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File 135585434361.jpg - (147.05KB , 474x432 , miss goldenweek.jpg )
29483 No. 29483
This just hit me the other day and hasn't left me alone.

What the heck were her powers all about?
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>> No. 29484
Magic colouring powers

Or drugged paint
>> No. 29485
It's canonically supposed to be similar to hypnosis. REALLY EFFECTIVE hypnosis.
>> No. 29509
Blew my fucking mind to learn she didn't have a Devil Fruit.
>> No. 29510
Further proof that Devil Fruits aren't necessary to do cool shit in the One Piece universe.
>> No. 29515
Its the same "power" that Jango and Brook possess with their forms of hypnosis.
>> No. 29550
Yeah its hypnosis. Though at the same time its sort of an odd form of hypnosis. People can grasp being affected by the classic "swinging shiny thing" and vocal commands or being put to sleep by hypnotic music. Its just her form of painting different coloured symbols on your body causing your emotions to change seems more like actual magic.
>> No. 29555
Jango's hypnosis actually might be a Devil Fruit, considering his backstory. It'd be the weirdest Devil Fruit ever though.
>> No. 29570
File 135602525145.jpg - (71.58KB , 177x578 , Spiel.jpg )
There's only one master of magic in One Piece or at least... in a previous version of One Piece
>> No. 29571
It....wasn't a devil fruit? I thought you needed a devil fruit to be in crocodiles top 5.
>> No. 29573
No, you just needed to be very good at assassination. Mr. 4 didn't have a Devil Fruit either, and he was considered stronger than Mr. 3.
>> No. 29578
I thought mr 4 got a pass because his dog had a fruit. Or rather, his gun ate a dog fruit. No matter.
>> No. 29579
I thought mr 4 got a pass because his dog had a fruit. No matter.
>> No. 29581
Vivi specifically said that Crocodile's top 5 all had devil fruits

Although I guess maybe that doesn't count females
>> No. 29582
Of course women don't count, that goes without saying.
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