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File 135584006622.jpg - (271.37KB , 1290x959 , 02.jpg )
29469 No. 29469

Look's like bepo's not dead after all. Akainu looks like he's got a nice little mustache too.

>It seems as though there's a kill everyone button in this chapter.
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>> No. 29471
For those of you who don't like the other one.
Chopper may be in a stiff competition for cutest talking animal if Bepo ever shows back up. Look at his cute angry face there.
Didn't know Franky was a Captain America fan, as well.
>> No. 29473
File 135584419830.jpg - (139.11KB , 900x600 , franky_shogun_by_bustercloud-d54nkk2.jpg )
fffffffffffffffffffffFRANKY SHOGUN!
>> No. 29477
File 135584534497.jpg - (6.52KB , 189x145 , SO evil.jpg )
>> No. 29486
File 135585623235.png - (218.61KB , 806x1150 , 79b2b4950383db8308da0b47aecb26b8.png )
>> No. 29487
File 135585634950.jpg - (105.06KB , 728x1071 , rthg_vol_02_pg_095.jpg )
His dream woman.
>> No. 29491
File 135585934444.png?spoiler - (126.81KB , 315x346 , Torpedo_Girl.png?spoiler )
What a stupid fruit Baby 5 has.
Everyone was all "This fruit is too cool for a throwaway crew member!"

It is not.
It is not.
>> No. 29492
File 135586059652.jpg - (1.12MB , 1795x1300 , 76767b53d7de07c36cbd577f16c70c88.jpg )
>> No. 29493
Those two in the centre are Law's subordinate ya palmfucker.

As for the two guys at the top sides, maybe we aren't meant to know who they are, yet.
>> No. 29494
File 13558618675.jpg - (167.39KB , 1440x810 , Sanji_imagination_Big_Mom.jpg )
Well the one on the right reminds me of Big Mom's Eye...so would that make the other Kaido for us to have all four Emperor's on the image?
>> No. 29495
Top right might be Big Mam. The two center are some old crewmates of Law's who must be waiting for him.
>> No. 29496
Ah. Yeah, I forgot Law's crew because I hate him, probably. Look at those nondescript motherfuckers. Looked like Marines, honestly.

Also worth note:
>Kinemon's sword is covered in fire.
>The choice of Supernova.
>Their relevance to the term "New Age"
>> No. 29497
Its nice to see them and BEEPO again. I wonder what they are up to while Law was busy SELLING OUT to THE MAN.
>> No. 29498
Like some people already said it's just Penguin (in the hat that says penguin) and Shachi (in the other hat), two of the heart pirates. The only one missing is Jean Bart.
>> No. 29500
Ceasar has Monet's heart, not Smoker's. He squeezes it and the bomb can't go off.
>> No. 29501
I don't get this, Caesar says he has Smokers heart but didn't law switch tashigi and smoker's hearts back to normal? Does this mean he can switch people's hearts without having the heart?
>> No. 29502
I was looking at the top left, and I was thinking because of the mustache it could be Roger. Or I was thinking Dragon with a 'stache, or Urouge or whatever.

I gotta say, this arc didn't end so well as I expected it. I enjoyed it more when it began then when it started to finish. There's been some good things, but I felt the pacing was off. What I really enjoyed about this arc is the story and the progression of it. We learned alot of things about the government, and some things about Dr. Vegapunk and things about the world in general. I'm excited to see where this goes after this arc is over. I hope Baby 5 does not capture Caesar and he gets taken back to Dof so this shit can happen all over again.
>> No. 29503
Yes. Diable jambe (the move that switches people around) is different from his ability to take out peoples' actual hearts. Law switched all the Strawhats around without having their hearts after all.
>> No. 29504

>Diable jambe (the move that switches people around)
Nigga what. Diable jambe is Sanji's move where he lights his foot on fire. The move Law uses to scramble figurative hearts is Shambles, while the move that he uses to remove physical hearts is Mes.
>> No. 29505
PG likely just had a little brainfart with the move names, happens to all of us sometimes.
>> No. 29506
File 135586738563.png - (515.68KB , 1079x888 , 1355854731215.png )
From our friends at /a/, ultimate proof of Baby-5 joining the crew.
>> No. 29507
File 135586771243.png - (555.47KB , 959x704 , 566192-bf_38.png )
Haha nice one.

