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File 138461951462.png - (1.15MB , 1434x804 , Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10_28_25 AM.png )
116038 No. 116038
Not sure if everyone is aware but Nickmade a deal on tumblr to get a certain amount of reblogs and they would release the final 2 episdoes.

Didn't see a thread about it so figured I would post it.


Torrent links:


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>> No. 116040
omg Zhao!
>> No. 116041
omg Zhao!
>> No. 116042
I wonder if that was just his soul or his physical body has been there since the ocean spirit attacked him.
>> No. 116046

Most likely his soul. It'd been 70 years since his death, but he looked more or less the same.
>> No. 116048
File 138462653597.jpg - (190.03KB , 1920x1200 , 1378657393570.jpg )
Was anyone else really, really mad that Vaatu didn't get any good lines at all outside of the Wan flashback episodes?

He was pretty much the ultimate force and all we got was the usual WAH HA HA, VENGEANCE bullcrap.

I was also a bit disappointed that the Republic City wirefighting police didn't go all pic related on Unalaq's ass the minute he showed up. That would have been a nice homage.
>> No. 116049
It would have been cool but I think the entirety of season 2 was already planned out and being worked on before AOT's popularity skyrocketed.
>> No. 116050
File 138462796640.jpg - (403.77KB , 1275x1650 , amon_by_sankart-d548fa6[1].jpg )

At least they put some effort into it this time. I still can't believe they pulled Book 1's finale out of their asses and BS'ed the final episodes in just a few days. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

That said, Amon or Unalaq: Who was the better baddie?

I'll go with Unalaq because he had good intentions, even if they were fueled by evil ambitions. Amon was just,

>I had a bad childhood, so. . .
>> No. 116051
Amon because dat Steve Blum voice and I liked his confrontations with Korra best.
>> No. 116053

Definitely Amon. He was mysterious, and menacing, and just plain fucking cool. And that voice...
>> No. 116056
File 138463576817.jpg - (30.99KB , 333x250 , Zhao's_death.jpg )
He entered the Spirit World in the same way that Iroh went in, except Iroh walked in on his own and Zhao was dragged in by a water spirit.

So he’s dead but not dead.
>> No. 116057
>I still can't believe they pulled Book 1's finale out of their asses and BS'ed the final episodes in just a few days.
>BS'ed the final episodes in just a few days.
Got a source for that? No?

Then go back to /co/, spread your lies and mindless hatred there.
>> No. 116059
So are the books with our third avatar gonna be where we ignore bending and everyone gets Spirit stands
>> No. 116065
Well, they definitely jumped the shark.

But it was kinda glorious.

Like they completely said goodbye to any restraint or tone or hell most rules.
Anti-Avatar, giant Kaiju battle with chest beam bursts, Admiral Zhao... Fuck it, lets go all out. Everything goes!

However, I really don't want to think of it as a sequel to ATLA, because of how it lost all pretence of depth and went for the mindless spectacle like that.

But minor annoyances aside, this was a fun watch.
>> No. 116066
File 138464240717.jpg - (185.33KB , 600x1353 , mushrooms_by_ryokosanbrasil-d5fvsek.jpg )
At the very least they kept their grubby hands off Azula.
I still find it funny she played a giant, friendly, mushroom.
>> No. 116068
Amon’s strongest power was the power to convince people to join his side. His anti-bending power is nothing compared to what Unalaq did, and without Hiroshi Sato’s technology Amon would be just another protestor in the park.
>> No. 116069
Wait what?
>> No. 116070

are you suggesting that book 3 or 4 is going to have vampires?
>> No. 116071

are you suggesting that book 3 or 4 is going to have vampires?
>> No. 116072
File 138464348951.jpg - (39.81KB , 640x960 , BZK-7HACAAAW834_jpg.jpg )
When Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin were in the spirit forest Tenzin said they'd walked past the same mushroom several times. The mushroom confirmed it. That mushroom was played by Grey Delisle-Griffin.
>> No. 116073
File 138464367849.jpg - (367.81KB , 852x1080 , air10-795.jpg )
No it'll be like Persona they'll have secret unlockable powerups.

Also why the fuck didn't Mako just use lightning against Unalaq? Even Asami could've taken him down for the count faster than those two jokers.
>> No. 116074
Might as well, at this point.
Hell, have more people merging with spirits to gain random superpowers too.
And then Korra tries to force them all to register with the government.

Wait, that means another civil war.
>> No. 116075
File 138464393243.jpg - (140.20KB , 439x432 , 1371074563775.jpg )
>Korra in charge of a government
>> No. 116078
File 138464479177.png - (27.15KB , 177x338 , fuck yeah.png )
And the Bending master will still ultimately be a far superior character to the majority of the new Spiriti stand users.
>> No. 116084
File 138465896850.png - (522.89KB , 1198x710 , Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 9_28_53 PM.png )
Sooo can we talk about this?
>> No. 116085
The last 2 episodes are out now? :O
>> No. 116086
No go away
>> No. 116088
What do they even have in store for next season? Will Bolin become a Ghostbuster?
>> No. 116092
Well word is Asami and Korra will be getting closer.
>> No. 116093
How the fuck is THAT going to work? What do they have in common?
>> No. 116094
huge responsibility at a young age? taste in men?
>> No. 116095
These episodes are out now? For how long?
>> No. 116096
unknown Nick put them up after they got 10,000 reps on the fansite at around midnight yesterday. They are going to actually air it next week as well.
>> No. 116098
Many people on /r/thelastairbender as well as /co/ have claim that Korra has the functions to become the first dark avatar which we know isn't true, but this actually got me thinking. Is it possible for Korra to actually turn evil when part of the Avatar is Raava who represents light and probably wouldn't allow for such things to happen? Just watched chapter thirteen and about to start chapter fourteen now.

Also, how would this series differ had the first season been twenty episodes and the second season the same? My guess would be that they would have had more time to flesh out the story more and the feeling of it being rushed done away with. Harmonic Convergence probably would have been that end series event much like Aang and Ozai's battle was during Sozin's Comet and The Equalist would have been a sub-story much like the Dai Li in Book 2 Earth.
>> No. 116099
As has been mentioned countless times before, had they had 20 episodes they should have used them to flesh out the characters, the story as is could stand if the audience was more invested in the characters.
>> No. 116102
Just what exactly are Raava and Vaatu supposed to take inspiration from design-wise? They look like fabulous giant Dugesia to me.
>> No. 116105
I first thought they were spiritual tape worms.

I just watched chapter fourteenth and why did this ending feel much better than book one? With the connection to Korra's past lives broken, does this make her the first Avatar in a new cycle while being the last in Wan's and Aang's? Why do I get the feeling should the time come for The Legend of Korra to end, Korra will be one of the only Avatars to go through some very heavy shit compared to all of the past ones?

While one could have seen the portals remaining open between the spirits and humans. Couldn't this lead to another possible enemy that is anti-spirit much like how the Equalists were anti-benders? How would Avatars like Roku feel about this decision to freely come and go between the two worlds?

Can Avatar Korra be considered a fully realized Avatar now?
>> No. 116107

Bryan describes them as giant squid-kite creatures.
>> No. 116116
oh dammit. REAPERS!!!!
>> No. 116117
File 138467822513.png - (1.06MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-11-17-03h24m04s128.png )
Actually that is what ME was missing a Benevolent Reaper that saw a fault in the endless cycle.

Also Dat Ultra Beam
>> No. 116118
What I didn't like:
* Boling being shockingly stupid and uncaring about his own brother being thrown in jail.
* "We're all very proud of you Mako. Great job getting framed and helping your brother randomly stumble into the evidence you needed to be proven right. Not going to apologize for throwing you in jail, by the way." I mean, he deserves the respect for being right, but they act like he brought down Varrak by himself when he failed to do so.
* As soon as Korra gets back, we jump right into the relationship drama crap. Asami's face? That was my face.
* "Yeah, Asami? We couldn't think of any reason to keep you around, so could you just kind of... go? Okay? Thanks, you're a peach. Maybe you'll be important next season."
* Bolin and Eska just seems... ew.
* Unalaq, despite probably having the most power and the greatest achievements out of all the Avatar villains, is still undoubtedly the worst in terms of story-telling quality.

