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File 133937508381.jpg - (58.52KB , 500x375 , Legend of Korra.jpg )
104170 No. 104170
So this was meant to be a one season show, but then it became two, but they didn't stretch things out they still have everything resolved at the end of the first season, and then, after everything is resolved, after we watch the episode that was originally meant to completely wrap things up for these characters... we get another season.

So... how do you think this is going to work out?
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>> No. 104171
I really have no idea; but I know one thing. There's going to be a lot of fanservice for women and girls who get misty in their undercarriage when Edward Cullen Mako is around
>> No. 104172
File 133937609682.jpg - (46.66KB , 496x829 , tumblr_m5cyh5kEWF1qd2egso1_1280.jpg )
If we don’t find out who Lin’s father is, or who Zuko’s daughter is, or what happened to Zuko’s mother, or how many kids Sokka had, there are going to be a lot of angry fans.
>> No. 104174
Just like Bioware and Tali's reveal, the show will be damned either way if any of those questions are answered.
>> No. 104176
>>Season 2, given Season 1 was meant to be self-contained.

It's hard to say at the moment. A lot depends on the origin of Amon's odd abilities, because Bryke might have built in a thread they could follow next season. For example, if Amon really did get his abilities from the spirits, then Korra might have to win over the Spirit World next season, or discover why they've decided to muck around with the United Republic.

But, given the 1920s era setting and Bryke's historical use of real world parallels, I think a few things are possible:

* 1923 Great Kantō earthquake: Maybe a natural disaster strikes Republic City, already divided from the failed Equalist Revolt, and Korra & Co. have to deal with the devastation and reestablish a unified government block-by-block, Batman "No Man's Land" style.

* Great Depression: The show's set in an analogue to the Roaring Twenties, and we all know how that ended. Could be used to hit on Korra dealing with a problem she can't just punch, and to further explore non-bender/bender issues. Although it mighty be a bit too touchy a topic given our current RL economic situation.

* A World's Fair: A way for Republic City to show it's got its shit back together, show the viewers other corners of the world by bringing them to Republic City, and demonstrate cool "new" technologies like TV and atomic energy. Also could introduce terrorists/revolutionaries of other stripes from around the world, like Neo-Sozinists or One World Government types.
>> No. 104178
>what happened to Zuko’s mother

Aren't they hoping to make a mini or a series out of that? Revealing what happened to her would pretty much torpedo that plan.
>> No. 104181
Making a second season just for the sake of making a second season is a horrible idea in any medium. INB4 "HURR HURR SHUT UP WE WANT MOAR" -- Yeah, that's the problem. Book 2 and 3 were obviously needed and had a purpose. If, as they've said, all the problems of this season are resolved by the end of it.. anything they do for season 2 will feel like an unnecessary tack-on.

Oh nooo, Amon's dead but his son's back for revenge. Hurrr.
>> No. 104182
File 13393846273.png - (184.27KB , 474x396 , Andrew_ryan_aproves.png )
"To the current Avatar,

Recording this message, I cannot help but regret that your predecessor refrained from doing anything that would incite my ire during his tenure as a...hm...guardian of the world. I say such, because I believe he would have made for more interesting discussion than yourself, but I digress.

No doubt you've noticed that several citizens of Republic City's nonbending and former bending community have displayed strange and incredible powers. The ability to render oneself unseen; The capacity to foster a hive of obedient, ravenous insects in one's body; The power to create phantasmic illusions to scout and distract; Along with the utilizing of elemental methods of offense and defense you may be more familiar with.

A gamut of trivial questions must have risen since these incidents: How, Why, What. For the first, I say with all due respect, you could never hope to grasp the science behind these occurrences, so I won't even bother trying to explain. As for the second, because I can't very well release a product untested to my peers...if I can help it. And regarding the last, the future, my dear, it is the future.

And now you quiver with humiliation and rage, barking: But what of the painful withdrawals, the heightened aggressiveness, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? As someone who was practically handed a veritable smorgasbord of fortune, you must be made aware that greatness comes with a price.

These people you have so concerned yourself with were parasites, layabouts, and do-nothings. Constantly moaning for someone to save them as they sat on their hands and latching on to whoever promised them a shinier tomorrow: The Council, The Triads, The Man in the Mask, You. My product has liberated them from their weakness, put them shoulder to shoulder with the hardworking, ambitious and visionary peoples of the world. The recent bouts of chaos and instability have rendered the City in desperate need of strength and independence. The side-effects are merely all the discomfort and sacrifice one must bear to be exceptional, concentrated in a small frame of time. It's a mutually beneficial exchange, really. They can save themselves, be masters of their own destiny, free of natural weakness and their own personal excuses, and I save my patrons grief by refining my catalogue based on the results of Republic City's consumption.

