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File 133021287452.png - (933.29KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-02-26-00h25m53s58.png )
24543 No. 24543
In a move no one was expecting, what Masuda just announced today on Pokémon Smash was not Pokémon Grey but Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
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>> No. 24544
File 133021328030.jpg - (590.73KB , 1141x621 , Black2White2.jpg )
Here are the new mascots.
>> No. 24546
I hope he's not just messing with us and using a different name pattern.

For those who can't tell, they're alternate forms of Kyurem that resemble Zekrom and Reshiram, not the other way around.
>> No. 24547
Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon Wh…youtube thumb
>> No. 24548
Everyone's really in sync for this announcement!
>> No. 24549
>Remake of a rehashed sequel.

>> No. 24569
>Not Grey
>Not for 3DS
>Will probably still not allow you to capture any but the newest Pokemon until the E4
>Will probably still use the same low-quality sprites
And I just bought Black because I found it for cheap, after telling myself I wasn't going to give into Nintendo's "if it's not broke we're going to continue shipping it" model, so my fanboy rage is at Latern-like levels right now.
>> No. 24570
>Will probably still not allow you to capture any but the newest Pokemon until the E4
>Will probably still use the same low-quality sprites

Stop raging about stuff you just assume will happen.
>> No. 24571
File 133022457117.png - (6.84KB , 402x340 , what have God done.png )
>> No. 24577
Even removing those, the whole "2" thing gets to me. At least call them Midnight Black/Bright White or some shit; slapping a "2" on it is the epitome of laziness when the rest of the main series has had (semi-) original names for each generation.
>> No. 24584
File 133022834483.jpg - (103.72KB , 250x343 , Super_Mario_Galaxy_2_Box_Art.jpg )
Wouldn't be the first time.
>> No. 24586
Why is everyone calling remake, anyways? Black and White actually had enough plot to sequel.
The continuing search for N.
>> No. 24587
File 133023092412.jpg - (38.37KB , 600x450 , khcomwall021024x768.jpg )
>The continuing search for N
>> No. 24588
It's the Final Fantasy X-2 of the series.
>> No. 24589
File 133023169262.jpg - (309.00KB , 1436x2024 , 13302084990030.jpg )
About this time of year Masuda's Zoroark announcement was to tie in with the upcoming movie.

This year is no different!
Black Kyruem and White Kyurem (https://twitter.com/#!/Junichi_Masuda/status/173576515219505153) will be in the upcoming movie!
>> No. 24590
We don't really know enough about it to know whether "2" or "Gray/Grey" would be a more appropriate.
>> No. 24591
True, but I didn't feel that SMG was a rehash of previous games; since I own Black now, though, I probably shouldn't speak anymore until I've actually played it. But from everything I saw it was "the new Red/Blue"
>> No. 24592

>> No. 24593
File 133024748930.jpg - (241.95KB , 842x466 , not grey.jpg )
Everyone was floored.
>> No. 24594
Va fan?
>> No. 24607
This won't be like Vampire Hunter2/Savior2 and simply tweak avalible Pokémon, take out sidequests, and have a "Rebalance" that makes it play worse, will it?
>> No. 24612
File 133039565787.png - (49.92KB , 155x166 , notgrey.png )
>mfw it's not Grey
Might be cool.
>> No. 24613
It's gonna be out in English by the end of the year.
That's interesting.
>> No. 24614
2? As in, Not Gray? Damn, I might have to buy Black or White after all.
>> No. 24615
In Europe AND North America.
>> No. 24617

Unless you actually give a shit about pokemon plot it's probably safe to say that this is essentially the same as what Grey would have been. That seems to be the theme for this gen: be sufficiently different that it throws people off, but not different enough that it actually matters in the end.

