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File 130400922237.jpg - (184.88KB , 900x1167 , Avatar__The_Last_Airbender_by_Damascus5.jpg )
91749 No. 91749

As mentioned above, I am feeling morbidly curious:

Is there anyone that honestly _prefers_ the movie to the series?
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>> No. 91750
I, um, really liked the costumes.
And Jackson Rathbone is still hotter than the flames of hell you bitches are going to burn in.

The rest of it sucked :(
>> No. 91751
Personally I thought that most of the movie was pretty dire (both in it's narrative and direction), but that being said there were one or two aspects of it that I rather liked, and I'd even go so far as to say that I actually preferred the non Koizilla conclusion (it just seemed more in keeping with the 'Ong's a pacifist' spirit of the story than the same scene from canon).
>> No. 91752
That poster only reminds me how drab and colorless the movie was. I'm told this is an effect of adding 3d.
>> No. 91755

I gotta say, I disagree with the Koizilla bit. Aang pretty clearly wasn't in control, so what the Ocean Spirit did through Aang's power isn't something that should be held against his pacifism. Especially given that the very next episode, the start of season 2, establishes that Aang is actually quite fearful of the Avatar State and what it's power can make him do. Think Superman's "World of Cardboard" speech, actually, it's pretty close to that.

Besides, what was M. Night's alternative to Koizilla? (I'm also totally convinced that he dropped it for fear of CGI costs, rather than any narrative choice) Ong enters the Avatar State completely on his own free will, and with masterful control, scares away the Fire Nation Navy. Keep in mind, mastery of the Avatar State was something Aang acheived approximately 15 minutes (give or take depending if you view Energybending as opposed to putting out the fires as the mark of true mastery) into the last part of the finale.

This, literally, does not happen until there's about nine to ten minutes left in nearly 24 culminative hours worth of show. This is something that was a driving undercurrent in the story since season two, if not since the second episode when we're actually introduced to the idea...then M. Night went and added it almost as a footnote to what would be only the start of the second third of the story, effectively destroying an entire series-spanning character arc in a moment of blazing idiocy.

So, in short, the Ocean Spirit and any destruction it may have caused isn't something that can be attributed to Aang, and the alternative the movie presented was something that completely removed a facet of Aang's character in the story.


Actually, the movie was already pretty drab and colorless. Adding 3D would made it worse while actually watching it had the 3D effects actually...existed. Seriously, the only 3D in the movie was during the credits, the rest was just making the movie look slightly out of focus.
>> No. 91756
Then you didn't understand what was happening during that scene. That wasn't Aang. It was the ocean spirit possessing Aang and hijacking the Avatar state for vengeance.
>> No. 91757
And the Fire Nation didn't lose a single ship. What's stopping them from coming back once Aang is in the Earth Kingdom?
Besides, the whole "as the Avatar, you're not supposed to hurt anyone" was bullshit.
>> No. 91759

Yeah, especially since it's canon that the previous Airbender Avatar, Yang Chen, was so hardcore about her duty that there wasn't a single war until 200 years after her death out of fear/respect for her.

Yang Chen was the Avatar-verse Chuck Norris.

(Well, they had Firebenders and Fire Nation Marines as hostages/POWs, but that brings up the uncomfortable implication of what they might do if the Fire Nation tries something.)

That was another thing, who the fuck was I supposed to root for in this movie? The Water Tribe had people that straight up murdered an lone, unarmed, fireless, enemy commander in the streets rather than hold him hostage or even put him on trial (if they even knew he was a commander, and not just a brown guy in the wrong color of armor,) and Peltz froze Patel and left him to die. One side was full of idiots and warmongering murderers and the other side is full of idiots and slightly more passive murderers.
>> No. 91760
Yeah, about the Avatara state thing. With Aang being able to enter the Avatar state by and will while still maintaining complete control... what would have been the point of the second two movies? He's already got what he needs to win, stories over.
>> No. 91761
I liked the approach that was taken in regards to Aang's tattoos right up until it got all Christian on us.
There is genuinely nothing to like about this movie and that makes me feel bad for Dev Patel. Hopefully this won't be the end of his career.
>> No. 91762

Dev's career hasn't really managed to take off in the first place, much less be ruined by a bad movie. He was the one among the four main cast members to take the longest to get mentioned for another project after this one and it's pretty much just a movie based on Skins, so it's not a new role. The other three all have new stuff set up. I mean big movies (with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in the case of Ringer.)
>> No. 91763
I really liked the costume and set design in the movie.

Interesting note: I took the movie and put it into a video editing program (a free one I downloaded off the internet, VirtualDub) and I messed around with the color saturation and with little effort I was able to make the movie look much, much better.
>> No. 91771

I'm curious. Can you post a couple caps?
>> No. 91773
I keep hearing the set design being lauded but honestly I never saw anything that was all that impressive.

As far as the costumes go...meh. Even cosplayers have pulled off more impressive feats.
>> No. 91774

Well I did say it was my personal opinion. ;)

As for Aang not being in control of Koizilla, well that may or may not be true, but the point is that even if he wasn't directly responsible for the resulting carnage, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't have blamed himself for it anyway (and, beyond his fear of once again losing control, I can't remember anything in the show that suggested he ever did).

Oh, and as for Aang being fearful of the Avatar State, well I'm pretty sure that that starts way back towards the very beginning of season one, when his reaction to seeing Gyatso's remains almost results in his new friends getting hurt.

