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File 130705948264.png - (7.35KB , 240x160 , 1501.png )
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"Alright, here we go. Final Gym. Let's do this shit."
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>> No. 22485
We'll be there, will you?
>> No. 22497
So far things are looking good. Also, it'll be in a new thread.
>> No. 22498
It will be a little late, at 8:00 instead of 7:30. I'm going to see if doing it a bit later in the evening will keep me from having to cancel all the damn time.

File 131258082854.jpg - (38.96KB , 640x480 , Pokémon SE1 EP009 - The School of Hard Knocks_avi.jpg )
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Your face when you won your 5th gym badge.
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>> No. 22481

Powerful pokemon don't match Koga's style, his pokemon should have cool techniques that you have to think your way out of, although self-destruct isn't my idea of a cool technique.
>> No. 22482
That's why in Heart Gold/Soul Silver his round 2 Muk has no attacking moves at all.
>> No. 22484
File 131301575547.jpg - (44.30KB , 640x480 , [MnT]_Pretty_Cure_-_02_[224D95E0]_avi_snapshot_04_.jpg )

He didn't attack me much in Blue until I battled his Weezing with my Charizard, then boom... self destruct, I was disappointed, I wanted a sweep victory.

File 13122574726.jpg - (155.94KB , 409x500 , slothhands.jpg )
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the third visit 0001youtube thumb
piplup & vileplumeyoutube thumb
>> No. 22373
These are wonderful
>> No. 22460
SMOKEYMON GREEN - Route 1youtube thumb
>> No. 22466
sticky please

File 131240915193.jpg - (71.04KB , 500x283 , dissidia-1.jpg )
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Pokemon's turn based game play was inspired by Final Fantasy,


How much longer until Pokemon game play changes into a more interactive action style game? Would you still like the game even if it changes?
>> No. 22437
The spinoffs are pretty fun when they change things up. If they change the mainline gameplay, it better be done DAMN well. It's something that seems easily broken unless handled with extremely delicate care.

And of course, being a mainly handheld franchise does pose its own little problems, but that's something I honestly don't want to change at all.
>> No. 22438
Type WILD and PokePark are a step in the proper directions, I think.
>> No. 22440
>Pokemon's turn based game play was inspired by Final Fantasy,


>Released 1986


>First Release 1987

Heck if you wanna be MORE technical.


>Released September 11, 1987
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File 13027277676.jpg - (971.74KB , 1566x1100 , 18045784.jpg )
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Now with a special emphasis on the post-game!

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>> No. 22405
;_; No dream abilities for me? PvP?
Is playng with a flashcard so horribly lacking? I thought you at least could do the wifi battles, the dream world and random battles.
I mean the only feature you dont get with a flashcard is infrared right?
>> No. 22422
OH WAIT, my mistake. Sorry, I assumed you were using a ROM on your computer.
Sorry. The truth is you're actually better off, since you can use Pokesav and cheat codes on your game.
>> No. 22435
So, I can still enter the dream world? I've heard you have to register on the official pokemon site, so maybe using a fkashcart ca be a problem.
I don't want cheats, I just want to battle online, and do random battle and get dream abilities.

File 128623992529.png - (20.97KB , 215x311 , wtf.png )
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Streaming Pokemon Red for the original Game Boy, With commentary and sound from the game.

Audience picks starter and all the names of everything.
>> No. 14320

Forgot link sorry.
>> No. 22320
His belt buckle is wrong.

File 130898111762.jpg - (43.81KB , 550x700 , pmdbrt-psyduck.jpg )
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So what're you people hoping to see in Pokemon Infrared and Pokemon Ultraviolet?
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>> No. 22271
More Pokemon with high Defense and Special Attack. And a speedy Ghost with high Attack.
>> No. 22273
Wii U intergeytion and Avatar customeyesing.
Hard words are hard...
Also where is Gray?
>> No. 22287
An evolution for Mawhile
And a cockatiel based flying pokemon

File 128835697911.png - (187.10KB , 320x240 , Ho-Oh_Debut.png )
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Takeshi Shudō is credited with the creation of Lugia. He also was the cheif writer for the majority of the Original series, including the first episode, and the first three movies.
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>> No. 22259
>> No. 22263
It's from the first episode, you shitheads.
>> No. 22264
No shit

Tell me more

Was pikachu always yellow

Did Ash's hat always have red of some sort

I was just saying it was funny that in a thread remembering Lugia's creator, a picture of the opposite version mascot was used

You fucking dumbass

File 128572149578.png - (75.03KB , 435x359 , tumblr_l817m8UJvS1qzxegjo1_500.png )
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Post funny comics and shite here.
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>> No. 15507
i don't get it
>> No. 20399

Drake Fancy Ft. T.I and Swizz …youtube thumb

"you fancy, huh"
>> No. 22246

File 129337119546.jpg - (54.19KB , 484x409 , 1293346094958.jpg )
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Because I've got a considerable amount of this stuff and it's all goddamn hilarious.
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>> No. 22187
This is the greatest thing I've seen since ever.
>> No. 22215
>It looks like a Game Boy, but plays like a sandwich.
This is the most brilliantly written bootleg back ever.
>> No. 22216
That's pretty clearly written by someone who bought the bootleg, not something on its own packaging. It's far too self-aware and comprehensible.