Personally, I say give no fuck. I decided I wouldn't let GF swindle me out of money by not buying anything until the inevitable upgrade came out, and now it's here. Just in time too, getting left out of the poke-loop was starting to bug me.
>> No. 24618
You'd be surprised. Black and White have more plot than you'd expect a Pokemon to have.
>> No. 24619
An immense faggot wants to take over the world and some idiots believe his bullshit rhetoric and also his son is a weird passive-agressive hippy. Whatever. Go to town, grind, beat gym leader, repeat.
>> No. 24620

A lot more pokemon plot, I'm sure. The question is, does it even matter? This poke-peta stuff got old sometime around the turn of the millennium and making fun of poke-peta stuff has gotten old too. The fact that it's in the games themselves doesn't really change that.
>> No. 24625
You'll see. It'll be so continuative that you can't play it without uploading your completed B1W1 save to it first.
>> No. 24626
Team Plasma aren't even Pokémon PETA. Their ideology is questionable at best, their intelligence is negligible and their methods are exactly the same bullying extortionist asshattery of all the other Teams.

What's worse, to me, is that NOBODY ever calls out Team Plasma for being fucking thugs and repeatedly breaking the law, kidnapping, stealing and abusing people and being massive hypocrites.
>> No. 24735
File 13318690952.jpg - (393.13KB , 1280x720 , 4f623056ec1b8.jpg )
Just like before with the Celebi and Shiny Beasts, the event Pokemon given out with the latest movie will unlock an event in B2W2 when you bring it over there.
>> No. 24736

Geez, I don't usually whine about pokemon becoming digimon or all that whateverthefuck that gets spewed when a new gen comes out but that Reshiram/Kyurem fusion really could have a more streamlined design.
>> No. 24740
Plasma-dan are based on fanatic Christian curches of the old times. They're supposed to be a fanatical cult of religious nutjobs who think their way is right and condemn everyone else.

Hense their logo, leader's name, and attire.
>> No. 24776
File 133214111970.jpg - (17.80KB , 937x937 , chi_rho.jpg )
Templars and inquisitions.
The chi rho-esque symbol is also an obvious reference.
>> No. 24789
File 133221951357.png - (84.39KB , 307x392 , gcis.png )


(Jesus, get it?)

>> No. 24790
No, it refers to the notes G and Cis (C#).
>> No. 24803
this would actually be really great (having to sync it to your old game to play) i hate having to start over each new game as a poke-noob with only one pokemon. it would be great to import my old character from b/w1 and start b/w2 as the pokemaster with my team intact.
>> No. 24822
Why can't it refer to both?
>> No. 24873
File 133402751756.png - (529.36KB , 636x477 , 1334020553180.png )
People are thinking that BW2 are going to have new Pokemon and "scans" are already showing up. Seems kind of ridiculous to me but it is a sequel, something that hasn't happened before. What do you think, /pkmn/?

I do like Cactowl. I wish I could make it real.
>> No. 24874
It is super kiwi desku knee.
>> No. 24875
General assumptions would take it that those are starts pictured. Unless that's a platypus, seems like too much bird.
>> No. 24877
I hope at least Fire starter won't be a bird. It's been done and notching can compare to the awesomeness of Blaziken.
>> No. 24878
>> No. 24879
File 133407239024.png - (158.59KB , 1366x928 , 1334049310237.png )
Okay, that's proved fake. Some guy on DA made them. The rage was extreme on /vp/ with people still trying hard to believe even after the guy came in the thread and showed how he made it in Photoshop.

I do have this information though and I have no idea where it came from. Probably someone on /vp/'s imagination. I like the idea of a fire elephant Pokemon, they should do that in gen 6. Might be cool.

Anyway I hate to be that anon who posts all the fake stuff/rumors but I always like seeing /vp/ get fooled and discussing it.
>> No. 24880
The fact that it looks like a few tiny clips from a magazine no one has seen should be a good giveaway.
>> No. 24883
Is that... a pony?? 
>> No. 24884
File 133423931629.png - (722.13KB , 486x834 , protags.png )
CoroCoro finally leaked.


I am very excited.

>"300 Pokémon in addition to the original 156 Unova Pokémon are now available."
>New protagonists
>Glaciers everywhere
>Some new gym leaders
>> No. 24885
New protagonist?

