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File 135530708762.jpg - (248.61KB , 800x1147 , Bum Ossan.jpg )
29326 No. 29326
Wake up, you nutmegs!
It's ouuut!

Why is Aokiji so tsun tsun when everyone knows he wants to join the Strawhats?
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>> No. 29328
File 135530750469.png - (135.69KB , 855x225 , Furanky.png )
You know how we were asking where Franky through all of this?
>> No. 29329
Christ, panda scanlations are so shitty.
>> No. 29330
Wow, I actually forgot about Franky completely.
>> No. 29331
File 135530818580.gif - (37.00KB , 170x170 , This Kind of Shaking Can Never Last.gif )
beggars can't be choosers?
or, you know, you could buy Jump like me. Alternatively, wait for mangastream translations that come out half a day later.

;; samurai can't join Straws. he ded.
>> No. 29332
File 135530822685.jpg - (34.34KB , 750x438 , LAR Grizzly Magnum.jpg )
I am enjoying Oda's new found love of handguns provided this and Firehawk is accurate.
>> No. 29333
File 135530853147.jpg - (192.52KB , 800x1186 , 1355308905065.jpg )
There's nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, Panda are so shitty its seriously obnoxious.

Also OP's link is missing a page
>> No. 29334
File 135530895641.jpg - (68.18KB , 521x351 , g-5-marines-dead.jpg )
>Kinemon got shinokuni'd
>In next chapter Chopper easily discovers a cure.
What is this feeling in my gut? I couldn't possibly be hatred towards Oda...
>> No. 29335
I think you should blame yourself for actually being surprised Oda would pull this

Whitebeard and Ace were the exception not the rule
>> No. 29336
Think of it this way, it increases the chances Bon Clay is still alive.
>> No. 29337
You didn't mouse over what I said, did you?
If you don't want to read shit translations, no one asked you to?
And I never said it wasn't bad.

So like every arc other than Marineford?
>> No. 29338
Usopp's living catapult is kind of cool but it makes me sad he's completely forsaken any dials in his arsenal. He's not like the others where they just use stronger attacks, his dials and his plants could have complimented each other to an extent allowing him to use different tactics.
>> No. 29339
Why are you defending them from any criticism? If something's so bad there's nothing wrong with someone commenting upon that being the case
>> No. 29340
I wasn't suprised. More like hoping Oda wouldn't pull a stunt that.
Besides, we may be a bit ahead of ourselves. Perhaps Oda is going to let Kinemon and all those G-5's die.

Chances for that are slim to none.
>> No. 29341
I'm not defending them from criticism. We don't need parrots pointing out that mangapanda translation sucks like we do in EVERY CHAPTER THREAD (seriously). It's already an established fact hurrr. So instead of wasting space commenting HOW BAD IT IS I CANNOT UNDERSTAND POOR ENGRISH, why not talk about the chapter?

And if you pick up reading comprehension one day, maybe you will see that I didn't defend them from criticism. Rather, I offered alternatives. Not one, but two! I pointed it out because you might have missed it, along with everything else I clearly said but you seemingly haven't caught.
>> No. 29342
she's not defending them we have already established how poor mangapanda translations are we don't need to say them over again and again
>> No. 29343
Can Buffalo spin his cock, to get the ladies where they're going EVERY TIME?
>> No. 29344
Ugh, this fucking sexism on the cover is offensive.
>> No. 29345
It would be nice if Oda could elaborate on the fruits that allowed flight. Wondering if the five or such fruits that did bestow flight included Shiki's and this propeller dude's, or are these instances of "impure" flight like a logia's ability to float in the air?

Also, thank you for the missing page. That is a valid complaint.
>> No. 29346
It's a plot point for the One Piece Z movie, the subordinate baddie chick's powers don't work on you if you drink plenty of milk, in addition it builds strong teeth and bones!

There's going to be a movie tie-in with a japanese dairy company. Oda's selling out
>> No. 29348
Why isn't Robin or Nami there topless quaffing white fluid? Why is it only these buff and impossibly perfect men on display?
>> No. 29349
They were already full from swallowing loads of thick white liquid while topless, you just missed it. also lactose-intolerance, its a real shame
>> No. 29350
File 135531343372.gif - (300.48KB , 853x480 , 1353965813534.gif )
Okay, this raises a neat question.

