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All right, since we already have a West Coast meet up thread (more specifically SoCal, but whatever), let's try to set up a meet up on the East Coast, to not get in the way of their planning.

Where do most Plus4 East Coasters live? Any good cons you want to show off to your internet fellows? Any neat cheap places you have in mind?

If all else fails, this can be a "Survival Guide to the East Coast/Eastern America" type thread.

Picture related, it is the East Coast.

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Yeah, I want to go to PAX East. :(

I live in Daytona, but I'm at UCF every day, so sort of Orlando, FL here as well.


Me too.

I'm too poor for most cons, so I just try to save up cash for Anime Festival Orlando and Megacon.

I'd love to go to an out of city or state con, like PAX, NYCC, or Anime Weekend Atlanta.

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I only have classes on 2 days this semester!

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i forgot about bio kids


>tl;dr whether you need to study depends on the discipline and class in question

This. And, of course, the person. If your mind naturally works in numbers, then you might not need to do a lot of prepping for math exams. For me, in law school, it's mostly a long grind to teach your brain to work like a lawyer's brain. It's math in a sense, because you have to add up "Okay, it was unauthorized or offensive physical contact, and there was intent, so that = battery". It's not as precise as math, but I've found its fairly easy for me to apply abstract concepts to specific situations and work out the legal result.

Granted, I *am* just three weeks in, but after the whole week of "OMG THIS SHIT IS HARD YOU'LL BE STUDYING EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY YOU'RE NOT IN CLASS!!!" during orientation, this shit is a breeze.

It turns out it's three days. And I'm short a lot of supplies. Aw, fuck it. I'll still get things done.

First day is tomorrow. :x

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Sup Canadabros! Since there's another meetup thread, I figure why not have one of our own?

I shall be in Toronto starting Friday afternoon. I'll be at the booth (in the basement) from time to time (tall guy with glasses). But really, y'all have my cell.

We should get Smoke's Poutine.

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Is that... Darth Maul with a cybernetic lower half?

That's amazing.


What with all the emperor clone bullshit it ain't hard to believe.

Non-canon comic book story I think, in which Maul has pursued an aged Kenobi to Tatooine and challenges him in front of young Luke. His head thorns had also grown into a crown by that point.

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>People who actually know what they're talking about: Too goddamn few
One more Mr. Northman, just hear me out.


First of all I'm an agnostic. Technically I'm half Muslim (mom) half Christian (dad), but I've never been devout in either side. I would say atheist if I didn't believe in some form of higher power, that the whole of life on this planet presents a sum more powerful than any of its parts. But I digress.

In response to the comment i the Mosque thread quoting Deuteronomy:
That's old testament, Jesus came along and negated a bunch of things in the old testament. Jews follow just the old testament, Christians find a balance between the old (wrathful god etc) and the new (forgiving god etc). What you're doing is ignoring Jesus, which makes the comment non-applicable to Christendom.

In response to our friend Ramjet Train, same thread:
One thousand four hundred. They were created when Christianity took foot in the Roman Empire. In fact, Mohammad heard about Christianity because of the Romans and wanted to build his own competing religious system. When they were thinking of a way to call people to prayer, many religions ways were considered including the Christian bell. Mohammad settled on a guy that climbs really high and yells because they didn't have infrastructure and bells to start with in the desert. This was also how they summoned various tribes to battle, so they were used to the call.
Sunni and Shia are different for a non-religious reason, and only the Arabic Koran is accepted as a true source. Even though people who speak Farsi, English or Russian can read the Koran and pray in their own languages (they have to say "ana a la ate kelem arabijah" before praying in a Mosque), the various laws and judgments on what is moral needs to be made by an individual capable of reading the Koran in Arabic. So in order to follow the moral code, you must know Arabic. This is why Arabic is taught in every Muslim country including those whose language is something other.
Highly respected Muslims who go to Mecca and learn Arabic so they can read the Koran ar
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Can we talk about this? How do you feel about it? For me, I don't think it's cool at all.

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don't ruin this for me man. that cake is adorable and probably delicious despite being halal. ;_;

"Selling military-grade rocket launchers to civilians is perfectly fine, but allowing people to follow their personal version of Abrahamic faith is THE CANCER KILLING WORLD PEACE!"

I want to be friends with you TD, but sometimes you make it so hard.


Let's check the stats:
Idiots and hypocrites: Too goddamn many
People who actually know what they're talking about: Too goddamn few
Play of the Game: Doctor Hal, with his "/thread"-worthy first post.
MVP: that one Anonymous (anti-)troll.
Fan Favorite: Bea "I'm more than a handful of bear jokes" Bea

Thanks for playing, I'm ashamed of all of you.