>> No. 24886
File 133426057118.jpg - (204.29KB , 793x750 , 26517394.jpg )
Oh Japan, I knew I could count on you
>> No. 24887
That's not real, no way they would have new starters and new pokemon to introduce. So those are lies.
>> No. 24888
So Princess Leia and SHORTS MASTER.
>> No. 24889
File 13342736493.png - (17.56KB , 398x248 , 09357860735.png )
>> No. 24890
Whoa, what the hell happened to that thumbnail?
>> No. 24903
File 133428191616.jpg - (27.81KB , 400x300 , sailor_moon-4732.jpg )
More like Sailor Moon.
>> No. 24906
No, >>24886 that's definitely Leia hair.
>> No. 24907
Good god those hair styles are hidious.
>> No. 24908
File 133430385380.jpg - (274.04KB , 800x800 , 038e0526d1f1f7405ea365577194326f.jpg )
Wellp, that didn't take very long.
>> No. 24909
Yeah, it's everywhere already. Tis crazy. And yeah, did somebody hand design over to Squeenix or something?
>> No. 24911
Not a big fan of these character designs.
>> No. 24952
>New cities south of Unova
>Unova = Manhattan
>South of Manhattan = North Jersey
>New Pokemon Game has North Jersey.
>I live in North Jersey.

I was all set to hate this game and now suddenly I feel like I'm ten years old again. Damn you Pokemon!
>> No. 24953
File 133453148970.gif - (323.66KB , 709x462 , 133453084467.gif )
What secrets lie under the ice?
>> No. 24954
File 133453285139.png - (1.10MB , 1700x1540 , new gym leaders.png )
I get the impression that they might be Gym Leaders of Lacunosa and Undella.
If the new starter town is situated in the Southwest, it'd be really unintuitive to include Castellia, Nacrene and Striaton in the gym progression.
You just need a new starter gym before you get to the main entralink loop and bam, new gym rotation.
>> No. 24956
File 133454571162.png - (693.57KB , 600x843 , the_call_of_cthulhu___cover_by_drfaustusau-d4knqrz.png )

>What secrets lie under the ice?
>> No. 24957
My biggest wish as a young one was to have a Pokemon game based in my home city.

You enjoy this. You enjoy the hell out of it.
>> No. 24958
Oh god HA HA HA HA!

He's a white guy!
>> No. 24959
Yes, he's just got a really good tan.
That's why he must live in Undella, the only beach town in Unova.
>> No. 24960
I wonder why his feet aren't tan.
>> No. 24961
>> No. 24964
Not sure how I feel about BW2; although it is interesting that Poison might finally be getting some love again. The new male professor looks pretty sharp too... aside from that retarded and unnecessary blue thing around his head.
>> No. 24966
File 133495547150.jpg - (103.11KB , 610x564 , 85dae9e3c178e52997198a2c7f502c32.jpg )
I still think poison ought to have a new advantage over something.
>> No. 24967
I've thought that Poison should be x2 against Water for a long time now.
Except that'd mean Ludicolo would actually have a real weakness, and that's terrible.
>> No. 24969
Water dilutes?
>> No. 24970
File 133497240818.jpg - (136.51KB , 600x469 , e5bb3cad76ed2a79991a2a8e03a1d24b.jpg )
I thought water was doing alright? ie not dominating nor lackluster

I was more for gameplay purposes rather than bothering with realism.
>> No. 24971
>not dominating nor lackluster

God no, water has always be one of the best types (only weak to Grass type-which suck offensively and the majority of water Pokemon can kill with Ice Beam--and Electric), and Drizzle makes Swift Swim so powerful that most places ban having both on the same team now.
>> No. 24972
From the thumbnail I thought she had a beard.
I apologize for having nothing intelligent or insightful to contribute to the conversation.
>> No. 24973
File 133498469454.jpg - (196.75KB , 869x900 , d24faf7b400606571e68435546fcb633.jpg )
Oh, I heard about Drizzletoad, but I didn't think it had gotten that bad. Would non-permanent weather help? Ice advantage over it?