What I liked:
* Bolin fighting off the waterbenders to the beat of his mover was surprisingly awesome.
* Holy cow was that mover stupid.
* Bolin in general was more entertaining as comic relief than he has been in a while.
* Varrak is still pretty funny.
* Bumi actually seemed pretty capable. I know that shouldn't seem surprising, but please recall that this is the first time we've ever actually see him do anything.
* Mako/Bolin double-team action needs to happen more often.
* Zany Spirit World nonsense.
* "I am Zhao the conqueror!"
* Paradigm shifts all over that ending. I respect a series that isn't afraid to make big changes to its world and characters.

And, most of all...
* Mako and Korra break up because they both realize that their relationship just doesn't work!
>> No. 116119
Its a step in the right direction to show that not all relationships work no matter how much may seem invested in them at the start or the emotions attached (not many kid shows put that out) . They still care deeply for one another but they just don't work as a couple. Eska and Bolin seem to come to that realization more on her than him but it looked like a nice parting. As clunky as this season started I think it shaped up very well in the end changed the status for the world and set the stage for some interesting stories to come. I for one I'm interested to see where things go from here.
>> No. 116120
Yeah, okay, but what happens to Vaatu?
>> No. 116121
Ah. Just realized...

Korra's minor bout of amnesia? It's not just to stir up the shipping stuff, it's also to explain why she didn't go through with recruiting the Fire Navy.

Think about it: Korra's whole reason for entering into the Spirit World with Jinora is because the South is too heavily fortified for her to assault on her own. Attacking it from the inside is the safe bet.

Only it isn't. Remember, Iroh II just explained how his family would happily aid the Avatar, and that's before the "end of the world" stuff enters into the picture. The Fire Navy would totally help Korra out here... only that would mean cutting the Tenzin Clan and the Republic City arc completely out of the main story.

Thus, the amnesia. Korra won't ask Old Man Zuko and the Fire Lord for help if she can't remember that she was ever going to ask. That gets the ball rolling on Jinora's kidnapping and the second portal opening.
>> No. 116123
>Dark Avatar

Oh god, the claims of this ending like bad fanfiction were true!
>> No. 116124

Thought that it worked in context, especially with what was already established with Unalaq (he was consistantly shown trying to grab as much power as he could, him trying to usurp Korra makes sense from a story standpoint).

I liked the finale. It shook things up a bit and tried new things while acknowledging the things that made Airbender so great. The series from the Wan episodes onwards was, in my opinion, at least twenty times better than most of the preceeding series combined.

And this is from someone who LIKES the show.
>> No. 116125
If it were done any other way I would have found it dumb, but it made sense. I just wish Unalaq had called it something other than "dark Avatar" like yeah, you're totally going to convince people you're doing the right thing by calling it that. I would've just settled with it being called the new Avatar or something.

Since I'm assuming that in Vaatu's case purify = destroyed, he should be regrowing in Raava. Now, whether or not he and Unalaq are still merged is up for questioning, but I think the latter is actually dead.
>> No. 116126
File 138470786898.jpg - (259.69KB , 400x729 , TheVillainWeDeserve.jpg )
We damn well better see Varrick again.
>> No. 116128
>If it were done any other way I would have found it dumb
It was dumb regardless.
Just a fun kind of dumb.

Some things just always work:
>villain gains unlimited power and reveals his final form
>hero seemingly destroyed
>sage advice from mentor
>hero levels up
>Ultimate battle for ultimate destiny
>hero on the ropes
>last minute saving throw by unlikely ally
>villain defeated
>hero does a speech about some shit
Can't get any more workmanlike than that. Even if they went for pure, unadulterated spectacle.
>> No. 116130
File 138471845586.jpg - (85.14KB , 1280x727 , 1384714806877.jpg )
>> No. 116131
Fifth element indeed.
>> No. 116132
File 138471989955.jpg - (1.15MB , 1920x1200 , pacific-rim-poster.jpg )

Here's the final fight, to the soundtrack of Pacific Rim:

>> No. 116135

I guess you missed the flashback; besides the "I HAVE DADDY ISSUES BAWWWW", it also establishes Amon was always concerned with fairness.

Unalaq, as well intentioned as he was, was pretty fucking stupid. DURR I'M GOING TO RESTORE BALANCE TO THE WORLD WITH THE SPIRIT OF CHAOS DURR!!!!!
>> No. 116136
Looks shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my life.
>> No. 116141
You need a lot of power to restore balance on a global scale and Vaatu offered enough power.
>> No. 116147
Alright, as someone who only a few episodes ago did his fair share, if not an excessive amount of bitching about this season. I gotta say, these last 4 episodes where pretty damn awesome. I still cosider my complaints valid,especially that the B plot really should have tied better into the overall narrative. However, Verrick. Therefore everything is forgiven. Seriously, not just one of my favorite Avatar characers, but one of my favrite characters period. Love that they didn't change a damn thing about his personality after he went psuedo-villian on us, like it was all some kind devious act. No, that's just how he is and who he is. Installing a luxury suite cell in the prison he built because he figured he'd wind up there someday anyway... There is nothing about this character you can't fall in love with. Verrick is every kind of fantastic.

Now, let's talk about the bending fights. Thank god studio mir is back becuase these were some of the best bending battles I think the series has ever done. Bolin (on his home turf) vs. those waterbenders, great. Tonraq vs. Unalaq, one of the coolest waterbending battles ever. And obviously the Avatar is gonna pull out some sweet shit, but I really want to throw some spcecial praise at the combined effort of Mako and Bolin. I loved the way they worked together as well as how they fight in a perfect blend of pro-bending teamwork and moves applied to real world fighting.

...will continue later. I really need to get back to work.
>> No. 116152
My friend says they were silly and she knows far better than me or anyone else here.
>> No. 116159
While the last two episodes were mostly good them had some serious problems:

1) Unalaq attacked Republic City for no reason. I'm guessing the writers did this so that they could show all the characters in Republic City but from a story perspective it made no sense. If Unalaq was meant to hate Republic City for some reason then he should have stated this before attacking this city (he had plenty of times to launch a tirade of where he plans to destroy first).

2) The part where Korra meditated in a tree to gain cosmic power so she could fight Vatu felt like an asspull, while Jinora's involvement made this 1,000 times worse. Within about 5 episodes Jinora goes from ordinary girl, to somehow being able to guide people into the spirit world despite never having done this before, to somehow being able to sense everything in the the spirit world and teleport around it, to being able to weaken Vatu and help Korra beat him.

It was like the writers wrote themselves into a corner, then decided that Jinora would save everyone without putting any thought into why Jinora would have this power. So the writer basically made Jinora into a Mary Sue with Deus ex Machina powers for no real reason.
>> No. 116160
the first time i watched that scene i played that song on over the top. it synced up way better than that video though
>> No. 116163

>1) Unalaq attacked Republic City for no reason

Stopped reading there. This has been explained several times already, quit watching the show with your asscheeks.
>> No. 116167
>Unalaq attacked Republic City for no reason.
Republic City was the ultimate symbol of the old Avatar and the old era that Unalaq was trying to destroy, it makes perfect sense for him to go there first.
>> No. 116168
Except wouldn't Republic City only be a symbol of Avatar Aang and not the entire Avatar cycle? From what that user might have been getting at is that Unalaq seemed to have a problem with Aang particularly than the Avatar in general by attacking the city.
>> No. 116169
Republic City is arguably one of the biggest impacts an Avatar has had on the planet, and also Republic City = a place where all four nations can live together in peace and the Avatar = a person who can learn all four elements and is meant to keep the peace.
>> No. 116170
Also, considering how gung-ho Unalaq was about the need for spirituality, a place like Republic City which doesn't have any sense of it would be a particularly glaring example of the Avatar's failures, and a symbol of all that is wrong in the modern world.
>> No. 116173
So basically no matter what. Avatar Aang will be remembered as the one Avatar to have drastically changed the world compared to all other previous ones within ten thousand years including Wan?
>> No. 116175
well bringing an end to a hundred year war and uniting those same warring factions into a new republic is a pretty big accomplishment
>> No. 116177
Book 3 The Shoguns

>A stronger enemy arrives in Republic City with plans bring down the Avatar with power of the Shogun, Korra's bending is useless against this new enemy. With of three skilled Shogun warriors and their master Korra and her friends learn the way of the Shogun to defeat this new enemy.

