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This is the best haircut for women, no exceptions.

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My hair is in that horrible transitional phase between short and semi-long and it's awful. I want to go get it cut again, but I want it to be long again, god dammit. Like, below my shoulders by Christmas sort of dealie. BUT IT'S SO UGLY RIGHT NOW ARGH why did i cut my hair off

I remember when I went through that... I learned to not care eventually.

Those were Dark Times.

I'm most partial to Undead'N'Live.

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Goodbye old friend. In the end, the world didn't need a superman. Just an astronomy loving one.

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  "Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer" 5 Minute Aug. 16 - 22, 2010


File: 128249727995.jpg-(25.93KB, 250x250, reaction face sad.jpg)
This is genuinely upsetting to me. This guy was seriously one of my childhood heroes.

Keep looking up. ;_;

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Do you feel bad after you've done something wrong to a person you know you'll never see again?

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Once I fell asleep and missed some calls from people who were supposed to drop off a table at my place, and they had to just leave it in a random stairwell overnight. When I woke up and realized what I'd done, I got so nauseous I had to sit down to keep from throwing up on the spot.

And that was for people I barely knew. People I knew I'd never see again? Fuck, I don't know what their day is like, how their life is going, or what they're feeling at the time. There's every chance they're feeling miserable as hell. There's no point in me adding to that needlessly. I make a habit of not doing wrong by anyone, and if by chance I do, I feel bad on principle regardless of whether I know them.

And I don't mean to say that I like to make myself feel bad. I see it as taking responsibility; I do my best to do no harm, and if by accident I hurt someone and can't help fix the problem, the least I can do is regret it.

"If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared."
-Niccolo Machiavelli

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Well I got my roommate assignment for the semsester and...So much for going to a private college

"now its been about sum tymm n im trynna fig out how culd ya forget bout da one who luvs u y wuld yaa"

I just hope he doesn't talk like that in real life ;_;

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I liked my roomies, and I still talk to a couple of them, and I miss our apartment. I hated the school, and had a lot of shit going on in my life towards when I left the school, which caused me to basically lock myself in my room and only come out to shower or eat.

One of the guys was a compulsive shit-talker and gaia-fag, though. He was also 25 (4 years older than me, and 7 years older than my other two roomies) and kind of a jerk. But we had our own bedrooms with a common living, dining and bath room. It really was an apartment, and it really was super sweet. Having an issue? Go to your corner.

Hey guys: I'm not a social butterfly. I can be painfully shy and asocial. I'm not hating on shy people.

However, not returning a simple "hello" or "how you doing" once every few days crosses the line from "shy" to "rude asshole" country.

My roommates are the best and I'm pretty sure we're all gonna be BFFs for life.

My first year, I lived on a floor with I think 7 other girls. There was one more, but she was kinda weird and flaky and halfway through one of the semesters, she pretty much disappeared to live in her friend's dorm so whatever. The rest of us got along really well, though and I'm living in an apartment with of them now. It's pretty much awesome. They're all really nice and think it's funny/interesting when I act particularly geeky and stuff and no one leaves horrible messes or anything.

Fuck yeah, I'm dealing with it. I don't know what I did to receive such godly roommate luck (especially compared to some of the stories I've heard both here and elsewhere) but I'd do it a million times over for every person who's ever had a bad roommate so they can get awesome roomies too.

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The secret to happiness is having happy friends and a loving family. If you stopped aligning yourselves with people who objectify everyone and don't take anything seriously (or stopped doing it yourselves, you self-centered assholes), you'd be a lot more happy than you are now.

With that in mind, give me an example of your friend/spouse/sibling/parent/etc. giving you the old treatment. Or, you know, a story about you getting screwed real bad.

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The only people allowed to be Batman on this site are Ferrous Fucker and myself.

File: 128237062124.jpg-(429.66KB, 1280x1006, BatDad.jpg)


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Out of curiosity how fit do all of you consider yourselves?

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>I need to learn to ride a bike
Oh god I thought I was the only one.