Hair jokes make up a good part of incoming fanart, which is nice considering how fanart usually works.
>> No. 24974
I always thought they should get around to maybe try introducing a new type already.
There's been countless games over 5 generations, and the last one to add something was 2, with 2 extras.
And if they do, something that doesn't suffer from having like only 2 pokemon in it.
>> No. 24975
A new type? Not sure how well that would pan out. But yeah, something new within the core game, instead of something we had before but more. inb4 quad battles
>> No. 24978
completely agree, although poison and electric are my two favorite types.
also playing through Black again and dear lord the dialog is really REALLY awkward and bad. Fucking Red and Blue had more natural sounding in game dialog. This shit's just painful.
>> No. 24979
File 133505870799.jpg - (345.80KB , 931x1281 , yugimarumaru_touko.jpg )
So, I wonder how the old guys will appear in this, if they appear at all.
>> No. 24980
I certainly hope they return. Bad enough Touko didn't make it into the anime, she should at least get to appear in the game's sequel.
>> No. 24981

Black and White had a new translator.
>> No. 24982
Ok, which mountain in Unova can we quickly get access to the summit of for either a single battle, or an intense double battle?
>> No. 24985
File 133513530019.jpg - (1.00MB , 879x3000 , b710ab5c17779764b4a38f61edf18411.jpg )
Hang on, if there's two new gyms, won't two of the existing ones had to have stepped down?
>> No. 24986
I'm sure a lot of the old gyms and elite 4 will be scrambled around, but just because those characters are absent from gyms in BW2 doesn't mean they've been stripped of their title.

I personally think it would be cool if they showed up like RED in Gold and Silver, albeit because this a direct sequel they had whatever your team was the second time you beat the elite 4. It's not currently possible, but it would be pretty cool.

Thank the lord
>> No. 24996
Here's hoping Dark gets a gym, Steel gets an Elite 4 position, and Bug moves up to at least 5th gym because holy shit Black and White just HEAPED on the amazing bug types.
>> No. 24999
One thing I loath about black and white is the utter lack of verity of pokemon you have access too before the 5th gym. And the fact that gyms seem to be built right on top of what they're weak against. "Boy oh boy, I sure do love Electric Pokemon! I know, I'll build my gym right outside of a desert filled with rock and ground type pokemon!"
>> No. 25001
File 133521969733.jpg - (159.32KB , 512x336 , Unova 2.jpg )
Well you are starting in a different part of Unova.
I'd imagine there'd be a gym somewhere before you get into the main Entralink loop of Unova, and assuming they do something like lock off the drawbridge until you come at it from the other side, then you'd create a new loop.
And since Shizui is beach themed and Undella is the only beach-themed town in Unova, that's probably where he'll be.
So two new gyms.
And if they do what I think they'll do and keep the Skyarrow Bridge closed until after the Elite Four, then that makes it all work out nicely.
>> No. 25141
File 133709595188.jpg - (465.13KB , 509x708 , 13370950800025.jpg )
>> No. 25184
>Black and White had a new translator.
Oh no, does this mean I'm not going to run into anybody who likes shorts because they're comfy and easy to wear?
>> No. 25185
Haven't the games changed head translator several times already?
>> No. 25186
The best translator they had was that guy who was also a Goon and kept slipping a bunch of Something Awful references into the games
>> No. 25187
Where'd he go?
>> No. 25188
>> No. 25189
★ Pokémon Black 2 and Poké…youtube thumb

Now with english subs!
>> No. 25190



The one that everyone brings up is reporter roxy and her wooper, which is an lp reference
>> No. 25191
Bianca's voice is like nails of a chalk board holy fuck.
>> No. 25192
Nice to see the Shadow Triad will play a bigger role.
>> No. 25193

I really would like to see more of Team Plasma, sans N. I mean, all other groups have had a bunch of memorable henchmen in some way except Plasma; They've had N...and that's not much to go on.
>> No. 25194
I don't think he's dead, he just hasn't be involved since Platinum