Well damned if I'm not baffled and intrigued. By the array of cast if this is true and since this would get some more martial arts fighting.
>> No. 116178

I know this isn't true, but that would be hilariously convoluted and awesome to watch.
>> No. 116179
So now that the spirit portals are open permanantly and spirits can come out and mingle in the physical world. Does that mean Iroh can go hang out with old man Zuko?
>> No. 116181
Good cliffnotes post for anyone who didn't understand the implications of the Book 2 Finale http://rcnano13.tumblr.com/post/67447644526/a-simple-list-to-understanding-the-korra-finale
>> No. 116182
I thought the finale (both episodes) were pretty fun. I think this show is better when it focuses a little less on politics and much more on cosmic stuff.
>> No. 116184
The fact that you were unable to explain why shows that there wasn't a reason.

When exactly did Unalaq claim that Republic City was the symbol of the old era, the Avatar, or lack of spirituality? Why not attack Kyoshi island which was much closer to the Souther Water Tribe and also represented another Avatar? Is there anywhere other than the Northern Water Tribe which is meant to be spiritual?

Face it nothing in the show indicates that Unalaq hates Republic City any more than he hates anywhere else, which makes it so odd that he would chose to attack there rather than anywhere else.

So the Shogun is going to be stronger than Vaatu, who was a spirit that could destroy the world? It seems that the power creep is getting worse.

How exactly did Jinora know how to use the spiritual light and teleport? Also in theory someone could use the same thing on Korra to reveal where Vaatu is and pull him out of Korra.
>> No. 116185
Why does Unalaq need to profess his hatred for Republic City to actually dislike the place?

Unalaq was a traditionalist, a point which the show has tried to ram home throughout. Republic City, a place where cultures intermingle, the spirits are (seemingly) uncared for and a place of rapid technological progress is a place which stands in stark contast of his ideals, so even without Unalaq delivering a spiel about it's evils, it should be pretty clear why he'd dislike the place.
>> No. 116186
>stronger enemy
>Korra's bending is useless

Sounds generic.
Not sure if worth watching.
>> No. 116187

>taking the false Shogun plot rumor at face value

Pls go.
>> No. 116188
"Legend of Korra: We DBZ now!"

Seriously you didn't expect shounen bullshit from these writers?
>> No. 116192
but what is the secret of the Shogun was They Haz Guns. Gun Samurais. Yea I know its not real but that would be crazy.
>> No. 116193
File 13848775692.jpg - (22.13KB , 770x365 , ULTIMATE WEAPON.jpg )
Gun-Katanas you mean.

No one can defeat this melding of the two ultimate forms of personal weapon.
>> No. 116194
Although I doubted it was actually going to happen (because this is a kid's show and you can't show really young kids "dying"), was I the only one who thought it was possible Jinora was going to sacrifice herself to reenergize Raava instead of just making it easier to find her?
>> No. 116195
I dont understand this weapon. When you already have what is essentially the pinnacle of weapons technology, one that can kill almost effrotlessly and instantly, even at range. Why bother strapping a gun to it?
>> No. 116199
>When exactly did Unalaq claim that Republic City was the symbol of the old era, the Avatar, or lack of spirituality?
Well I felt it was obvious that Republic City stood for all of those things (except maybe the lack of spirituality because we really don't have anywhere else to compare it to in terms of that).

Aang, the previous Avatar, ushered in a new era of peace and balance (and Unalaq wanted a an era of darkness and chaos) and helped to create Republic City, a place where the four nations were meant to live together was representation of that. There's really no symbolism behind Kyoshi Island or her actions when creating it besides her wanting to keep it safe.

Yeah, nobody in the show comes out and SAYS it, but it's not hard to figure it out or unreasonable to think.

>How exactly did Jinora know how to use the spiritual light and teleport?
The theory is that the Wan statue gave her a spiritual boost or something. Yes, it was unclear, but really not a DEM since we knew from before the book even began airing that Jinora was going to play a bigger role.

I thought she was going to become a spirit or something and have to stay in the spirit world, but I guess Korra leaving the portals open would've made that point moot.
>> No. 116213
>“The title of Book 3 is going to be called ‘Change,’” DiMartino said. “It’s all about Korra dealing with the change of the world in this point in time. At the end of Book 2 she says it’s a new era. And it really is and we’re going to show how Harmonic Convergence and her battle with Unalaq and Vaatu kind of shifted the world a bit.”

>> No. 116214
Cue lots of shitty Obama jokes from all the slowpokes who can't give it a rest.
>> No. 116215
>driving to my job at the grocery store
>traffic is bumper to bumper
>starting to get impatient and pissed off
>my negative emotions set off a nearby spider spirit
>it goes on a rampage, killing dozens of people before a waterbending police squad manages to arrive and calm it with their golden shower shit
>end up an hour late to work and get fired

>> No. 116216
Remember when each season was named after an element? And not only would the season/book heavily revolve around said element, but also the characters and locations and themes as well? Yeah, me too.

I'm sure looking forward to seeing this bitch learn how to bend "change."
>> No. 116217
This has to be one of the weirdest complaints about the show I've ever seen. I didn't know that the naming methods of ATLA's books were the ultimatum for future ones.
>> No. 116218
Except it was. The first season wasn't named "Air" for nothing. It's the element she needed to master. The themes were about letting go and not being as grounded, and Tenzin/air nomads/air temple. Second season was a bit of a stretch, but it's still fine, since the Avatar is heavily tied to spirits and it might as well BE the fifth element. But Change? What?

Also it's not a complaint. Not everything here has to be a complaint. It's just a minor point I'm bringing up.
>> No. 116219

>Book 1: Air
>Spent learning airbending
>Airbending wound up being the move to finish the Big Bad

>Book 2: Spirits
>Waterbending and both Water Tribes heavily featured
>Waterbending wound up being the move to finish the Big Bad

>Book 3: Change
>Lin (Earthbender) and her family will be heavily featured
>Earth Queen to be involved somehow

I don't see any bucking of this trend Anon. Though of course if they stuck with the element named books you would probably be complaining about rehashing.

>Calling Korra a bitch after she saved the world without the aid of the Avatar Spirit

>> No. 116220
Waiting for Two Best Friends to lose their shit over the finale. That and some more Book 3 Asami news soon I hope.
>> No. 116221
God people on this board choose the most inane and petty things to complain about.
>> No. 116222
Oh wow. It's like you didn't read my posts at all. It's like all you want to do is argue and fling shit at each other without a second thought.~

You can't bring up one little thing in this shit hole without ten ravenous butthurt fans jumping all over you. That's when you're not being banned on the spot for sneezing too loud.
>> No. 116223
File 138499374674.png - (221.43KB , 512x384 , 1376508608560.png )
>Except it was.
Got a source for that? Because as far as I know it was never said that if another Avatar was the focus of a series it would have to be about their journey in learning the elements, or that all of their respective books would have to be named after one.