Do you need the death or just a consequence, like would you be alright with it if Chopper treats them but there is a complication and they'll have to take a medication for the rest of their life to keep from re-gelly-statueing? Or do you want the full on death?
>> No. 29352
Seeing as the CP5 guys are nameless mooks and even samurai dude is only going to be a temporary party member them simply having to take medicine for the rest of thier life wouldn't be much of a consequence to the story.

I'm not the kind of guy asking for death simply for the sake of death personally but some of the time it gets kind of stupid and needless with people surviving stuff, like the infamous survival of Pell for instance.
>> No. 29353
Kinemon isn't dead permanently. His petrification was too off screen and unimpressive. His magic or Momo's will save him. Maybe others.
>> No. 29357
The fact that Kinemon got petrified, meaning that there's a cure for this just based on how Oda writes, is meaningless to me. I've been reading this manga for almost ten years now, to start complaining that people never die would be ridiculous. Pell surviving didn't really mean anything, since it's not like he shows up a whole lot anymore. It was just a nice little extra page to make the ending a little happier.

Whether they live or die, the gas is still absolutely horrible and a serious threat.
>> No. 29358
Tiki, we already saw that. Good chapter though, Baby's a lot less serious than I expected.
>> No. 29359
Baby 5 is amazing.
>> No. 29360
I was afraid of this. Looks like the party train is gonna keep on rolling to Dressrosa next. God damn it, Luffy, you retard.
>> No. 29361

I think what it actually comes down to, for me, is that they keep saying that the people are dead. We knew from the beginning that the old gas from the bomb took some time to work, which is why they needed to make it solidify people in the first place. I would have accepted a race to save everyone if it was clearly established as such. However, because everyone is going DEAD DEAD DEAD it changes the issue from a race against time to find and implement a cure to "Oda, not this shit again." The difference between "THEY'RE DEAD oh wait never mind" and "HOW WILL THEY SURVIVE oh, like that" is small but, in a story like this, really important. I guess if I had to answer your question I would be ok with the following scenarios:

1. After establishing that shinokuni can be cured, everyone is cured after a crazy and awesome sequence. Classic OP.
2. After establishing that shinokuni can be cured, most people are saved but they can't get to all of them in time. Sad but effective.
3. After establishing that everyone shinokuni touches dies, everyone that touches shinokuni dies. Tough but fair. You gotta follow through with your threats or else your audience isn't going to believe you.

Like, lets look at Bon Clay. He didn't die on screen. Everyone thought he died, and he made a dramatic speech and everything, but there was still a possibility that he could have escaped alive. So, when he did, I went oh cool, he survived after all! But then there is stuff like Skypeia where it's established that "unable to be heard with mantra=dead." There are a few loopholes like Luffy's thing with the snake, but overall the rule held fast. So when mantra master Enel pronounced someone dead, they should have been dead! Those were the rules Oda set up. But everyone lived. It's like, why did you lie to me Oda? The story would be worse if they were just unconscious, so why the lies?

>> No. 29362

*The story would NOT be worse if they were just unconscious
>> No. 29363
File 135533330158.jpg - (35.22KB , 312x411 , Lucci.jpg )
Am I the only one who thinks that looks a lot like Rob Lucci?
>> No. 29364
"who cares?"
Oh Luffy, you're like....the worst person to consider a pirate ally.

Also, Oda continues to surprise me with his devil fruit powers. A rotation man? The hell?
>> No. 29365
It does look like him, but it's probably not him.
>> No. 29366
I think we're all forgetting that we've seen someone survive the gas. A lone Den Den Mushi that broke its way out.
>> No. 29367

I thought it might have looked a bit like Vista and Jozu but it's probably just new dudes.
>> No. 29368
it's sabo.