>> No. 25195
Holy shit, Professor Internet Explorer's voice is manly as fuck.
>> No. 25198
File 133867750147.png - (267.92KB , 848x480 , 13386770570042.png )
You'll note that the cover Pokemon of each game is the Kyurem of the one N has.
>> No. 25199
godamn it I wanted Black 2 to get my baller ass ice/dragon with ZAP MUTHAFUCKA options, but no I can't because I'd have to buy white 2 and have to suffer iris or whatever that annoying little girl is most likely.
Who the shit puts a pokemon on the cover of a game that you can't catch anyway?
>> No. 25200
I assume N gives it to you.
>> No. 25224
2 weeks
>> No. 25225
Total Recall - Two Weeksyoutube thumb
>> No. 25243
* Areas in south west: Sangi Ranch, Route 20, Tachiwaki City, Pokewood, Sangi Town, Route 19, Aspertia City, Tachiwaki Complex
* Route 19 has Patrat and Purrloin within it
* Route 20 has Sewaddle, Pidove, Dunsparce, Audino, Purrloin, Patrat, Venipede & Sunkern
* Sangi Ranch features Lillipup, Riolu, Pidove, Azurill, Dunsparce, Audino, Mareep, Patrat & Psyduck
* Tachiwaki Complex features Pidove, Magby/Elekid, Growlithe, Audino, Magnemite & Koffing. Pidove is only found outside in it, while Growlithe and Koffing are inside
* The Unova Pokédex page has been updated with various new Pokémon
* The map is shown for the first time and shows that you can search for Pokémon with the Pokédex
* It confirms Cheren's team as being Patrat (Lv. 11) & Lillipup (Lv. 13), giving you Work Up and Homika's team as being Koffing (Lv. 16) and Whirlipede (Lv. 18) and gives Venoshock.
* The area you change form with Keldeo in is called "Oath Woods"
* Your mother & your Rival's younger sister will give you the Running Shoes and Town Map. You meet Alder in Route 19
* Rival battle in Sangi Ranch. You need to work with your rival to find a Herdier. If you succeed, you will receive TM21. You get the medal box in Sangi Town and six hints for medals. You also have two battles in Alder's house
* Bianca gives you the C-Gear after you beat Cheren. This unlocks the ability to trade. You will also receive a Pokédex upgrade within Route 20
* You get to view Homika's father's movies when you reach Pokéwood.
* In the Tachiwaki Complex, if you beat all three trainers within it, you will receive TM94, Rock Smash
* Team Plasma are first fought in Tachiwaki and then Route 20. Access to Castelia City is via boat
>> No. 25244
>First few routes contain all the shitty garbage pokemon the first few routes did in Black and White
... Well at least the selections a bit broader now I guess. And getting a Poison type early on might be fun.
>> No. 25260
>Doesn't look like Iris is in the game :(
>Iris is the E4 champion!

Also the gyms are looking to be super easy mode again from what's been revealed (3 pokemon cap) and the elite 4 are still rocking 4 a pop to boot, although they're at around the late 50's

Gym order is as follows:
Normal (old, BW's rival)
Poison (new)
Bug (old) (how the fuck is bug not gym 8?!)
Electric (old, new look)
Ground (old)
Flying (old)
Dragon (old) (wait, Dragon as 7 and not 8? Tweeeeest!)
Water (new) (yay ANOTHER water gym)

The world battle mode sounds awesome with just about all the old gym leaders and E4 members showing up with teams of three. Think this might actually be the games Battle Whatever due to the level restrictions on teams and the alternate rules you can put on.

Over all I'm almost hyped. Almost. It all comes down to the pokemon I have access to, especially in the early parts of the game. Black and White didn't have jack shit until the 3rd badge.
>> No. 25261
I know Alder wasn't all that difficult but did we really need to pull an Emerald?

