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Any ideas for flexible work? I'm out of ideas AND money AND time.

I'm tired of waiting for agency calls from my college.

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I'm so sorry for you.

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Alright, let's get this shit started.

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File: 128529230895.jpg-(54.51KB, 1024x1032, raysawesome.jpg)

File: 128529259861.jpg-(153.32KB, 1280x720, 12686075295.jpg)
Hey bro, you hear about the half time show for the Superbowl? I hear it's gonna be pretty tight.

Yeah I heard about it while I was playing Mass Effect 2. Was busy romancing Miranda. She may have a rough exterior but she is a very good person on the inside.

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>Have no idea where anything is.
>Walking around after curfew
>Nice cop gives me a ride to the another town
>Mom yells at me about coming back from my boyfriend's so late
>Cop immediately stops all questions and heads back to his area.

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Well, in that case, I'll word it differently:

Don't do something that'll piss everyone off.

>don't like their driving
Tailgating is an asshole act, and a dangerous one as well.

I get tailgated all the time. In this state, if you are going less than 20 miles above the speed limit and/or there is more than one car length of open space in front of you, it's like an open invitation to ride your ass.

Last week I got tailgated for miles by this dude whose (otherwise nice, new) car had its entire front smashed in. Wonder how that happened, jackass. Wish you learned something from that incident.

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God tier reporting in, feels pretty good.

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Thats not even pronunciation, thats grammar and spelling. And we don't get mad, we're amused by it.

Anyways, I think its more disturbing that people still read the King James version of the bible than calling God by the 'wrong' name.


I see. I think that version only even sticks around because it sounds archaic and mystical and whatnot.

I usually try to take religious misunderstandings very lightly, since there has been so much misinformation and reinterpretation flying around for hundreds of years now. Keeps the blood pressure down.

Yeah, it's just everybody has those little things that bug them, you know? For me it's that and people typing "oi" when they mean "oy". I've got a whole rant on it.

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For a while I was always interested in threads or discussions(on /co/,facebook,CBR ect) on why comics are still so... niche
Everyone in those threads are quick to pull the regular short list of
nobody stays dead, continuity,events,shit writing,
usually a whole bunch of pessimism aimed at the comic book company and creative teams. But nobody seems to notice the economic side of things or distribution method.
I mean do you guys know exactly how a comic book shop makes money? why single issues are still around? why are comics not in supermarkets anymore?

I want to makes a documentry around this because I feel that if we don't look at things from that side all fans of comics will be stuck in a endless loop of blaming comic creators while bad guys like diamond distribution get away with it.

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If I recall correctly, the focus on the direct market is a side-effect of the crash that happened in the 90's, which also killed off Diamond's competitor and left them in of comic book distribution.

Comics are probably still being sold in single issues because they're most likely used to gauge the demand of a TPB collection. Trades might be popular nowadays but it's not always a sure guarantee a series will get collected if there's no interest in it (that or other problems, like "where's that Flex Mentallo trade Morrison?" or the whole Miracleman rights controversy)

>Trades might be popular nowadays but it's not always a sure guarantee a series will get collected if there's no interest in it

Just about every contemporary series that has been published in single issues has been or will be collected at some point in time. Whether or not they get something like a pristine, hardcover treatment is another issue.

The series that are at ask of being squandered into obscurity are ones that were terrible sales and popularity-wise in the first place.

I know that continuity is what kept me out of it for years.

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Let's talk about dreams.
I had a fucked up one last night.
I was a cowboy wandering around a deserted school. Eventually, I was staking out a bathroom from behind a bush as a man was giving me directions over a headset. Then, what I assumed was a fat midget in a suit of very nice looking armor rode in on a mount that resembled an almost fully developed chicken embryo that was the size of a raptor and entered the bathroom. I followed in after him cautiously, preparing to slit the man's throat. I snuck up behind him as he was standing at a urinal and tried to but it failed(the suit of armor wasn't protecting his neck though), so I ripped off his helmet which revealed his hideous chicken face. I then bashed his head into the wall, and instead of blood, egg yolk was getting everywhere. But like, I guess he had a mental-link with his mount because it was pressed up against the other side of the wall, screeching in pain and staring at me with the most horrifying face I have seen in awhile. That was the fucked up part because it was so surreal. My headset fell off and landed in yolk. That was also gross.

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I dreamt that a child was trying to kill me with a jagged piece of a broken mirror. Blood... everywhere...

I'm getting tired of these dreams where I go through the entire day before waking up.

So I just found out puking in a dream means a ball of drool just bursted out of your mouth.

Reminded me of when I was younger. Dreamt I went to a loo at McDonalds when in reality I was pissing myself.

Funny how our brain interprets real life actions into our dreams so we don't wake up.

