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File 135343370798.jpg - (166.37KB , 800x1137 , one-piece-3711087.jpg )
28864 No. 28864

Brownbeard is crying up a storm and just wants to protect his people.
>Your face when you realize Brownbeard is like Vivi and Shirahoshi
>Your face when you realize Brownbeard is this arc's princess
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>> No. 28865
File 135343589348.png - (720.86KB , 1000x653 , Biggu-Mammu-chima.png )
>S.A.D. is the main ingredient in making "Smiles"
>"Smiles" are man-made Zoan devil fruits
>Doflamingo is selling "Smiles" to Big Mom
>The "Beasts of Big Mom" is an army of unnatural, wild Zoan users
>Pekoms being an example

Suddenly things start to fit in together and make sense. The Emperor Law and Luffy are going after is undoubtedly Big Mom now.
>> No. 28866
Damm that screenshots scary. Makes me think of Berserk for some reason.
>> No. 28867
I like that we are expanding on devil fruits and how they can be manipulated and artificially mass produced, but did it have to be zoans? Seems like Oda already did that with shiki and cp9 and half the time it's lame.
>> No. 28868
Shiki didn't even have a single Zoan, did it? Zoans is the only one you can really make an army of without making each one SUPER unique. Logias would be terrifying and Paramecia is just random as hell.
>> No. 28869
Maybe because artificially making fruits that turn you into animals is EASIER than making kinds that give all sorts of random powers?

And its pretty obvious the hundreds of fake-zoans aren't all going to be major characters, mainly more like groups of special-soldiers.
>> No. 28870
Yeah, turning people into animals does just kind of seem easier than something like a logia or paramecia. But based on Monomosuke they aren't perfect.
>> No. 28871
so... did deer girl died?
>> No. 28872
yeah, that is exactly my point. All of these Zoan users are most likely going to be just that, fodder. And the whole idea of turning one into a zoan does not seem all that threatening or useful in the new world. Well, unless they can fly or are of the mythical or ancient variety. Seems just better to have made artificial haki pills.

but hey, maybe because they are artificial we'll get something completely crazy.
>> No. 28873
>>Artificial Haki Pills
That is dumb, you are dumb.

Being able to make knockoff-Zoan fruits makes alot more sense, and its still a pretty big force multiplier when you can make your soldiers into superbeasts.
Look at CP9, they kick ass with martial arts, but many of them are stronger when they transform into their beastforms.
It makes sense they would be valuble commodities to someone who wanted to buff their army.
>> No. 28874
Who now?

Willpower in a pill? Bit of a stretch.
>> No. 28875
File 135344021491.jpg - (159.30KB , 766x305 , nriekx6w.jpg )
So, uuh.. look where Caribou just landed himself.
>> No. 28876
nah, bro. nah.

retaining the ability to swim, being able to raise all of your senses above "zoan" levels, or even super human levels, and have defenses to beat logia users, dumb? Don't see it.

If cp9 proved anything, it was that fruits alone don't make you stronger. The idea of becoming animalistic and raising your physical prowess is actually not seeming as great as it was before the introduction of haki or the new world. And haki pills not making sense? this is one piece. It could be pulled off.
>> No. 28877
File 135344073983.jpg - (111.42KB , 753x407 , Smiles.jpg )
You now realize "Smiles" have been foreshadowed as far back as Sabaody and even further in Jaya. "This is the New Age of 'Smiles', Bellamy"
>> No. 28878
You're missing the point, 'haki in a pill' is a stupid concept because it makes no sense with whats been seen so far while being able to create man-made versions of zoan-like fruits is more plausible
>> No. 28881
that wasn't point. Point was that it would be more useful. That's all I said. Now is it dumb? yeah. totally. But so is this SAD SMILE thing.
>> No. 28882
No, haki is useful, putting training of your spirit in a pill is stupid. You might as well give them a Bottle of Rokushiki. Devil Fruits are instant consumable permanent powerups: Zoan types may not be quite as INSANE as the best Logias or Paramecias, but they're free power and that's nothing to scoff at.
>> No. 28883
What about Gold Roger in a Can