Your ignorance partially lifted, I urge you not to interfere. There exists a possibility that your meddling could corrupt the data and I can't have that. Stick your nose into my business and I will be forced to levy reprisals of an extreme nature upon you. Make no mistake, I have devices and inventions at my disposal that make the machinations of that socialist worm, Sato, look like tinker toys. Your involvement would only escalate the speed and severity of the testing as well as the...collateral damage.

Ah yes, there must be one last, big question rattling around that thick skull of yours: Who? To that I answer, a free man, an individual liberated from State, Law, and Spirit.

Good Day,
Andre Rai-En"
>> No. 104185
This season feels like an unecessary tack-on. Why mess with what works?
>> No. 104186
At the same time though, this season seems rushed. With only 12 eps, they had more ideas than they had room to properly showcase them in. Tarrlok got unmasked as a villain himself and is taken out of play before he so much as finishes his "MWA HA HA HA HA". So I suspect there's a lot of things that got either cut for time or weren't elaborated on as much as they could have been, and the second season is a chance to go into those things.

If they were REALLY smart (and they might have been, who knows) when they planned out this first season they intentionally set up things for a second season "just in case".
>> No. 104187
File 133938708274.jpg - (84.16KB , 256x256 , Screen_Lamb_1.jpg )
"How sad it must be to look upon our city with such a wasteful, shortsighted and ultimately self-destructive view and only see the raise of the self. Truly the mind of a lonely man.

The Avatar, by nature, stands for unity, peace, and balance. Only through her -- who I shall henceforth refer to as nothing short of our savior -- can the people of Republic City come together under one banner. A peoples rooted in perdition and a poisonously competitive attitude will never outgrow their caveman-like needs. Benders against non-benders? No civilization could ever flourish through these conflicts. Adding your ill-gotten drugs to the mix will only aggravate this further.

The terrorist Amon was correct, yet his method flawed. We must come together as a single collective -- a Family, if you will, and love our neighbor above all else. Even the Self, which should be fought at all cost.

This city was founded on altruism, Mister Andrei. I hope you come to realize this before it's too late."
>> No. 104191
Season 2:

"Sup guys, I was actually pulling Amon's strings the entire time. I'm the REAL villain."
>> No. 104195
"Bolin? But... WHY?

...Oh right, all those things we did."
>> No. 104197
File 133939171678.jpg - (568.71KB , 548x900 , 6313680fb86b8a2df72885983077a795-d41brej.jpg )
"A saviour? While I profess to admire the deeds of the last Avatar, I can scarcely respect the man himself. I say so because the Avatar, the very concept of this medium between the real and the land of make believe that sages use as an excuse to line their coffers, is the grandest farce ever conceived.

The ignorant man puts this creature on a pedestal, it becomes a symbol of power, nobility and excellence. But that is a misnomer. Because for all its power, the Avatar is nothing to admire or worship. For the Avatar is the lowliest and most wretched of creatures, a slave. Robbed of choice, and put on a path of indentureship and servitude. It cannot use its powers to elevate itself or change things, rather it binds itself and those around it to a cycle of spiritual stagnation. It would forbid us from carving out our own place in the world for the sake of a small grove of trees or a swath of fetid marshes. We should be punished for wanting more, wanting to be more, because it upsets the balance. Leaving the neutered masses susceptible to the campaigns of subhuman cons like yourself, parodies of the renaissance man that gently tug them towards war, crime, poverty and ruin. The fruits of the hardworking man's efforts feasted upon by those heading these grotesque collectives. Those that could have been great, forever enslaved by their 'altruism'.

Take for example, Hiroshi Sato. I cannot tell you how many of my scientifically-minded peers scoffed at the idea of him joining our community, telling me how behind his devices and 'innovations' were to their own, how he wasn't "Nirvana Material". But I admired the man, pulling himself out of the slums, gathering investors, creating a corporation (however arrogantly named) from almost nothing with his bare hands. We were cut from the same cloth he and I. I was all but ready to invite him into our inner circle once I could convince the rest of the Council. Then he threw it all away, shacking up with those masked hoodlums, allying himself with an organization that would one day punish the ingenuity and drive that had netted him wealth and acclaim. It was different from your betrayal, as I never trusted you. His transgression cut deep, he spat in the face of what my society was built on, he perverted the prize his hard work had won into a weapon for the parasites...he made a fool out of me, and for that, he will be made an example of soon enough.

