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File 13220129238.gif - (493.71KB , 400x300 , pokemon.gif )
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So, since Pokemon tabletop sucks, can someone recommend a system to use?
I'm caught between heavily modified PF and gurps.
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>> No. 23935
That shouldn't be TOO difficult to adapt. It's really just a case of compressing the massive range of numbers (stats going from 1-10 up to several hundreds) down to something more manageable that still gives proportional representation.

Also, ask /tg/ they're good at that shit.
>> No. 23942
There was a project back then at /tg/ that used dnd 4e.
It worked really really well, but I don't know if there are any remains of it on the net.
>> No. 23943
Is it this?

File 130318555849.gif - (166.84KB , 500x328 , torterra.gif )
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ok pokemon are real yadda yadda yadda

which one would be your mount

pic related
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>> No. 23936
File 132206439449.jpg - (33.30KB , 436x262 , DEAL.jpg )
>> No. 23938
I've never gotten this picture. I know that it is silly that Spearow can use fly, but I really wouldn't expect Scyther to be able to hold my body weight for long distance travel. And honestly, I never picture it flying very far; more like.... long hops.
>> No. 23939
The point is that Fly doesn't make any damn sense.

File 128975508976.jpg - (109.09KB , 1360x768 , 1289752923481.jpg )
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>> No. 16027

Many thanks. I most certainly too my time with this piece.

Placing and posing all those sandviches.. ugh.. I never want to see another sandvich again.
>> No. 23513
File 131856499211.png - (741B , 96x96 , archen.png )
I Love Porygon Evolutions
>> No. 23927
I want everyone to stop and appreciate this post

File 131742386948.png - (29.56KB , 500x500 , 4-01.png )
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Tron Legacy : Recognizer (Pian…youtube thumb

Hey! HEY!
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>> No. 23830
File 132098255056.png - (27.11KB , 500x500 , 5-end.png )
Juri: (Lv.10-17)
Urataros: (Lv.6-16)
>> No. 23854
File 132156430815.jpg - (59.20KB , 248x291 , miscphynx.jpg )
>> No. 23855
Huh, never thought I'd see her again.

File 13184674711.png - (55.22KB , 500x405 , totodiledelighted.png )
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This is something I've been wondering for awhile.

Let's say, hypothetically, that every Pokemon that's ever existed (up to this point) exists in one game.

If I wanted to catch every Legendary, non-evolving Mon, and only the first form of every evolutionary family (evolving them to get the second/third forms), how many Pokemon would I actually need to catch?
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>> No. 23509
Haha, it's okay. I know it's kind of a massive thing to try and figure out.

But even if someone could figure it out for just R/B/Y, I'd be greatful. I'm not trying to get any specific traits or anything, just for completion's sake.
>> No. 23511
56 Non-Evolution Pokemon

47 Legendaries
>> No. 23512
Oh I know that one.
It's 75.

File 131319392372.png - (6.10KB , 240x160 , 1701.png )
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"We've made it, you guys. Our destiny awaits us! Our goals are here! Just steps away from liberating this land, and being heroes! Now! ONWARD!"
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>> No. 23355
Mewtwo had been located just north of Cerulean. When Wayne and his team stopped by Misty's Gym to ask her if she'd seen the genetic monstrosity, she said she hadn't. But she had seen a lot of activity near the caves just outside the city. Strange noises, fog, and yet no one dared to look in its direction.

The caves were located on a peninsula, and the only entrance lay facing the water. Fortunately, Wayne was smart enough to always bring GIR with him whenever he traveled. Standing at the edge of the water, covered by the thick fog surrounding the area, they could hardly see two feet in front of them.

“Soooooo you want to travel across the waters, do yeeeeeee?” an old man's voice made Wayne jump and he whirled around to find the source of it.

He was a decrepit old beast, leaning on a gnarled wooden pole. His knees shook as he stood there, he was missing half of his teeth, and he had a wirey white beard that nearly touched the ground. He was clad only in a faded blue toga and old sandals, and one of his eyes wasn't looking at Wayne. “If ye want to cross, ye shall take my ferry,” the old man said with a cackle that sounded more like a cough than anything else.

Wayne shook his head, taking a step back. “That, ah... Won't be necessary, I have a giant sea serpent to do that for me,” he said, holding up GIR's Pokeball. “So, you can go... on your way. Please.”

Curry tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to the old man's hand. “Uh, boss?”