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Post the mousepads you got from ArtsCow ITT.

I guess I missed this. What?

File: 128270297396.jpg-(340.35KB, 500x400, wickedawesomelegobattle.jpg)
Oddly, I got two of them. I clearly recall only ordering one, which I received in about two weeks. Then, around six days after that, another one was delivered. The image was poorer quality than the original, but it was still free, so I just shuffled it off on my little brother, who doesn't even have a mouse, but it's not like I give a shit.

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  Waking up to this song on the radio this morning was a good start to the day.

  This song will get stuck in my head for days on end.

  shit yeah

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File: 128268768279.jpg-(23.03KB, 272x253, weed - Copy (6).jpg)

File: 128268828054.jpg-(9.46KB, 253x262, ereydaysillybilly.jpg)
hell yeah dog

>"my body is ready"

hide File: 128251789799.jpg-(1.20MB, 4500x2234, world map blank.jpg)
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We should have a thread where we mark our locations on this map. You know, so we can tell how many plus4channers are possibly right next door? Post anonymously if you're shy or paranoid.

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We could easily just state our names and locations minus the pictures in the thread too.
But that would defeat the ADVENTURE!

File: 128267405914.gif-(534.12KB, 270x208, girlplease.gif)
>bolloxing up the entire map with errant pixels

We can remake it clean later.

hide File: 12826275891.jpg-(37.77KB, 580x357, oliviertheyskens-580x357.jpg)
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What brand of deodorant does /baw/ use? I usually use Crystal, but it really doesn't cut it in summer. I want to switch to an antiperspirant, but I don't know a good brand.

(Also, Axe and Old Spice smell like shit. Just saying.)

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Mosquito spray.

Well when it comes to antiperspirant I need something that's industrial strength it seems...

As for deodorant I like to switch it up as often as possible.

Glorious Mitchum master race here, all other deodorant's are too small-time for my noxious pits.

hide File: 128202877075.jpg-(20.77KB, 200x289, ivydomo.jpg)
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PoisonIvy, a sometimes mod here, has a shitty medical procedure tomorrow morning. She also demanded I make a thread with this picture.

The photo's contents, and her need to be cheered up, lead me to request you post all things adorable.

tl;dr post cute shit.

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File: 128262597696.jpg-(210.18KB, 1200x853, Cute Puppies.jpg)


leetel babies!

hide File: 128258290296.jpg-(85.19KB, 400x583, 150349640.jpg)
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Exercise thread!

Give me fifty of these!

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That line totally un-immersed me from the Predator experience, because it's just so ridiculous.

File: 128265707350.jpg-(57.14KB, 289x450, beefcake01.jpg)
Squid let's do PX90.

File: 128265754289.jpg-(45.72KB, 289x450, beefcake01.jpg)
Doom let's do PX90.

hide File: 128252962617.jpg-(243.94KB, 640x899, dew.jpg)
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What are your goals for the next 12 months?

>Have a decent Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time in years.
>Finish redecorating my room.
>Make some new friends.
>Get rid of my blackheads.
>Buy enough new clothes for a wardrobe.
>Get a new PC, at all costs.
>Begin day-trading as a hobby/job.
>Maintain a GPA above 3.0

>Go to NYCC and have fun.

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File: 128260761620.jpg-(4.43KB, 152x152, puteminyomouf.jpg)

>Have a decent relationship.
>Get good grades.
>Stay alive.


>stay alive

Thread ends here.

hide File: 128244759122.gif-(238.43KB, 743x928, Yager2006photo.gif)
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oh shit niggers i am so drunk posting at a resort businmess computer at 3 am or something maybe.

All the yager bros. all of that shit

drunk bros fo leif o/

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Unless it's a Main Gauche, at that point, draw your blade.

  I finally found a copy of this video!

And by video I mean song, the video itself is dumb.

hide File: 12822039372.jpg-(19.55KB, 311x400, Thierry-Poncelet-Junior-General-107607.jpg)
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I believe the other one was on autosage.

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File: 128260006636.jpg-(49.38KB, 480x640, gallery_236_12_46109.jpg)
Damn you internet.
Over the weekend I became a big ol' fanboy of AKB48. Now I have tons of episodes of there shows and no one is/or has been funsubbing most of their stuff.

  Thanks for taking all my money again, Local Instrument Store.
No really, thanks. Nostalgia: the Keyboard is totally worth all my fun-money for the month

Hey, what store did you go to? I need to purchase a guitar soon.

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