied before, however; M13 trailers gave us Ho-oh vs. Lugia and Dark Ash.
>> No. 22239
I just realized. I still have not played Black or White.
>> No. 22240
Here, play it now;
Michael Jackson - Black Or Whiteyoutube thumb
>> No. 22331
File 131188877832.jpg - (342.15KB , 800x746 , 19073883.jpg )
Posting this
>> No. 22348
ポケモンスマッシュ!…youtube thumb
>> No. 22354

>> No. 22370
File 131223309793.jpg - (34.50KB , 400x240 , 3d_pokemon_battle_by_bioblood-d3rdrjd.jpg )
>Should the next pokemon game have 3D battles?

>> No. 22444
File 131247934530.jpg - (41.37KB , 400x240 , HNI_0088_MPO.jpg )
i was mindlessly doodling and decided to doodle some AR markers. I see why most of these seem to be drawn on graph paper or with rulers.
>> No. 22445
File 131247972436.png - (213.65KB , 446x328 , 1312359711259.png )
And for those of you who sill use the Dream World, here some passwords for 2 new C-Gear skins.

World Championship 2011 skin: WorldCGear

Earful Audino skin: YAHOOAUDINO
>> No. 22446
>> No. 22447

Thanks, I didn't notice the typo.
>> No. 22451
Wait, so it's rare that people use the dream world nowadays?
>> No. 22453
It's been long enough that everyone has probably gotten what they want from it (poliwag and/or vulpix)
>> No. 22455
File 131257184512.jpg - (124.93KB , 310x318 , WC2011 San Diego.jpg )
Also, nice use of the logo for the C-Gear Skin.
I'm totally using that one.
>> No. 22457
File 131258451521.jpg - (779.65KB , 1920x1200 , 13125825030092.jpg )
I wonder if the 2011 Championship Pikachu doll will include the skateboard.
>> No. 22461
Anyone know that one sound cloud thing? With route one, Silph Co. and Mewtwo's theme? And it was eleven minutes? And the poster had a limecat avatar?
>> No. 22467
【ポケモン言えるかな…youtube thumb
So fast.
>> No. 22489
File 131306514946.gif - (416.13KB , 512x384 , 1312990859786.gif )
>> No. 22491
That's actually kinda cool.
>> No. 22494
File 131311642224.gif - (346.65KB , 512x384 , 63e474d4c97674f8d913d152853fca74.gif )
Bones pointed me in the direction of this.
>> No. 22500
B-but I only have male versions of these pokemon. @w@
>> No. 22630
File 131337866963.jpg - (257.47KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110815002309.jpg )
So it turns out Mystery Thunder Mask were waiting for Worlds to reveal their identities.
Pokemon World Championships 20…youtube thumb
>> No. 22633
File 131342444926.jpg - (179.64KB , 800x964 , worlds-11-pikachu-plushie.jpg )
It does!
>> No. 22654
File 131369140248.jpg - (30.94KB , 342x192 , 042.jpg )
So this happened.

>> No. 22655
File 131369143451.jpg - (12.89KB , 342x192 , 316.jpg )
...which lead to this...
>> No. 22656
File 131369146577.jpg - (21.92KB , 342x192 , 417.jpg )
...which lead to this...
>> No. 22657
File 131369149035.jpg - (16.36KB , 342x192 , 423.jpg )
...except it didn't.
>> No. 22727
I do not approve. At all.
>> No. 22728
Well, no one ever said he belonged to anybody.
>> No. 22729
I wonder where they're going with this Meowth story?

Is Isis gonna get him?
Will Team Rocket turn back to their serious selves?
Is this a long unnecessary trap to get Pikachu?
>> No. 22730
Most likely it's the third.
>> No. 22733
Pokemon WCS 2011 World Final (Master) 1/2youtube thumb
I knew that game mode was reserved specifically for the world championships, but that song was reserved specifically for the finals!
>> No. 22739
File 131412218357.jpg - (19.05KB , 461x403 , 1314106197961.jpg )

Dude. Dude... dude.

What if it worked?
>> No. 22789
I just typed up a huge post for a /toy/ thread about why May had a more effective character arc than Dawn and got banned for having a "Banned URL" in the post.

