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21676 No. 21676
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>> No. 21677
I'm probably the only one excited about this, but.. well, I am.
>> No. 21679
No, you're not the only one. Jason Liebrecht really needs to work on his Lucci, though...
>> No. 21685
>> No. 21686
oh fuck yes My favorite arc, I love me some Franky and CP9. Can't wait for the DVDs.
>> No. 21688
Is there some sort of list out with the voice actors for the new characters? I can't say I'm familiar with this Jason.
>> No. 21706
He's the guy who played Lucci in Unlimited Adventure.
>> No. 21769
Does Funimation dub the filler arcs?
>> No. 21773
Yerp. They ended their last run in the semi-final episode of G-8.
>> No. 21807
>Luffy vs Usopp
>set up for Enies Lobby

Can't fucking wait.
>> No. 29556
So what does /OP/ think of the official Franky dub
Franky - FUNimation dubyoutube thumb
>> No. 29557
No complaints
>> No. 29561
Bah! Not as good as the 4kid's Franky~

Franky vs Nero 4Kids Dubyoutube thumb
>> No. 29562
Expectantly generic.
Funi's cast is getting stale.
>> No. 29565
File 135602237166.gif - (1.70MB , 200x124 , FUCKYOUKICK.gif )
>> No. 29567
I wish Funi wasn't forced to stick with all of the hastily picked Video Game VAs

Their Foxy voice was fucking spectacular
>> No. 29568
its just not.....super
>> No. 29572

It sounds like his Japanese VA honestly.

Well no. It sounds a bit deeper than his Japanese VA.
>> No. 29574
Yeah, I envisioned Franky with a less gruff voice.
>> No. 29575
They have a limited stable of voices we hear over and over. It's tired and I'm tired of hearing them.
>> No. 29590
Its not like they aren't hiring new voice actors

A they hired a tripfag off /co/ just a few months ago
>> No. 29594
Man, why is Kokoro no Chizu still untranslated

This makes me doubt that this'll ever get picked up by Toonami
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