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File 131746782057.jpg - (51.58KB , 300x402 , 8dh4qn5x.jpg )
21153 No. 21153
Are there any things which DIDN'T happen in One Piece, but you wish had?

For me, it's Zoro vs Sarquiss

When the Strawhats first got in Jaya, I was convinced that this fight was gonna happen, since it was both Luffy and Zoro who got dissed by the Bellamy Pirates.

I'd like to believe that there's still a chance for it to happen, but I really don't see Sarquiss ever coming up or being relevant again
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>> No. 21154
I forgot how big the dude was.
>> No. 21155
Sarquiss seems like a punk and nothing special as an enemy swordsman, he'd go down like a bitch just like Bellamy did and really they had more important things to be doing
>> No. 21156
This. And the fact nothing about Sarquiss even screamed "swordsman". He had two bitch machete things and you only even remembered him again cause of that other thread.

>> No. 21157
Didn't he just have the one big knife, and its Helmeppo that has two similar large kukiri-style blades?
>> No. 21159
Considering other One Piece characters, he seems pretty normal sized to me.
>> No. 21172
>Sarquiss seems like a punk and nothing special as an enemy swordsman, he'd go down like a bitch just like Bellamy did

Maybe so, but I still would have liked to have seen it.

>and you only even remembered him again cause of that other thread.

>> No. 21182
So he sucks and is irrelevant. Counter-bump.
>> No. 21185
File 131761469267.jpg - (155.45KB , 900x1145 , Waipa_by_Raynehawk.jpg )
Guys, the point of the thread isn't Sarquiss, it's what you wished happened in One Piece. Calm down.

Personally, I'd have liked to have seen Wiper get a legit hit in on Ener. He had his moment with the seastone, but then that got invalidated by Ener's heart restart.
>> No. 21187
He DID get a legit hit on him. He fucking killed him.

It's just that Eneru was a godhax cheater.
>> No. 21190
This. By all accounts he won that .. It's just you never really win when you're fighting against a godmod.
GET IT?! God .. mod? Enel? Godmod? God -- o-okay.
>> No. 21191
That chapter 574 had a more relevant cover.

And that the title was a little more vague than "Portgas D. Ace Dies".
>> No. 21192
I wish someone from Don Krieg's crew got a cover story.

It's weird how they didn't, considering how people from each of the other arcs in the East Blue did (besides Loguetown if I remember correctly).
>> No. 21196

we didn't see a lot of the antagonists.
>> No. 21197

I'd be willing to bet a cover arc involving him would've been hilariously silly.
>> No. 21203

No, but we had Coby and Helmeppo from the Captain Morgan arc, Buggy from the Buggy arc, and Jango from the Kuro arc.

But no one from the Krieg arc.
>> No. 21206

I thought we saw the all new Baratie
>> No. 21207
I think he's talking specifically about bad guys.
>> No. 23134
Robin getting a good fight pre-timeskip.

One where she'd be pushed to her limit.

Oda needs to stop holding her back. She could be a beast if he let her.
>> No. 23135
>I really don't see X ever coming up or being relevant again
>One Piece
>> No. 23140
Stand by for the grand "Sarquiss" arc. He comes back with nothing but bitter vengeance in mind! Will the Strawhats survive?
>> No. 23141
File 132607129456.jpg - (43.03KB , 640x480 , NamiBellemereNojiko.jpg )
I wish they'd gone and gotten Bellemere out of Arlong's far-away hidden prison before they left the East Blue. I suppose Nojiko did it on her own, though, but it still seems inconsiderate of Nami...
>> No. 23142
.. w-what?
But Bellemere is ... she's .. ; ~;
>> No. 23143
You guys didn't notice Sarquiss talking to Big Mom in the last chapter? The 'big knife' kind of gives it away.
>> No. 23144
I didn't watch the 4kids version, but I'm guessing this is some sort of reference to the 4kids version. They probably cut it and said Bellemere was going to prison in that scene or something.
>> No. 23145
Got it in one.
>> No. 23146
He's not the only one who uses a 'big knife', Helmeppo for instance uses two.
>> No. 23151
Well it's hard to get people out of The Shadow Realm.
>> No. 23205
Hancock joining the strawhats......the possibilities are mind boggling...
>> No. 23208
Oh Hell No
>> No. 23238
that is some complete bullfucking sh--ok I expected this. I guess nami also just kinda....punches the tattoo on her arm?
>> No. 29173
nah, they just remove the scene entirely
>> No. 29174
Still waiting for Gin to return in some small way
>> No. 29235
I would REALLY have liked a few things for ussop. It would have been awesome if he found a way to make his kabuto eat a beetlefruit, so he could fly it into battle.