You may not have meant it to be a complaint but it really came off that way. Would you rather they named it spirits or air part 2?
>> No. 116224
Technically, TLoK has followed the same naming guidelines. Book 1 was called Air as she has still yet to master proper airbending. Book 2 was called Spirits and it focused on her inability to learn the spiritual side of being the Avatar. Spirituality is still considered an element. It's one of the three things that can classify as a fifth element along with Space/Aether and Love.
>> No. 116225

Yeah, but if you wanna be picky about it, it was called "Spirits," not "Spirit," or something denoting an energy/element to master.

I just don't think it's a huge deal, man. Aang's journey was primarily finding a teacher to learn an element, then learning it, with adventure woven throughout for the purpose of ending the war, which was the constant overarching plot.

Korra's just straight up structured differently, we have no reason to stick to the element thing.
>> No. 116227
Where did the Gaang Jr. thread go?
>> No. 116228
Incidentally, does no one notice the irony of arguing about a naming pattern being broken when the item that breaks it is explicitly named "Change?" Symbolically speaking, that's actually quite clever, and if I thought for a second they had planned it from the beginning I'd probably be clapping right now.
>> No. 116230
Do they post reactions like TGWTG or something? They mention stuff in videos but if you don't pay attention you miss it. I remember Matt smiling and buying the Korra Book 1 art book and Woolie approving.
>> No. 116231
Not as good as having ended it after "Book 4: Air." Whoops I went and said it.
>> No. 116233
Does Korra have to deal with the element of change in this book?
>> No. 116234
You mean water?
>> No. 116235
Quit being a smart-bottom.
>> No. 116236
I'm still puzzling as to how successful she was in actually coming to understand her spirituality and so on. She's now aware on an intellectual level that she has a spirit in her and of the historical politics of spirit-human relations, but it comes off as more of an "eidein" way rather than the "gnosis" way. She also gained a mastery of her personal self, but I'm not sure if I would consider that "spirituality". Unless I'm looking at it from the wrong perspective, and in this case "spirituality" is more like humanistic self-realization rather than the pseudo-religious impression I got from the Air Nomads.
>> No. 116237
they may mention it in their next friendscast or in a video around that time since that is the official airdate along with the Nintendo launches and XB-1 Release. Though this having a giant monster battle in it they might go on about it for a bit.
>> No. 116254
Here's part one of a new interview with Bryke: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/11/21/legend-of-korra-creators-talk-about-book-2-spirits-finale-and-book-3-change/

Basic highlights are:
>Book 3 starts up a few weeks after book 2 ends
>Bryke had nothing to do with the finale being put online and say it has to do with Nick trying to do more with the online market
>New 'types' of bending will just be extensions of the basic four
>The civil war storyline came from the idea of an Avatar with an actual nation (as opposed to Aang who didn't have one during ATLA) being caught between opposing sides
>> No. 116255
>Bryke had nothing to do with the finale being put online and say it has to do with Nick trying to do more with the online market

Hey someone at Nick has a brain and understood what would be happening this week.
>> No. 116268
Second part of the interview: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/11/22/the-legend-of-korra-creators-writing-pretty-much-done-for-final-book-in-saga/

Nothing really interesting here, though I think what Bryan said about fans imagining relationships is going to piss a lot of people of.
>> No. 116269
>People will get more Bumi. There’s a lot more Bumi in Book 3.

Cool. I didn't like him very much from his cameo at the end of the first season but after the second season gave him a lot more depth beyond le wild child xD lolsowacky I'd love to see him get more scenes.
>> No. 116270
>Nothing really interesting

...asked “do u have any plans for developing Korra’s love life?”

Konietzko: It seems to me that people are uninterested in that. They get completely angry when we have fun with the teen romance stuff. I don’t know. I’m going to leave that alone.

That seems pretty interesting in that maybe, just maybe, that season is behind us. Of course it could just be Bryan told the interviewer "I'm not going to comment" in so many words.

"At the end of any season we try to come up with big dramatic sacrificial moments that are going to have a big effect on our characters."
I can see this with AtLA, but Book 1 of LoK didn't have this.
>> No. 116271
I'm pretty sure that was Bryan's way of saying "no comment", there's no way the romance is done. I think at this point their stance is "we're going to keep doing what we want with the romance".

>I can see this with AtLA, but Book 1 of LoK didn't have this.
I think what it was was Korra realizing and accepting she can be a person separate from the Avatar, the problem was the show didn't really tell us that.
>> No. 116272
But wasn't that realization the culmination of Book 2 when she realized she didn't need Raava to be a sexy ineffectual Godzilla.
>> No. 116275
File 138517315718.jpg - (292.13KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mwp17q0vOf1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
From Bryan's tumblr.
>> No. 116277
How did they see Vaatulaq attacking Republic City if that wasn't in either of their memories, Korra and Tenzin that is. Why didn't Tenzin's memories appear alongside Korra in the Tree of Time?
>> No. 116278
He's pretty much on the money. Stupid people were obsessing over pairings and shipping concept art with other concept art ages before we knew word one about any of the characters
>> No. 116279

He definitely is. Even the shippers were saying the same thing during the first book.

It'd help if the romance was more likeable though.
>> No. 116280

Article pointing out that maybe more teen/adult oriented animated shows can be made received positively on /co/. Nah just bitching about Korra getting unwarranted praise. Why so eager to burn the whole house down just because they don't like what is currently on the raidio inside it. Its new to the west you boobs.
>> No. 116284
Even though a lot of criticism towards LOK is warranted I still find it funny that people on /co/ genuinely believe it isn't a generally well-received series.
>> No. 116285
Yeah, you get away from the 4chan-tainted parts of the internet and the reaction is actually pretty positive for the most part, from what I've seen.
>> No. 116286
It's the responsibility of the writers to explain why a character does something or how they acquired an ability. There were plenty of scenes where Unalaq could have said to anyone why he didn't like Republic City or why he would attack if first, yet the writer failed to provide any reason as to why Unalaq would attack Republic City. So my claim that he only attacked it to give more screen time to minor characters is as valid as your claim.

Regarding Jinora the writers saying they're going to give a character a bigger role doesn't justify them magically developing whatever powers the plot requires them to have. She also couldn't have been given these powers by the Wan statue because she didn't have them when she first went to the spirit world. Due to the bad writing Jinora became a at best a plot device and at worst a Mary Sue.
>> No. 116287
>It's the responsibility of the writers to explain why a character does something or how they acquired an ability.
No it isn't. The only responsibility of the writers is to make the audience care about what's happening. Showing why they are doing something is one way of doing that, but it is not the only way and outright explaining why a character is doing something is probably one of the worst ways of doing it.
>> No. 116288

I made a Korra thread in the off topic section of one of the Mets forums I post to and the reception to the show has been very positive.
>> No. 116289
File 138526627277.png - (222.70KB , 500x498 , mako asami.png )

How do we rescue Asami Sato?
>> No. 116290

Exactly. I've got my own complaints about LoK; there's some stuff in there that isn't that good, but LoK has done some great stuff too (most everything in this last half was pretty great). The nitpicking on here is getting out of hand. I say this as a poster who's been called out as being too negative before.

We don't need everything blatantly spelled out for us; it's a waste of time and an insult to our intelligence. Unaloq believes the world has lost it's spirituality and balance, and he comes from the NWT that was shown in ATLA to heavily value tradition. Republic City is the most modern city on Earth that is commercialized (something he didn't like about the SWT festival), and RC citizens have lost touch with the traditional roots of bending. The writers trusted us enough to infer why he'd dislike RC.
>> No. 116291
No clue, she had good moments just not enough of them this season. So far they've said she'd have more next season maybe become besties with Korra how they've both kicked Mako to the curb. But yea overall she needs a purpose in life that she's yet to find above from trying to uphold the legacy.
>> No. 116292

>explaining why a character is doing something is probably one of the worst ways of doing it

In other words, Korra isn't a Shonen anime :3

Not saying Shonen is bad, as I'm currently thoroughly enjoying Kill la Kill which is guilty of the whole "characters explain their superpowers at length while in the middle of a fight" thing you see all the time in Shonen
>> No. 116296
File 138529788974.png - (188.93KB , 589x488 , 1384628439191.png )

Fun to imagine a more hot-blooded TLoK, tho. Shiro Shinobi would totally be narrating the Koriju v. Megalaq fight.
>> No. 116297
It wouldn't even need to be stupid hot-blooded. Korra was super serious (understandably so) but I would have liked her to boast and back it up.