Oda's colour walks make me feel so joyful.
>> No. 29369
If you have been reading One Piece at all, it should have been obvious the whole time.
Oda doesn't like to kill characters and suddenly killing off hundreds would be way out of character for him.
>> No. 29370

He already killed hundreds though. Those prisoners and newkamas that Magellan melted with Hell's Judgement aren't going to unmelt themselves. Surviving nerve poison I can see, but melting?
>> No. 29371
You know... We haven't had "The Fifth" have we? Dealing with all this could be Chopper's defining moment... Maybe.
>> No. 29372
Poison does not melt flesh. They're not dead.
>> No. 29373
File 135536265355.png - (629.88KB , 784x1142 , Black Market.png )
I copypasted this up for potential future speculation. It's from Panda's though, so it's probably shittier than the one I'm not going to remake from Stream's release.
>> No. 29374

It wasn't normal poison. It was the kinjite poison which was melting even the stone(?) walls and floors.
>> No. 29375
Uh, there's nothing stopping a poison from being corrosive man.
>> No. 29376
File 135536609471.png - (19.60KB , 253x254 , Shari_Shari_Fruit.png )
The marines had a wheel man.

Seemed pretty gimpy in comparison though.
>> No. 29387
I'm not sure about Baby 5's whole character

I think the gun gun fruit is too much of a goldmine and generally awesome power to simply give to one of doflamingo's dimb witted lackeys who will inevitably get beaten down by a Straw Hat that's probably not one the big three
>> No. 29388
Yeah, should have given it to a man so we could get a decent fight.
>> No. 29389
She'll be taken out of the fight anyway when Luffy asks her to show him all the cool as fuck gun shit she can do.

>He... he needs me!!
>> No. 29390
I'm assuming these two will get into a rumble with General Franky, then with Franky and Law, and will decide to book it with the Clown as per their bosses orders instead of getting into a drawn-out battle.
>> No. 29391
Honestly, Franky vs Baby 5 would probably be the most insane fight this series has seen. Two living weapons going at it.
>> No. 29392
I thought the gun-gun fruit would be like having your limbs turn into or guns or something, here they look like something she has on her person(not a complaint or anything, just an observation).
>> No. 29393
In her first chapter she was turning her limbs into it, she might just do both.
>> No. 29394
Her power is a paramecia fruit, the same way Mr. 3's was.

So... It's possible she can sprout weapons spontaneously the way he could wax?

But then her limbs BECOMING weapons... Hrm.
>> No. 29395
Paramecia is a catch-all category, for anything that isn't a Zoan or Logia. There aren't any qualifications other than that.
>> No. 29396
File 135544227211.jpg - (179.82KB , 783x484 , gunhand.jpg )
Really, this isn't speculation, WE'VE SEEN HER DO IT
>> No. 29397
Because a weapon Logia would be friggin' weird.
>> No. 29398
>>Turns all limbs into machine guns
>>Head into bomb
>>Tits into landmines
>>etc etc

Pretty sure that's a common fetish on 4chan's /k/
>> No. 29401
Franky vs Baby 5. Animated by Gainax.
>> No. 29402
Cyborg VS Living weapon

That's a guaranteed showdown.
>> No. 29405

Being animated by Gainax doesn't mean much anymore. All the talent left over a year ago.

Now if it was animated by Trigger, that's another story..
>> No. 29412
I was thinking Dead Leaves, FLCL, Panty Stocking style/era Gainax.

If the people from that time are gone, I don't give a fuck, I don't watch animu. I can still put that hypothetical forward.
>> No. 29414
You're such a cool cat. Can I sniff your farts a little?
>> No. 29415
Not only is that not only one era, Dead Leaves isn't even Gainax.
>> No. 29416
Absolutely. Nothing would make me happier than your face in my buttocks if it kept your virtual mouth shut.
See the statement in question. If I cared/watched I woulda known whatever you're saying. Fuckin I.G., Clamp, whatever. That one gooktoon where the bullets are all sloppy.
>> No. 29420
baby 5 can turn into more than just guns. She can turn into ANY weapon. Her hands turn into swords and an axe when she's trying to kill doflamingo.
>> No. 29421
which is why it's a waste of a power unless Baby 5 plays more of a role then Doflamingo's assassin who gets beaten by a random straw hat