I do agree that Ong's control of the Avatar State does pretty much screw up the plot for the proposed sequels (though I rather suspect that M Night had lost all interest in the project long before he actually started filming this first instalment), but then screwing up that part of Ong's story arc seems less of a problem than messing up a pretty important part of Aang's core personal philosophy, at least it does to me.
>> No. 91776
>Is there anyone that honestly _prefers_ the movie to the series?

My four year-old does, even though I own the series on DVD. I figure it's because the movie condenses Book 1 into a two hour disaster. More time for the vidya.
>> No. 91777

Well, when he saw himself in that nightmare at the start of the next episode/season, it was fused to Koizilla. Perhaps the damage to the Fire Nation was light on actual casualties or perhaps Aang eventually came to the conclusion that it wasn't his fault, the series only gave us a glimpse.

Plus, I don't think he was in control of Koizilla, but I don't think he willingly fused, either. Aang is sensetive to spirits, and he went into the Avatar State before fusing, which was an involuntary loss of control at that point for him. Not only that, but the Ocean Spirit kept on trucking over to Zhao after leaving Aang on the wall. I think it only needed his Waterbending power to keep it's form as Koizilla, rather than Aang specifically being the one who made/was controlling Koizilla.
>> No. 91815
File 130421054885.jpg - (25.67KB , 196x216 , 098986456365.jpg )
My family liked the movie over the series. They tell me my bias and criticism are invalid because I've never watched it. They have the cartoons are for kids act your age mindset.
>> No. 91818
>They tell me my bias and criticism are invalid because I've never watched it.
If you haven't seen it, they're kind of right. Don't get me wrong: the movie is terrible. But your opinion on the quality of a piece of entertainment, even a terrible one, can't be said to count if you haven't seen it.

But honestly, that's not a good enough reason to watch it even so. Unless you watch it with the RiffTrax or something. That might stop it from being a waste of two hours.
>> No. 91824
File 13042236792.jpg - (25.34KB , 162x180 , 09878966456356.jpg )
The nice thing about this situation is they won't watch the animated series before hoisting similar complaints. Also I get all my opinions from the internet because I don't dare think for myself.
>> No. 91825
>They tell me my bias and criticism are invalid because I've never watched it.
>they won't watch the animated series before hoisting similar complaints

lol hypocrisy
>> No. 91827
Uh... it has a nice soundtrack?
>> No. 91829
That is rather sad. I would ask them to take a look at the series if they want you to sit through the move.
>> No. 91830
It's true. I pirated the soundtrack and have it in my regular shuffle list.

...it's just not a very good ATLA soundtrack. Too generic for that, but not bad on its own.
>> No. 91831
I must admit I've been a bit curious about that, does it take any cues from the series at all?
>> No. 91833

Basically? No.

If these sorta-leaked MIDIs of the inital soundtrack were real, it kinda did at one point, but the actual soundtrack is a pretty generic triplet-filled (been forever since band, would the time signature be 4/6 or something like that?) adventure soundtrack where you get the feeing James Newton Howard was asked to kinda phone it in or use a composition he had laying around. It would be just as at home in Pirates of the Carribbean or some other, similar, movie.
>> No. 91834
File 130428635211.gif - (88.85KB , 345x347 , 1216597323657.gif )
I've asked this in previous threads on the regular /co/, and now I'm curious to hear +/a/ weigh in on the topic:

If there was to be a third movie made, and it included Ong, Soaka, and Katara disguising themselves as Fire Nation citizens, would that mean they'd have to paint themselves in brownfaces?
>> No. 91837
That would be hilarious. If they used Apu accents I believe I would die laughing.
>> No. 91838

Also, would Summer Bashil and whoever wuld have played Mai and Ty Lee have had to pull their eyes back and wear white makeup?
>> No. 91846
Could someone remake this in the future. It might take a while, but it would really great if a person who stuck to the story and actually knew what he was doing made the entire trilogy.
>> No. 91847
I doubt any studio would want to invest in it. Maybe they'll give it another try in 30 years or so.
>> No. 91848
Here's hoping.

I doubt it would take that long. Then again, you might be on to something. Seems Hollywood is remaking/doing sequels to movies that first came out 10-20 years ago or so.
>> No. 91849
File 130439415273.jpg - (126.41KB , 500x270 , NicolaPeltzLastAirbender[1].jpg )
She just has that face you want to ruin, so innocent.
>> No. 91855
File 130439530954.jpg - (25.39KB , 480x340 , KingLaugh.jpg )
>Colbert saying Osama's watching Last Airbender in 3D in hell
>> No. 91857
This would be creepy if it weren't true.
>> No. 91859
No, that would still be creepy.
... and it isn't true.
>> No. 91861

Kaiji disagrees.
>> No. 91864
Oh man, oh man, this guy!
He delights me.
>> No. 91865
Maybe instead of following the story as it was laid out in the show, whoever gets the reigns will focus more on Aang and friends having magical karate adventures with that 70's kung fu spin to everything.

Avatar Aang and the School of the Dragon
Avatar Aang and the Shadow of Omashu
Avatar Aang vs Mecha Aang
Super Avatar Battle: All Avatars vs Koh the Face Stealer
>> No. 91867
File 130439743386.jpg - (38.09KB , 576x324 , josereyes1_576.jpg )

>> No. 91876
What a shitfest.
Even before that, the movie whoring ruined the Avatar wikia for me.
>> No. 91878
Hopefully The Last Airbender stays The LAST Airbender. :)
>> No. 91883
The series was still getting a movie and everyone was excited. Don't be an asshole.
>> No. 91887
How is he being an asshole by hoping the wikia people wouldn't be fawning over that shitfest of a movie and changing the theme of the whole place to match it?
>> No. 91902
File 130448791089.jpg - (24.08KB , 300x350 , the-head.jpg )
>Toph actress thread
>All site users
>> No. 91912
File 130449046038.jpg - (5.57KB , 251x189 , mad_duck.jpg )

>some douchebag with a Johnny Bravo Avatar is still using the same disproven, fucked up arguments to excuse the blatant whitewashing

It's like I've been warped back to last summer!
>> No. 91913

Haha, that's Hasdi. I've argued with him on the Wall Street Journal's page for the Korra casting.

