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File 132372920362.jpg - (33.51KB , 610x397 , libraryavatarpic.jpg )
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Would anybody like to recommend a fan fic?
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>> No. 117013
So, I'm trying to set the bare-bones outline for the start of the post-100 year war era, what the Gaang is doing, and some world building.

4 bending patron spirits, primordial source of bending.

Water: Tui (The Moon/Yue)

Earth: Houtu (?) - /The Pillar, The Mountain, The Listener, The Land, The Heartland./

Fire: Agni (The Sun)

Air: Vayu (The Wind)


Aang: Dealing with the creation of the United republic along with Zuko. Traveling the world, trying to gather and preserve as much Airbending lore as possible. Dealing with the spiritual Imbalance after the 100 year war. Relationship problems due to being a long time away from Katara.
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>> No. 117016
With the relationships aspect, I'd err on the side of keeping the canon couples together in order to stop the romance consuming whatever else the story might have to offer. Relationship issues are a good way of developing the characters who make that couple up but unless the story is really about a non-canon ship, it makes more sense to work with the couples the show already gave you. That being said, I've no idea what you intended to do with those couples so you might already have that stuff in mind.

Some suggestions I thought of/would like to see;
- If Katara and Sokka are both in the South Pole, struggling in relationships with a partner who has other, time consuming commitments (Aang and his Air Acolytes, Suki and her Kyoshi Warriors) it would be great to see the Water siblings supporting each other through that. They bicker a lot but Katara and Sokka do really love each other and any opportunity to show the more tender side of their relationship should be taken.

- With this presumably set after the Search, Ursa being back should be a huge part of Zuko's life, perhaps even to the detriment of him fixing his relationship with Mai. Like I said up top, not that Maiko should be broken for good, but if they did get back together that Mai might find the same old problems persisting (Zuko being a neglectful boyfriend, though no longer because of stresses over Yu Dao but now because of him wanting to catch up with Ursa) and it might take Ursa, as an outsider to their relationship but in the Palace enough to observe them, to get Zuko to buck up his ideas about how he considers Mai.

- Not sure what you have planned for Toph in Omashu (rematch against Bumi maybe?) but if she and Mai are wandering around wherever it might be cool for them to run into one another (though how exactly Mai ends up in the EK is your problem)

- Sort of unrelated, but I'd be interested in seeing Hakoda moving on with his life after the war, as Kya has been somewhat avenged, the SWT safe again and his children more or less indep
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>> No. 117041
A quick Kataang oneshot, subject matter made clear by the url


File 133937508381.jpg - (58.52KB , 500x375 , Legend of Korra.jpg )
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So this was meant to be a one season show, but then it became two, but they didn't stretch things out they still have everything resolved at the end of the first season, and then, after everything is resolved, after we watch the episode that was originally meant to completely wrap things up for these characters... we get another season.

So... how do you think this is going to work out?
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>> No. 110947
>Just out of curiosity but does Korra and the rest of the gang know that Amon and Tarrlok are dead?

There's no indication either way. For all we know, the mystery of Amon and Tarrlok's disappearances could be the in-universe equivalent of Jimmy Hoffa. Or not. We'll know in S2.
>> No. 110948
if you want to get technical it's possible that a search crew found the wreckage (they weren't that far from republic city i think), but other than that i don't see how'd they know.
>> No. 110949
Plus, while there's no way in the real world they would survive something like that, this is a cartoon and we didn't see the bodies. So even we don't know for a fact they're dead, we're just pretty damn certain.

File 139668841896.png - (398.18KB , 720x480 , 20110519162003!Katara_feels_sad[1].png )
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A forum I used to frequent a lot back when Avatar the Last Airbender was new looks as if it's finally died as far as activity goes. This feels pathetic almost as if the members do not give a shit about the site and don't commit to it more like any loyal member would. Regardless of rather or not you have other things going on in your life, if you were truly loyal to the site, you would make time to go on it.

This is just sad.
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>> No. 117007
Considering how divided the fanbase was it was inevitable that large parts of it would be unhappy.