Wayne cleared his throat and backed up into his fire-lizard. “Oh, hey. Look at that,” he laughed nervously, a terrified smile across his face. “He has a knife! Isn't that lovely, you guys? What a nice knife! Who's up for a ferry ride?”

The boat itself had seen better days. It was wooden, and small. It could only seat two, which made Wayne nervous. He would prefer one of his ferocious monsters out with him in case the old man was leading him to a murder-hole. The ship's wood was gray with age, and it creaked as the old man paddled across the lake. Wayne wondered how this crazy fossil could see anything in th
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>> No. 23356
The interior of the cave was as dank and cold as the outside. At least an inch of water on the cave floor, just enough to soak through Wayne's shoes. “Oh- jeeze! This is ridiculous! Can't we ever go someplace nice? I heard the Sevii Islands are beautiful.”

The sound of splashing echoed through the caverns, as well as various growls and chirps of wild Pokemon. A clever idea popped into Wayne's head and he grinned, excited. “Hey! Here's a thought! I think I have a bunch of Repels in here, what if we worked our way through the cave and Mewtwo happened to be the first Pokemon we encounter? We could catch him and everyone would win there!”

Curry nodded his head. “That's a great idea! Wonder why I never thought of it...”

Wayne hunched over and swung his backpack off his shoulders. “Let's see, Potions, Potions, Revive... Don't need that,” he said, tossing the useless diamond behind him. “C'mon, I was POSITIVE I had some Repels in here!”

Ramona fluttered above him and tapped his shoulder with her foot. “Wayne, you're... gonna wanna see this...”

Wayne was still rifling through his bag when he heard a cheerful cry of “WOBBU WOBBU!” directly behind him. He froze in terror, his head slowly turning around, hoping the sound was a trick of the light or a weather balloon or perhaps even swamp gas. But no, there it stood. Rubbery blue skin, bobbing up and down on on its blob-like feet. An oblivious, yet totally joyful smile plastered over its face. It was even saluting with its flat flippers.

“Arceus. Damn it,” Wayne grumbled under his breath. He let out a long, drawn out sigh as he stood to his feet, Ultra Ball in hand. He put all his strength into the toss, the ball striking Wobbuffet in his face. It sucked the Pokemon in, wiggled three times... and clicked.

Bumper joined the party!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 23357
“Ramona!” Scott cried out. Ramona fluttered back into the air, losing her balance every so often.

“I'm alright...” she groaned. Wayne nodded in approval.

“Think you got one more move left in you?”

“Just barely.”

“Good. Hit him with Stun Spore,” he ordered. Ramona kicked up a cloud of yellow dust and flapped her wings to blow it towards Mewtwo. The spores coated him, and when he tried to move, a painful electric pulse forced him to seize up.

“Alright... I'm good...” Ramona sighed. Wayne nodded and recalled her into her Pokeball. “ZEUS!”

FOR GLORY, LADS!” the Zapdos cheered.

“DRILL PECK!” Zeus flew high, nearly to the top of the cave ceiling, and dove down into a freefall. He spun in a barrel roll, picking up more and more momentum and increasing his rotation speed. Mewtwo could barely move, but he did manage to raise his hand to catch the Zapdos by the beak. The two locked themselves in a standstill. Zeus never broke his spin, and eventually began pushing Mewtwo back. Eventually the Stun Spore robbed Mewtwo of his focus and Zeus pushed Mewtwo's hand away, piercing the Pokemon through the shoulder.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 131507637644.png - (26.67KB , 500x500 , 01.png )
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The Winds of a New Beginning -…youtube thumb

"Jack? Honey?"
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>> No. 23314

Never mind it's down again.

>> No. 23361
Okay, internet's back up, next session will PROBABLY be Thursday at 6pm again, depending on how worn out I am from the bio test. If not, then Friday at 6.
>> No. 23368
Yeahhhh this isn't happening on Thursday.


File 131155682860.jpg - (54.88KB , 652x678 , 1269358474794.jpg )
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I need pictures, pictures of Red!

Help me /pkmn/, you're my only hope.
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>> No. 23056
File 131561398673.png - (531.40KB , 600x700 , red.png )
>> No. 23058
File 131561412069.png - (646.68KB , 600x800 , underwear.png )
>> No. 23129
File 131601194384.png - (194.08KB , 806x548 , SNORNASTY.png )

File 128605312022.png - (20.82KB , 480x480 , karp karp magikarp.png )
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There is always a guy

in every Pokemon game

with five Magikarps.