He's hard-core pro-casting, pro-movie, and pro-M. Night, far as I can tell, and worst of all, he's a mod at the Wiki.
>> No. 91914
File 130449319045.png - (2.88KB , 203x210 , 1294452959905.png )
>hard-core pro-casting, pro-movie, and pro-M. Night
>mod at the Wiki.

Well, that explains things.
>> No. 92045
File 130517336921.gif - (793.39KB , 350x263 , aang_m_night_bitchslap.gif )
>> No. 92046
That made my-
*puts on shades*
>> No. 92052
+1 internet
>> No. 92054

With my powerful deductive abilities, I can now state that you've been visiting "Mark watches Avatar" Daniel.

Am I correct?
>> No. 92278
File 130665423168.png - (175.73KB , 264x524 , shamwow.png )
I love Booter-Freak and I want to have her little Booter babies.
>> No. 92781
File 130965429440.jpg - (295.15KB , 900x1750 , yue__s_boring_life_by_yamino-d3ksodw.jpg )
While slightly tipsy I drew a really boring comic inspired by one of Yue's lines in this atrocious film.

It is a source of endless jokes with my bro and I. Our fancanon is that poor Princess Yue is very sheltered and extremely bored and so she watches the ocean like my college roommate watched soap operas.
>> No. 92785
File 130965989231.jpg - (17.69KB , 250x308 , michael-jordan-cigar.jpg )

>it's waving at me

>> No. 92786
Is the mod on the Wiki and the one on Deviantart who founded a club dedicated to hyping up this shitty movie( and still defending it and it's shitty casting) one in the same?
>> No. 92787

No, Hasdi has his own account. The founder of the Last Airbender Fans is "Orlandobloomfn" AKA Light Eco Sage. She's an all around nitwit, and her fanfic "Duty Versus Love" includes a laundry list of items and events that irk me or otherwise send me into a fit of rage in fanfic. Almost anything that can irk me, short of Zutara or a high school AU, is included in that one.
>> No. 93012
I really hope there will never be a sequel.
>> No. 93014
File 131057185213.jpg - (2.22KB , 50x50 , artwizard199.jpg )
>find this on DA
>gag gag GAG gag gag

Not that this is the first time I've seen TLA icons or support on DA, but the very notion of someone fangirling like that over this movie set me off.

I think it's safe to say that everyone here feels that way too.
>> No. 93175
Ugh, don't remind me. I used to like some of her older fic, but "Duty" just rubs me the wrong way, in every possible manner. Cliche "Azula breaks out, is super evil" bullshit, some generic NPC somehow mastering Spiritbending, and furthermore actually being able to defile the Avatar with it, bullshit breeding subplot for even more drama. Bleh.

Plus, not a big fan of how she writes the cast, though that's somewhat of my own bias as well, as I'd like to think that the Fire Nation as a whole deserves more screen time.
>> No. 93191
File 13113318974.png - (6.17KB , 306x245 , 129015051732.png )
>Type "Legend of Korra" poster into Google after seeing the ones in the Korra thread
>Very first hit is lastairbenderfilm.com
>My face
>> No. 93221
Is it wrong that I liked Ong's tattoos and how the firebenders needed fire to bend? Not that I didn't think it was stupid, but I thought it would make bending easier if they did something like that. Like if they did both, bending the fire that was already there, and producing their own it would be cool.
>> No. 93223
> I liked Ong's tattoos
I liked the approach that was taken with the tattoos with them being made up of small symbols rather than a solid band of colour. But they completely lost me with the Christian imagery and nonsensical inclusion of Qaballic symbols.
>the firebenders needed fire to bend
This is completely fucking stupid. Why? Because any of the other benders can easily snuff out an external source of flame. If fire benders were entirely dependent on carrying small flames with them everywhere there's no way they logically could have become such a powerful nation. But as was demonstrated on the show, fire benders capable of pyro-genesis were the masters of fucking shit up with massive fire blasts that the other benders had a hard time contending with.
This movie is and always will be a giant piece of shit. Nothing can redeem it and I'm mad because the new show has that fucking name attached to it. Hopefully the movie will just be forgotten altogether.
>> No. 93251
>Because any of the other benders can easily snuff out an external source of flame.
That would be true if it were the show, where the combatants seem to actually think and move and stuff. But nobody seemed to realize it in the movie, so clearly fire that's being bent is cursed or something.
>> No. 93252
>so clearly fire that's being bent is cursed or something.

No, its because the movie was badly written. Don't delude yourself here. Just like how it was completely illogical to imprison Earth Benders in a mountain valley. This movie was "How NOT to Write Movies 101".
This movie is a bad movie.
>> No. 93253
I know. I wasn't suggesting the "curse" theory seriously.
>> No. 93734
How are the tattoos christian? Is it something about the shape that they make or the design or something?
>> No. 93735
It was in the shape of a cross. I'm not saying Christians have a copyright on two lines joined at a 90 degree axis, but when people see a cross they think of Jesus Christ.
>> No. 93741
File 131170401025.png - (569.43KB , 720x480 , ep49-353.png )

that and Aang's tats in the show had nothing of the sort
>> No. 94432
File 131398951159.jpg - (899.92KB , 1600x2200 , the_last_wallbanger_pg_1_by_isaia-d47f1bp.jpg )
>> No. 94547
If the movie sucked. Why discuss it?
>> No. 95646
Because why not?
>> No. 96841
Down In Front uploaded their commentary for the movie today. Can't wait to listen to it later on. Gotta love the tagline too:

>As Shepard Book says, sort of... there is a "special hell," reserved for child molesters, people who talk in the theatre, and folks who blow opportunities like this.

