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116991 No. 116991
A forum I used to frequent a lot back when Avatar the Last Airbender was new looks as if it's finally died as far as activity goes. This feels pathetic almost as if the members do not give a shit about the site and don't commit to it more like any loyal member would. Regardless of rather or not you have other things going on in your life, if you were truly loyal to the site, you would make time to go on it.

This is just sad.
>> No. 116992
Times change and not all series can retain interest once things are said and done.

If anything it really speaks to how the series has changed with the production of the comics and LoK. A lot of people were really turned off by everything.
>> No. 116993
Part of that being LoK is a different animal then the Avatar series was. Older Characters and the journey is more internal than external.
>> No. 116994
I thought this was a fan fic idea thread based on the title. I guess you have to put something in the title but yeah.

It happens inevitably. When a band goes in a new direction you see some fans drop but new ones take their place (assuming it's not a total flop). Animated series come out a lot slower though so it's way more pronounced.
>> No. 116995
I think Book 3 will start to lift things since the base world building is done and Korra now has a set goal to being her Avatar self instead of just reacting to how people want her to be the Avatar.
>> No. 116998
It's to be expected in the end. We saw our own momentum slowly go into hibernation back when the show itself ended and it wasn't until Korra that we saw another rush of activity. We didn't have anything new to go on, except maybe fanfictions and AUs like Gaang Jr., and nobody can keep going forever on no fuel.

Plus, forget all the crap you hear on the internet. Korra in general was pretty well received. Maybe not to the same extent as A:tLA, I'm not sure, but it sold and made money. But on top of that, the fans of the first show had three years to age and change, so some of them are gonna drop off, it's only natural.
>> No. 116999
It's unsurprising - even before Korra's announcement, the fandom seemed to be beginning to die off. The only fandom which still seems to be going on with any kind of resemblance to it's heyday is the Harry Potter one, and even then there's plenty of ghost forums littering the internet.
>> No. 117000
A series can only sustain fans as long as the series is producing new content that gives the fans something to discuss. Once the main story ends there's nothing for fans to do other than debate the same things they've already debated and occasionally produce some fan art.

A series that produces a few comics a year trying to tie up so loose ends (such as what happened to Ursa) won't attract the same number of fans as a TV series that's telling a bigger story (trying to stop an evil empire from ruling the world).

I guess more people might return if they made another series of ATLA about the troubles in the colonies and possibly a plot to overthrow Zuko by the nobles.
>> No. 117005
Well, it was the relentless complaining and arguing for me.

Couldn't look at a post on here or /co/ without someone either attacking Korra or defending it. There was barely a chance to even make any interesting OC, and even that which got made quickly got thrown into the argument arena to be torn apart (ala Wolfbatman Beyond)

So, but that's the Chan's and nostalgia for you. I tried to engage in more Gaang Jr. discussion numerous times, but no-one was having it, and no-one came up with anything quite as interesting, so...
>> No. 117006
Yeah, being part of the Avatar Community these days is torturous. +/a/ is bad enough without having all the egos of posters on a non-anonymous forum in the mix, or for that matter without the sheer number of people on 4chan to make it that much worse. It's sad to see it happen to Avatar since I like the franchise so much, but the fans have made it completely impossible to enjoy talking about it online.
>> No. 117007
Considering how divided the fanbase was it was inevitable that large parts of it would be unhappy.

I think the biggest mistake was not producing Avatar in HD. Like, that was probably the worst oversight of all.
>> No. 117008

Considering pre-production of ATLA started in late 2003-early 2004 when HD televisions were still in the back end of the 'early adopter' stage in the US, I don't think we can hold that as a strike against it. I didn't get a HD set until about 2006 IIRC.

Hell, the Daily Show/Colbert Report weren't shot in HD until 2010 and those are two of the highest rated shows on cable. Monday Night Raw is another high rated cable program and they didn't go HD until December 2008.
>> No. 117014
And recently with the last two years there has been the increased focus on internet content delivery.

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