I think the biggest mistake was not producing Avatar in HD. Like, that was probably the worst oversight of all.
>> No. 117008

Considering pre-production of ATLA started in late 2003-early 2004 when HD televisions were still in the back end of the 'early adopter' stage in the US, I don't think we can hold that as a strike against it. I didn't get a HD set until about 2006 IIRC.

Hell, the Daily Show/Colbert Report weren't shot in HD until 2010 and those are two of the highest rated shows on cable. Monday Night Raw is another high rated cable program and they didn't go HD until December 2008.
>> No. 117014
And recently with the last two years there has been the increased focus on internet content delivery.

File 139579319225.jpg - (163.20KB , 610x374 , korra-the-southern-lights-img[1].jpg )
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Why can I imagine there being border patrols along the North and South portals operated by independent organizations dedicated to keeping the spiirts within their own world and why can I imagine that spirits currently residing in the mortal world are subject of great prejudice?
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>> No. 116950
File 139604012665.jpg - (766.64KB , 1920x1080 , spirits7-2137[1].jpg )
I wonder how he might feel about this.
>> No. 116956
Why are humans automatically the evil meanies who oppress the spirit immigrants? I don't remember too many spirits in the show who considered humans on a higher level than a bug
>> No. 116957


File 139580226332.gif - (4.19KB , 452x302 , cnlarge[1].gif )
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Why is Avatar the Last Airbender banned in China?
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>> No. 116902
Since when did this happen? Link?

Or is it just that state-owned television channels are "not distributing it"? They don't distribute a hell of a lot of stuff, Avatar's hardly unique in this respect.
>> No. 116903
You should really consider asking Indy the Great as he's the so-called expert on all things China (don't).

I've been searching for answers for the past couple of nights, but what little I found points to yes.
>> No. 116941
Yeah, I don't think it's banned in China. Perhaps it never aired, officially, in the first place.

File 130400922237.jpg - (184.88KB , 900x1167 , Avatar__The_Last_Airbender_by_Damascus5.jpg )
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As mentioned above, I am feeling morbidly curious:

Is there anyone that honestly _prefers_ the movie to the series?
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>> No. 116794
Well, there's a thread on /pkmn/ that had to be locked because it was constantly targeted by a spambot. So that isn't really surprising.
>> No. 116915
Sharky, I think it's time to lock this thread
>> No. 116944
I'm not typically in the practice of locking threads, but Murph is right.

Luckily for us all, the movie stopped being relevant soon after it's release and we can rest easy that it's good and dead, so locking it to stop a spambot is small potatoes.

File 139581285033.jpg - (41.49KB , 969x576 , 143974__art-br0ny-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-korra.jpg )
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What would be the primary things that people would remember Avatar Korra for?

Aang is remembered for helping to establish Republic City and the United Republic as well as ending the one hundred year war.

Something tells me that the Equalists would merely just be a small footnote in her life. She definitely would be remembered for leaving the Spirit portals open as that would have a major effect on the future world. But what else might people remember her for?

She's gotta be remembered for something especially when her entire life has been trying to become the best Avatar she could ever be so she cannot be completely upstaged by Aang's accomplishments.

I get the feeling that Republic City might end up being voted as one of the Avatar's greatest achievements.
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>> No. 116933
Some people are thinking that since Book 1 was originally all that they were given, then Books 2,3, and 4 were permitted that the series will now be standalone-yet-connected more so than just the characters keeping their equipment and items from Disc 1.
>> No. 116935
I think I remember reading that was the hitch with Book 2 in that they were setting up a story they could tell through the next books hence some retreading ground.
>> No. 116936
I think I remember reading that was the hitch with Book 2 in that they were setting up a story they could tell through the next books hence some retreading ground.

File 138461951462.png - (1.15MB , 1434x804 , Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10_28_25 AM.png )
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Not sure if everyone is aware but Nickmade a deal on tumblr to get a certain amount of reblogs and they would release the final 2 episdoes.

Didn't see a thread about it so figured I would post it.


Torrent links:


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>> No. 116831
Hey Asami back with Team Avatar
>> No. 116849
Mako has apparently seen bigger in his time.
>> No. 116856
Group showers in the Bending Circuit bush league.