File 130998205327.jpg - (85.90KB , 450x334 , 1303171112530.jpg )
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Why isn't Arcanine a legendary pokemon in the sense of being rare and all powerful? Should Arcanine have a 2nd stage evolution to make up for his short coming?
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>> No. 22185
File 13100724034.jpg - (113.45KB , 690x600 , 16229775.jpg )
Extremespeed, Flare Blitz, Sunny Day and Morning Sun

Not the most versatile set in the world, but it throws a lot of people off. Flare Blitz hits HARD when it's boosted with sunlight, and whatever it doesn't kill with one turn will get picked off by Extremespeed. He's even bulky enough to survive certain Earthquakes. I get a lot of "holy crap" comments when people experience it.
>> No. 22186
File 131011247164.jpg - (57.93KB , 500x642 , 058-gadhi.jpg )
Derp, I didn't even notice I did that.
>> No. 22222

File 130903926531.jpg - (53.93KB , 704x396 , [PM]Pocket_Monsters_-_Diamond&Pearl_-_612_DP14.jpg )
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How would Pokemon change if Team Rocket were suddenly defeated once and for all, or Jesse and James died?
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>> No. 22138
You mean Butch, right?
>> No. 22139
He meant Bruce.
>> No. 22140
FOOL! He clearly meant Brent!

File 130925305962.png - (2.11KB , 160x144 , dloadspoke.png )
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WDNNSB: 151 Pokedex, 0 Badgesyoutube thumb
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>> No. 22110
Okay yeah wow that was pretty awesome.
Glitch Pokemon level up in funny ways. Caught a level 130-something Snorlax once, battled him once, he leveled up to level 1, and then I'm pretty sure he evolved into a Kangaskhan.
>> No. 22121
Thanks guys.

The first pokemon in three-stage evolution families (starters, Nidoran, Gastly, etc) and also Mew have a negative amount of experience at lvl 1. The game doesn't handle negative numbers; instead it just cycles back to the biggest value it has. For example, you can never have more than 255 items or a pokemon over level 255 because it's the biggest value in that situation, so if you gain one more you go cycle back to 0. The maximum amount of experience you can have is 65,536. So, when you have a pokemon with negative experience, in lvl 1 Mew's case -53 or so, it really has (65536 - 53). Ergo, if you gain an amount of experience less than the absolute value of that "negative" experience (< 53), you don't wrap back around to zero. Because the game interprets the level based on the amount of experience the pokemon has, and the pokemon has sixty-five-thousand-something experience now, it just raises the level as high as it can.

This is why you never see any pokemon below lvl 2 in the early games.

The characters in your name change the level of the pokemon you encounter using the Old Man Trick as well as the pokemon itself, but the experience the pokemon has remains the same. On the same principal as the lvl 1 thing, you can catch a level 130 Snorlax, but it will not have the appropriate amount of experience to be level 130, so the next time you gain experience the game will update the level based on the amount of experience the pokemon has.
'M evolves into Kangaskhan, that's a different story.

All the glitches are explained (half-assedly) in the audio commentary, which is the second track on the .mkv, or a different video entirely on 00Svo's channel.
They're also explained in-depth on glitchcity.info, but that place has been under maintenance for like a year now.
>> No. 22126
Sounds like it isn't coming back. Why doesn't someone else just make a website?

File 129056961367.jpg - (95.58KB , 800x600 , 1231311387007.jpg )
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I've been waiting for youtube functionality to come back, but screw it. I'm reviving this thread because I love it.

My new bid for Mewtwo's theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOaZAZXSpos
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>> No. 22102
File 130915527894.jpg - (85.55KB , 800x744 , emboar_by_avisha-d3c5r4o.jpg )
Marvel vs Capcom 3 OST Theme o…youtube thumb
>> No. 22103
File 130919963139.jpg - (309.36KB , 1117x780 , 97d45d7fb3cccbeb2f2961c571134850.jpg )
>> No. 22123
File 130932914568.jpg - (122.38KB , 750x1000 , Shiftry_by_kimbo_demonica.jpg )
Star Wars: KOTOR Music Kashyyyk Shadowlandsyoutube thumb

File 130876071116.png - (19.11KB , 603x556 , 1307729986769.png )
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Woah, this place is actually classy. /vp/ has nothing on this place.

So, I just rolled in from /vp/, so I thought I would share this with y'all.

Steps to enjoy awesomeness:

1. Insert any Gen IV or V game into your DS/i/iXL/3DS

2. GO TO YOUR CONNECTION SETTINGS (On the regular DS, it’s on the “Continue/New Game” Menu, and on the DSi/iXL/3DS go to your connection settings on the home DS menu.)

3. ON YOUR HOME CONNECTION (or the wireless connection wherever you’re sitting right now) CHANGE THE SETTING OF THE “Primary DNS”, AND INSERT THESE NUMBERS (THE NUMBERS, MASON!):

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 21984

Actually, screw the part about doubles. I figure you guys are slower than /vp/.
>> No. 21985
Yeah, good call.
>> No. 21988
Whoa hey, good to have you here, pal. Feel welcome.

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