I am however glad, that we can agree that the Avatar is not worthy of a name, a title of distinction. No matter what she does, she will be eternally bound by society and her own nature to a thankless, anachronistic role. Compelled, coerced, barely a person, a golem, a homunculus.

And Dr. Yang? I'm rather surprised to be hearing from you. I thought you to be permanently indisposed. I must have some of my people look into this.

Good Day."
>> No. 104199
File 133939231929.gif - (821.84KB , 400x266 , korra its perfect.gif )
Hold on, keep posting, I've gotta go find my wallet so I can throw money at my screen.
>> No. 104200
I love these ideas, the earthquake one in particular.
>> No. 104221
The rise of some kind of supercriminal who takes advantage of the post-Equalist chaos might be interesting to see. Someone who isn't a bender, but maybe more of a mix of Azula's personality with Ty Lee's skill set? Like the Hiroshi Sato of Crime.

Someone to be the Joker to Korra's Batman.

And some of Ty Lee's grandkids as acrobatic cat burglars could be fun.
>> No. 104228
The next season takes place 5 years into the future where Meelo, Bolin, and Asami must travel to another planet and ask their sprits to restore bending on Earth. Meanwhile Korra heals grave injuries and must harness the powers of the Super Avatar, while dealing with anti-spirit sentiment being set forth by Gor-Dom God-Frei. Tenzin lost his memories in the season finale, so Mako must travel to the western Air Temple to retrieve them from the great Air-Terminal because Tenzin believes that he's an Equalist.

And Lin gets a cell phone.
>> No. 104229
The finale ends with the four nations, seeing the Equalists overrunning Republic City, deciding that the United Republic of Nations is a failed experiment that now poses a threat to the rest of the world. Over the objections of Tenzin and the Avatar, a preemptive strike is made on the city using a new weapon created by the Fire Nation. Republic City is reduced to radioactive embers, Korra travels the world as a courier, Bolin becomes a Ghoul, Naga becomes a Yao Guai, and

Lin's got spools that jingle jangle jingle
>> No. 104230
Last episode ends with basically everyone dying except Korra and Amon. Next season it turns out he can reanimate the dead and we get a zombie apocalypse.

>> No. 104231
The show got renewed when season one was still in production, I dont' think there's any reason to worry.
There's more writers, more directors, more storyboarders (Lauren Montgomery is back and she's seriously one of the best in the field).

Besides, this is what Bryan said at the last comic con about season two:

>and as cool as this first twelve [episodes] is going to be, man, the next fourteen will blow those away.

>> No. 104235
Both of these ideas are stupid and I would like them very much.
>> No. 104245
What's Lauren Montgomery worked on?
>> No. 104246

Besides Avatar: The Last Airbender? She directed the Wonder Woman movie and co-directed Crisis on Two Earths.
>> No. 104257
How was the Wonder Woman movie anyway? I only watch DC things if they're part of the DCAU.
>> No. 104258
Welp, exciting news me thinks.

LoK has been good so far. But it always fell short of being great.

Maybe Mike and Bryan lacked the input of someone as prolific as Montgomery on the team.
>> No. 104259

Haven't seen it. I've heard good things and that it was surprisingly violent, but not much else. I think it has ~85% on Rotten Tomatoes.
>> No. 104260
It's really, really good.
If you think Korra is strong, female heroine done right, then you should watch Wonder Woman. It does her one better.

It's also surprisingly deep and mature. And yes, they do tackle gender issues. But never in a groanworthy or one-sided way.

Also Diana stabs a monster with the heel of a stiletto at one point (for lack of a better weapon).
>> No. 104267
Good move considering that's literally the only thing high heels are good for.
>> No. 104268
We're introduced to a Milkbender murderer. Like in that Misfits episode.
>> No. 104271
File 133945937255.jpg - (276.51KB , 1920x1080 , 2097.jpg )
The last episode ends with me losing my virginity to Toph.

the end
>> No. 104286
I hope there are 3 books again.
>> No. 104295
well, i hope he'll be gentle with you
>> No. 104298
Bei Fong doesn't "do" gentle.
>> No. 104368
Just hope it will be revealed who was badass enough to impregnate Toph.
>> No. 104376
Smellerbee of course
>> No. 104378
You know that Smellerbee is a girl, right?
>> No. 104379
File 133953855386.jpg - (384.54KB , 900x855 , your name is tobee.jpg )
see >>102222

i'd buy that ship for a dollar
>> No. 104427
>>Tahno returns in Season 2, leading a vigilante gang of ex-benders, attacking Equalists and their supporters.