Still it doesn't quite compare to the GENERAL FRANKY!
>> No. 29508
I really like how it looks like it's got a big 'ol robo dick hanging out.
>> No. 29511
>> No. 29512
File 135587596335.gif - (1.47MB , 320x240 , 1350345571567.gif )
>> No. 29513
...this is actually pretty fucking sound logic.
>> No. 29516
M-monet for nakama, right guise? Guise?
>> No. 29517
Maybe. We'll see how it goes.
>> No. 29520
Monet x Marco, best pair.
>> No. 29521
Monet is old news faggot, its all about baby-5 now.
>> No. 29522
File 135592114779.png - (5.29KB , 642x99 , This thing.png )
It could happen. It would mean Spreeses was right about something though.
>> No. 29523
>this chapter
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - OP1 creditlessyoutube thumb
>> No. 29524
Hey, guess what? You are eight-thousand times worse than Spreeses.

He had fun and enjoyed talking about his hobby, his theories were often as you point out inaccurate, pretty dumb and at the best of times nonsense.

He however got the message and left, you on the other hand have a bizarre hate boner going and are funny enough, still posting the theories you hated so much out of spite instead of excitement.

So go blow Johnny Joyless.
>> No. 29525
Tiki, you're just as bad, alot of people won't know anything about that anon or Speeses, but you have to go throwing fuel on the fire and starting new shitflinging.

I think all this fighting might be the reason many people don't post here anymore.
>> No. 29529
Fair enough, but this guy just annoyed me, Spreeses has been gone for months so there is zero reason to be shitting on him.
>> No. 29531

Thank god i wasn't the only one who thought that. Also what manga is that lightning rod thing from?
>> No. 29535

The Hating Girl, s'good stuff.
>> No. 29539
A few miscellaneous thoughts.
Something that has always bugged me and continues to bug me is the fact that all of his subordinates call Dofla "若様" young master. That's what servants would call the child of their master. With all this talk of "little brothers" and "sisters" I think I'm going to upgrade my old Dofla one of Big Mom's "kids" theory from joke theory to "actually starting to think about it." I'm sure there must be some more evidence from earlier in the arc.

I'm not sure why it surprised me that Momo is pink when his name has part of the word for pink in it durr.

I wonder if Dofla really was apologizing to Monet for making mistakes in his planning. It's weird to think of Dofla as a dude who cares about his subordinates, but maybe it's just the useless ones he doesn't care about? It might be interesting if he does, since pretty much the only major villain that legitimately cared about and valued his subordinates was Arlong back in east blue.
>> No. 29540

*Dofla IS one of Big Mom's kids
>> No. 29541
Him caring about his loyal or useful subordinates while having no care about his weak/stupid/useless followers who only bring him trouble or make him look bad like Disco/Bellamy would make sense.
Monet has a good superpower and is loyal enough to die for him before he even asks her to, he might very well feel 'regret' at losing such a 'dear' servant.

And according to helicopter dude he "loves baby-5 like a little sister" and apparently has the men who would take advantage of her compulsion to marry her murdered, because she's useful to him.
>> No. 29542
I, personally, don't want that taken from Arlong.

I'm predicting we'll get a lot of "maybe he DOES care" scenarios that'll eventually get blown the fuck away in one massive "OH SHIT" evil moment on his part down the line.
>> No. 29543
He's willing to order them to their deaths if it serves his purpose, Arlong wouldn't sacrifice his Fishman brothers to kill humans.
The way I see it is his care for them only goes so far.
He'd sacrifice all of them if it truly was useful enough a sacrifice of resources to him.
>> No. 29548
File 135595905611.png - (58.94KB , 575x840 , 001.png )
That's a really good little series, I think it would be slice-of-life but with a touch of total nonsense?
Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes really touching.

Haha,an archer girl with an arrow through her head wouldn't look out of place in one piece at all come to think of it...
>> No. 29591
Top right is undoubtedly Big Mom. Oda's drawn her eye/face almost exactly like that before. As for top left, based on his positioning to Big Mom, I can only assume that's Kaido. And what people are mistaking for a mustache looks like the bottom of his mask to me.

Pretty disappointed that Blackbeard appears to look about the same, to be honest. I was fully expecting him to show up with a full grown beard with the little.. burning tips, like the real Blackbeard.
As for Akainu.. I'm speechless. No idea what to say to that stash, bro. No idea.
>> No. 29606
The next chapter is out and it is SO GOOD.

Guess its not worth making a thread here though while the site keeps keeling over.
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