I would also have liked him to take home some cloud dial shoes, allowing him to scoot all over the place like the shandia warriors.
>> No. 29236
I would've liked it if Dials were still a thing.
>> No. 29237
Yeah that sucks, instead of using them both Ussop seems to have completely ditched Dial-based attacks for these new plants?
>> No. 29238
I think Pop greens are way more versatile, easier to carry and he can reproduce them.
>> No. 29239
Don't get me wrong, I love the Pop Greens, and they're a good way to keep Franky and Usopp from both being the "tech" guys. I just think the Impact Dials were the coolest weapons.
>> No. 29240
I'd imagine he probably still carries an impact dial around for emergency/close-range situations.
>> No. 29241
File 135485225266.jpg - (63.48KB , 639x359 , Jyabura_vs_sogeking-Usopp_.jpg )
I wish this fight would have actually happened. I know that Usopp eventually got to fight a devil fruit user on Thriller Bark, but I was so ready for a Sogeking vs. The Wolf battle.
>> No. 29242

What does Usopp fighting a Devil Fruit user in Thriller Bark have to do with the great and powerful Sogeking?
>> No. 29243
Usopp didn't even beat Perona, it was Sogeking doing some bizarre form of astral projection

That whole part was pretty confusing, I wonder if Oda will ever clear it up.
>> No. 29244
Not sure if serious...
>> No. 29245
>That whole part was pretty confusing, I wonder if Oda will ever clear it up.
My theory is that it's a special form of haki that's only available to the absolute best of friends

Obviously Usopp and Sogeking qualify
>> No. 29246
Man Usopp was screwed in Enies Lobby. Every single combatant there was exactly his weakness: it's hard to be a sniper against a martial artist inside.
>> No. 29248
Yeah, but he did save Robin in the very end. Still, it's odd that he didn't get his own fight. Everyone else got one.
>> No. 29249
I guess if CP9 had one guy who specialized in super long range Shigan.


>> No. 29250


>> No. 29253
No, it was good for the story that he didn't have anybody he could one-on-one. Half of his conflict during Enies Lobby was the fact that he couldn't keep up with the others physically, and because of that he thought he was considered useless and wouldn't be part of the crew. Instead he learned that not everybody has to be part of the Monster Trio to be considered worthy of the Strawhat name: his ability to snipe Spandam from so far away he couldn't even be seen is much more important a victory than any CP9 member would have been.
>> No. 29255
Fuck that noise, put him t work on an eye for Zoro.
>> No. 29256
File 135490018054.jpg?spoiler - (163.06KB , 1000x749 , 2exykgy.jpg?spoiler )
But why? Zoro would have to remove his Sharingan
>> No. 29260
That wasn't funny the first 2,000 times. Why would it be any different now?
>> No. 29261
Yer just mad because when Zoro busts out his Eye of the Hawk it'll be like SO AWESOME.

Mihawk will show up with an eyepatch in his post-timeskip appearance
>> No. 29264
it'll give him xray vision and heat beams and he wont afraid of anything
>> No. 29266
I still say Mihawk's in his closed eye. And when he opens it, Mihawk's gonna pop out and fight him.
>> No. 29268
File 135493096258.jpg - (30.67KB , 515x349 , spgeking identity revealed.jpg )
You retards still haven't figured this out?
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