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File 132779238769.png - (68.74KB , 500x500 , 8-start.png )
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Pokemon HGSS: Route 1 Orchestratedyoutube thumb

So, wait, uh, what was it you wanted us to do again?
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>> No. 25035
Okay, I promise next Saturday I'll do another one. Having two finals on the same day does cut down any free time though.
>> No. 25041
File 133626990426.jpg - (29.55KB , 300x300 , grumpy.jpg )
...okay I lied. I don't know when it's coming back.
Look, finals will be done by next week, so maybe then. If the job isn't fucking over times.
I'm sorry I forgot guys, I just... goddamn this business paper.
>> No. 25043
this board is pretty much dead, don't think anyone's going to miss it

File 133556382437.jpg - (252.45KB , 431x1289 , 1strunhalloffamers.jpg )
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So /pkmn/ what where your teams for your very first hall of fame entry for any/ every gen?
Pic related.

(NL= Nuzlocke)
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>> No. 25029
Very first hall of fame? Typhlosion in Silver. Anyone else was basically just for HMs and I don't remember who exactly I had. But Typhlosion did literally all the work.

In fact, that's how all my games went until Pearl.
>> No. 25030
the only two that I can remember having on my team clearly are Alakazam and Nidoqueen.
They're some of my favorite pokemon.

I do know in emerald I had a Slaking and a Spinda.
>> No. 25034
File 133568874786.png - (33.12KB , 517x357 , patchymemorypkmn.png )
Ok, this'll be hard, I gave away all of my old copies of games.
All I've got on me now is Red and White.
Gonna borrow >>25027 chart idea.

This is about as much as I can remember honestly.
No idea why I brought a lvl 15 Clefable to the league in Red.

File 133541507247.jpg - (68.20KB , 485x417 , pokeaustralia.jpg )
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Since this board is as slow as Snorlax I might as well just post my fantasy Pokemon RPG mod idea I had a while ago that'll never get made for multiple reasons. (the first being that I'm not good with the modders, the second being it's restricted to gens 1-3) so here we go...
>> No. 25010
Every type is poison type.
>> No. 25014
Not quite, but there would be quite a few poison types along with bug and water.
>> No. 25024
If you trade Buneary or Poliwag into the game then they'll replace zubat and tentacool respectively as the new "Every four steps and it appears" pokemon.

File 133520131815.jpg - (328.14KB , 800x1100 , GREEN.jpg )
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So, I've been thinking of doing something pokemon related, because I'm bored as fuck at the moment. I notice a few let's play threads here, but I don't really get the point of those. I was thinking about doing another pokemon style quest here on these boards at some point, if there was interest.

Anyhow, here's this quest thingy I did and this fanfic I wrote.


That said, I was wondering what sort of fan projects you guys have done out there. Fanart, music videos, dramatic readings of the pokedex, ect.
>> No. 24997
Well if you can draw even sort of ok you can kind of combine a few things.
You could start your own little 'webcomic' of sorts and catalog your adventures in a game of your choice. You could do something more fantastical that doesn't follow a game tit for tat (sort of an origional story), or you could do an MSPA type thing of any of the above and have posters input what happens next.

Here's something that pretty much everyone knows about, but I'll post it anyway:

I'll also see if I can get a friends Pokemon pen and paper DnD game rules to post too.

File 133437894994.jpg - (197.06KB , 1280x818 , tumblr_m2gd96EoAj1qzx87io1_1280.jpg )
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What's the point of giving a game an actual story if the story is going to be fucking stupid?
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>> No. 24948
The ice is likely just a figurative thing to keep those parts of Unova a secret for now.
It's not literal.
>> No. 24950
Do you think they'd really just slap a glacier texture on a top-down map and call it a game? The perspective doesn't even match.
>> No. 24965
Whatever this one has, there's no way it can be more grating and annoying that Black and White 1 where.

File 133156613915.png - (24.13KB , 240x640 , plus4opneningpost.png )
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As always, a journey in the Pokemon world begins in a dream... In which for some traditional reason our protagonist must reaffirm their identity and name to themselves.

So what will we be, a boy or a girl, and by what name will we go?
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>> No. 24871
File 13340081184.png - (15.48KB , 240x480 , plus4emerald_51.png )
Jethro: "Though let's take this guy along for the road."

Name the new addition to the team.
>> No. 24872
>> No. 24963

File 133404355613.jpg - (28.44KB , 809x379 , pokegragh.jpg )
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here now you can mix you monsters and graphs
>> No. 24910
Haven't looked too hard at this because it keeps having technical difficulties, but I really prefer how smogon lays out stats, especially as one of the first things on the page.

File 133247799181.jpg - (172.29KB , 1280x720 , reeking.jpg )
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Langley's Ass thread

It reeks of dragons.

File 133007249563.jpg - (112.42KB , 800x969 , realistic_alakazam_by_zeeyang-d2zamje.jpg )
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I think I've systematically wasted any goodwill I had here since any point I try to make on /co/ is met with a chorus of "You don't know what you're talking about, just stop, Genesis making Naugus crazy got me rock hard."

I need to get back to my roots. Art thread?
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>> No. 24635
Parasect. Or Ninjask. Or creepy in general.
>> No. 24739
Hey, does anyone have any good pictures of Machamp line? I really like him but finding good art of him is hard.
>> No. 24775


File 13317760602.png - (291.42KB , 1280x720 , asflk.png )
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>> No. 24728
File 133177677270.jpg - (31.81KB , 434x525 , Awesomechu.jpg )
>> No. 24732
Shows what you know
Mine was the okay one

File 128646204281.png - (333.38KB , 908x460 , it__s_not_safe____by_spookydoom-d308l4z.png )
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Choose your starter.
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>> No. 24487
Is there some more background to this or was it just that one artist?
>> No. 24689
Where does the fire one come from?
>> No. 24692
How to Train your Dragon.

File 132985920932.png - (234.18KB , 650x1060 , comic188.png )
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ITT: Awkward Zombie

Opening Topic: What does /pkmn/ think of Awkward Zombie?
>> No. 24532
Pretty good.
Next question.
>> No. 24533
I'm not gonna lie, I laugh pretty hard every time you answer a thread like this.

File 132884443683.jpg - (13.50KB , 150x150 , r4 revolution.jpg )
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I have a few questions.

Do any of you who use them think an R4 or any like product is worth buying at this time?
Do they work with B&W?
Does pokesav work with B&W?
>> No. 24491
Next question.

File 129053179946.jpg - (39.59KB , 260x240 , 1282767742740.jpg )
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Trainer Class: Lad

Mr. Mime
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>> No. 24482
File 132837209671.jpg - (332.10KB , 900x1425 , 1306788357909.jpg )
Trainer Class: Swimmer♀

>> No. 24483
You are good people
>> No. 24485

Glad you like it! :)

File 13266643569.png - (624.34KB , 903x686 , Pokemon I need.png )
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We didn't have one of these... It's rather silly that we didn't.



Black FC - 4255 2801 1739
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>> No. 24439
File 132764484262.png - (530.46KB , 903x686 , Pokemon I need.png )
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - The …youtube thumb
>> No. 24475
File 132829320052.png - (586.18KB , 903x686 , Pokemon I need.png )
This has been quite the fortuitous escapade.
>> No. 24477
You only have one (?) event-only left, so it can't be too bad.

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