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File 130312371489.png - (124.18KB , 650x670 , comic194.png )
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>> No. 26905
If I wanted to read something dark and edgy about Pokemon, I have over 90% of Pokemon fiction in existance to pick from.
>> No. 26937
File 138471588168.jpg - (271.04KB , 620x918 , flying_inkay_by_danshive.jpg )
>> No. 27039
File 139320568735.png - (1.05MB , 520x5308 , Dawww.png )
So adorable, Kinda wish I'd played all the way from the start.

File 134289914585.jpg - (129.66KB , 500x500 , 1225728543200.jpg )
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Time for a retro thread. (Gens I and II).
Post memories, nuzlocke's, comics, fanart, whatever.

I'll be going through Red when I get it back from the local game shop today (new internal battery) and if you guys want, I'll keep you up to date on my play through.
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>> No. 26483
Why are people complaining about EV training when IV breeding is a million times worse?
>> No. 26484
I just lump them together, except you have so little control over IVs I don't even bother.
>> No. 27036
Locking thread because it's being heavily targeted by a spambot. Feel free to make a new one, if you like.

File 138404859454.gif - (695.45KB , 500x250 , Gogoat.gif )
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Talk about your fancy 3d pokemon.

Also: The official guide hit, so the Sugimori artwork will start trickling out soon.
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>> No. 26997
Also Squirtle family is in the wrong place, I'll fix that later.
>> No. 27015
File 139224876384.png - (52.08KB , 747x521 , 133072035968.png )
>Battle Maison
>Aerodactly, Garchamp, Alakazam and Ampharos.

My highest cap is seventeen and now I can't get past three. Fuck you. Give me my fucking TMs.

This is why we had Action Replay.
>> No. 27037
Posting to force the main page to refresh.

File 12860836126.jpg - (479.24KB , 800x800 , 無題.jpg )
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It ain't /pkmn/ 'til you have your cheesecake.

Picking up where >>10655 left off.
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>> No. 26074
File 13641587247.png - (636.37KB , 780x960 , Misty and May ecchi.png )
>> No. 26202
The XY male protag is the cutest they've ever been.
Need more of him.
>> No. 26203
File 136864896779.png - (167.70KB , 668x673 , 664be52537f6f59cbf2b2dec3aa3e920.png )
There was actually sexual fanart of him before the girl.
Not this pic in particular, one much more lewd.

File 128850339139.png - (43.98KB , 250x155 , 099Kingler.png )
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Tell me /pkmn] What is your favorite pokemon?

Kingler is my personal favorite.
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>> No. 26969
File 138798283899.jpg - (32.66KB , 700x437 , Haunter-haunter-17825645-1680-1050-700x437.jpg )
im going to get u
>> No. 26971
File 138798825711.jpg - (367.43KB , 977x1200 , MATSUB~1.jpg )
do u think gastly is a little creepy looking dont u think. i think i do.verry creapy in deed.
>> No. 26999
File 139171557497.jpg - (236.39KB , 640x800 , Parasect Profile.jpg )
Parasect. Yeah I know his stats suck and he's got a gorillion weaknesses, but dayum if his background isn't creepy/awesome.


File 134280746146.png - (34.17KB , 695x739 , Screen shot 2012-07-20 at 2_10_04 PM.png )
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Thinking about making a Pokemon hack? Looking for tools, tips, and advice, or maybe even a dev team?
Maybe you just want to kick around ideas need help, or are just looking for some good hacks to spice up your next adventure.
Well this is the thread for you!


Advanced Map Tutorial Part 1-Map Editingyoutube thumb (Basic Advance Map editing)
Advance Map Tutorials: Part 1 …youtube thumb (Create a new map in Advance Map)
http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=117279 (Advance Map tutorial)
How to make a Pokemon Trainer …youtube thumb (How to make a new NPC trainer)
http://direct-connect.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=195659 (PKSV scripting tutorial)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 26596

And now some mods:
http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/8546459/1 ( http://www.mediafire.com/download/g7goq5ompohaz9p/AltEvoFinal.ips )
http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/8695981/1/ ( http://www.mediafire.com/?av6796ea66hll9p )
http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/8713487/9/#new ( http://www.mediafire.com/download/zcctcbazm1uccdn/YetAnotherFRHackv1.16b.zip )
Also Blaze Black and Volt White.
>> No. 26659
Liquid Crystal is apparently pretty good.
>> No. 26917
File 138406080379.png - (9.27KB , 171x210 , Untitled.png )
I don't mean to bump, but what about Gen II? For example, is there any simple way of imputing these placeholder sprites into Crystal? I've heard of Lunar Compress, but I'm not of fan of editing sprites like that.

File 13771032956.png - (1.14MB , 1920x1080 , pokemon_xy_legendaries_wallpaper.png )
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English demo of X/Y, no audio though unfortunately.

Yeah, always did think the cast of D/P/Pt suffered from having such a glut of pointless legendaries that it really watered the concept down a lot. B/W in contrast only had like one or two that didn't follow any particular themes.
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>> No. 26913
Top one looks related to Carbink.
>> No. 26915
Does tipping people do anything?

File 128612822658.jpg - (253.13KB , 720x900 , 10659004.jpg )
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We will always need one of these threads.

I'll start us off with some of the strangest I've found as of late.

