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  ITT: Stuff you thought was only possible in movies.

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Movie counterpart.

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Come one come all dear /baw/.

Enter my dark little thought box and release all your troubles and fears. No one shall be judged here.

It's nice and cool in the box, and I promise you there are no video cameras and I will not sell *all* your secrets online. And don't worry I wont lock you inside the box in order to sell you to slavery in a third world country. That's not how I operate.

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File: 128191063557.png-(14.52KB, 600x281, Blastoises.png)


File: 128191088236.png-(49.32KB, 479x617, blaaaaaaaaast.png)
Yellow had the most badass sprite.

Yellow was the best.

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We had a thread about Big Foot. Nessie and co feel left out. So ITT:
-Cryptozoological creatures you think are out there.
-Cryptozoological creatures that turned out to be real.
The latter must be post 20th century, medieval stories of giraffes don't count.

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They supposedly arrived in the pre-Cambrian period, so yes by quite a bit.

No.265799 discuss.

File: 128190582155.jpg-(56.10KB, 530x455, Borneo_Raptor.jpg)
Bitches don't know about my indonessian raptor!

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Why thank you.

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This is a thread about CONFIDENCE motherfuckers. You've got it /baw/, at least a little.

So we're going to quit BITCHING like a bunch of fucking THREE YEAR OLDS who accidentally SHIT THEIR PANTS cause they weren't paying attention when their parents were trying to potty train them, ok?

Stories, Victory speeches, and just a general celebration of DAT CONFIDENCE is encouraged here.

Pic related. Just look at my shit eating grin. GODDAMMIT, you can tell I'm about to have a great fucking time because I'm more confident than the prince of fucking EGYPT as his slaves built his fucking TOMB, while praising him as a GOD--THAT'S SUCH A FUCKING CONTRADICTION I CAN'T STAND IT, BUT THE MOTHERFUCKERS PULLED IT OFF VIA STAGGERING CONFIDENCE.

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File: 128184833242.jpg-(207.62KB, 500x375, 4212723686_2281c41033.jpg)
At eight years old I made one of these, and it was goddamn glorious.

That looks tasty. Why is /baw/ making me hungry lately?

File: 128185484637.gif-(171.00KB, 765x242, fucking saved.gif)
I get all the spider-bitches.

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Sponsored by JOLT COLA.

So, just how did these "Speak Your Mind" threads start out here?

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Fucked If I know buddy, but I'm seriously tired so I'm gonna hit the sheets, Good night.

I thought I mistakenly clicked on the dream thread for a second...

No, you clicked on the "I'm a huge compulsive liar who has no way of substantiating any of the stories I tell people" thread

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4chan complaint department

Bans, spam, (lack of) quality, etc.

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All I'm saying is that I hope it's a friend. His name is Steve?!

People just say random names in the hopes that they'll get someone and creep them out.


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  No offense, but why are there an unusually high number of the gay on this board?

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-Bring up console
-Select NPC
-Type: resurrect


2-3 years old.


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Crocodillians are more closly related to brids and mammals then they are too snakes, lizards, or turtles. They have a four chambered heart. They have a Cerebral cortex. They have a semi-upright hip posture, and they engage in more parental care than any other reptile. So why are they still considered "reptiles"? The other members of that grouping are only distantly related to them. I suggest they be given a new class all their own. The current taxonomic classification of them as "reptiles" is just ridiculous.

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File: 128171035448.jpg-(404.13KB, 990x671, meatrain.jpg)
Bump for more crocs.

Not always. Chimpanzees are genetically closer related to homo sapiens than donkeys are to horses, but are considered a separate genus.

  Video related.

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  It's been a while since /baw/ has shed some tears. I come to collect.

3:59 - 7:25

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*Niggerian Americans

*African-American upright citizens brigrade

Haha I love these. So many of them show the inner racist in people its fucking hilarious.

Also the number of people who refuse to call the cops even when there's a legitimate emergency is just retarded

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this calls for a celebration.

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I don't quite follow your line of thinking.
Most people when they protest the definition of marriage don't think that homosexuals should get the legal benefits provided by marriage. Or the recognition as a married couple.

If you want, call them Gay Married. Marriage as an institution has existed since man first married, and then married the other man. It has been defined, redefined, co-defined and reconciled across definitions since antiquity.

The definition of marriage in America has remained the same, albeit with a stipulation against polygamy, since the start. The TRADITION that thought that homosexual marriage was invalid was based on a tradition and a line of thought. It was wrong. Not specifically wrong in the sense denying civil rights is wrong, but wrong in that it was
>implying marriage is between a man and a woman only.
Nothing is being redefined here. The redefinement came with the Defense of Marriage act that forbade the possibility of same sex marriage, which was based on a convenient misinterpretation. There's nothing specifically forbidding it from happening.

Like it or not, it's marriage as marriage has been defined since the beginning of time. And I'm pretty certain those wiley bastards intended it to be this way since the beginning, or they would have said something against it.

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  It's official.

Big Foot is real.

Problem haters?

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They won't manage to clone it though

Now I really want to know.


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Search your feelings /baw/, you know it to be true.

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Temperature range between -20 and +30, range may be increased with use of clothes.

Dry weather.
Little or no clouds.

>Shit tier

Overcast and Overcast with rain are both Shit Tier. Sun Peaking through Clouds is higher than god tier.

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The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult human lies around 8 hours per 24 hours.

How much sleep do you get?

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Usually about 4 hours a night, and then like 12 on my day off. I've slept for 25 hours before which was depressing, but I've pulled enough all nighters to make up for it. I can't nap because I get damn confused. Always winds up with me looking at the clock, thinking its 7am instead of pm, and rushing through my morning routine or at least most of it before realizing what's up.

How do you sleep that long without needing to piss?

Excellent bladder control? I dunno. I have to go really bad when I wake up though.

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