At least Drayden gets his gym to himself.
>> No. 25262
Just saw the screen cap of the flying gym leaders battle intro... three pokemon for the 6th gym leader.
This gen is STILL a joke.
>> No. 25266
1. Are there 'dungeons' in this game like in the first 4 (IE: Silph Co., etc) or are these instances missing again?
>Not sure yet, but it's not looking good
2. Does it still take 3 hours to send out a pokemon and then run away?
>Not really
3. I it still super easy mode like B1W1 was?
>Its more like normal, but has a hard mode option after beating the game.Upgrades trainer's AI and levels
4. Is the selection of available pokemon before the 4th gym actually not shitty this time?
>ehh depends on what you like I got a team I am very happy with Mareep, Riolu, Magby, Trapinch, Drilbur, Azurill, Growlithe, Magnemite, Grimer and Koffing
>> No. 25270
I don't think any of them have over three pokemon, which leaves me a little questioning on what in the world is going on there.
>> No. 25272
full throttle easy mode
>> No. 25273
Easy mode? Wait until you see Assist mode. It is somehow easier than 3 pokes per gym leader. At least Black 2 has "Challenge" mode
>> No. 25274
File 134095481745.jpg - (216.29KB , 1024x768 , 1021649.jpg )
Damn it, I just got the new one!
>> No. 25275
Why the hell would you buy Black and White 1?
Especially with the new one having been talked about for months now?
>> No. 25276
File 134101223525.png - (129.39KB , 280x264 , 1324085652670.png )
>> No. 25277
If it makes you feel better you'd have to wait like 3 months for the newer version anyway.
>> No. 25278
Don't worry, the new ones coming out take place after the last two. So you will have a more complete story understanding now, for whatever it's worth.
>> No. 25279
completely irrelevant aside from the fact that BW1's rival is now a gym leader and team plasma split into two factions.

Man BW1 was such a pile of fail. Not much hope for B2W2 personally.
>> No. 25284

The biggest thing BW did was make TMs reusable. I can't go back to one-use TMs, I just CAN'T
>> No. 25285
they had some good system mechanic ideas that I like for sure. but as far as core content goes, it was severely lacking.
>> No. 25300


Man, it'd sure be nice if 6th gen's focused primarily on developing Pokemon as a videogame instead of Pokemon as a marketing tool.
>> No. 25301
File 134125888913.jpg - (89.61KB , 850x566 , pokecolosseum23.jpg )
That's what it's always been. You can count all the important game developments on one hand: special split, attack split, and, uh, a couple others. The least they could do is change up the plot, which is sadly regulated to side games, most of which don't play like the main ones.
>> No. 25302
The particularly important gameplay changes between generations:
Gen 2: Special Attack/Defense, Steel and Dark types. Hold items. Breeding.
Gen 3: Restrictions placed on the EV system, the IV system made more important. Wireless communication. Double battles.
Gen 4: Physical/Special split.
Gen 5: Triple, Rotation, and Launcher battles.

There's really only so many things they can still do with the actual mechanics. All that's left to focus on is story.
>> No. 25303
Or at least a change in setting or something.
Like, feudal japan era pokemon, where since Pokeballs don't exist or something, you can only take about 2 on-foot with you, with the same gym leaders mechanic - only since most of the land is uncharted you have to find those places and fend off guards that don't want you in their secret village or whatever.

Mix it up, yknow?
>> No. 25304
...That game came out already.
>> No. 25305
>Steel and Dark types
You know, I kind of wish they would introduce a new type again or something.
Maybe that's an awful idea, but it would make things interesting.
>> No. 25307
Don't forget Natures.
>> No. 25308
I also forgot Abilities.
>> No. 25309
File 134142749933.png - (268.70KB , 883x499 , 129286196535.png )
ffffffta wha?
>> No. 25310
File 134143833237.png - (1.69MB , 1394x824 , Nintendo-Charged-Pokemon-Conquest2.png )
You haven't been paying much attention, have you?
>> No. 25313