One sip and you become the strongest pirate to ever live,

makes about as much sense.
>> No. 28885
>new chapter full of awesome revelations and shit
>you morons start arguing about "haki pills" and which type of fruit it strongest

I hate this place.
>> No. 28886
There's one person who started that, all you're doing is making it worse.
>> No. 28887
It feels like a better translation is gonna make this chapter way better, as there's some good lines that are just shittily laid out.
>> No. 28888
Yeah...panda is quick but they aren't the best, and the way they slap thier logo on things is kind of obnoxious.
>> No. 28889
I imagine they're mass producing Zoans because it's the only fruit they can reproduce and use without killing the dudes

Even their zoan fruits are apparently flawed. The first couple dozen artificial logias probably ended up with the soldiers melting into immobile puddles of <element> and not being able to reform or do shit
>> No. 28890
Deer girl who? The only chick who seems to be in peril at the moment is the little girl who swallowed all the drugs and I can't see why she'd be referred to as such

Brownbeard has been going through alot since he first appeared though, he sort of deserves it for being a bloodthirsty conquering pirate so I honestly don't feel too bad for him.
>> No. 28891
Alright, ignoring the first half of this discussion. Do you guys think this coming arc will have chopper receive his "the Fifth" chapter? And I wonder if it's possible for one of the strawhats to temporarily eat one of these fruits as well.
>> No. 28892
>>And I wonder if it's possible for one of the strawhats to temporarily eat one of these fruits as well.
One of the crew with or without a DF?
Hmm wonder if its possible since they are counterfeit fruits they would react differently than normal to someone who has a DF and ate one, or if their effects can be 'undone' or 'cured' once you've consumed one.
>> No. 28893
File 135344799444.jpg - (43.92KB , 173x408 , 3.jpg )
she got left out in the cold
>> No. 28894
Why do you say "temporarily"? Nothing has so far pointed to the effects of these fruits as being temporary. Aside from their unnatural creations, they seem to act and work just like any other regular devil fruit. If anything, I'd say their only defective downfall seems to be some sort of hypnotic tie-in to Doflamingo. Maybe. Who knows; gotta wait to see more.
And yes, it's all pointing to a rather Chopper-centric arc or plot coming up. Patient about to die under his watch and a possible saga full of man-made Zoans? I'd say his "fifth" is just around the corner. As dark as it may sound, I really want that Mocha girl to die. It'd make for great character development.

Deeru-chan only served to introduce Robin's winter clothes. They mobbed her, ruthlessly stripped her down and left her out to die in the snow. Robin is a monster.
Deeru-chan might be the next nakama, though, so keep an eye out.
>> No. 28895
>> I'd say their only defective downfall seems to be some sort of hypnotic tie-in to Doflamingo

He's a snake, relying on his product to enhance your soldiers seems like hanging a blade above your head...
>> No. 28896
Doflamingo's entire character motif is controlling other people against their will. This is even more apparent when it was shown he controls even his own crew mates, who (at least one) hate him and are out to kill him. Is it really that far fetched that he'd add hypnotic/supressive effects to the artificial fruits he's making and selling in his factory? I'd be surprised if he didn't.
>> No. 28897
I know, I was agreeing with you. Its likely going to be a plot point that he put a method of controlling people into these things. I wonder if it will be revealed by someone using such warriors against him and he suddenly commands them to turn and attack.
>> No. 28898
If this arc is Whiskey Peak, and Doflmingo is our new Crocodile, then Law is our new Vivi.

>> No. 28899
If wano is out next destination, I would say that kinemon is our Vivi.
>> No. 28901
a couple of interesting reveals, poor chapter overall though and brownbeard has no right to be taking up half a chapter of anything at all
>> No. 28902
Doflamingo is not "the new Crocodile." The overarching villain here is still Big Mom. Almost everything major behind the scenes keeps linking back to her. The food chain is CC, Dofla, then BM. So if you want to put it on those terms: Big Mom is Crocodile and Doflamingo would be Wapol.
Assuming they even get to fight/meet Doflamingo at all in the recent future. Which I doubt.
>> No. 28904
Heh. BM.