File 139460435674.jpg - (1.15MB , 1154x1150 , monopoly-last-airbender.jpg )
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How would /a/ go about making a ATLA edition of monopoly? What would the different locations/spaces be? What changes would there be to the rules?

Alternately, Fan-made Games General.
>> No. 116845
Anyone got some of the old RPG setting people were working on?

File 134112262650.jpg - (218.78KB , 605x937 , The Wang Fire Method.jpg )
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Got something amusing and Avatar-related?

Not exactly seeing chances to post it elsewhere?

Post it here!
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>> No. 116740
She's confirming what we already knew, but I am amused.
>> No. 116755
File 139260432422.jpg - (287.42KB , 983x737 , prince_tonraq.jpg )
Knew this would happen eventually.

>> No. 116839

Be quick though; this thread has been up for at least 2 hours.

File 139278587018.png - (147.17KB , 444x250 , Planetary_alignment.png )
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In a universe where there is a spirit world and there is confirmation that celestial bodies have a spirit or are a spirit themselves. How would this effect the upcoming space exploration that is sure to come as the human's technology continues to evolve?

Would their first man on the moon be literally landing on Princess Yue's ass?

How many planets could there be in their solar system? At least 2 ringed planets confirmed.
>> No. 116822
I don't think it's ever confirmed ALL celestial bodies have spirits of themselves. For example, there appears to be no solar deity, with Raava being the only light spirit.

File 139000567649.jpg - (704.67KB , 1920x1080 , spirits10-1572[1].jpg )
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Their world doesn't seem that horrid of a place especially from what was seen in A New Spiritual Age. Even Iroh retired there. So why would spirits either in Korra's time or Wan's time want to inhabit the mortal world? What is so bad about their world that makes them want to crossover? Sure, there are dark places with dark spirits and not to mention Koh the Facestealer, but I'd figure their world is probably near-infinite. Couldn't they easily get away from such terrible things?

Oh and was this area basically New Zealand meets Wonderland?
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>> No. 116730
Yeah from what we've seen so far it's pretty one-sided. I guess humans would hurt them indirectly by taking away their habitat in the physical world, but unless the spirits' nature changed through those ten thousand years I'm wondering what non-benders can do to protect themselves against the nastier spirits without also pissing off the good ones.
>> No. 116731
Maybe now that humanity has spread and become the dominant species the spirits aren't as powerful in this world as they used to be.
>> No. 116763
Probably because we have cool technology they don't.

File 13862709392.jpg - (549.82KB , 1591x1080 , 2831138-mai_thinks_of_zuko.jpg )
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Oh shit, it's this thread again!

But no pie-in-the-sky dreaming for us, we've actually got three committed writefags, one of whom has outlined a first episode already.

Summary: An AU where instead of being found by Sokka and Katara, Aang is discovered by Mai and Ty Lee. Hijinks ensue as the dangerous ladies, pursued by Azula, try to reform the fire nation from within while helping the young Avatar on his journey.
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>> No. 116725
When we rejoin Aang, he is waking up atop Appa, who is being flown by Mai. Ty Lee is overjoyed to see that Aang is awake and gives him a hug. Mai quips that Aang's lucky they didn't just leave him there after that stunt. Aang apologizes and thanks her for that. Ty Lee asks what happened exactly. Aang says he's not sure, but when he stared into Avatar Roku's eyes, something just came over him. He describes briefly what he saw, saying he couldn't tell what was the past and what was the future, what were his memories and what memories belonged to someone else. Mai tells Aang that he gets "weirder by the minute." Ty Lee just says she's glad he's okay. Momo crawls back up on Aang's shoulders and rubs against him. Ty Lee giggles and says Momo's glad he's okay too. Aang thanks Momo with head rub. Aang notices for a second that Mai's gloved, palms look like they're covered in fresh dirt, though he doesn't ask about it. He and Momo then turn to look back towards the temple. "We're sorry, Aang," Ty Lee says to him. "Did you need to stay a little longer?"