There was no URL in my post

God damn Dawn loving Mods!
>> No. 22793
File 131442531154.png - (121.52KB , 320x240 , Mayley.png )

I liked Dawn better as a character, but May's rivals were much more entertaining.

Pic related, it's a flaming homosexual.
>> No. 22794
Part of my post was about how Dawn was let down by having lame rivals and May having super awesome ones( Drew and harley are both fucking awesome) made her story far more fun to watch.
>> No. 22796
Made a team of really chill Pokemon, like Scrafty.
Harvest Exeggutor is a killing machine oh my Lord. If you don't oneshot him, he doesn't die. Ever.
>> No. 22797
File 131444321622.png - (1.15MB , 1280x720 , Langley_and_Iris.png )
Iris is better than both of them.
>> No. 22798
File 131446712384.jpg - (246.76KB , 853x1280 , tumblr_lqgk0jWVdc1qktfamo1_1280.jpg )

It's beautiful...
>> No. 22799
File 131447514950.png - (166.44KB , 492x311 , costanza iris.png )
>still acting like a kid
>> No. 22836
So guys, I have a question. Say I play a Black rom in a flashcard. Then I trade a Pokemon to an official game cart. It will be prefectly legal, right?
>> No. 22845
File 131479096242.png - (240.05KB , 900x600 , for-metalbones1.png )
>> No. 22846
It's a breach of copyright so...no.
>> No. 22853
File 131492826895.png - (11.06KB , 257x386 , Prologue.png )
Tron Legacy : Overture (Piano cover + sheet)youtube thumb

My name is Jack.
I did not have a Pokémon.
My name is Jack.
Pokémon training was dangerous, especially then.
My name is Jack.
The Centers didn’t work, and the wild Pokémon were stronger.
My name is Jack.
The world needed a hero.
My name is Jack.
Our last hero had vanished years ago.
My name is Jack.
I did not find this to be a problem.
My name is Jack.
I was content to live my life without Pokémon.
My name is Jack.
And this was the day that all that changed.


Pokémon Spirit Gold

>> No. 22855
Ha, well yeah. What I meant is, WOuld the traded pokemon pass normally in wifi communication without being blocked of using because it's considered hacked?
>> No. 22856
Yes, it still counts as a legitimate Pokemon. Unless you used Pokesav to create it.

Even then, it's not hard to get a Pokesav monster past the hack detectors. What would've been easier though is to catch the Pokemon naturally and then alter it.
>> No. 23060
File 13156746291.jpg - (115.60KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110906014009.jpg )
I'm getting the impression that the lost Rocket vs Plasma arc might just be re-worked into the current anime arc rather than where it was going to go.
>> No. 23081
File 131568865184.jpg - (66.45KB , 450x540 , nozari.jpg )
>Lame rival

Well fuck your shit.jpg

Did Haruka even have any other rivals but Shu and Harley? If she did, they were so uninteresting I forgot them

I loved Hikari's more, since she had more and they were more diverse and handled better

Nozomi - The first one she meets is the 'cool chick' she wants to be like and is inspired by. She always wants to impress her and she really inspires Hikari
Kengo - Hikari's childhood friend. They grew up together so there's an obvious desire to compete and show off to one another
Naoshi - A lesser rival, but unique in he does both Gyms and Contests
Ulala - Rich bitch, with awesome drill hair.
Musashi - I consider her a rival here than for Haruka because she actually won badges and grew as a character enough to make it to the Grand Festival. I think back in Advanced Generation she only won like.. 1 badge.. maybe 2.

Hikari's loss to Nozomi was awesome and really emotional, because it build upon their feeling of student/mentor and respect towards one another. Hikari finally being strong enough to challenge her. Where as with Haruka, some random Mary Sue just pops up and beats her. Though I guess it was more about her and Shu rather than Saori.

