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Haters gonna hate, post your battle station +4.

Pic related, it's outside.

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i have that laptop
~laptop buddies~

>seeing what you did there
I'm not the one drinking gaymers.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to continue doing pelvic thrusts at my male labmates while they work with volatile chemicals.

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I am a desk slob.

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Flash thread, anyone?

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Yes, quite.

File: ICPsNewGladePlug-InCommercial.swf-(5.21MB, 480x270, ICPs New Glade Plug-In Commercial.swf)

You could get it from the site of the guy who made it:

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Jeez. What happened, Jets?

File: 128443496232.jpg-(128.58KB, 508x500, sharks.jpg)
I'll show you what fucking happened, amigo!

File: 128443528179.jpg-(44.76KB, 550x362, sharks and jets.jpg)
Play of the Game has been brought to you by NONE OF YER BUSINESS WHO BROUGHT IT.

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File: 128439534625.png-(390.62KB, 616x461, leetle babby dumbo rat.png)
Dumbo rats.

File: 128439539936.jpg-(48.22KB, 540x363, bat ray.jpg)
You guys are bad at this singular/plural thing


File: 128440097949.jpg-(199.28KB, 1024x768, sheeeeeeeeep.jpg)
>bad at this singular/plural thing.

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Have you forgotten yet?

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I remember hearing about it during English class, we were going over Walden.
After someone said that the WTC had been attacked I said "Well, that's odd, why didn't they hit the Pentagon instead." Couple minutes later, it gets hit.

Also my moms birthday.
Gave her a box of choclets.

I was washing my face getting ready for class when it happened. I was 15 and I think my mom called me over to watch the morning news. It took me a couple moments to understand what was going on. I don't remember anything about that day otherwise except for my 2nd period teacher history? I think? He talked about it with us a bit. We were pretty quiet for the rest of that class. The rest of the day went on as normal outside of me following the news more than usual for a couple months (and still not getting it)

I still remember being excited about bombing the shit out of the Afghan mountains. And the subsequent bullshit in Iraq and arguments with rednecks (derp derp I live in Texas)

I remember being pretty scared though I think I was freaked out more by the possibility of a draft since more than anything else (that came way after 9/11 though), I was pretty selfish and cowardly (still am to an extent).

I never really watched the videos of people falling. Just the planes crashing over and over and over again, the explosions, the people covered in dust running for their lives...

I don't really make jokes about 9/11 outside of laughing at the usual gifs and whatnot (can't help it, I just wasn't close enough to it) but I don't really...think about the date much either. I still forget the specific year sometimes since time blurs together so much for me. "9/11" isn't really a date to me. It's a word. A proper noun. It's this horrible thing that happened that shouldn't have happened and scared the fuck out of me but that was then and this is now and I have other things to be scared the fuck out of.

TLDR lol 9/11. I'm going to go eat a burger and try not to cry into it now.

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Please stop writing cryptic messages from the future on my Facebook page.

Thank You.

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I regret nothing.

File: 128425144260.jpg-(47.46KB, 475x360, Michael-Jordan-R.jpg)

I'm sorry that I was late Sogeking.

So so sorry.

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  Hey /baw/, do you have two stupid looking beardless fucking mums?

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Well that made me feel better about myself. It's always bugged me how slow my beard grows, but if that's all you've got after two weeks.. Damn..

I've been trying to get a friend to do that forever. He won't budge. I'm so disappointed.

File: 128425131851.jpg-(76.85KB, 600x535, askalpenis.jpg)
>I've been trying to get a friend to do that forever
>he won't bulge


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Thing that just bug you, for reasons or not.
-chewing with your mouth open
-people who say acronyms in real life, especially if that acronym is longer than the phrase it's meant to contain
-the semi-darkness that sneaks up on you in the evenings, so that it's suddenly dark while I'm trying to read
-going upstairs to check on the baby while it's crying and getting dirty looks from my sister for doing so
-people who reuse jokes from sitcoms by repeating them verbatim
-people hating people for simple matters of taste
-recieving no IMs until I'm looking at porn, then being flooded with them just when I get into it
-intentional irony like it's something to be proud of
-hating on male singers for sounding like girls
-hating on female singers for sounding like guys

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That wierd thing that old people do when they start speaking. You know what I'm talking about. Sounds like two raw steaks being pulled apart. Also on that subject, sharply inhaling before speaking. What the hell is that shit? Did you FORGET to be breathing before that sharp intake?

This is why I can't listen to the National portions of NPR radio.


For some reason, there are people I just want to punch in the face. Justin Beiber and Doctor Phil for example. I have no idea why. No seriously, I'm not being sarcastic. I've never heard either one of them speak, I've never heard any of Beiber's songs, but whenever i see a picture of either one of them my knuckles itch. It kind of bugs me that i have that kind of reaction to people I know absolutely nothing about.

Some people breathe shallowly, so when they have anything longer than a few words to say, they have to get a good lung-full of air so they don't have to stop midway.