So MANGASTREAMS OUT! I can't link to it as I am currently mobile.

Thoughts on this chapter, dunno about you guys but goddamn is it satisfying that Luffy's showing up, taking names, punking fools at top speed.
>> No. 28905
I do find it really interesting that Luffy is acknowledging he's made a career out of stomping fools like Cesar. Usually the Strawhats don't really brag about their past exploits.
>> No. 28906
Its not really bragging, its more stating the obvious
>> No. 28907
I like Mangastream's version of that better. It's not bragging that they've done it in the past, but rather that Luffy always knew he was going to have to take out guys like that if he was going to become Pirate King. He's not backing down just because some big pirates tell him to.
>> No. 28908
>> No. 28909
File 135352979098.jpg - (236.80KB , 887x905 , 127275873964.jpg )
Haha well really sucks to be Brownbeard but hell what goes around comes around
>> No. 28912
I shed no tears from him. Guy has no problem murdering and pillaging, but I'm supposed to feel bad because his crew got left to die in the cold and shinokuni? pfah.

Makes sense to mass produced zoan types though. They allow your crew to become physically stronger without threatening to captains power. Also, probably easier to make.

Have we decided wether or not creatures like bepo and pekoms were animals that ate their own zoan type fruit or from an island or tough anthro-animals?

I can't remember the arguments for or against either. The 4 gaurdians in impel down were awakened zoans right? They're couldn't talk though.
>> No. 28919

I'm pretty sure Pekoms is probably one of the mass-produced Zoans. Caesar said that at least one Yonkou has taken advantage of Doflamingo's wares to mass produce a crew of manimals and given what we've seen thus far of her crew I'm assuming he was talking about Big Mom
>> No. 28920

I kind of hope Bepo is just a talking bear and not a Zoan though, that would be pretty amusing.
>> No. 28921
File 135355044756.png - (435.31KB , 450x600 , 13664912_m.png )
Bepo is Bepo, no matter what!

Man...I hope he;s okay though, we've not seen him at all after the timeskip...
>> No. 28922
He's a lion, but yet, he has a shell? What kind of beast is both lion-like and possesses a turtle-like shell, is he some sort of chimera? Might be possible, who knows what some of these artificial fruits resulted in.
>> No. 28923
The best (and perfectly legitimate!) compromise is that he's just a talking lion, but he ate a turtle Smile and can now switch between lion, turtle, and turtle-lion forms. Or he could be a talking turtle, etc.
Both work.
>> No. 28924
He's most likely just an anthro, considering he never reverted and his love for female bears. Remember the Hiking Bear from Drum Island?
>> No. 28925
Haha, yeah.

>DoFlamingo would be Wapol
Naw man. Remember how Oda made Wapol mostly to make a contrast with Kobra to make it clear who was a terrible king and who was a morally ambiguous one? I feel that Oda is doing the same with Ceasar, being there to create a contrast with Vegapunk and highlighting he's not and evil scientist.

I don't think those people are the same as Crocus. He seems to have petals while the villagers appear to have feathers that didn't grow form their bodies.
>> No. 28926
"I've had guys like that...in my crosshairs from the beginning!!!"
Damn, I love One Piece. Especially Luffy :)

So, why do people assume that Big Mom is the one who has the zoan-produced army? Yeah, I can see Pekoms being one of those msoldiers, but Cesar didn't give out the name of which Yonkou specifically. This is Oda keeping it a secret to make it a big reveal. My money is Kaido being the one with the mass produced zoan army

I don't even understand how Dof would be the new Wapol. How does that make sense?
>> No. 28927
I like the idea of Doflamingo profiting off a Yonko and remaining his own man, not just being one of her numbers

It's been said that the best way to survive in the New World is to either work with a Yonko or specifically go after one

>> No. 28929
Wapol was the independent villain of his own independent arc that has absolutely nothing to do with the Baroque Works saga while being part of the Baroque Works/Crocodile saga. I hope this has been cleared up for you.