Also I'm totally not biased because I ship Hikari and Nozomi.
>> No. 23092
File 131569225588.png - (1.86MB , 1920x1080 , Pokemon Tall Grass PSA with Prof_ Oak(1080p_H_264-.png )
Pokemon FIRE RED with voice acting!youtube thumb

Pokemon Tall Grass PSA with Prof. Oakyoutube thumb
>> No. 23102
You have pleased me.
>> No. 23116
File 131572919947.jpg - (284.93KB , 700x503 , 7a90970a6f3d0b3e6a3da4a1e869717c.jpg )
You mean Cynthia/Dawn.

Yes. Yes you do.
>> No. 23118
File 131576664723.jpg - (111.34KB , 400x600 , 1239133716720.jpg )

That's game Dawn, silly.

You're silly.
>> No. 23119
why is this such a popular ship?
>> No. 23120
It's one of those grand mysteries of the Pokemon fandom.
>> No. 23122
Cynthia is kind of creepy stalker mode in the games where Dawn is the protagonist.

It's adorable.

Big lady + little girl? Extra adorable.

Also, because lesbians.
>> No. 23128
Game Hikari is different, yes.

In the anime, it's Hikari and Nozomi.

Best Wishes has Bel x Langley.
>> No. 23133
File 13160939629.jpg - (391.89KB , 1920x1440 , 1316086236408.jpg )
>> No. 23139
File 131610360449.jpg - (9.66KB , 342x192 , 297.jpg )
So Meowth is a spy.

No shit, Sherlock.
>> No. 23141
File 131610740310.jpg - (175.66KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110906014353.jpg )
Why else would he not want to be gotten?
>> No. 23143
>> No. 23252
bah gawd
>> No. 23270
Kuwabara, what are you doing in Pokemon? You are not a trainer.
>> No. 23364
Kuwabara has Green eyes. That's not Kuwabara.
>> No. 23370
Ghetsis is named after his battle music?
>> No. 23439
File 13178770326.png - (133.99KB , 400x446 , db73513621bf5a8348b863c74044f339.png )
>glance at smogon
>see gen V poke entries
>spend some hours reading them all

What's wrong with me, I don't even like competitive gaming.
>> No. 23442
File 131796889951.png - (101.17KB , 500x500 , Scizor_by_Zaikudo.png )
OK I'm finally going to make my dream bug team. So far the only for sure Pokemon that'll be on there is Scizor because he's my bro. The rest of the team is up in the air. Any thoughts folks?

I have the feeling this will end in failure but IT WILL BE GLORIOUS
>> No. 23443
Moxie Heracross with a Scarf is a machine of destruction built by the gods themselves.
Forretress is a pretty great entry hazarder.
Butterfree can actually be surprisingly useful with Compoundeyes and Sleep Powder.
Speaking of Compoundeyes, Galvantula with Thunder.
Volcarona is crazy good but pretty overused, dunno if that bothers you.
Personally, when I go monobug, I like including a male Combee, and using him with a Focus Sash and Endeavor. It doesn't really work that often/well, but I like making that one special absolutely-useless-otherwise Combee feel important.
>> No. 23444
File 13179907061.png - (2.08MB , 608x734 , heracross_by_storm_of_the_east-d4a17is.png )
>> No. 23445
Durant is a surprisingly deadly little monster, with either a Band or Scarf to back him up, or just Life Orb and Hone Claws.
>> No. 23454
>Get a Level 1 Zorua from the GTS
>Decide to go through one fight with him to level him up a little
>Level 50 Audino
>Zorua gains 20 levels, almost 21


Oh and on the bug team front I've decided on Scizor, Heracross, Galvantula, Volcarona, and maybe Yanmega so far. Still researching and what not.
>> No. 23456
Did you have a Lucky Egg equipped?

Cause that makes it slightly more nuts.
>> No. 23458

He didn't have anything equipped.

Oh yeah and he gained all those levels after sharing the XP with my Larvesta. Fucking nuts.
>> No. 23460
Well you did get it through the GTS.
A globally traded Pokemon gets even more boosted experience than a locally traded one.
>> No. 23523
File 13189969819.jpg - (63.65KB , 282x391 , 101-n.jpg )
Although everyone was talking about it before he did the English version, there you have it.
Natural Harmonia Gropius
Apparently his music is all about primes or something.
>> No. 23763
File 132093021039.png - (384.98KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-990351.png )
I caught an episode of the anime during my downtime a few days ago. Apparently they're finally done parading Brock around. He was at his best before they started dragging him off by the ear mid-flirt; did he ever get to do his thing before they were finished with him?
>> No. 23764
File 132094269083.png - (120.29KB , 342x192 , Brock_Croagunk_Drag.png )

Not as long as this guy keeps following him around.