>> No. 96843
>actually liking the change of fire benders not being able to create their own fire

>> No. 96844

>giant wave better than koizilla.

Come on...
>> No. 96845
File 132675724024.png - (224.96KB , 425x425 , rf Robert McCall does not think so.png )
>> No. 96847

Finally managed to see parts of the movie.

Fucking Terrrible.

It had some nice effects and imagery, but everything was just so goddamn subpar to the show.

Clothing? Drab and uninspired.

Portrayal of the characters? Fucking abysmal (what the fuck was M Night trying to do with Aang's character arc?).

Pacing? Non exstant.

Coreography? A FUCKING CRIME!!

Seriously, the bending used in the movie is so fucking stiff and stupid looking. It has no fucking flow and it's all over the place.


You know, I'd dare say that the same cast, under another director, might have even made a nice Avatar adaptation (you know, if you could put the whole racebending issue aside for a moment).

>and Peltz froze Patel and left him to die.

I'll be honest, that was kinda badass. OOC for Season 1 Katara, but badass nonetheless.

Specially sweet after the way Shyamalan completely fucked up her fight against Zuko at the oasis.
>> No. 96878
I feel like this needs to be reposted.
Avatar The Last Airbender - Af…youtube thumb
>> No. 96881
Are you fucking kidding me?
>> No. 96884
Spot the crewman that wanders into the shot!

It's at 1:15.
>> No. 96894
Gonna say this right now
>Aang gets made white
>Heimdall gets made black

I personally feel that there was no problem changing the ethnicity of the characters in Avatar.
>> No. 96895
Or race rather. But you get the point.
>> No. 96896
>Main, Title Character that the franchise is based around. Played by a newcomer with absolutely no acting experience or, as it turns out, ability of any kind.
>Minor Character that's in all of two scenes and serves almost no purpose beyond being a meat gate. Played by an accomplished award winning actor.

If you don't see the difference between those two cases then I don't know what to tell you except that the Heimdalls are made black because the Aangs are made white. Studios don't want to bet on a movie that stars minorities so they cast white people. But they don't want to appear racist, so they cast minorities as the best friend or sidekick characters. One action is a result of the other.
>> No. 96897
I understand why you feel it's hypocritical but maybe this will help:

Casting a black actor for a character that is traditionally assumed to be white is accepted because it is depicting a person of color in a positive role.

Casting white actors as characters who are expected to be of Asian or Inuit ethnicity is not accepted because it implies several negative things. 1) The movie will not make as much money if the protagonists are not white. Assumes the target audience cannot empathize as well with non-white characters 2) There are no suitable non-white actors to play the protagonists.

Essentially it's the difference between promoting a race that is typically stereotyped, ignored or oppressed, and diminishing the importance of depicting main characters who are ethnically diverse.
>> No. 96900
Personally, I think the race (or skin color, if truly ambiguous) of the characters should remain the same unless there's a really compelling reason to change it. It shouldn't be that hard. But unfortunately, racism and racial preference is still alive and well. If nothing else, I'm at least glad we got the Racebending group due to this stupid movie. Maybe things will start to change.
>> No. 96905
Equality doesn't just apply to non-white people
>> No. 96906
Equality has no place in the movie business. Neither does M Night Shyamalan.
>> No. 96908
Poor, oppressed, underrepresented white people.
>> No. 96910
Maybe we could try to educate more than react in a hostile or condescending fashion?
>> No. 96913
Im not saying that white people are underepresented, what im saying is that you cant call something equality when its biased towards one group of people.
>> No. 96914
Lesson 1 in adapting an original work: make sure your version is logically self-consistent.
There is no way in the thousand Chinese hells this movie's cast would've made a god damn lick of sense beyond book 1 when, at various times, some or all of the characters are supposed to be in disguise and indistinguishable from the prevailing racial appearance of the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.
>> No. 96918

Then frame it as an issue of inequality instead. Using a biased system against itself. Equality assumes the casting call didn't stress "Caucasian" before "or any other ethnicity," as if non-Caucasian is some sort of "other." "Yeah, we're asking for Caucasians...or anything else, I guess." Equality assumes the movie didn't reserve every last speaking protagonist role for White actors (Suki played by Jessica Andres, half-filipino and half-white, would have broken the mold, but she was cut from the movie. Gabrielle, who played Yue, is a lot of different ethnicities, but she just put herself as "white" on her MySpace anyway and she does absolutely nothing but kill herself in the movie so franky, she doesn't count.)

At the same time, the issue of ethnicity and accuracy to the source material isn't as large an issue with Thor: The Asgardians were basically Space Techno-Wizards, not actual Norse Gods, and Marvel never cared about authenticity to the original legends (Thor has red hair, for example.) Idris Elba can now join the list of actors who were able to play originally Caucasian characters...yes, he gets to join Will Smith and maybe two or three others. The Last Airbender gets to join the list of movies that outright replace Asians and North American Native (just those two, never mind any other minority) which goes back as far as the start of Cinema itself.

