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File 134325580941.gif - (2.95MB , 267x199 , fuck everything.gif )
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>Battle Tower
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>> No. 25533
I'd love to make a disgustingly hacked team just to see how apeshit the Frontier goes trying to take me out, but I think it'd feel wrong, even if it was for science.
>> No. 25534
Challenge accepted... I'll just have to add that to the list of shit I have to do.
>> No. 25543
And almost as annoying
>Never move again
>Opponent doesn't even blink

File 13400434813.jpg - (22.48KB , 320x238 , familytie2.jpg )
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Why do HMs still exist?
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>> No. 25532
How is Always Menu 3 orders of magnitude more accessible than pressing X/Start and then having a menu?

Maybe you check your Pokedex a hell of a lot more than I.
>> No. 25535
The menu system in HGSS puts your Dex, your Map/Phone/Radio, your bag, your team menu, your trainer card, the save button, and the options menu RIGHT THERE. You can access any one of them with a single tap. No fucking about having to go through your bag to get to other important shit, no fiddling about with buttons to get the option I want. They are all right there at my fingertips at all times. I can have my bike right there on the touchscreen for instant use, or berry pots, or a rod, or whatever the hell else I want to be using at a moment's notice. I can turn those god damned shoes on and off with a simple tap and never have to worry about holding the fucking B button.

I'll fully admit that the menu system could still use some upgrading, but so far it's definitely the best out of any Pokémon game I've played. By leaps and bounds.
>> No. 25536
Hell, with a few tweaks, they could've just said it was a smart phone or something.

File 134244191578.jpg - (81.84KB , 600x776 , mismagius.jpg )
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Am I the only one infuriated by event-only legendaries?

I will never have a legitimate Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Celebi or Arceus in their own respective games. Despite the fact they're IN the games already, I can't access them just because I missed an event.

I can understand promotional events, sure, but denying access to content ALREADY IN THE GAME for anyone who wasn't there at the time...that's just dickish. More than any for Arceus, whose event-only item never even got released. For no reason.
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>> No. 25375
File 134264197326.gif - (7.37KB , 350x300 , slowpokeandsadness.gif )
Didn't have to make it so personal.
>> No. 25483
I like it a lot better with wifi, if they're gonna do it at all.

I never had a link cable, so until I got a DS, I didn't have a single event Pokemon. On the downside, there's no second save slot, so if I want to play the game again and I have an event Pokemon, I either have to emulate it or buy a second cartridge.
>> No. 25496
Nintendo was the first company to do on-disc DLC: Mew.

And yeah I hate that stuff. Maybe one or two, but each game now has a freaking dozen "legendary" Pokemon that hide in the forest or something like a little pussy. Just another reason for me to give up the series until they make some radical changes.

File 134295643144.jpg - (112.01KB , 730x1095 , youngster_joey_wants_to_battle_by_calacornprince-d.jpg )
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Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy,
but here's my number
So call me maybe?
It's hard to be tough
in this region.
but here's my number
So call me maybe?
Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy,
but here's my number
So call me maybe?
And all the other Rattatas
just can't compare.
but here's my number
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>> No. 25413
File 134295787680.png - (504.11KB , 800x1324 , her_one_true_thing_by_applesattwilight-d47r89x.png )
>> No. 25414
File 134295792681.jpg - (147.35KB , 1024x734 , top_percentage_much__by_karikat-d37ada8.jpg )
>> No. 25415
File 134295797750.png - (438.26KB , 900x602 , joey__top_percentage_by_psychoticflare-d46tkv8.png )

File 134032691756.jpg - (4.59KB , 219x154 , byebyebutterfree.jpg )
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What are your favorite episodes of the Pokemon anime?
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>> No. 25255
File 13403824978.png - (924.94KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2012-06-22-00h27m36s232.png )
Go West, Young Meowth!

Pic not really related.
>> No. 25370
Can't beat the first episode.

Makes me feel like booting up Red Version every damn time.
>> No. 25371

Especially the Spearow scene.

File 134164349829.png - (950.40KB , 640x635 , movie 15 poster.png )
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Here are all the trailers

【公式】2012ポケモン…youtube thumb
【公式】2012ポケモン…youtube thumb

You guys are slow.
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>> No. 25347
Did they ever dub the previous movie?
>> No. 25348
You serious? Welp, this is unwatchable already.
>> No. 25349

File 134108391445.png - (27.45KB , 580x430 , Whitney (Mono-Normal).png )
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Much too lazy to go reviving the old thread. Starting a new one.
Now all of you stare in awe of how great I am.
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>> No. 25330
>Nidoking's on a crithax streak today
>super-effective Life Orb Sheer Force crits
>oneshotting everything
>salt everywhere
Today is a good day for Pokemon.
>> No. 25331
ffs, most of my Scrafty wins don't even come from him sweeping, just people ragequitting when he keeps Shedding their burns.
>> No. 25342
Finally, someone else who prefers shed skin.