Granted, getting a Poison Jab in the butt is generally more entertaining than Johto's watered-down version of Misty or Max.
>> No. 23840

Took me 70 hours and 102 captured Pokemon. Now I can finally move on. :3 Already got the Marsh badge.
>> No. 23841
It's a thing that was lost in translation. If you watch the JP version it makes more sense why people get mad by his flirting. In the original he'd flat out say stuff like "I'll enjoy her in 8 years" or "Are you 18 yet?" and other pervy stuff relating to the age of consent.
>> No. 23842
The worst thing is that half the time he wasn't even being particularly sexist or inappropriate, he was just flirting with a stranger. Maybe he was being more of a creeper in Japanese or something, but in English it just made whoever was dragging him off seem like a killjoy.
>> No. 23845
>Check up on Ruby version after a very, very long time
>Internal battery is dead, clock no longer works
That's bad.
>But my Pokémon are all infected with PokéRus
That's good!
>> No. 23846
isn't there a bug in ruby/saphir that made the clock fail after a while with no more berry growth and such, and after something like a year it starts working again? it did happen to my copy at least.
>> No. 23847
Yeah, there is a glitch like that.
There are lots of sources for the vaccine, though.
Even just linking up to Emerald will give it the antidote I think.
>> No. 23929
Pokemon Red by The Amazing BrandOyoutube thumb
>> No. 23937
>> No. 23940
Enjoy climbing Mt Silver.
>> No. 24125

Wow it's fucking nothing.
>> No. 24126
Well, at least it's not Mudkip.
>> No. 24131
Will I be able to get this in the UK? Because that's pretty much my only chance of ever obtaining Arceus, since I missed the last event it was released in and it was never actually put in the game.
>> No. 24205
Would anyone happen to have Hale's Hard Mode Emerald page 14 and 16? The page is broken on his site and the Nuzlocke forum.
>> No. 24206
14 and 21, sorry.
>> No. 24238
I finally got around to finishing Black Version main game (I was right before the Elite Four, and stopped because I got tired of level grinding).

Jesus, people weren't kidding about that Hydreigon. I only beat the thing by having my Gigalith with Sturdy use Stone Edge, max reviving it, and doing it again. How did everyone else get it?
>> No. 24239
Swords Dance Haxorus.
>> No. 24240
File 132491343438.jpg - (66.06KB , 1154x865 , 1270868916991.jpg )

Samurott's Megahorn. OHKO.
>> No. 24241
My Scolipede probably could have done the same, but he was already unconscious and I didn't want to risk him being slower.
>> No. 24242
FEAR Archeops.
>> No. 24243
I always pack my bag full of stat uppers. By that point, my Serperior was an untouchable wall of stats.
>> No. 24339
File 132537465877.jpg - (235.31KB , 633x800 , 15894536_big_p11.jpg )
I got White Version for Christmas. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting it sooner. I didn't think I'd love so many of the new species, but a ton of them have grown on me. The fact that TM's are now reusable already had me delighted, then when I found that Driftveil Drawbridge basically dispenses free stat-boosters, I was grinning like an idiot for a good three minutes.

Plus Bianca is pure HNNNNG, and makes me smile.
>> No. 24340
I'm still holding out for Grey. They ARE making one, right? D:
>> No. 24341
Bianca just makes me facepalm. She's just a walking catastrophe.
>> No. 24342
File 132542848199.gif - (1.20MB , 500x281 , 68750b41bfd7cc02bfc00c2d72a7b162.gif )
That's the same reason I find her adorable.
And it occurs to me I should get caught up on the show.
>> No. 24343
I like her because Hips That Don't Quit.
>> No. 24345
File 132552931535.jpg - (280.97KB , 1231x1010 , 1297131178073.jpg )
I just came to say Bianca was great and I want to see more of her in Gray.