It's way easier to learn as an adult. It took me like one weekend to learn. The key is standing up straight.

a fatty but according to the doctor when I went in for a check up during Swine Season I'm as healthy as a horse. A fat horse to some extent but nothing out the area since all Blood Pressure and other health markers check out. Still working to slim down a little but nothing to lose all body fat.

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File: 128219503836.jpg-(87.58KB, 450x580, 1280971430022.jpg)

File: 12821993248.png-(277.78KB, 512x348, somethingsgettingstabbed.png)
This isn't a smile. He's going to stab you in the head and bite your face off.

I always win :(

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This made my day.

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I know, right?

I mean... doing Charleston at 90% off!

I think it was this guy's ridiculously huge coupon that got him into this situation.

The cause and solution to all his financial problems!

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The other thread is nearing Autosage.
Making this just to be safe.

Today I hung out with Spider-man.

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>>267046 complete bullshit. I'm the youngest of my siblings, and yet I've had the exact opposite reaction to EVERY SINGLE POINT.

Me too. Yet somehow it still bothers me.

Reminds me of when my little brother was saying he was the golden child and my dad was like "If you're the gold one then your sister is the platinum child."

Sounds kinda mean but, eh, he was being a jackass. I laff'd.

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You know how I always said you guys were terrible people? LET'S PUT THAT TO THE TEST!

My score:
> Your moral consistency score is 100% (higher is better) Well done. This score suggests that you are admirably consistent in the way you view morality. In fact, none of the people who have completed this activity demonstrate greater moral consistency in their responses than you manage. But don't feel too pleased with yourself. Most people don't think about morality very clearly!

My answers:

Torture isn't always wrong.
What makes the most people happy isn't always right.
Death is sometimes justified.
You should always save the lives of the innocent, if it is in your power.

Don't divert the train.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 128213958487.jpg-(6.05KB, 267x189, oh u.jpg)

File: 128213975258.jpg-(731.54KB, 3000x2238, Picture_Related.jpg)
I don't need no test to tell me about my morals. I've studied Business, Political Science, and the Law, the unholy trinity, and I did it for the money. I know my morals are fucked. The fact that I don't stab you in the back while robbing you right now means I'm acting more moral than 70% of my peers.

hide File: 128161255085.jpg-(39.69KB, 980x455, religiouspoliticalcompass.jpg)
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Let's talk about our religious and political orientations.

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yeah, but I want to vote in primaries.


If you choose to not participate in the system, you can't complain when things don't go the way you like it.

File: 12820857136.jpg-(84.21KB, 980x455, religious political.jpg)
Where I stand

Note that I fixed the choice window since you can't be "completely undecided" on atheism or theism, the same way pure fascism can't lean in either of the directions

By the way, your right graph is off, the middle axis should be "socialist - mercantilist"

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  New rage thread. Let's try and avoid the shitstorm that was the last rage thread

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File: 128206158196.jpg-(19.44KB, 201x218, destroy_thread.jpg)
Jesus fucking Christ on a Christmas cracker, you guys.


>Bea quiet, you
I see what you did there.
You're not funny.

Welp, I believe this would be the last Rage thread ever on /baw/.
Just like the birthday ones(don't know what happened with those ones for ending being forbidden). But anyways, it will be for the best I guess.

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Do you go clubbing or attend other social gatherings?

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Will you become a real boy if you make enough of these threads?

I got to Airshows and fly-ins. That's about it, I'm decided unhip.

I do stuff when I see stuff.

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  Is President Reagan gonna have to choke a bitch?

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  wat is this i don't even

Right you are mr Indian guy. Men should slap the bitches, but females must not be allowed to slap a man! It is an unnatural act that upsets the balance of nature!

  do a barrel slap

hide File: 128199528059.png-(294.42KB, 833x1200, 1281850073405.png)
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Anyone else tired of all the normalfags on 4chan? The place is getting boring.

I don't see an XBox. Unless it's that black rectangle in the bottom right.

>Implying the place used to be good


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