"No, that's alright" Aang sighs. Mai looks back at him softly as he finishes his sentence. "There's nothing left to see." The last frame/panel is of the place where Mai found the corpse of Gyatso. However, outside the small structure, there is a crude stone marker with a carved spiral into it with the earth in front of it disturbed (the implication is that before leaving, while Aang was unconscious, Mai dug a grave for Gyatso).

End episode
>> No. 116726
File 139209908484.jpg - (34.33KB , 640x480 , mai_whatever.jpg )

Just a quick note, these aren't the final drafts or anything so some details such as dialogue, plot points etc. are still subject to change. The way I see it, after these second outlines are finished, they can be converted everything to a more detailed and definitely more thoroughly proofread comic script. Right now, I'm just focusing on Book 1, but I'm brainstorming ideas for Book 2.
>> No. 116758
File 139261724454.jpg - (37.45KB , 640x480 , Ep_ 40 - The Crossroads of Destiny_mp4_snapshot_19.jpg )
For any one who may still be keeping up with this, I'm almost finished with the second outline for Episode 4 (it's a bit difficult cause I changed a few things from the original outline, more on that when I finish), but I thought I'd stop by again and jot down some ideas I have for Book 2, if anyone still cares:

>Before Zuko continues his search for the Avatar, he and Azula oversee the occupation of the Northern Water Tribe. Zuko doesn't like sitting around, but is forced to wait. He and Yue develop a funny kind of mutual respect for one another before he leaves.
>One of the early episodes in the Book deals with Aang and the girls stopping in Yu Dao which explores Aang's reaction to how people live there.
>In Yu Dao, further seeds of an organized resistance against the regime of Ozai will be seen, made up of disgruntled colonials and mixed FN/EK citizens who feel like they aren't respected by those from the homeland.
>Kori Morishita, one of these frustrated individuals, although not part of any of the scattered cells of would be revolutionaries, decides the best way to prove herself would be to help capture the Avatar. In her first appearance, she's an antagonist of the Gaang's, but her distaste for Azula causes her to help Aang escape being captured. Kori also becomes Aang's first Earthbending tutor before he meets Toph, when this would be though and for how long, I don't know.
>The Gaang meets Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors again as they're fighting the Fire Nation, which is occupying their island. Many people of Kyoshi have since fled, but have nowhere to go. Aang attempts to reconcile the problems between the people of Chin and the people of Kyoshi so that Suki's people might have a place to stay until they can return home.
>Not sure how to redo the Cave of Two Lovers, but I had an idea that Aang says to Mai that maybe if they kiss they'll find their way out just for Mai to anticlimactically say "That so
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 138994470631.jpg - (60.19KB , 500x651 , tumblr_mqb2x280tu1r6gyyno1_500[1].jpg )
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Why can I still not get over these two episodes? I want to see more about Avatar Wan and his time. The second part skipped a whole lot of his life and implied that he has seen a lot. Do you think we may see more of him in a future season of Korra or perhaps even an animated made-for-television movie?
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>> No. 116611
>Probably not unless Korra manages to reconnect with her past lives.

This has to be the plot for a future season, right?

Maybe starting in Book 3 and taking premise in Book 4?
>> No. 116613
>This has to be the plot for a future season, right?
Not necessarily. The entire speech at the end of Book 2 seemed to be about forging your own new path without needing the shackles of what came before, etc. Plus Book 3 is called "changes". If it's about reconnecting with past lives that's kind of counter to what the theme is supposed to be.

I'd LIKE Korra to get the past lives back but I can see them saying they're gone for good.
>> No. 116615
>If it's about reconnecting with past lives that's kind of counter to what the theme is supposed to be.
Except it's not.

>The entire speech at the end of Book 2 seemed to be about forging your own new path without needing the shackles of what came before, etc.
I guess this is officially disrespectful.

File 136522482045.png - (721.92KB , 1200x1000 , 1336663020681.png )
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>> No. 116593
smaller, cropped versions of good art
>> No. 116594
Flipped Bolin is adorable, would so cuddle. Seeming the flipped stuff makes me thinks of what could come of the Avatar after Korra.
>> No. 116605
Male Mai would have a humongous female following.

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