File 132408376321.jpg - (61.97KB , 600x800 , 1324081526763.jpg )
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Are you SEEING this?
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>> No. 25264
NG+ already?... How long have you been playing?
>> No. 25265
The actual story should only take you a couple of hours to tear through. It seems like the bulk of the game actually takes place in NG+. Odd decision choice, but I can dig it.
>> No. 25271

File 128690925930.jpg - (227.55KB , 826x984 , Hulk_SMASH_by_el_grimlock.jpg )
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Intimidate/Anger Point

Meteor Mash
Bulk Up
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>> No. 25267
>> No. 25268
File 134066828958.jpg - (16.29KB , 400x300 , 160801-114360-killer-croc_super.jpg )
Rough skin

Rock Throw
>> No. 25269
File 134066903466.gif - (45.21KB , 250x210 , Coily_7705.gif )
Bad Dreams


File 133436642050.png - (261.19KB , 300x469 , tumblr_m2g3iuiA6G1qd4ci0.png )
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You’re stuck in Canalave City
No Pokemon that can learn surf or fly
You have no money
No items left to sell and all hidden items were previously found
You beat all the trainers on Iron Island (and Canalave Gym)

How do you get out? Also, are we missing something?
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>> No. 24988
Could you like, get a job?

Otherwise, hang around on the previous route, waiting for trainers to come by. Defeat them, take their money, and save up to buy a bunch of PokeBalls. Then catch a water type, and teach it Surf.

If you don't have surf then uh... yeah I don't know. Certainly all the trainers that arrive would at least have it, so you could ask them kindly to let you borrow it. Otherwise just swim (swimming is possible in the Pokemon world afterall, just not for the player). If you're not a strong swimmer, your new water Pokemon could help.
>> No. 25037
Just rob the Move Deleter. He'll forget you ever did it.
>> No. 25231
Just tweak the game of its D/P, you can do it on the brigde connecting canalave city

File 133791106285.png - (399.30KB , 1440x810 , a guy template.png )
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It comes from /vp/.

Do it justice.
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>> No. 25217
There was this thread on /vp/ about the (then) latest episode of the animu. Apparently, in it they made pkmn/hmn marriage an actual real fucking thing. That caused a huge shitstorm.

Oh yes, and this dude was in that episode.
>> No. 25222
File 133940700743.jpg - (335.52KB , 880x397 , GardevoirAndGothitelleTransformIntoJinx.jpg )

Do you have a link to this episode, or the thread if it's archived?
>> No. 25223
I secretly attempted to archive it in secret.

Didn't work.

Found the episode:

File 133640524581.jpg - (32.31KB , 400x339 , billcosbyp.jpg )
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Hey there /pkmn/
So what do you like to play?
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>> No. 25045
File 133643553782.jpg - (30.69KB , 399x341 , billcosbyp0.jpg )
>> No. 25046
>> No. 25218
That knock off that airs on nickelodeon.

File 131250925337.jpg - (101.98KB , 1010x758 , pokemon 2 good.jpg )
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Shit is lossless, so dwnld away!
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>> No. 25203
young getsis and ash in same picture. proving once and for all that ash is eternal
>> No. 25205
I really wish they aged him way back when and switched to a different protagonist.
>> No. 25206
File 133904086298.jpg - (42.17KB , 436x366 , rf Lugia kawaii.jpg )
For reasons of relative importance I re-uploaded the thing again

File 133644290728.png - (530.21KB , 659x600 , 659px-Pokemon_White_2_Boxart_JP.png )
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Okay. I haven't found one so I decided to make one, Jesus. Do I need more resons?

Now for the bulbapedia shit:

>The games were revealed on Pokémon Smash! by Junichi Masuda, and subsequently the
official Japanese and international Pokémon websites, on February 26, 2012 (JST). They are currently set for a June 23, 2012 Japanese release.
The games will feature two new formes of Kyurem that will serve as the version mascots of the games: Black Kyurem (Japanese: ブラッ クキュレム) for Black 2 and White Kyurem (Japanese: ホワイトキュレム) for White 2.
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>> No. 25180
In addition to what >>25173 said, there are generally a handful of TM's at the Department Store in each game that are worth buying. Or maybe you just want to buy the chips in the Casino to get whatever prizes that's offering.
>> No. 25183
... so ya, there really isn't much to do with money if all the good gear is locked away in the battle tower.
>> No. 25196
Vitamins you dullard. They're expensive as shit and hella useful. As long as you keep training new Pokemon instead of picking a team of 6 and sticking with them, you'll be buying new vitamins. You'll be spending 200,000 Pokedollars per Pokemon if you just wanna train up two stats.

File 131697101757.jpg - (2.24MB , 2000x1504 , 19554413.jpg )
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>> No. 23971



How real is this? I want to believe, all my money, a boy has the right to dream, etc.

Yes that is a Minun in my pocket and yes I am happy to see you..

>> No. 24025
It's definitely a fan-made thing. If it were an actual thing, you would have up to the minute coverage from me.

Which reminds me, I oughtta track down the manga adaptation.
>> No. 25058
Auch du schieße, diese Bilder sind mal so richtig geil - Sowas sieht man selten ^^
WTF, this pictures are realy cool - Something one sees rar ^^

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