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C'mon guys. It's tennis.

No one takes tennis seriously.


>implying tennis isnt awesome

It can be fun to play.

Sometimes fun to watch but..

>They want to punish players for grunting

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>The majority in the 6-5 ruling of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals "reluctantly" concluded that national security interests in the case were paramount to "even the most compelling necessity" to protect fundamental principles of liberty and justice.

I know this is more /n/-related materials, but considering its one of the scariest goddamn things to come out of the American legal system in awhile, figured we could /baw/ about it here.

Now, keep in mind: The people in this trial aren't U.S Citizens. But that doesn't change the fact that the court systems basically just came out and said "We will suppress liberty and justince inorder to protect it".

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File: 128414963075.jpg-(27.04KB, 601x444, 2aa0t3n.jpg)

File: 128414967313.jpg-(41.81KB, 601x444, 15y83gk.jpg)


You're the best toxie.

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The fantasy is that you won't die a virgin. /trollface

This weekend, I'm going to a conference on Catalina Island where everyone will be getting drunk and talking about science.

I wish to be the little Stark.

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I'm sleepy. Maybe I should sleep. But Terminator is coming on in 10 minutes, maybe I should do something about my movie illiteracy instead.

You've just reminded me to download Kingpin. Everything Bill Murray stars in turns to gold, right?

Since everyone can't wait for a given +400-post SYM thread to sink beneath the front page before the next one is made, I'm gonna start locking them. Deal with it.

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TODAY, I got drunk as fuck and hung out with a bro and I am typing this with my eyes clothesd, and I met a bunch of hipsters, the real deal hipsters, but I will never be a hipster because my hairline is receeding, andman I felt SO live.

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You know those really shitty iPod headphones?

Mine still work so it's all good.

I have shure e5cs which are market value around 500 dollars, but my stupid ass friend threw some iron tent things in my bag when we were at the beach and fucked up the wires...It costs 147 dollars to send them in to be fixed supposedly, but I'm waiting to maybe find some used ones on ebay...I've been using ipod headphones and instead, and what it feels like is noise "attacking" my ears, more than me swimming in the music in my head.

Feels bad man, real bad.

I took my iPod to Sony Style to test out some headphones. God, you could jack the volume up to HEAVEN on some of them and there still wouldn't be noise. My onboard audio + cheap headphones is crackle city.

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  I come for advice.

I'm a freshman at college, a small liberal arts college. There are about 300 freshman in the class of 2014.

The problem starts here.

I met a girl in Arabic class, she is the friend of another girl I knew in Arabic. That other girl proceeded to drop Arabic, so now it is just Girl A and I.

Girl A and I live in the same dorms just a floor apart. We always do homework together, our personalities are quite similar, and from what I can tell we both thoroughly enjoy spending time together. On the weekends I usually have breakfast with her.

Today we both slept outside on the campus, our campus is beautiful and so was the weather.

I also often hang out with her at the college pool, she is a lifeguard there. I'm pretty sure she knows I like though I haven't said anything.

Here are my problems. I'm rather emotionally inept due to how I grew up and I find it extremely difficult to trust and confide in people.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>~there is no justice in the wooooorld~
don't forget that the girl has a choice in the matter, too. it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but nothing's set in stone, even the most important relationships and people in your life. don't get me wrong. i'm not jaded and i'm not saying to never fall in love. that's bullshit. i'm just more practical now. instead of blaming everyone including myself, i'm moving on and trying to look out for the games people play. also, i swear to god if i'm ever in love with someone like that again, i won't put hundreds of miles between us short of a gun to my head.

Oh, there's plenty of justice. The dude committed suicide for whatever reason and my ex was miserable for months. I'm just saying, just because some people do it, that doesn't make it right.
I say, if you really want her and she really wants you, make sure she's finished with whoever she was with before, don't play games.

I'm gonna agree on this.

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What was the last thing you bought?

Was it fast food?

I got this belt at a Nautica store. It's pretty slick with khakis, which was what I was wearing at the time.

A clothes thread is perfectly fine too.

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Some D batteries and Neosporin

Swiss cheese, cottage cheese, creme cheese and some American made bread that kind of looks like a baguette.

Shadow of the Colossus.

I'm very bad at it.

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  >Wake up naturally at 5am.
>Breath deep
>Make some tea
>Put on a jacket
>Sit outside
>Watch the sun rise of the mountains

You guys are so stressed. Let's have a natural thread.

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> Nature thread
> Nature wallpapers
> Bigger Nature wallpapers
> Volcanoes
> Relaxing music
> Meditation
Thanks Tora Dora!

The Tao teaches us that Human Nature is all within the realm of the great Nature of the universe.


I'm trying here, TD. I'm trying.

File: 128392125975.jpg-(248.62KB, 500x751, giant-sequoia.jpg)

Nice effort, FF. Thank you.

And, in my defense, I enjoy being out in nature. And occasionally destroying individual parts of it with a firearm.

But enough talk, have a tree

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