Not necessarily nakama, but something more. The potential of the fruit is too big for a jobber
>> No. 29423
File 135573385250.jpg - (9.12KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )
Broken fruit =/= Unbeatable fighter

It's been a very obvious part of the story since Whiskey Peak.
>> No. 29424
It sounded like his point wasn't "Broken fruit," it was "interesting fruit." I.e. "This fruit is too interesting to have the user only present in a single arc."
>> No. 29425
You're putting a lot of false significance on a shitty fruit. Ooh, yeah, it makes you able to sprout things that everyone in the fucking world has!
Oh, you can make swords. Too bad that an entire subset of Fruits are immune to it naturally, too bad that it'll never be as hard or sharp as someone else with more character's, too bad some fruits are just immune period.
Oh, you can make guns. See above! Guns are the shittiest of shit tier weaponry in One Piece. Even fucking slingshots are better. If they're not flat out avoiding the bullets, your targets are just as likely to be resistant or flat out immune to them.

Sir. Every fruit has this potential you're clamoring that the Weapons Fruit does, and then some.
>> No. 29426
File 135574930816.jpg - (29.09KB , 314x246 , King of pirates.jpg )
Benn Beckman, Yasopp and Gold Roger disagree with you.
>> No. 29427
Her powers work as she creates weapons from her body like Galdino creates wax right? I wonder how permanent their creations are...

Just for the sake of conversation on uses of their fruits outside of simply fighting, for example if someone had the weapon fruit could they use it to go into work as an arms-dealer?
You never see the ones with fruit powers like that get tired from their use, seems like they could find a storage area and churn out a large amount of weapons for no cost then sell them to groups for a large return.

As for wax generating and moulding you could do all sorts of non-combat work.
Like with his hideout he made on Little Garden being able to whip out wax houses would be good in an emergency situation though less-so as a permanent housing solution with the downsides the material has.
>> No. 29440

It looks like she is just able to transform parts of her body into weapons, and it just so happens that she is also effective in using some other weapons that she carries around normally.

I guess we'll see what her powers actually are later.
>> No. 29446
Second to a man with one arm and a sword
Has done nothing impressive on screen, it's just implied he's good because he's on Shanks' crew
>> No. 29447
File 135577789434.png - (141.83KB , 448x337 , Senriku.png )
Oh, so only captains count? I suppose bringing up this bastard shouldn't mean much then.
>> No. 29448
Now you're just being silly and contrary, there's no logic there at all.
You might as well claim Whitebeard is dead so that means he was very weak, heck he was finished off by pistolfire in the end so in your worldview that would make him the weakest warrior ever.
>> No. 29449
File 135577967938.png - (286.44KB , 367x450 , Daddy_Masterson.png )
Honestly silly and contrarian's all he's got. Guns have never been absolutely worthless when held in the right hands.
>> No. 29458
>Every fruit has this potential you're clamoring that the Weapons Fruit does

This is the important part anyhow. No great loss on interesting DFs. We don't even know Baby 5's full involvement in the plot so save the doom talk for later.
>> No. 29470
We just know that Gol was good, we honestly don't know how. Whether it was through some mysterious fruit, or some hidden knowledge, or whatever. Calling him as an example is pretty fuckin' stupid. That he has a pistol in one panel or so doesn't mean guns don't suck. Doesn't mean he was good because of the gun. Doesn't even mean he was good at guns.

Yeah, right up until he gets beat by Usopp and a slingshot.

This guy gets it.
>> No. 29472
Except he didn't get beaten by Usopp at all, Usopp ran away from the duel, then when he finally returned Masterson instead challenged him to hit a distant target with his slingshot.

And how do you miss points so badly? Are you just looking to get into arguments?
>> No. 29474
I said "gets" not "got".
If you think that's the end of their interactions and there's no eventual fight, I wonder whatchusmoking.
>> No. 29475
Just because Beckman is second to Shanks doesn't mean guns are worthless since Shanks is one of the most powerful men in the world even with one arm. That is not a proper argument in any form.
Saying Yasopp hasn't been featured fighting is fair enough to say we don't have a proper handle on his prowess but still he's one of Shank's top guys and he only needs pistols so it hardly means you can't use guns and be a strong fighter in one piece.
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