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the chese man

its on the rug

no its still good

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he used all the proper verification routes
he was chosen to enter flavor country. he was ready.

I got 99 problems and sandy cheese ain't one.

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eat me

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Last thread is on autosage! Let the cycle begin again!

I need to stop drawing retarded Pikachus. I need to get out of this artblock and draw real things already.

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After your name, input #<whateveryourtripcodewillbe>

I can't help it, I like people too much.


It's so delicious! I would thrive as a Yellow Lantern!

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ITT: You only say things that you like about yourself. About each other is also good. None of that self deprecating bs though.

. . . one of you go first.

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Some guy once said I had soft hair.

I have selective photographic memory.

I have a very vivid memory of waking up when I was 2, slowly climbing out of bed before anyone else was awake, sneaking into the living room, and watching TV. No one's ever discussed that event with me, so it's not like it was one of those memories that someone suggests happened to you, and you start remembering it.

It's very useful sometimes.

I can be explosively charismatic for 1-2 hours at a time. Like, getting-people-to-do-anything-I-want charismatic.

Then I have to go lie down in a dark room, though.

Also I can smirk like the smarmiest motherfucker who ever smarmed.

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Since you're all such a fine bunch of nerdy and cool folks I suspect that there might be some scouts hidden amongst you. Is there?

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I got up to Life Scout, but really didn't care after that. I was raised Mormon, and the LDS Church is really big on the Scouting thing. What this ends up meaning is that often the boys are just pushed through all the requirements like an assembly line, and there's little sense of truly enjoying it.

It also didn't help when I spent a couple days at a Scout Camp doing training to be a leader during the camp itself. I love all the camping stuff, but when I was doing the training it was just overly regimented, overly strict, and just sucked all the fun out of it by obsessing about wearing Official Boy Scout Brand socks in your uniform or marching ceremonies than the meaning of it all. It convinced me that the sort of people who were really involved in that kind of stuff just were different than me, obsessing over protocol instead of enjoying the outdoors.

I wish I could feel that way about my Eagle Scout.

Made it all the way to Eagle just in time. I was awarded my Eagle patch literally on my 18th birthday. I made Order of the Arrow several years before that.

Scouting was a great experience for me, but I guess a lot of that is because of the Troop I was with. I was actually one of the founding members, so we were really compact for years. We'd get three to five new boys every year from our companion Cub Scout troop, and everything was very well-run and organized. We all had a great time and I made a lot of friends.

It wasn't until my last year there that things started turning sour. We started getting eight or more boys all at once every year and very few of the more experienced boys were stepping up to leadership roles. Still, I can say that the program had a positive impact on my life.

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File: 128374569285.png-(5.17KB, 280x312, df.png)
I love playing video games.

I've been playing video games since I was a little kid.

One day I want to get a job making video games.

I've even been to video game conventions before.

But if these are the kind of people who call themselves gamers, then I refuse to be lumped into their group. I AM NOT A SWEATY GREASY BASEMENT DWELLER WHO DRINKS NOTHING BUT MOUNTAIN DEW

So no one better touch me.

Also; never use the "word" glomp if you are within a mile radius of me.

o/` Toxie
The Crimson Ghost
He hates you, yes you, the most.
Decent folk in his company choke
But Skypehouse loves him soooo!

He also says helloo ("FUCK YOU!")
and he's sometimes glad to meetcha.
Any online game he plays
He's mean to every living creature! ("THIS TEAM IS A WHEELBARROW OF HORSE VAGINAS!")

Plus4 doesn't understand
Why manchildren tolerate his ire
But the bitches all know
when the quiet gets old;
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That was beautiful, Ram. Have my poop babies.

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:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

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I can't find any sources on it right now, but IIRC cat fleas either need cat blood (or blood from another, similar carnivorous mammal) either to lay eggs or for their larvae to survive. They can still bite you, and live off your blood, but they're not going to colonize you or be able to sustain a population off of a human host.

Well then, I guess I'm thinking horses instead of people.
Sorry about your brother.