Haha, what? I honestly though that was a joke post. Did you really not know?
>> No. 25314
Well, yeah but... as a main game, not a spinoff.
>> No. 25315
...Why would you want to be limited to just two Pokemon in a main game?
>> No. 25318
Its an example of sorts. Yknow, get creative with the franchise.
Hell, I wouldn't mind going the Pokemon route and make a direct sequel with a character being a teenager and having to battle again for OTHER motives or something, I DUNNO JUST HAVE THEM BE CREATIVE ITS ALL THE SAME WITH DIFFERENT POKEMON WHO DO THE SAME THINGS UGH WHAT DO YOU CARE YOURE NOT MY REAL DAD AAAAAAAAUGH
>> No. 25327
Personally, I'd like to see a Pokémon game that wasn't focused solely on "beat the Elite 4" as if that's the be all and end all of everyone in the entire Pokémon universe.

I'd like to see a Pokémon game with....BRANCHING GAMEPLAY (shudder) that actually rewards you for playing any number of ways. But that would probably take a whole hell of a lot more game.
>> No. 25328
Colosseum and Gale of Darkness had all of one Gym between them and it didn't even dispense a badge. You were just chasing after Team Badguy and Evil Syndicate. Which should probably be the main focus of every Pokemon game anyway. If there are evil dicks running about, they probably take priority over personal accomplishments.
>> No. 25356
I want a GTA pokemon.

Come on Nintendo, all the kids who grew up with the original game are old enough now, you'd rake in money hand over fist with a GTA-style pokemon game where you work your way up the ranks of Team Rocket, get in gang wars with Plasma, Magma, etc for turf, fight the doofy-haired good guys who are going to challenge the Elite 4, etc.

barring that I would like Rock types to be viable pokemon to use.
>> No. 25358
You say GTA addition, and all I imagine with pokemon involved is Pokemon: Michael Vick Edition.
>> No. 25623
You know, it's been out in Japan for a while...
does it have better wifi?
>> No. 25625
I'm praying that BW2 have WPA so that I can stop using a fucking WEP wifi on my home internet connection.
>> No. 25658
>Still hoping Nintendo is capable of making decent decisions
>> No. 25659
Isn't the WEP/WPA thing just part of how the DS's wireless works? I would think they would need to do a firmware update for the DS, rather than just improve the technology in the game, because all DS games run on the same API for wireless from what I can tell.
>> No. 25661
But I think that since Black had DSi enhancements it could also access the DSi's higher wifi powers.
>> No. 25662
My DSi can use WPA. When I tried to run Black or SoulSilver or Platinum into my wifi connection, it INSISTED on using WEP instead, saying the GAMES were incompatible with WPA.

Why the fuck does that even work? The software isn't compatible with it?
>> No. 25664
Yeah, DS games aren't programmed to be able to recognize the higher abilities of a DSi.
Though I had assumed B/W being DSi enhanced meant that they were.
>> No. 25686
I'm not.

It was either that or Code of Princess, and I chose the one I haven't been playing since 1995.
>> No. 25689

Is this...

trolling? I'm honestly not sure. Hmm.
>> No. 25690

I think it's a valid statement if you approach it from a "I'd rather try something different for a change."

I mean it's not very often something like a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes comes out.
>> No. 25691

I think it's a valid statement if you approach it from a "I'd rather try something different for a change."

I mean it's not very often something like a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes comes out.
>> No. 25692
That's it exactly.
>> No. 25694
It's like I almost want to pick it up, but I'm just bored to tears with the current formula and Black/ White was such a massive MASSIVE let down.
>> No. 25697
Not gonna lie, the things that annoyed me to hell in B/W are still there in B/W2. The absurdly long wait time/zoom thing whenever you enter a building, no auto run button, the bag is a disorganized mess, the bottom screen is essentially useless, etc., but the pacing is already much better. Pokes from every region available right for the get go really help.

It's a nice upgrade, but I'll probably sell it back once I'm done
>> No. 25698
Those...are pretty much the only things I really wanted them to fix.

Way to go not fixing any of them, GameFreak.
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