Like taunt Unalaaq or body slam him off a several buildings or punch Satan so hard that the Holy Spirit pops out.
>> No. 116302
She did body slam him into a mountain, which was impressive.
So many people seem to be mad about how this season ended which just perplexes me.
I should probably just accept that being a fan of something now means you hate that thing instead of loving it.
>> No. 116303
A lot of the anger (from what I've seen) seems to be about how Korra basically outshines Aang's legacy, even though the lesson of this season was it isn't a fucking contest to see who the best Avatar is and you shouldn't let your predecessors dictate your actions or the kind of person you are.
>> No. 116304
that and a lot of Anime trolls. Kill la Kill trolling is getting insufferable
>> No. 116308

Some stuff from Mike, he basically breaks down what they were going for with giant blue Korra and just what exactly the gigantic space giant was meant to be. Also I guess he indirectly confirms Korra is akin to a Shiva-like figure (I guess all Avatars are too).
>> No. 116327
You know that the severance to the other Avatars is going to last for about two episodes, like every other supposed major plot twist in this show, right?
>> No. 116328

Right, like Hiroshi being a bad guy.

Stop being a dick, dude, c'mon.
>> No. 116329
Dunno if we get two new forms of bending. Oh the rage if she gets The Force.
>> No. 116330
Well Amon and Tarrlok didn't stop being bloodbenders who can bend without a full moon.
>> No. 116335
Characters developing an ability because the plot requires them to have this ability is an example of bad writing (specifically an "ass pull").

Characters doing something without having any motivation to do this thing is another example of bad writing. The writer shouldn't assume that the audience are idiots who will just accept anything that happens without question.

Having a character explaining why they're doing something is the best way to inform the viewer why this character is doing what they're doing something. It also allows the writer to explain more about this character. Given that the writers could easily have explained why Unalaq wanted to attack Republic City their failure to include an explanation is a clear example of poor writing.

Since you decided to ignore my point I'll make it clear. The writers only had Unalaq attack Republic City because it would give the minor character something to do and the reason they didn't have Unalaq explain why he was attacking Republic City is that the writers failed to understand why this made no sense from a story perspective.

Your speculation about why Unalaq attacked Republic City doesn't change the fact that the writers failed to give Unalaq any motivation to attack Republic City rather than anywhere else.

Looking cool doesn't make up for having a meaningless subplots, characters that don't do anything, and thing happening because the plot needs them to happen.
>> No. 116336

>Having a character explaining why they're doing something is the best way to inform the viewer why this character is doing what they're doing something.

Not if it's incredibly easy to infer.

>made no sense from a story perspective.

You keep saying that, but honestly, I don't see it. He has no reason to attack the Water Tribes, he's conquered the South and already owned the North. We never saw Ba Sing Se or the Fire Nation capital or anything with any other nation, so from a writing perspective it doesn't make sense to me to go for anything other than Republic City, why would you dump us onto a location that we never saw or got invested in?

More important, why is this specifically such a sore point with you?
>> No. 116339
>Having a character explaining why they're doing something is the best way to inform the viewer why this character is doing what they're doing something
>> No. 116340

Tell don't show is typically not the way a good narrative goes. Also, from the viewpoint of 'technology and the new ways are bad, the old ways are best', Republic City is the natural first-target.

Your objections don't make sense to me from either a logical standpoint or a narrative one.
>> No. 116341

>> No. 116344
and there's still barely any porn for it, what the fuck
>> No. 116347
more than there is for Makorra
>> No. 116349
the ships people thought would continue got sunk hard this season while the ones people thought would die were given a chance at some further development down the road.
Korrasami continues to be a favorite among some even with as little interaction they had this season. But if stuff holds true for expanding Korra and Asami friendship in book 3 then that will pick up and likely overtake everything.
>> No. 116355
Korrasami is based solely off a desire to ship a lesbian ship of any kind more than it is off any actual chemistry.

frankly it takes a shitload of willing suspension of disbelief to even believe the two of them are friends
>> No. 116356
and that is what season three is for. Traveling the road while bonding over leaving Mako in a ditch someplace.
>> No. 116358
If only.

tLoK is way too plot centric and doesn't leave time to breathe. Besides this still is under the unclear information/rumor portion of Book 3
>> No. 116359
yea part of it is me wanting a "first" that is built strong and not some relationship just to fill a gap on a lesser show. Set a good high bar so others will have to try when building other relationships after this show.
>> No. 116363
File 138595988239.jpg - (11.87KB , 236x236 , doh.jpg )
There's definitely a measure of "lesbians are AWESOME hurf durf" in there, but I'd argue there's more to it than that. For one thing, people just want Asami to be in a good relationship, and looking at the main cast Korra is the best option out of a bad selection. Mako's status as a completely unlikable heel was cemented this season (oh good job Mako, you successfully prevented Varrick from... erm... motivating people to fight the guy that was trying to end the world? Yeesh, you spent the whole season on THAT and fucking up your relationships?), Bolin's even more of a childish goof this season, and that just leaves Korra and people who are out of Asami's age range. And poor country-mouse/rich city-mouse relationships are cuter than poor country-mouse/city streetrat relationships.
>> No. 116367
Shipping aside, those two could be natural with each other.

Shame that Janet said more people are coming on board next Book, not enough time to make everyone click together much less give time to the two young women trying to lead the world into the future.
>> No. 116368
Yea coming season I hope she gets something from a relationship with Korra, maybe not romance but get some confidence and some grasp of self again. I mean I like Asami dammit regardless of who she's partnered with because she's a good person. She gives everything to help and takes crap in stride and keeps going.

What matters there is pacing and if paced well a half hour can be well used for lots of development. I saw a couple episodes in this season do that well, hope we get more of that in Book 3.
>> No. 116369
Plus I wouldn't blame her if she decided to swear off men forever.
>> No. 116370
You saw her face at Mako and Korra. If that wasn't "Fuck this, fuck ALL OF THIS!!" then I don't know what is.
>> No. 116371
Maybe Asami could end up having to move in with Korra

Seeing as how we never really got a resolution to how Future Industries is doing now, and between her association with Varrick damaging their rep even further and all the lost merchandise Asami might be well on her way to the poor house
>> No. 116372
Wouldn't be the first time though its not happened since season one. But if something did happen to the boat they got from Varrick then I could see Asami bunking with Korra and family for an episode as they prep to travel to the Earth Kingdom. Also with the Era they now live in the idea of Asami being a dignified Chaplin styled tramp is intriguing.
>> No. 116374
See, I saw "That's it, this time I'M stealing HIS date!"
>> No. 116377
Just walks and grabs Korra saying NO, MINE and just drags her away. If Korra hadn't been away being the Avatar she might have during this season.
>> No. 116378
>We’ve got great stuff planned for Lin and her family
Toph/Azula ftw
Alternately, Lin might have some siblings or Fire cousins we don't know about, maybe even a mister or kids at some point.
>> No. 116379
Hell I'll take it. Just unabashed "My parents are Toph and Azula, what of it?"
>> No. 116386
File 13860905656.jpg - (621.40KB , 1920x1080 , 0317.jpg )
Prove it.

