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Over the past couple years people have stopped posting for whatever reason. This has led some of us to wonder: Are they bored with the site? Dead? Stricken with amnesia and dumped on the Argentine coast, with only a knife and their stripper ex-girlfriend who thought a plane ride was the perfect time to break up, the dumb bitch? This is the thread for those people to post in and tell us what's happening. Because we're needy and/or worried.

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File: 128338295080.jpg-(63.05KB, 600x450, happyhedgehog.jpg)
I'm here, sort of. I just started Senior Year in high school and my entire family is going KICK IT INTO OVER DRIVE, ANDREW

okay, not exactly that but you get the idea.



Hey, Oingo Boingo lyrics in the filename! Neat.

Sage for OT and this is already on page 4 and I doubt many people read past the first two pages that often.

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File: 128342203161.jpg-(82.51KB, 684x600, 684px-triops_longicaudatus2.jpg)
Triops reporting in.

Horseshoe crabs are awesome.

>I have a plush one
Me too! :)

I'm sorry you had to experience that. That's a horrible story and it fills me with rage.

File: 128343436258.jpg-(65.51KB, 550x346, TY-Fteller-Chap4-8.jpg)
My task is clear. I must become on with the horseshoe crab and wreak vengeance upon the land dwellers for the rest of my life.

Alternate comment:

Takeshi Yamada what the fuck are you doing stop being creepy and kind of cool but mostly creepy.

Quick! We must domesticate these creatures. We'll be rich, rich I tell you!

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  So what if Hunter S. Thompson could go super sayan?

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brb, redoing "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" as a DBZ saga.

This thread made me cum in my pants. You owe me new pants /baw/. You owe me new pants.

Godspeed, you magnificent bastard

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I'm am going to wear the everloving shit out of those.

Remember when 2015 seemed like a long time away. Stupid slow future.

I suddenly have interest in Nike.

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It's a well known fact that the internet makes people stupid. What is less known is that it makes everyone stupid. Tiny opinions and interests grow to form the basis of an online identity, and in a worse case scenario, may actually leak out into meatspace! Why, a few years ago, I could actually pinpoint out issue numbers when talking about Superhero origins and where movies were influenced by the plot of a comic. I was pretty much the Comic Book Guy. It was really funny, and kind of sad.

I've already mentioned (a sickening amount of times) that "chan culture" leads not to sexual deviance and sociopathy, but cynicism and vanity. But that's not all there is to it, you know. There are many different types on interests and hobbies covered by imageboards, and each board embodies a different type of person. Those with a weak sense of self may then seek to define themselves with their interests, thus inevitably becoming said person. It sounds stupid, but it's true!

But does it apply to you?

Do you act the same way here that you do in real life? I really fucking hope not. You're all terrible people.

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Sure he will. Just hide all the pasta.
(in before ban)

Yeah, pretty much the same.

File: 128337661060.jpg-(195.65KB, 640x480, wait for it.jpg)
I've only been to /cgl/ like once in my life, but I was so very, very glad to see this picture there today.

To answer the question, I am more sexy and less texty in real life.

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  happy September everybody.

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Soon Astro


File: 128337546375.jpg-(146.41KB, 722x676, 12700337843.jpg)
I love you guys!

If you didn't boogie down to this song, then you don't know shit about video games.

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Why are people obsessed with owning their own home? What's wrong with staying debt free and just renting ? This is more common on continental Europe but seems unpopular in the UK.

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I may not like to own my own home, but I don't want to freeze to death.
I also don't want to pay upwards of a thousand dollars a month just to live in a breadbox, be told what I can and can't flush down my own god damned toilet, and harassed by a crotchety elderly couple across the hall if I so much as cough.

I have given thought to buying a little plot of land and constructing a yurt, though. Putting down some tile for the floor, adding in a small yuppie pellet stove. The property taxes wouldn't be so much for an acre, and can you honestly tax a person living in a tent? Really?

The issue with being debt free and renting is that you aren't debt free. You're just putting off debt by feeding it with exorbitant amounts of money. What's the difference between paying a few extra thousand dollars of debt and a few extra thousand dollars of rent?
I'll tell you what the difference is: you can't turn around and sell the apartment you rented to make back that money, and you can't improve the equity of the apartment with your own two manly fuckin' hands. :)

I can roof and replace the shingles of houses, solder piping and build chairs out of nothing but beaver wood. I can't do shit for an apartment.

>>can you honestly tax a person living in a tent?
Oh, they'll find a way.