This isn't an issue of "X can only play X in movies." This is an ongoing issue of "X-" (meaning Asians and Inuits in TLA's case) "-can't play X, but Y-" (White actors) "-can play X, and has always been able to play X." In any case, "reverse racism" isn't an issue in Hollywood right now, the opposite is.


Remember when I said that we dealt with a troll going on and on about how anime is better, female characters are annoying hags who never get what they deserve, and that Avatar needed violence? How we dealt with that guy for long enough that we knee-jerk react? Take that, now make it go all the way back to December of 2008, where we first heard of what happened. Imagine that we're not shooting down a troll, but arguing amongst ourselves and with others. Constantly having to tell people why this was wrong and why simple equivalencies like Idris Elba or Will Smith don't equate or nullify what happened here. Imagine that went on for a full year and a half until the movie was released. Now you know why we're shooting down a guy who says it wasn't a big deal.
>> No. 96920
First of all claiming there was no problem with casting Heimdall as Black is false. There was a very large shit storm about it on /co/.
Furthermore before the whole Miles Morales thing, there was a shit storm when some black comedian( Donald Glover or something , i think his name was) merely suggested ( more like made a comment in jest) about pursuing the role of Peter Parker for the next Spider Man movie and all hell broke loose with weekly threads about them not wanting a Black Man in the Spider suit. ( Also go into any Ultimate Spider Man thread)

Not to mention Hollywood has a long history of Whitewashing everything from fictional to historical characters and no one seemed to have a problem with it. It's been mentioned often that the old TV series "Kung Fu " was originally conceived by and was to star Bruce Lee in the lead role, but Hollywood felt that audiences couldn't handle a Chinese lead in the role of a Chinese character and so you have David Carradine playing "Kwai Chang Caine".

Before The Last Airbender even came about they did the same shit with their awful adaption of Earthsea for SyFy. Fans and even the original author got in their shit about it, and a lot of the same lame ass defenses i hear about the Avatar casting were there as well.

God forbid there is a series or movie without Caucasian's cast as the lead in a major action fantasy based on a popular kids show.

That shit aside it was just a bad movie on it's own merits, horrible non acting, horrible dialogue and exposition! Exposition EVERYWHERE!

Shyalaman claimed to be such a huge fan of the series and claimed to understand the themes represented in the show as well as the characters and their personalities and motivations

Yet the movie itself seems to have been made by someone who only saw maybe one or two episodes of the series, and doesn't give a flying fuck about the source material. Looking at all the care that BryKE seem to pour into the world and characters, TLA seems straight up disrespectful to the source material. Well researched themes and philosophies, written languages, culture that went into creating Avatar's world were stripped out almost completely. The real martial arts that inspired the bending forms were replaced by what looks like rubbish dancing.( They really couldn't get Sifu Kisu? Or at least Yuen Woo Ping? for fight choreography? ) They fucked up the very mechanics of bending themselves as well making them the least effective thing ever. They took what was a unique IP and turned it into a boring, souless, generic fantasy.
>> No. 96924

Well, okay, yeah. There was a shitfit about it. Let me amend it by saying that I don't think there should have been as large an issue, especially over a minor character and in the face of everything Hollywood does.

Oh man, though...Kisu was a great critic of that movie. Especially how flippant he was over it all. When talking about his involvement I believe he said they picked up a reference DVD he made for them, gave him his money and after a quick "cha-ching" in his mind's ear, he walked out. He figures they didn't even use it. I love how Shyamalan claimed to be staying true to the martial arts of the series, then openly admitted to using Krav Maga as a reference for the Ong vs. Zuko fight in the Northern Water Tribe. He also reversed the ideas of their fighting styles. Mike and Bryan once said that an unwritten exchange was Zuko realizing he needs to box Aang in during a season 1 fight (I forget which one) to stop him moving around and get close. M. Night said that he took the idea of Krav Maga and Ong getting too close to Patel to get hit.
>> No. 96927
>Oh man, though...Kisu was a great critic of that movie. Especially how flippant he was over it all. When talking about his involvement I believe he said they picked up a reference DVD he made for them, gave him his money and after a quick "cha-ching" in his mind's ear, he walked out. He figures they didn't even use it.

He figured right. I imagine them waiting just until he closes the door behind him, then Shyalaman and his people on the set snickering as he snaps the DVD in half and tosses it in the trash. "Who is he to tell me how martial arts and bending works, i made The Sixth Sense, motherfucker!"
>> No. 97275

Anyone linked to this here before?

>> No. 97277
File 132861603596.jpg - (109.63KB , 300x476 , bagua_shao.jpg )
>Mike and Bryan once said that an unwritten exchange was Zuko realizing he needs to box Aang in during a season 1 fight (I forget which one) to stop him moving around and get close. M. Night said that he took the idea of Krav Maga and Ong getting too close to Patel to get hit.
Okay, I haven't seen the movie, for obvious reasons.
However, I could see that working. Just not the way Krav Maga would do that. Aangs a smaller dude and Zukos going to wreck him the fuck up.

However, assuming Zuko went into his fight in his usual style (powerful high kicks, traditional punches in long stances) it might be a good idea for Aang to move in close. Air bending is based on Ba Gua Kung Fu. Moving in close, circle stepping around him and staying in low stances like the picture, could be a good strategy for Aang, and it could have worked thematically if it incorporated water bending, especially the grappling aspects of Tai Chi.