On /pco/.
>> No. 116387
I doubt Lin has kids. One of the reasons why Lin and Tenzin broke up was because he wanted kids and she didn't. A husband, maybe. The first season kind of insinuated that she wasn't totally over Tenzin but that's a pretty long time to have had no other meaningful relationships with anybody else, and it's not like you can't find love again even while you're still kinda resentful of your ex.
>> No. 116388

That's a very plausible theory, but if we're honest, it wasn't said in the series, just that she and Tenzin wanted different things out of life.
>> No. 116389
The kids thing is still just fanon, reasonable as it sounds given how him and Pema keep pumping them out and his issues as the last remaining Airbender. It's also possible that she changed her mind later on, or only wanted a small family or preferred to start later.
>> No. 116390
>The kids thing is still just fanon
It was confirmed by Bryke awhile back.

> It's also possible that she changed her mind later on
Assuming Tenzin and Pema got busy with babymaking, it's only been 10/11 years since he and Lin broke up, and she would have been in her 40s then.
>> No. 116391

That's news to me, actually, was it at the SDCC panel? Is there a link?
>> No. 116393
It's from the director commentary they did on Nicktoons while they reaired book 1 last year.
>> No. 116395
Ikkin posted some pretty sweet analysis of Korra's arc in Book 2

>> No. 116422
That is a pretty good analysis as to why some people may have such a hard time with LoK vs Avatar. And even with the journey going different places Korra's journey is still going to be primarlly an inward one.
>> No. 116459
Do you think Book 2 tried to fix mistakes from Book 1?

Think of the love triangle. This time around it ends with Asami explicitly upset and Mako and Korra admitting they have trouble working together.

And when Korra loses her powers: instead of giving up she learns the lesson that she's more than her avatar abilities.
>> No. 116460
Well I always thought that Korra "giving up" in book 1 was an appropriate reaction, considering that you are not going to be okay just days after having your life's work ripped away from you in a very traumatic fashion, and Aang's line (as vague as it was) was about how Korra HAD accepted her situation, she was only justifiably upset about it. Book 2 didn't so much as fix that as continue Korra's previously established arc.

About the love plot: no, it only made things worse, it's obvious to anyone with a brain Makorra is endgame and now they're just dragging it out. Asami got upset, sure, but she got upset last book and only talked to Mako about it once. This time around, she didn't talk to him about it at all, so now we have no fucking clue what's going on anymore between them so I can only imagine they're keeping it ambiguous until Mako and Asami actually talk about it.
>> No. 116462
Bryke love their drama. Mako and Korra will get back together, it's only a matter of time. Book 4 finale will probably be a wedding type thing a la Shrek.
I'm praying it's not though. Learning different prayers and combining them. If they do drop the love shit entirely I'm traveling to Mecca and then some Buddhist temples followed by the Vatican to give thanks.

Also I'm irked that Korra didn't solo Angra Mainyu once she reached her lowest point...again, and learned a cosmic truth about herself.
>> No. 116463
Book 2 tried to tell 3 stories: Mako/Bolin/Asami/Varrick stuff, Tenzin's, and Korra's.

The first was dropped because... well it never feels like it was necessary. Those three were dead weight this season. Varrick had his charm, but it ultimately did nothing to the overall 'world in peril' storyline. Characters from the other two stories could have acted in their (M/B/A) place with minor tweaks and still achieve the same result.
Tenzin quarreled with his siblings and felt like he let his father down. He had an arc.
Korra - see she I think they were going with a legacy thing much like Tenzin. But she doesn't exactly rely on her past lives for guidance like Aang, just on them for the punch punch punch aspect. And even that is weak compared to what we see others do.

It didn't try to fix mistakes. It did however add more questions and actually answered questions that shouldn't have been answered.
>> No. 116464
nah, if they had just called it a break or something then maybe but it was pretty much "we're just not made for each other." Which happens sometimes in fiction two that thought they would be a couple just find they aren't compatible with their personal growth and how their lives are taking shape.

Heck if Mako gets to be Detective next book then I wouldn't be surprised if he stays in Republic City. I'm actually kinda wondering who outside of Asami and apparently Lin who will be travailing with Korra to the earth Kingdom.

I could see Bolin coming since he's career as a propagandist film hero is likely over, but actually saving the President might actually give him a popularity boost so even he might not be going with them.
>> No. 116466
>But she doesn't exactly rely on her past lives for guidance like Aang
Well, that still doesn't mean she didn't feel the pressure of living up to the legacies her past lives had.
>> No. 116467
that's pretty much been her baggage so far. She's second guess by people that directly knew her past incarnation and she's got a lot of heavy weight just from that. Tenzin also had that but from a slightly different perspective being the heir to the Airbending legacy left by his father as much as Korra was heir to the Avatar's.

Really thinking about it the first two books were more about that than anything else in coming to terms with oneself and who they are in the scheme of things and not just by what people want from them.

Its in part that what has me interested to see what direction is taken now since Book 3 seems to be starting with a clean slate more or less in terms of world and the legacy of the Avatar as its changed with Korra becoming something more than just a bridge between worlds.
>> No. 116485
If only you were one of those anons who spoiled some episodes for the masses, maybe I'd believe your post about Mako and Korra not getting back together. Wishful thinking, but these are the guys who originally wanted a male Toph to compete with Aang for Katara's affections.

Anyway, I wonder how much of RC is still Republic City since:

Sure I knew the spirits are now free to come and go. But this post from the iTunes thing says they have set up shop in Republic City. How the fuck is this a good thing?
>> No. 116486
Makes sense, Republic City is already the meeting point for all the cultures, what is a few more.
>> No. 116491
That might be why Lin ends up joining Korra as this whole new world of being more Police and Mediator to a whole new set of residents is too much for her at the time and that is why she joins Korra to learn more about all of this. It'll be like Omniverse version Ben 10. Also will the Avatar have access to these two new forms of bending that are said to show up is also an interesting thought. Others start coming in with this new stuff yet the avatar is still locked into just the Base Four.
>> No. 116492
>How the fuck is this a good thing?
Because not all spirits are bad and I assume the ones who choose to move into these new neighborhoods are going to be the types who don't mind living alongside humans.

It's just going to be like Little Italy or Chinatown, except with spirits. Maybe some of them will have accents.
>> No. 116493

Gonna have human spirit couples joined in the same body. We are going to be seeing some interesting stuff I think.
>> No. 116494
I'm hoping for something a little more like Spirited Away.
>> No. 116521
File 138751581561.jpg - (195.95KB , 1280x960 , 1387508022970.jpg )

who's up for some sweat drenched Lin.
>> No. 116533
Going back to look at other pictures of her, apparently they've always been there, but I never noticed those scars on her face until now.
>> No. 116534
They're the same marks Korra gets whenever she is in a bigger fight like against Tarrlok and during Book 2's finale. They go away of course, because for some reason Lin's are scars but Korra's just end up as wounds which heal by the next episode.

Her clothing didn't even get torn at all during Book 2's culmination, she had more battle damage against Tarrlok. I'm damn grateful that they went with her hair down though.
>> No. 116535
She definitely had them all throughout Book 2 but I can't remember if they were also in Book 1.
>> No. 116536
File 138778493813.jpg - (637.44KB , 1920x1080 , air1-1812.jpg )

This screencap is from Lin's first on-screen appearance in the Book 1 premiere.

Lin's concept art from the SDCC panel where Book 1 was revealed had her with these same scars. C'mon man!

The wounds Korra suffered during her battles with Tarlokk and Unalaq were mere scratches and scrapes on her face compared to the wounds needed to develop Lin's facial scars. I'm talking deep gashing or lacerations. Perhaps Book 3 will unveil the origins of her scars supplanting my current headcanon of a metalbending whip training accident with Momma Toph
>> No. 116537
It's not like they're as stark as Zuko's or something. Now that I know to look for them I see them in pretty much every picture of her, but it wasn't until this preview image that I noticed them in the first place.
>> No. 116538
well the teaser shows that she's waking up from something in a sweat. That usually marks an intense dream. Maybe memories of "Mama Zula" and one of her "bad days".
>> No. 116551
Let me know when you have a real argument.