"Sir, your cardboard boxes and the clever use of a hot iron and cellophane for weatherproofing indicate that you owe the federal government no less than five dollars. Please pay post haste or face auditing."

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I noticed the other thread had reached 400 posts.

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It's convenient that that is exactly how I am IRL.


In the book they kill demons with the power of rock, remain funny and scary in equal parts and entertaining the whole way through.

Your milage may vary, but I enjoyed the fuck out of the thing.

Also David Wong ain't a real dude.

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  Guys! Guys. I have found you a bird.

File: 128331865013.jpg-(62.30KB, 570x380, Iron-Man-2-Mickey-Rourke-as-Ivan-Vanka-aka-Whiplas.jpg)
It is not my burd.

How cute.


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/baw/, what are you doing?
>Making stew with my own tears.
It's 4 o'clock in the morning, why on earth are you making a stew?
>Because I've lost control of my life.

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  Also pudding goes with everything.

File: 128328084462.png-(400.67KB, 418x460, babby of disapproval stares in your direction.png)
>>This is the only good thing to come out of Slayer

>implying anything good comes out of Slayer

hide File: 128320268674.jpg-(47.10KB, 350x262, red_ceremonial_scissors.jpg)
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Hypothetically speaking, how would a man go about grooming his pubic hair?

I'm - I mean, a friend of mine - is curious. Yeah.

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I feel like trying Nair. Maybe when these ingrown hairs go away OH GOD THIS REALLY HURTS.

You know, they make Nair for Men and Nair for Sensitive skin! That's what my brother uses, according to all the hilarious stories he regales me with over the phone. It usually doesn't hurt him, but... uh... don't leave it on for more than 15-20 minutes.

...h-he sort of fell asleep with nair on his junk and woke up going "ow why am i in pai--OH GOD"

You say that Toof, but having a fucking jungle for a crotch is no picnic either.

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ITT: Images you can stare at for hours. Preferably photographs, and not image macros. And not just porn.

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File: 128328374222.jpg-(413.70KB, 707x1000, b5c40c70e5583e931e200384acf36e08.jpg)

File: 128328382442.png-(102.47KB, 500x1444, No_love_for_Astrophil___1_by_ancret.png)

File: 12832838868.png-(115.18KB, 500x1318, No_love_for_Astrophil___2_by_ancret.png)

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Hey, /baw/. This is damn embarrassing, I'm just going to get it out of the way as fast as I can.

So, I'm 22 and I'm still a virgin. I have a very serious thing going with a girl now and we plan to hit Vegas in a week or so. Shes dropping all kinds of hints that "it" should happen there. Now, my question for you, /baw/...

Is there anything I can do, or am I just going to perform both awkward & awful as the story usually goes?

Pic, sort of related. It's basically how I feel on the inside right now.

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Well, I gotta say...I truly expected worse. But hey, glad it didn't end up that way, so congrats and so forth.

File: 128315865319.jpg-(32.00KB, 400x312, articleimage.ashx.jpg)
270134 feels like 2ch's Densha Otoko. Certainly not the story, per se, but just the general love you can sometimes, very rarely get on chan boards.

It's probably why I used to hang out on /adv/ so much for awhile. But then it became underage B& way fast and I gave up.


Yeah, this was a really cozy thread. A rarity,. I enjoyed reading through it and seeing the op get his. Right on.

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  Only pros need apply.

File: 128322835653.jpg-(331.42KB, 800x532, 55k1968_dodge_charger_rt_m.jpg)
>this thread

  Batmin, Blur Beetre nehds awr herp

File: 128322880564.gif-(5.90MB, 320x240, HumanMegazord.gif)

hide File: 128309572835.jpg-(51.16KB, 319x526, Hurr.jpg)
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I kind of have that, and the few memories I do have are very negative and embarrassing, mostly of weird things I did or said and people reacting in a way that made me want to hide in a hole forever. I was basically straight-up socially retarded until the summer after high school something just snapped that said "you are fucking retarded and you need to get your shit together". And then I went to college and got jobs and made friends and joined clubs and was invited to parties and people's houses and stuff. Though I still hate whenever something brings up a memory of pre-college me and I cringe because I think it'll come back to haunt me one day.

So for me College = God Tier, Everything Else = Don't Even Talk To Me About That Shit Tier.

Can you mod them at all? Like, wear a vest instead of a sweater or things like that?

File: 128321612673.jpg-(17.59KB, 319x526, tiertiers.jpg)
Not entirely sure why I felt compelled to do this.

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