Actually, that could have been good forshadowing for later in the series if he realized water bending isn't just for pushing around water, but can be used for locks and throws. Would have built up to the "elemental divisions are illusions"
>> No. 97283
IMHO, M. Night just FAILED. It was so bad that even people who were against the casting realized that that Asian actors not being casted for the main "good guy" roles was a blessing in disguise. I still feel awful for Dev Patel and can't help but sympathize with the fans who feel sorry for kid who played Aang. He seems like a sweet kid.
>> No. 97285
File 132868108754.jpg - (26.54KB , 340x234 , 3e_crop_340x234.jpg )
He has a head shaped like a potato. His cheeks stick out so much I feel like they're gonna burst from the screen and poke me in the eye.

Seriously, am I the only one who see this? He looks absolutely ridiculous. The awkward closeups sure as hell didn't help.
>> No. 97286
File 132868125370.png - (471.79KB , 772x433 , NoahRinger02.png )
I don't even think the casting was intentionally racist.

I just think everyone was high as fuck. M. Night probably snorted a ton of coke when he was going through auditions.
>> No. 97290

I think Noah's a cute kid, but even if I thought he was ugly - I'd still feel bad for him.

Btw, this opinion is based partly on the hearsay that he and Dev got along swimmingly. I read that they were like brothers on the set.

Plus, I gotta be fair - it just ain't his fault that he got picked by YKW. Of the four, Noah was a Hollywood virgin (pardon the expression). He didn't have an agent to sell him and such, and if I remember correctly, only made an audition tape cause his martial arts sensei encouraged him to, and caused they both were fans of the show.
>> No. 97292
>I don't even think the casting was intentionally racist.

Intentional or not, that doesn't change the fact that it was. And that they had plenty of time to fix it, but instead made it worse.
>> No. 97300
I don't have any problem with Noah Either, i just don't think he was right for Aang in the first place.

The other two "actors" playing Katara and Sokka, bleh fuck them....
>> No. 97345
one last tidbit from the Nick exec Q&A (snipped for relevance):

>>Q: So after the Last Air Bender movie came out how disappointed/upset were the people who made the series over how poorly the movie represented the series and how crappy it looked?

>A:It wasn’t a great day. I’ll leave it at that
>> No. 98893
Did anyone noticed, how "The Ember Island Players" episode was prophetic when it comes to twisting the source material by that movie adaptation?
>> No. 98895

Heh, man, some people think that was totally on purpose because they were outright predicting it would end that way.
>> No. 98896
I'm glad Peltz and Ringer's careers faded back to obscurity.
>> No. 98897

Review of M Night Shyamalan's …youtube thumb

Goddamn it. Even now I still want viking water benders. Inuit tribe with LOL WHITE PEOPLE? What arbitrary nonsense!
>> No. 98984

>Hint: it sucks.
>> No. 98989
What would other western cultures translate to in terms of element?

Earthbending European knights?
>> No. 98990

Fire Nation architecture would be Gothic (or Baroque maybe) as fuck.
>> No. 98991

Adding on to this with some terrible suggestions

Water Tribes: Scandinavia or maybe Russia
Earth Kingdom: Germany (Toph in lederhosen), Britain, Holland?
Fire Nation: Spain, France (Azula with a boat on her head), Portugal, Italy
Air Nomads: Roma or just Christian monks
>> No. 98992
>>Westernized Avatar

Earth Kingdom = Byzantine Empire, with a splash of Eastern Europe
** Kyoshi Island = England
Fire Nation = (Western) Roman Empire
** Fire Nation Colonies = France/Gaul
** Sun Warriors = Ancient Egypt
Water Tribe = Vikings
** Foggy Swamp = Irish/Scottish
Air Nomads = Jews/Gypsies

The cast names could all be based on the cartoon's VAs:

Jakobson (Sokka) = Jack DeSena
Mae (Katara) = Mae Whitman ('Mai' would be a better Norse-ish conversion of 'May', but I figured that'd be confusing).
Prophet Zachariah (Avatar Aang) = Zach Tyler Eisen
Jessika von Blumen (Toph Bei Fong) = Jessica Flowers
Shepard Jennie (Suki) of the Blessed Order of St. Hale (Avatar Kyoshi) = Jennie Kwan voices Suki, Jennifer Hale voices Kyoshi
Dante Aléxandros Caelum Ambulator (Zuko)
Imperator Destinatus Grey (Azula)
Gryllus (Mai) -- Mai's VA is named Cricket Leigh, 'Gryllus' is latin for cricket.
Olivia (Ty Lee)

The Blue Ghost (rapier) = The Blue Spirit (dao)
Space Spatha = Space Sword
The Shadow Valleys = The Spirit World (a play on the 'I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death')
>> No. 99041
>Fire Nation Colonies-Gaul

There's an Asterix joke or two just waiting to happen here.
>> No. 99043

Go on.
>> No. 99047
>>Go on.

ZACHARIAH considers himself but a simple friar, but in truth he is the time-lost MESSIAH. Stranded in a war-torn world where he is the last of his Order, Zachariah must depend on the friendship of two siblings of the fearsome SOUTHMEN: JACK, a young warrior, and MAE, a water witch. These three friends will be hounded to the ends of the Earth by the likes of the scarred exile DANTE, foul-tempered ADMIRAL ISAACS, and cunning IMPERATOR DESTINATUS GREY -- fire witches all. But they will not fight these enemies alone, for the trio will be aided by the mysterious gladiator known only as the LADY OF THORNS and the exotic warrior SHEPARD JENNIE of the Blessed Order of St. Hale.

Can Zachariah master the LORD GOD's four blessings before the return of the fiery MORNING STAR at summer's end and save the world?

(And coming in April 2012... The Pilgrimage of Cora.)
>> No. 99048
The year is 10BSC. All of the Earth Kingdom is under their control. All? Well, not entirely. One small colony of indomitable Fire Nation citizens still holds out against the natives...
>> No. 99053
Back when we were dipping our toes in all kinds of collaborative AUs, I vividly recall a very well-thought-out "western" version of Avatar. Let me see if I can dig it out of the archives...