As for why it's Big Mom:
1: She's the only one so far we've seen with animal themes to her crew; Kaido's seem to be robotic.
2: Tamago explicitly states she will let loose her army of "wild animals" upon any island that doesn't pay.
3: Like I keep fucking saying, we're in her whole saga/story arc; everything is gonna link back to her. Luffy doesn't even know who Kaido is, so why he'd agree to take him on and kidnap people to harm his operations is beyond me and reason.
>> No. 28930
Doflamingo's really gone up, yeah. He almost feels above the entire system of checks and balances the Yonkou and the World Government are setting up, all in secret while he keeps huge power as a Warlord. He's practically more dangerous than Blackbeard at this point.
>> No. 28931
I like the idea of Big Mom having an army of zoans as her crew.

Also stop saying it's Kaido. Oda is obviously saving Kaido for Moria's desu comeback arc.
>> No. 28933
He no doubt IS more dangerous than Blackbeard in a sense because all of his hidden plots and resources, and he seems to have a pretty deadly DF and fighting skills to boot.
Though as far as I gather he doesn't have any interest in One Piece? That would be the thing that makes Blackbeard a more likely 'final boss', plus the fact he's a dark contrast to Luffy in his outlook.
>> No. 28949
Crack Theory: The Emperor with the army of Zoans turns out to be Buggy. He's a government-sponsored emperor for the Marines in the new world, and the Zoan-army acts as his "muscle" as buggy himself only has his massive CHA stat going for him.

Also I don't give a fuck about Brownbeard but I am sad that Deer-girl is possibly dead. She was super kawaii.
>> No. 28950
Isn't Buggy a Warlord?

Blackbeard took Whitebeards spot in the 4 Emperors.
>> No. 28951

I don't know if we've ever seen what happened with Buggy after being contacted by the government via den den mushi.
>> No. 28952
Surely you meant 'letter'?
>> No. 28954
Crack indeed.
>> No. 28955

pfff, like I remember. It was several story arcs ago.
>> No. 28956
its' pretty obvious. He was visited by a messenger bat, which brings sichibukai related news.

Also, we've only seen pekoms. The other members of Mom's crew haven't shown any animal traits. Mostly wonderland type traits.

I hope the fake zoans are weaker than true ones. The Zoan's we've seen so far have been pretty strong.

And while we're on the whole animal thing, is Pappug the only talking animal we've seen in one piece?
>> No. 28957
If you count the third movie, we've seen dozens. If not, I don't recall any.
>> No. 28958
File 135378192680.png - (197.38KB , 294x256 , 1349387330722.png )

I think Pappug might actually be a fishman. I mean, I could check but.. ehh.

Also Pekoms and Beppo are both talking animals. (Pekoms being a talking lion that ate a turtle fruit. You guys forgot that pretty quickly wow.)
>> No. 28959

Yes, it sure has you condescending prick. I don't know how you think you know it all and act like your superior for having you own fucking personal theory that makes you somehow better than others, so don't be
> Like I keep fucking saying,
because you don't know and nobody knows for sure unless you happen to be fucking Oda. You shithead
>> No. 28960
Pappug was just a starfish that didn't realize he wasn't human until he had already learned to talk because of a Japanese pun. He's not a fishman. We don't know what Pekoms is. Maybe he's really a lion who ate the turtle fruit. Or maybe he's some sort of lion-turtle zoan. Or maybe he's a turtle-zoan in a lion suit. We really just DON'T KNOW.
>> No. 28961
Pappug is just a regular starfish that learned how to talk. As for Bepo and Pekoms, people think they might be a race of talking furry people from some island.

Do you need your insulin shot or something? Calm down, kid; this is the internet. Maybe if you weren't retarded I wouldn't have to sound so condescending by default.
>> No. 29055
Oh go sit and spin. You calling me a retard because you got told? You idiot, if you weren't acting so fucking high and mighty you'd be better respected and this would be a better place. It's a fucking comic, but you have to put on your big bitch boy pants on because your theory is better than everyone else. This is the same kind of shit that tears this board apart.
>> No. 29056
This ain't the place for the pair of you to dance and flirt.

Just fuck already.
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