>>They target Asami, now penniless after the family fortune and company was seized by the government, to punish Hiroshi who's untouchable in prison. Korra has to pull bodyguard duty with the girl whose boyfriend she kinda-sorta stole.

>>Asami and Tahno have a showdown, competing in the Suffering Olympics over who's lost more to the Equalists.
>> No. 104430
>Asami and Tahno have a showdown, competing in the Surfing Olympics

what i read
>> No. 104431

That'd be pretty awesome too.

Tahno reinvents himself as a pro-surfer!
>> No. 104535
Apparently season two won't take too long.
I think having more directors can speed up the episodes development.
>> No. 104538
It's going to work out something like season 2 in TLA. There's a big conclusion to the season of course, but unfinished. Maybe Amon isn't truly defeated, or maybe even Korra is: maybe her bending is taken away and season 2 is all about figuring out Amon's special gift/powers.

I was completely sceptical about Amon's typical evil-masked guy demeanor when the show aired but holy shit is he interesting. I truly hope the big conclusion does not come until the end of season 2.
>> No. 104541
Again, this is all we know about season 2.

>TOONZONE NEWS: The series was originally announced as something shorter before it was expanded to a 20+ episode season. How did the expansion affect the development of the show and your plans for the first story arc?
>MICHAEL DIMARTINO: Book 1 was always going to be 12 episodes. When we started writing, we didn't know if we would do more beyond that. Unlike the original series which had a three season arc, we designed "Korra" so that each season had it's own villain and clear resolution, so they are more stand-alone seasons. Although there are definitely arcs that carry over from Book 1 to Book 2.

We also know Basco's character is coming back. Maybe he's voicing Bumi?
>> No. 104547
>We also know Basco's character is coming back. Maybe he's voicing Bumi?

If you look at the picture of Bumi from that family tree pic, he's wearing the same collar that Zuko and Azula had on their royal robes from "The Awakening", so its very possible he's part of the Royal Family, and Basco did say he was voicing somone connected to Zuko, so Bumi's a pretty good bet. If that's the case, I'm 90% certain it'll be Zuko's daughter he marriedto, but it would be way more interesting if it turned out to be Azula's.
>> No. 104551
I like the idea that its those old spirits/gods whatever that Aang kinda messed over/had to defeat are carrying out vengeance by destroying his dream. Something they couldn't do during his cycle since he's known them and he'd likely pick up their presence in these matters and just go Avatar State and thump them. Say this series end hints at it because Amon is gone but they find a really old book/journal detailing the methods on "stilling" a bender. They take it to some historian or artificer and then we get the whole "where did you find this!!??, this book could only have come from Wan Shi Tong's Library..etc." Which would then lead to a journey to find the library and discover how and why Amon was able to get that book.
>> No. 104552
>I'm 90% certain it'll be Zuko's daughter he marriedto, but it would be way more interesting if it turned out to be Azula's.
Like there'll be a difference.
>> No. 104554
>>If that's the case, I'm 90% certain it'll be Zuko's daughter he married to

That'd be cool. Although it seems odd for the Fire Nation to invite a foreigner to marry the firstborn, especially when their children will one day sit on the throne. It'd suggest the FN isn't too xenophobic, and has a dash of Avatar reverence again.

Bonus points if Zuko's daughter is named Zutara. That'd put the trolling about Ursa in the pilot to shame.
>> No. 104564
I doubt Zuko would've let her out of prison that easily, so I doubt she has any children and even if she did she would have had to leave the Fire Nation so they wouldn't be nobility anyway.
>> No. 104565

...It was a joke.


...An incest joke.
>> No. 104571
I doubt Azula spent her life in prison or exile. Based on some of the stuff the creators have said, it sounded like there was still a chance for, and the effort was being made toward, rehabilitating her.

I imagine she wouldn't be close with Zuko, or ever trusted with authority again, but she might be allowed to retire to a nice quiet place in the Fire Nation countryside.