[some minutes later] Welp, I can't find hide nor hair on plus4chan, but found some repostings on the main 4chan archives (unfortunately, NSFW):

Basic gist is that the Fire Nation is based on chivalric France (due to the whole Louis XIV "Sun King" thing), the Earth Kingdom is a collection of Holy Roman Empire-esque Germanic states, the Water Tribe is Scandinavian and the Airbenders are an order of monks protecting the Avatar. It had some damn nice art and a good few stories, but I think came a cropper due to a descent into Zuko/Azula incest tales. For some reason.
>> No. 99064
File 13334840752.jpg - (129.96KB , 587x621 , Zuko Western.jpg )

Glad to hear some one else remembers that little project.

Hell, I remember suggesting that the Earth Kingdom be inspired by the Holy Roman Empire.
>> No. 99066
File 133348449942.jpg - (250.30KB , 941x791 , Prince_Zuko+Princess_Azula.jpg )
On a side note:

The idea for the setting funnily enough actually came about when people started making incest jokes about Zuko and Azula comparing them to Jaime and Cersie Lannister.

And then people started making comparisons with A Song of Ice and Fire and it sort of spiraled off from there. (ex. Long Feng = Littlefinger, etc.)
>> No. 99071
The movie ended up making a decent profit. They would have been justified in making a sequel if they wanted to, bad as the movie was.

A lot of people complain about the supposed racist casting, and frankly I don't understand why. It would have been next to impossible to find kids who could actually duplicate the looks of the Gaang. Katara and Sokka in particular don't look Inuit at all. IRL they would probably be closer to Ethiopian or Somali. I know M. Night handled this whole thing in the most ass way possible, but folks really need to give this issue a rest.

I think what happened here is that Paramount just never intended to put much effort into the project from the beginning. They probably just figured it would be a dumb kids movie that fans of the show would watch and make a tidy profit with minimal cost. Clearly they weren't going to recreate the feel of the show. Especially since doing that would require a Star Wars special effects budget that was never in the cards. I will give Dev and Noah props for trying to make the best of it. And the guy who played Iroh was pretty good too.

>> No. 99072

>A lot of people complain about the supposed racist casting, and frankly I don't understand why. It would have been next to impossible to find kids who could actually duplicate the looks of the Gaang. Katara and Sokka in particular don't look Inuit at all.
Not this shit again, ffs.
>> No. 99077
Banned? lmao wtf?
>> No. 99080

It's for two hours, he'll deal. It's long enough to sit in the corner and think about what he did.


For when you come back:

Bullshit and fuck you.

I don't think I need to explain why a stylized anime-esque cartoon won't look totally representational, but the movie's profits sucked ass.

54% of it's opening weekend was 3D sales, so it wasn't very popular, just that half the audience paid double. It's profits dropped off very quickly, reviewers trashed it, and the money it made worldwide, given a generous estimate of 50% for the cut taken by the theater chains, would have managed to break even or make a small profit at best.

Besides that, DVD sales sucked almost as bad as the movie. In six weeks, it only made about 20 million dollars in sales. Despicable Me managed to rake in four times that in a single week (as did movies such as Iron Man 2, Inception, and James Cameron's Avatar.) That's the kind of money that says "sequel" not some piddling nonsense like what it managed.
>> No. 99085

Sharky has a thing for race-bending.
>> No. 99089
Shark is officially one of my all time favorite mods now. lol
>> No. 99117
Just to shore up the financial counter-argument, M Night's TLA certainly wasn't made on the cheap. Despite shooting in Massachusetts and taking the lazy option in every aspect of its production, Shyamalan's inexperience with fantasy blockbusters led to wild cost overruns. Its production budget was $150 million, which it only just managed to scrape back by digging its fingernails into the bottom of the international pot, and even that's from an over-generous estimate of how much the studio made from the box office. Its marketing budget, which was just as humongous, disappeared down a black hole and never saw the light of day again. Advertising costs are usually offset by DVD sales and merchandise, both of which sold like ass, as Sharkman explained.

The movie was dead on arrival, and the "trilogy" was stillborn. Shyamalan has guaranteed that through bad press and his own incompetence.
>> No. 100067
Asshole still stands by the movie, saying critics are just haters and he knows what he's doing.
>> No. 102308
File 133781170575.gif - (465.29KB , 480x360 , smirk.gif )
>I ended up having lunch with the creators Mike and Bryan. They’re like, “Don’t watch the film. You don’t even want to.”

>> No. 102315
>Are you playing the same characters or any new ones?

>I can’t talk about. I can’t even talk about it.

Zuko confirmed for season 2?
>> No. 102316
Probably sooner. Dante tweeted about going in to record for Korra last year sometime, I think.
>> No. 102318

I think it was in November 2010.
>> No. 102357
File 133791812953.gif - (955.33KB , 420x420 , 1309195937304.gif )
Stupid sexy Iroh. Yue was very pretty. Those costumes were fucking amazing.
That's... About all I can remember.
>> No. 102367
File 133794808736.gif - (512.23KB , 500x376 , there was never a movie.gif )
Ai faund this.
>> No. 102618
Seriously, the Rifftrax is worthwhile. If you haven't seen it, and are curious how bad it is, but don't want to be tortured... Rifftrax. It lets you see how bad the movie is while easing you through it with a background of mockery.
>> No. 103594
I liked how Yue's hair turned dark after she died. Nice touch.
Other than that it was boring, unpleasant, and also boring.
>> No. 103772
File 133924155577.jpg - (36.73KB , 350x409 , Tai_Chi_0.jpg )
Thread necromancy should never be encouraged, but I just found out this film exists and I'm not resting until everyone on the internet has seen the trailer:

" TAI CHI 0 " (太极) OFFICI…youtube thumb

It got me thinking about the prospects for a live-action reboot. Despite everything, the movie did have an extremely good opening weekend ($70million in 5 days, more than it would make in the rest of its run), and the continuing success of Korra demonstrates that there definitely is a market for such an endeavour. Where Paramount went wrong was in hiring a director constitutionally incapable of overseeing a summer blockbuster without fucking up everything up to and including the release date and the budget. So why not hand the keys over to people who know their way around a good martial arts epic and...more importantly...have proven they can do so on a tight schedule and a shoestring?

In the time since Avatar's inception, there's been a goldrush of Hollywood companies trying to break into the Chinese cinema market, which may soon rival the North American market and recently relaxed its import quotas and distribution tariffs. China's also made it easier to co-produce movies with native partners: http://www.screendaily.com/reports/in-focus/chinas-new-global-strategy/5043104.article?blocktitle=In-Focus&contentID=1521

This new strategy is borne out of frustration that Hollywood movies do storming business in China, but Chinese movies are lucky to make it out of the California circuit (the problem is partly structural, since it's hard to come up with a compelling IP while a lardass in a red-star tie is mouth-breathing over your shoulder yodelling "I DON'T LIKE TIME TRAVEL, IT SCARES ME"). Prospects have improved since the Chinese Bona Film Group bought AMC, the second-largest cinema chain in the US, but they still need a property that can break out of the foreign-film bubble and make a mark on the American market.

Avatar is a property that seems custom-designed for such a challenge. Put it in the hands of the Detective Dee bunch and we'd have a corking franchise that could put bums on seats both sides of the Pacific.

Just thinking aloud here, but who else thinks it's a workable strategy?
>> No. 103894

We'll know if somebody tries...though oh my god that trailer is exactly what The Last Airbender should have been. If anything, it's better as a Korra movie, but please don't let them make a Korra movie.
>> No. 103926
What is this? Is this a foreign film?
I already informed what little browse Korra-chan about this.
>> No. 103968
Avatar isn't popular overseas so they have no reason to jump on board this or make a movie based on it.
>> No. 104007
The thing that always depresses me the most about this movie is that M. Night said he did it for his daughter, who was a big fan.

I mean... fuck. Put yourself in her shoes. Not only did daddy butcher a show you liked, but he tanked his entire career in the process, and pissed a fortune down the drain right on front of your eyes.

Fucking hell.
>> No. 104010
"I'm still living in a mansion and daddy still has millions and millions; I'll live.

And go back to watching Johnny Test."
>> No. 104016
>Going from watching Avatar to having to look forward to Johnny Test

Wow, now I feel even worse for the poor kid!
>> No. 104067
>Trailer entirely in Mandarin
>"Is this a foreign film?"
Oh you.

Yeah, Avatar doesn't have much presence outside the US. But it does have presence inside the US, which might make it an attractive IP for a Chinese studio seeking crossover appeal, if Paramount's willing to dip their toes in such a partnership.

Like I said, throwing ideas at a dartboard here.
>> No. 104074

"Taichi" Movie Trailer (HD) "太極"预告片youtube thumb

HD Version of the trailer.
>> No. 104143
>"I'm still living in a mansion and daddy still has millions and millions; I'll live. "

Being rich is great and all (seriously, I highly recommend it), but it still kind of blows that she's going to be growing up knowing that Daddy for all intents and purposes nuked his career (he might still get work, but nothing on a large scale) making a movie out of a cartoon she loved.

Awkward dinner table silence is awkward.
>> No. 104153
She probably grew out of liking the show since it's been over for years and she's older now.

Also money.
>> No. 104154

I have a feeling that, even if she's a fan, Korra gets watched at a friends house and she doesn't tell daddy.
>> No. 104168
Even if she somehow grew out of the cartoon (that's a thing people can do?) it's still gotta be awkward.

Her dad did something supposedly for her, $280 Million was spent on it, it was released globally, it got a single digit score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it closed the book on him as a major director.

>> No. 112403

Not to mention one of the reasons she liked Avatar in the first place was because she identified with Katara, partly because they both have dark skin. So naturally, Daddy figured that Nicola Peltz was perfect for the role.

>> No. 116733
Okay, I have to ask, who's the asshole who keeps ghost-bumping this thread?
>> No. 116734
From what I've seen, it's a spambot which just posts a URL.
Thread gets bumped and the post gets deleted.
>> No. 116735
There has been a pharma spambot that has been plaguing all the boards, which also seems to have teamed up with the nasty CP spambot as well.
>> No. 116736
I see! Which leads me to wonder why it keeps necroing this thread specifically.

Maybe an algorithm in their code? "LARGE BOX OFFICE ACQUIRED - MINIMAL DISCERNMENT DETECTED - COMMENCE SCAMMING"? Goodness knows how many Transformers movie threads get targeted by these things.
>> No. 116794
Well, there's a thread on /pkmn/ that had to be locked because it was constantly targeted by a spambot. So that isn't really surprising.
>> No. 116915
Sharky, I think it's time to lock this thread
>> No. 116944
I'm not typically in the practice of locking threads, but Murph is right.

Luckily for us all, the movie stopped being relevant soon after it's release and we can rest easy that it's good and dead, so locking it to stop a spambot is small potatoes.
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