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Tell me your position on them.

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As if everyone doesn't already Because he's the only one who truly appreciates them.

I appreciate them.

I like hugs, which is odd considering how awkward I am around people. I mostly hug family and close friends anyway, but I will hug others given the right circumstances, like if they're upset and don't mind or if they offer first.

Agreed. There was only one time I attempted to give a hug to someone who did not want one. Very awkward and made me feel terrible at the time. It was completely innocent, but I still don't like remembering it

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Next time I go clubbing I should remember which clubs have which customer base. Dressed like a hipster to a dudebro club. Still had a blast.

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I get it.

File: 12852083076.jpg-(528.11KB, 600x900, starbucks_tumbler_04.jpg)
Reminds me of these. I got one a few years ago. If she ever were to drink hot drinks she could design it herself.

Let me get back to you in a few days...


>Get new job
>Friends try to get me to quit old job
>New job didn't start for several weeks
>so glad I didn't quit old job

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Holy crap guys.

I'm in college now.

And I'm kinda freaking out here.

Please advise.

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File: 128510482239.jpg-(13.19KB, 350x539, 07-02-2005.N1A_02OCONNORlede.GDN1KNVL2.1.jpg)
>Go do things with yourself

Lose your virginity.
Fall in love.
Get your heart broken.
Learn about yourself.
Learn some practical shit while you're at it.
Develop an alcohol and weed tolerance.
Don't forget who your real friends are.
Grow up.

There ya go.

Fuck year.

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* I just got my prescription and I'm buying glasses as soon as I get my debit card. Probably getting them from Zenni Optical or Glasses Unlimited. Do you nerds know any more glasses shops online?

* I want to buy more of that miracle underwear from Uniqlo, but each part is $10.50. I'm not used to paying so much for underwear. :(

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Leather products have been around for literally ages, and there are doubtless dyes made for furniture, automobile, and saddle leather that should do the trick for gloves.

If you insist on cheaping it, bleach followed by blue ink, maybe?


there is such a thing as leather paint.

It is a simple google search away.

If you want specific brand information,. you can tempt the volatile tides of /cgl/

I used leather paint last time - leather paint from a Hobbycraft. I painted it over some black leather men's gloves I picked up for £5 off a market stall. I followed the instructions on the bottle, and stood the gloves up using an empty bottle of bleach. Damn things never stopped being sticky.

Maybe it's because I left them in my parents' conservatory...

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Hey, let's start a creepypasta thread.

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File: 128335331266.png-(277.87KB, 797x2284, 1283351798531.png)

File: 128508905316.jpg-(520.74KB, 930x2310, 1285043357879.jpg)

File: 128516705175.jpg-(344.94KB, 383x3435, 1285142697186.jpg)

hide File: 128081687132.jpg-(144.91KB, 975x650, baw-secrets.jpg)
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I've had so many pregnancy scares with girls that I've lost count. I should emphasize that none of them were particularly justified as I am a careful partner. I've become very good at taking care of the situation and comforting the girl. I even have money saved for the cost of morning after pills and an abortion if my partner is so inclined.

I'm disappointed i thought you were going to tell us that you weren't actually raw

File: 128512216619.png-(236.17KB, 255x361, WWE_Raw_2_Coverart.png)
Oh he's Raw

hide File: 128503175962.jpg-(68.75KB, 600x450, 1261354126962A.jpg)
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>go to MSPaint
>choose free-form selection
>outline whatever
>hold shift
>move across screen

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File: 12850642329.jpg-(52.50KB, 500x473, I'M A WAT.jpg)

File: 128506915121.jpg-(82.32KB, 800x600, candy.jpg)

File: 128506955452.jpg-(50.72KB, 600x450, kotickstrueform.jpg)

hide File: 128478104262.jpg-(53.71KB, 478x359, paranoid-eye-is-watching-you.jpg)
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Okay, guys.

Post your reactions.

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File: 128503144937.png-(8.92KB, 400x400, Chriswouldliketoknowwhatthefuckjusthappened.png)
>>Different strokes from different yokes!

So was the rooster. A male chicken is also sometimes called a [spoiler]cock.


Oh god I remember that, I remember everything Kosh. If only I saved that picture from so many moons ago. ;-;

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Well were you?

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this might sound a bit odd, but since you mentioned going to Bowie High School, i was wondering what non-public school you ended up at? a lot of kids at my private highschool came from Bowie, so i was wondering if it was the same one.
i'm >>271312 and i still have a lot of hatred toward my private school for all the bullying i got from the staff.

The non-public high school I went to from the 10th to 12th grade was Kennedy Krieger High School.

Yes, and i punched the fucker right in the face. Never bullied again.

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