Judging by your post you seem to have no idea how "show don't tell works". While it's better to show that a character doesn't like something you have to tell the audience why they don't like something. Though in Korra's case they failed to show or tell why Unalaq doesn't like Republic City.

Also it's almost impossible to have a narrative without telling because a narrative is the written/spoken part of the story.
>> No. 116552
>Not if it's incredibly easy to infer.

Which is wasn't. That's why you haven't been able to name any episode that showed why Unalaq disliked Republic City more than anywhere else.

>He has no reason to attack the Water Tribes, he's conquered the South and already owned the North.

What part of having to destroy the whole world is confusing you? Not even Densuke and Eska believe that they or the northern water tribe are going to be spared.

>We never saw Ba Sing Se or the Fire Nation capital or anything with any other nation, so from a writing perspective it doesn't make sense to me to go for anything other than Republic City, why would you dump us onto a location that we never saw or got invested in?

You're thinking from the viewer's perspective, I'm thinking from the character's perspective. While the viewer might be invested in Republic City there's nothing to show why the character Unalaq would care about this city more than any other city. As a result you get a character doing something because it will appeal to the viewer, rather than taking the most logical action, which indicates that the story wasn't well written.

>More important, why is this specifically such a sore point with you?

It isn't. I listed a lot of problems with Korra but the "cool = good" idiots objected to this one the most. It seems that they hate people pointing out that the scene that made them cream their pants made no damn sense.
>> No. 116556

Holy crap, why are you back?

>Which is wasn't. That's why you haven't been able to name any episode that showed why Unalaq disliked Republic City more than anywhere else.

His whole attitude was one that was all about Spirits and traditionalism. It was why he hated the festivals being held in the South. It's why the first thing he did was take it over and instill martial law. I don't know why you personally feel that this wasn't clear or immediately obvious.

>What part of having to destroy the whole world is confusing you? Not even Densuke and Eska believe that they or the northern water tribe are going to be spared.



Anyway, that wasn't what he was after. He wanted to end the world as it was and rule over the new world as the Dark Avatar, sure, but he never said he wasn't planning on pulling an Ozai and burning it all to the ground.

>You're thinking from the viewer's perspective, I'm thinking from the character's perspective. While the viewer might be invested in Republic City there's nothing to show why the character Unalaq would care about this city more than any other city. As a result you get a character doing something because it will appeal to the viewer, rather than taking the most logical action, which indicates that the story wasn't well written.

It's a statue with a huge-assed Avatar Aang statue, , with one of the largest militaries in the world, basically Korra's home away from home, and the center of all this super new tech and new ideas that break with tradition.

Even Roku didn't want this place to be founded in the first place, feeling it was breaking the ancient ways of having four separate nations (though that was in the comics.)

I got all that right away, so I don't see how that's supposed to be bad writing or difficult to grasp.

Plus, even without any of that, it's the central location of the series. Not having it there would be like the Joker bombing Seattle instead of Gotham. We're invested in, and have knowledge of, Republic City, not Ba Sing Se or the Fire Capital. For all we know, neither cities have changed much, and they're not as big a deal as Republic City.

The only reason he might have to go after somewhere else instead would be if somehow another location was more of a big deal than the literal birthplace of the automobile industrial revolution (the Satomobile was developed there, and their largest competitor, Cabbage Corp, is also based there) the home of pro-bending (something Tenzin initially felt was a mockery of a secred art) and just about the largest accomplishment of the previous Avatar.

And that's, again, not counting that this is the main location of the series.

>It isn't. I listed a lot of problems with Korra but the "cool = good" idiots objected to this one the most. It seems that they hate people pointing out that the scene that made them cream their pants made no damn sense.

I think generalizing everyone who disagrees with you as idiots who care more about spectacle than making sense kinda...doesn't paint that picture, y'know.
>> No. 116557
>You're thinking from the viewer's perspective, I'm thinking from the character's perspective. While the viewer might be invested in Republic City there's nothing to show why the character Unalaq would care about this city more than any other city. As a result you get a character doing something because it will appeal to the viewer, rather than taking the most logical action, which indicates that the story wasn't well written.
Bad writers think that logic, consistency, and filling plot holes are the keys to good writing. Good writers understand that the only thing that matters is that you have either entertained your audience, or communicated the idea you intended to express to your audience.

What you're doing right here? These are the arguments of a bad writer who thinks he's a good writer because he never really learned what storytelling is actually supposed to be about.

Storytelling is about connecting with an audience. That is all it has ever been, and all it will ever be. Either you are connecting with them to entertain, or you are connecting with them to spread a message. It is not about playing god. It is not about creating an internally consistent world. It is not about making sure the math works out and the science is sound.

The ONLY thing that matters is how effectively you communicate to your audience. Focusing on that other stuff is just something people do so they can tell themselves they're smarter than everyone else, or so when they fail as a writer (which they generally well, since they're sabotaging their own work), they can say the reason was that the audience was too dumb to get what they were doing.
>> No. 116562
I believe this is the appropriate place to share this.


To summarize (fuck TL;DR), the cast of Korra is awful, which makes it hars to care for anything that happens to them. This isn't like Breaking Bad, where good characters do bad things (or bad characters do worse things). It's unlikable characters doing unlikable things for no real purpose, other than being unlikable.

Tenzin is cool, though.
>> No. 116564
File 138879286042.png - (66.66KB , 331x304 , 1387673574770.png )
I don't know, I find them all likable on certain levels and when they do something that annoys me I don't cast them into the pit of shame because they're human beings who weren't created to adhere to my standards.
>> No. 116565

>stop liking things that I don't like!

We get it already, you hate Korra. Why do you even come here?
>> No. 116566


>the comments section on that page

Jesus fucking christ how horrifying. So many complete misinterpretations of the show and a pervasive obsession with "gotta kill someone off". Ick.
>> No. 116567
File 138880116626.jpg - (149.81KB , 333x500 , Strawman.jpg )
>> No. 116571
File 138885536133.jpg - (195.34KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_myu6y4GDlH1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
New pic for book 3
>> No. 116574
just saying, they actually aren't human beings, they're cartoons and don't have any actual feelings or aspirations, and they were literally created to adhere to what viewers think of as heroes. we have to be able to ignore or forgive the little annoying things real people do or we wouldn't be able to cope with any sort of social interaction at all... but we shouldn't have to apply that to fictional characters. if you find yourself having to do that in order to make the protagonists less obnoxious to you, maybe there's an issue with how they're written.
>> No. 116575

though flaws are what add dimension to a character
>> No. 116576
"annoying the audience" and "having flaws" are so far apart. 99 times out of 100 you don't want the readers or viewers to want your character to shut the fuck up, ever, and if you want them to be hated then they should do bad things with a consistent internal logic with real consequences for characters who are supposed to be relatable and likeable. if they are grating on purpose the other characters who are forced to interact with this person should be as annoyed being around them as the audience is. it's only a character flaw if it is recognised in-universe.

if the audience consistently bitches about most of the characters being annoying, it doesn't have to do with character flaws at all. there are a lot of things that could be off about the portrayal that make the audience react that way but a lot of times when it's not just the voice work or whatever it's that the characters aren't reacting "properly" to the things around them, they don't have enough agency, and/or they are a one-trick pony with too much screentime.

you fancy yourself a writer, don't you? how could you fuck this up?
>> No. 116577

Again her actions carry those notes, we don't really need someone going "boy that avatar sure is strong willed and a bit pigheaded." Since its pretty clear without such a thing.

I really don't have a problem with her since she is still growing as a person and I've no expectations to expect her to act like someone else.
>> No. 116578
>Korra's character progressed from point A to B and she saved the world while going through said development
>remain focused on and keep complaining about her character at point A

Keep shitposting anon. Keep on truckin'
>> No. 116579
i'm not talking about korra's character development? i like korra?
>> No. 116580
>During a recent Comic Con fan event, Grey also revealed that she is voicing a waterbender! Is is unknown whether this waterbender is the same “bad girl” she was describing earlier. The fact that when Grey described the waterbender said “she’s bad” hints that they are indeed the same character. It is likely that this bad girl waterbender could be somewhat evil.