Sherlock Holmes.
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>> No. 26623
File 138083007057.jpg - (206.92KB , 800x800 , Slaanesh_trainer.jpg )
>> No. 26624
File 138083009993.jpg - (96.07KB , 800x800 , 1ksons_pokeymans.jpg )
>> No. 26789
>Nurgle is the only one with a full team
Based Plegue Marines

File 137671986430.png - (246.32KB , 612x341 , RedGreenPokemon.png )
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No Words, Only Screaming.

【公式】『ポケットモ…youtube thumb
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>> No. 26617
File 138079091117.gif - (948.16KB , 500x250 , Snorlax hyper beam.gif )
>> No. 26626
I can't find a subbed download for the life of me.

Anyone want to help a brother out?
>> No. 26631

File 137861239612.jpg - (103.64KB , 700x914 , tumblr_msqikzwyDl1r10s59o1_1280.jpg )
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Satoshi is a cool guy.
>> No. 26528
I somehow doubt he actually said that.
>> No. 26529
>Whenever I get one of these rants I read it out loud
Even if it wasn't obviously a fake quote, the fact that Game Freak is able to push out new Pokemon titles at all is enough to debunk it since if he read every single one, his team would never get anything done.

File 13576422517.png - (182.64KB , 683x389 , 1357643281745.png )
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>Pokemon Stadium-ish battles.
>Full 3D.
>Abysmally shit pokemon/character designs.
>Out of colors and minerals and shit.

Eh, I'm kinda optimistic.
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>> No. 26448
There's so many Legendaries and special Pokemon that I almost want a game with no Legendaries or special Pokemon in it, but that'd probably not go over well at all.
>> No. 26449
Eh, there will always be a few "Title" Legendaries.
One of the main thing that pisses me off about this distribution nonsense is that it ruins what could have been an amazing narrative had the Pokemon been included from default.

For instance, Team Plasma revived and equipped Genesect; How awesome would it be to go into a secret lab and see the thing go on a rampage then storm off or whatever it did? There's so much flavor behind that little Pokedex entry and it's just squandered for the sake of Game Freak waving its cock about for no other reason than to say it's super secret special.

If they did more "content patches" like they did with Celebi, than I'm all for it; the short time the Pokemon are distributed over then becomes a major point of aggravation.

All in all, thank god for those GTS hacks.
>> No. 26451
Yeah I don't usually have the means for that. Sorry.

File 137134835455.jpg - (38.95KB , 640x480 , pokemon lol.jpg )
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Describe Pokemon AND Japan in one video?

>> No. 26299
File 137144344314.gif - (772.37KB , 240x136 , Fever Step.gif )

File 132382294096.png - (190.50KB , 640x480 , rf Persian anticipates collision.png )
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The Joy of Pokémon: 493+youtube thumb

Pic related; it's a screenshot.
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>> No. 26221
I will add a new link shortly. However, I noticed that the version I got is NOT the original; it must be a copy, done in a different format. That is the reason why there is so much ghosting.
>> No. 26226

Converted into .mkv without any loss in quality (I was very careful about that), while making the filesize much more manageable.
>> No. 26254
There is a torrent for this video. I honestly don't see why it isn't allowed on youtube though. I've seen accounts where people have uploaded whole pokemon anime seasons.

File 133727900847.png - (44.56KB , 200x150 , go west yound meowth.png )
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Recently I decided to watched one episode of Best Wishes on Cartoon Network.

I wish I didn't.

It was about those three Greek-themed legendary Pokémon... s fighting. And that was it: 22 minutes of them fighting. Oh yes, and Team Rocket tried to capture them and they fail as usual. And they fight again some more, and then through some... magic, they reconcile.

That's it. 22 minutes of just THAT. I have NEVER been bored by a Pokémon episode in my entire life; this was the first time. Are they running out of ideas?

For comparison, look at "Go West, Young Meowth" (pic related) and tell me that was not a superior episode with superior writing.
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>> No. 25399
Actually, there's a thought.

Remember how D/P/Pt had that exclusive "cute Pokémon only" thing that was the precursor to the HGSS walking mechanic? I'd kinda like to see them do something like a division for contests similar to that.

I won't say GameFreak would make a Swimsuit Contest for everything in the Human-Like category because they probably wouldn't, but I totally wouldn't mind if they did. Bewilderingly, that rules out Gardevoir from being in a swimsuit contest...
>> No. 26244
Um... cid Ash just meet up with Butterfree again?!
>> No. 26246
File 137044583280.jpg - (223.13KB , 800x523 , IMG_2463_zps7d29c3a9 told ya.jpg )

File 136458889966.png - (146.20KB , 967x651 , pokemon designs.png )
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I'm not sure if I started a thread on how these new designs are terrible but since it's a Pokemon board why don't we start a thread on how these new designs are terrible.
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>> No. 26168
Johto pokemon were designed at the same time as the RBY pokemon.
>> No. 26170
Are you agreeing with my point, or saying UGH DESIGNS HAVE BEEN SHIT SINCE GEN 1?
>> No. 26224
I do agree that some of the new Pokemon designs can be a bit cluttered, but everyone who lauds Gen 1 as the only generation with good designs seems to forget just how boring some of those designs were. Do you remember how many Gen 1 Pokemon were basically "The previous evolution, but three." Dugtrio is three Diglets with angry eyes, Dodrio is a Doduo with three heads and extra feathers, and Magneton is three Magnemites with a paint job. I give the newer generations credit for having more imagination.

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