And less of Cheren.
>> No. 24347
This is a problem me and Sigma are having.

Our copies of Black and White were registered to access Wifi through our old DS system. We're trying to get them to play nice with their new 3DS homes, how is this accomplished?
>> No. 24348
I believe Nintendo's official policy is "fuck you, you're trying to cheat"
>> No. 24349
File 132562198373.jpg - (13.76KB , 299x334 , 1297812248106.jpg )

You're trying to transfer your friend codes to your 3DS, right?

1. On your old DS, access the Wi-Fi menu. This can be done on old the DS/DS Lite by selecting a main menu option on most Wi-Fi games. On the DSi, the Wi-Fi menu can be found on the system's settings.
2. Go to options, and select "Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration".
3. On your 3DS, select Download Play. When it boots, select "Nintendo DS". Finally select the program coming from your old DS.
>> No. 24351
File 132563296655.jpg - (60.72KB , 500x680 , e5ea120ab6e4853996fa983fe663dbd79616b23c.jpg )
That part's nice too...

I'd find both of those changes to be so very welcome.
>> No. 24354
I swear, that woman wears a corset or something.
>> No. 24355
Finally got my shit back from our old house after six months.

I have no idea what to do with my White file. Like I have no idea where I am or where the story is or what my Pokemon are.

I only have two badges so I'm thinking of restarting it altogether.
>> No. 24356
>> No. 24366
File 132608778654.jpg - (683.52KB , 1280x720 , Here there be Dragons.jpg )
>> No. 24367
It's sad when Druddigon is the most immediately powerful thing you could obtain, and yet would easily be the most disappointing to actually receive.
>> No. 24368
File 132617282082.jpg - (37.63KB , 276x268 , bitchiwillendyou.jpg )

>>Dragon Event Giveaway!
>> . . .
>> No Dratini
>> No. 24369
No Axew either. I really liked him!
>> No. 24377
File 132640587163.jpg - (343.21KB , 1748x1181 , 24297786.jpg )
>> No. 24382
Why would you want a Dragonite when they've got awesome Altaria! You know. The one that ISN'T A FUCKING DRAGON.
>> No. 24383
...Why are they all radioactive green?
>> No. 24384
Because shinies. Though Swablu is yellow and Horsea is more of a turquoise.
>> No. 24390
It's a very common shiny colour.
Especially for things that were blue.
>> No. 24459
File 132781694388.png - (115.39KB , 497x270 , slowpokeandsmugness.png )
>with Rest
>and Shed Skin
u mad, everyone except Conkeldurr?
>> No. 24463
Apparently yes, yes they are mad.
I'm getting more rageforfeits than I ever have before.
>> No. 24465
Is this as bad or worse than Trolltales?
>> No. 24467
Mm, less trolly, but more effective. It's less obnoxious, but more irritating, cause just when they think they've finally taken him out, he's at 10 HP, Leech Seeded, and Toxic'd, lol no, he Rests and wakes up on the same damn turn.

Not every time obviously, since it only has a 30% chance of working, but considering you only sleep for 2 turns anyway, and Scrafty is just so damn bulky, it works pretty well regardless.
>> No. 24470
File 132799141121.png - (409.97KB , 520x1060 , askneziki.png )
Yes good
>> No. 24472
File 132810074310.png - (11.29KB , 256x192 , 1328099167280.png )
Arceus live at 13:00 today

>> No. 24474

Arceus everywhere.
>> No. 24504
I heard someone mention that Pikachu's love of ketchup in the dub was changed from soy sauce in the original Japanese.

If it's true, this may be one of the rare times I like the dub changes better- I can't imagine anyone/thing walking around chugging soy sauce.
>> No. 24542
File 133011614980.jpg - (171.37KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20110912163818.jpg )
ポケモンスマッシュ!youtube thumb
Nothing about any of the promotional material for this week's Smash says anything about Masuda (as opposed to every other time he's been on the show) and yet, Masuda says he's going to be on and he has BIG NEWS.
I wonder what's so exciting about this time? Time will tell!
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