LOK is just shaping up to be "and then everything changed when the waterbenders attacked" isn't it?
>> No. 116581
Water attacks sinks all land and makes it really hard for the next Avatar in the Cycle.
>> No. 116582
Kind of hoping she won't be the main antagonist because holy fuck we have had like two (arguably three including Tarlokk) waterbending bad dudes.
>> No. 116584
I hope this doesn't give the crazy SJW ideas about claiming Brykuim hating all brown people for going the lazy route and using the Big Bad Waterbender route too many times. God knows they make up enough reasons to call the show racist or evil as it is.
>> No. 116587
Well it does make it all more personal
>> No. 116589
File 138940501886.jpg - (78.83KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mz7r6cvuPx1rptk5lo1_500.jpg )
something else from bryan's tumblr...
>> No. 116590
Bolin has his earth colors here in his pajamas. But Mako has Korra's water 'blue' rather than his fire colors, heck they could even associate red with Asami and her colors.
>> No. 116658
File 139073445395.jpg - (159.23KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mzxcagtNfD1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116659
>"After two seasons of Asami being the series' unofficial punching bag, we decided to just make it obvious."
>> No. 116660
I just like that she and Asami appear to be hanging out together doing activities for no reason other than that they enjoy each other's company. But maybe the context of the scene will make it less "Oh cool, they're just bein' friends" and more "PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT."
>> No. 116661
They'll be talking about Mako. I guarantee it.
>> No. 116663
Shh, let me dream.
>> No. 116666
>that man is EVIL
>we must stop his EVIL plan
>now that I've murdered him, I actually like his plan and will use it

a true hero
>> No. 116668
>> No. 116669
I think the breakdown was more:

>Opening the Spirit Portals and letting people and spirits move freely between worlds = OK
>Freeing Vatu, becoming a dark avatar, and ushering in 10,000 years of darkness = BAD
>> No. 116678
File 139117309554.png - (430.39KB , 498x897 , 1391101767254.png )
Asami just figured out how she likes Korra, and she's fine with that. Time to bring out Mr.Shocky.
>> No. 116681
File 139119975511.jpg - (239.18KB , 1280x960 , 1391199633322.jpg )
>> No. 116682
Is Bolin vomiting?
>> No. 116683
Morning sickness.
>> No. 116684
Lin is the father
>> No. 116742
>Guys, the Dutch Nickelodeon is airing a commercial from the Legend of Korra that has season 3 footage in it! I’m freaking out, man! Particularly because season 2 doesn’t ‘premiere’ in this country until next Wednesday. I’m keeping my eye out for it to see if I can record it with my camera, but the commercial breaks are very few and very short. They can’t be found online either.
>Here’s images that I saw that my mind actually managed to process:
>- Close-up of Korra in the Avatar state (I think she was floating? /unsure)
>- Korra in the city, using that swirly waterbending move meant to calm spirits, while in the distance you see a huge building still covered in vines.
>- Tenzin (Or maybe it was Bumi?) assuming a bending pose (or just some sort of bending stance) while shirtless. Whichever of the brothers it was, he had great old man abs. It did the original Bumi proud.
>- Korra walking towards the camera while Bumi, Tenzin and (I think) Kya exit some huge vehicle in the background. I think it was a blimp or something?
>- Korra jumping up and using some sort of kicking bending move (probably earth bending) on three dudes in green outfits blocking her path. They looked very Earth Kingdomish. She uses it to knock at least one of them to the ground.

>Whether you believe me or not is up to you, but like I said, I’m keeping an eye on the TV to see if I can record it and then you can all see for yourself.
>> No. 116743
Legend of Korra Season 3 Trailer Netherlandsyoutube thumb
>> No. 116744
File 139251644945.png - (293.99KB , 1100x765 , let_s_go_for_a_swim_by_sniperstalker-d6prj9a.png )
It’s Tenzin shirtless.
>> No. 116745
Korra giving all the benders a whuppen
>> No. 116746
File 139253923189.jpg - (294.70KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_n12tx06El01rf2fvso3_1280.jpg )
People think this could be Zuko.
>> No. 116747

It clearly is
>> No. 116748
Lin calls in her uncle for support.
>> No. 116749
So I should be expecting all of my headcanon about Zuko as a grumpy old man to be completely disproven, then.
>> No. 116750
swap it out for the most suave bastard to ever fly a dragon.
>> No. 116751

I gotta go with that. The pics too washed out to tell for certain, but it looks like he's missing his left eyebrow and there's possibly an outline of his scar (and some slight discoloration).

I'm guessing this is the hatchling from the egg in TFBM.
>> No. 116753
Anybody able to transcribe/translate what they said?
>> No. 116754
In that case, it's becoming a family tradition at this point, sounds like.
>> No. 116756
He probably just showed up to give Mako a "bestest firebender in the the history of forever" award.
>> No. 116757
Amon's vote carried a lot of weight on that committee's decision.

We know the douche's going to show up and ruin any group dynamic eventually but maybe it will be towards the end if the rest of them are globe trotting.
>> No. 116778
>Dark Horse Deluxe and Nickelodeon and expanding their partnership to include a wide array of new Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra merchandise. The merchandise will debut at Toy Fair and be released in May.

>The new merchandise follows Dark Horse’s already successful graphic novels and art books based on both series.

>Products in development include limited-edition statues, figurines, and busts, as well as, featured plush, drinking glasses, cups, coffee mugs, coaster sets, magnets, playing cards, badges, pins, lunch boxes, sculptural pins, and other items.

Holy shit is Nick actually realizing how much money they could make off these series?
>> No. 116780

It only took them 10 fucking years
>> No. 116781
File 139285070168.jpg - (64.31KB , 550x398 , LegendOfKorraLunchBox.jpg )

>tfw your waifu is finally on a lunchbox
>> No. 116782
File 139285464592.gif - (1.25MB , 213x120 , 1324008806710.gif )
>Avatar statues/figurines
Dark Horse's merch looks great. The potential is huge.
>> No. 116783
>They still won't make any merchandise featuring the girls
>> No. 116787

No Mai figurines? ;_;
>> No. 116788
They'll probably only start out with like Korra and Aang to test the waters.
>> No. 116790

If Dark Horse rolls out anything like Figma or Play Arts Kai (fingers crossed,) just a high quality highly poseable toy, I'm on that shit like white on rice.
>> No. 116791
Heck if its NECA quality Turtle stuff or their TF2 merch, jumping it. Regardless Korra and Asami. FTW.
>> No. 116795
Some previews of the Dark Horse merch.


>> No. 116801
piddly stuff for now, still stoked its getting merch period though.
>> No. 116824
It is finally nice to getting SOMETHING though, right? And I know I'm being a nit-picky asshole with this, but would it kill them to make the elemental symbols their appropriate colors? I mean, come on! It's just as easy to get these things right (I'll probably still buy them, though)!
>> No. 116825
Yea took them long enough, something they should have been setting up last year.
>> No. 116827
File 139406327037.png - (360.09KB , 764x430 , tumblr_n1zjnuSCV71rptk5lo1_1280.png )
Bryan posted a new Book 3 still
>> No. 116828
>they see your penis
>> No. 116829
File 139407619190.png - (360.77KB , 764x430 , tumblr_n1zqi1afmW1r5du0ko1_r3_1280.png )

courtesy of http://owldee.tumblr.com/post/78704768228/so-korra-and-asami-were-bored-and-made-a-mover-and
>> No. 116830

Someone chopped up the audio of Varrick and made this.
>> No. 116831
Hey Asami back with Team Avatar
>> No. 116849
Mako has apparently seen bigger in his time.
>> No. 116856
Group showers in the Bending Circuit bush league.
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