  Go deeper.

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sometimes, /b/ does something really nice.

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File: 128366936927.jpg-(0.96MB, 2032x1520, birthday.jpg)
lucky bastard

File: 128367734229.jpg-(361.60KB, 1024x695, 1758640.jpg)

This thread has successfully warmed my heart.

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  I think this is a accurate representation of trolling on /baw/.

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  Here's every IRC channel ever.



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Speak your mind threads! Hit Autosage on one and two more appear!

In other news I just handed in a job application for a job for my college print department. Less customers, better hours, more wages. Yes please.

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File: 128365638946.jpg-(17.16KB, 263x320, Jeff_Goldblum_81616.jpg)

I've been coughing and sneezing all day err day.


Imagine if AIDS were communicable by casual contact, and wasn't immediately lethal, but did cause a mild degree of brain damage and auto-immune disorders if untreated. And possibly as many as 10% of our current crop of young people might have it. All those kids with "autism", "ADD/ADHD", similar disorders, and its caused by the brain damage and tissue inflammation the viruses, allergic irritation, and auto-immune irritation the condition causes. And in adults it causes Chronic Fatigue and lupus, and may be related to types of cancer and diabetes.
That's what we're on the crux of here. I know it sounds science fiction but its true.

Look up NIDS, the XMRV retrovirus, HHV-6, and Parvovirus.

>I could become a professor
I would take any class taught by you, Ferrous.

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/baw/, I want to talk to you about Jesus.

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A ballad for the savior!

File: 128361062587.png-(353.63KB, 568x596, hurp.png)
You don't have to be a messiah to verbally kick peoples asses for being thickheaded, much less being a laidback guy who eats and drinks on days where other holy men would be fasting.

But enough very tired and world-weary people you impress might call you one anyway.

File: 128368188263.jpg-(20.44KB, 360x270, I'm_used_to_it.jpg)
Whether you think he was real or not, love him or hate him, I wish people would just quit talking about him for a while. He keeps hogging the spotlight from other cool religious figures.

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Sage Hoge: Hey, Pym, make a thread on /baw/ about having a South Cali meet-up at Disneyland!

Me: You mean SoCal?

Sage Hoge: I SAID South Cali, didn't I?

Jonix and Luke: Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land Gator Land

Sage Hoge: PYM! Make a a thread on /baw/ about a South Cali meet-up at Knotts Berry Farm, because Disneyland is sixty dollars to get in!

Jonix: Hey Luke, let's make a meet-up in SOFLO at GATOR LAND!

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Now I want to come!

You won't be the first to get off of Disney.

hide File: 12833248665.jpg-(97.98KB, 560x794, 4opRk.jpg)
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Looks like +4 Towers finally has some house rules.

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will you join me for a 2v2 miley~?

I don't play well with others.

And honestly I do MUCH better with Ike 1v1 so I dun geddit.

  Hey guys, slap this bad boy in. It's way better.

hide File: 128338144888.jpg-(31.02KB, 450x286, kia-aero-soul2.jpg)
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I will do things like write songs and sing better than bea

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Viking Rockabilly?
I'd listen.


Newsflash, you are both fucking nerds.

So, stop slap fighting.

I play the gitbox. I'm not very good.

File: 12835490993.png-(39.63KB, 214x160, the-colooooooors.png)

No, I'm angry and my feelings are hurt. Aboobooboo.

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I've been waiting for this one.


  Sometimes they help a man grow, and other times they make him realize just how much of a shallow prick people, even those who are supposed to love him no matter what, think he is.

hide File: 128307037990.png-(30.33KB, 300x225, ESPN-FantasyFF-0.png)
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Continued discussion from the thread on /co/.

Place-holder thread for a discussion of a /co/ fantasy football league. Trying to measure how many people we have.

Post here if you want in so we can get a good measurement of how many people we have. Also; preferred times/dates for a draft.

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What happened to all those people that were ready to join in the original thread? =|

Dunno. Guess they just haven't seen the threads.

Maybe you should give it a shot, people must not like me.

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