I hate that guy. I hate him to death.
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>> No. 23045
As if it's not bad enough, having all those annoying fishermen scattered around the game who'll jump out at you and force you to waste a few seconds beating their Magikarp up so you can GTFO, they have to always have FIVE of the dumb things.

Why, GameFreak? Why?
>> No. 23047
They're a waste of PP, all of 'em!
>> No. 23048
On a similar note, anyone wandering around near Olivine will probably know the annoyance of

>The wild Meowth used Fake Out!


File 128601753320.png - (270.44KB , 1065x1061 , 1286001091397.png )
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And possibly clever suppositions.
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>> No. 19637
Muk is a lot closer to Hedorah.

Axeface is clearly Gomora or the giant monster from the Dexter's Laboratory finale.
>> No. 22806

Where is all this crap coming from? The tiny baby in Kangaskhan's pouch is it's offspring, which was intended to be/evolve into Cubone-Marrowak over it's mother's death. Then it could presumably be able to evolve from Marrowak into Kangaskhan when it got over it's grief.
>> No. 23046
Hey, it's what angler fish do.

File 131541972351.jpg - (642.40KB , 800x878 , 29f949cb7b39a1b1c9f38691f9b9da63.jpg )
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So, is this a perfectly reasonable party setup for running through SoulSilver, or am I just an idiot?

Feraligatr starter: now knows Crunch, Ice Fang, Slash and Surf.
Furret: Shadow Claw, Iron Tail, Headbutt and Rock Smash.
Ampharos: Fire Punch, Strength, Thundershock and Signal Beam.
Vulpix: Extrasensory, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack and Flamethrower (eventually a Ninetales with Solar Beam instead of Confuse)
Haunter: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Lick (will be Psychic) and Shadow Ball.
ExtremeSpeed Dratini with Thunder Wave (ThunderBolt), Dragon Pulse and Waterfall.
Skarmory: Cut, Fury Attack (Steel Wing), Fly and Air Cutter (Night Slash eventually)
Lake of Rage Gyarados with Bite Surf Whirlpool and Waterfall.

Also a Pidgeotto and a Weepinbell I don't know what to do with. And a totally useless Ledian who knows nothing decent except Flash because fuck caves.

Oh yeah and pictures of Lyra.

File 131472993010.jpg - (7.52KB , 240x180 , 171.jpg )
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tied up Pokemon Thread
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>> No. 22835
>> No. 22850
You mad Master?
>> No. 23103
File 131571774226.gif - (70.43KB , 411x320 , 1242624609504.gif )
...see this is why I don't come here as much

File 129944699057.jpg - (118.81KB , 500x768 , pokemon-movedeleter.jpg )
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So on this day of the fifth generation of Pokemon, with 15 years under the series' belt, I thought it would be nice to do a thread about changes we'd like to see done to Pokemon.

Surely I can't be the only one with 0 interest in Black/White, since it follows the exact same formula since Gen II with minor tweaks (now you can do three x three, oh boy!). The move from 2D to 3D (2.5D?) doesn't interest me at all, and adding another 150, half of which look like clones of previous gens, doesn't help the cause.

So what do you want to see changed about the series? What would make you buy Gray when it inevitably comes out? Or Pokemon Sky/Ground, cause they're running out of colors.
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>> No. 19615
How hard could it be to make a pokemon game?
>> No. 19623
Also we desperately need a Pokemon Snap 2.

I like this. You have a moveset and a movepool--between battles you can swap out moves in the moveset in the movepool. Maybe allow it in battle, too, but it costs you a turn and you can only swap one move. It actually adds a lot more strategy, instead of having to bruteforce your way through certain multi-battles like the E4.

Yeah, both articles were pretty shitty.
>> No. 22805
Good bye Heart scales!

File 130038053082.png - (659.57KB , 498x747 , 1300375339564.png )
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I'll just leave this here
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>> No. 19719
Damn I should have gotten here sooner.
Guess I'll just stick with boring old Dragon type then.
>> No. 19721
Psychic types, muthafucka.
>> No. 22804
Oh God, if only...

File 131379354927.jpg - (63.84KB , 375x510 , n07_0319_dpcard001lg.jpg )
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Ugh, so. This site right here, http://www.sugarshock.net/zeo/
used to have a lot of high-quality templates for Pokémon TCG cards - I remember getting stuff from it a couple years back. But apparently Nintendo's lawyers fucked them up royally and now all the links are broken, and no other site even carries templates anymore.

Any of you happen to have that stuff saved in your computers and would like to share?

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