With Ty Lee.
>> No. 104576
Yeah, according to this season two will air TWO YEARS after season one.
All I can hope for at this point is that the story will finish before I turn 40.
>> No. 104577
> it won’t be another two years from now, as we are already in production on it

reading is good
>> No. 104578
Being sick at work with a headache, however, isn't. Oopsie.
>> No. 104721
Korra still never takes off her boots... I'm starting to think those are her actual feet.
>> No. 104727

The foot fetish slot is already taken by Lin.
>> No. 104731
>implying girls boots aren't the hottest thing ever
>> No. 104738
Don't take me wrong, I <3 those fuzzy boots
>> No. 104739
cowgirl boots? sure. stiletto boots? hell yes. Eskimo boots? only if they're the only thing she has on. they're basically Uggs and they are called that because they are ugly
>> No. 104741
You don't know what you're saying.
>> No. 104748
this is no infinite hog monkey theorem in effect. i know exactly what i'm talking about. Korra's base model boots completely hide her feet and any shape of her lower legs. that's why, with clothes, they're not sexy. there is no titillation, just obfuscation. now, her nude, lying chest down on a Naga with her legs bent up with just the boots on is sexy because of that concealment. you can see every inch of her except her feet. that is basically the only situation in which those potato sacks could be boner bending material
>> No. 105058
File 133996746431.gif - (946.14KB , 329x486 , tumblr_m5q2qlpjHV1r5s8e9o1_400[1].gif )
I wonder if there'll be a timeskip for the next season, the kids VAs probably grew up since recording for season one.
I'd love to see more of Jinora (best airbaby), maybe an episode about getting her airbending tattoos.
>> No. 105157
File 134003577378.jpg - (3.80MB , 2400x2946 , Goddard_and_Rocket.jpg )
I want to see a Mechanist's descendant, making first rockets, like von Braun or Goddard in RL's 1920's.

It could be nice hint of upcoming changes in the world, thanks to industrialization...
>> No. 105626

>>[Dr. Dardo]: Will book 2 stay confined to Republic City the way book 1 did?

>>DiMartino: I would say it’s a mix of both. There’s definitely a significant part in Republic City, but there’s also a little more exploration of some other areas which we won’t tell you about just yet.

>>[They both laugh, like they're in on some secret joke.]

>>Konietzko: It’s definitely not as confined, but like Mike said, about half and half.
>> No. 105627
Spirit world journey confirmed.
>> No. 106452
I hope for a time skip. But I feel like her story is pretty much done as is. Wouldn't mind jumping around in time and seeing one of the older Avatars
>> No. 106457
Legend of Korra book 2: where's Korra?
>> No. 106487
Korra comes to the conclusion that to best help the world she needs to understand how it works in order to resolve the bender and non-bender tensions, so she decides to go to law school, upon discovering DAT DOSH she decides to dump Mako in order to focus on her career and becomes a sexy single female lawyer.
>> No. 106513
I wonder if we will ever see Wan Shin Tong's library again (and the professor that ended up in the Spirit World inside it).

On that note, what if we take a nineteen/early twentieth century approach to the Spirit World. You know, séance sessions with spirit mediums, a gentleman's club/society of the occult that investigates reports and sights of spirits and their nature, tries to separate fraud from real instances, etc. That sort of thing.

>> No. 106531
I would be cool with this, IF the persons doing the medium fooferah are played by Paul F Thompkins and Paget Brewster.
>> No. 106552
File 13407122899.png - (220.39KB , 500x360 , SFA.png )
>> No. 106553
Interesting idea. Also

>I wonder if we will ever see Wan Shin Tong's library again (and the professor that ended up in the Spirit World inside it).

My theory is that Professor Zei became some sort of more benevolent knowledge spirit and assistant to Wan Shi Tong, hopefully getting him to see that not all humans are bad. Failing that, he starts up his own awesome spirit library.
>> No. 106638
Idea for the focus of Season 2 if we don't mind a rehash and a time skip.

For the last time?
>> No. 106639
A 30 year time skip is way too much.
>> No. 106714
Korra uses her influence as the Avatar to integrate Airbending into Pro-Bending matches . . . but there are no Airbenders old enough to join beside her and Tenzin, so Jinora and Ikki become ring girls

sexy mini skirts for everyone!
>> No. 106721
>> No. 106723
File 13408132859.png - (275.28KB , 400x400 , JinoraOnlyDicksThisLarge.png )

>so Jinora and Ikki become cheerleaders

>> No. 106724
File 134081475210.gif - (43.58KB , 500x313 , JinoraBlush.gif )

>so Jinora and Ikki become cheerleaders

>> No. 106730

Should not want so badly.
>> No. 109033
IGN interviewed the cast and crew about TLoK Season 2. A lot repeats what we already know, but there's some new info that I'll summarize below: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/07/27/the-legend-of-korra-cast-and-creators-talk-book-two?page=1

>>Mako is making a name for himself busting triads.

>>Hiroshi is in prison

>>The creators are well aware the fanbase intensely dislike Mako. However, there's trouble ahead for Makorra due to their new responsibilities and devotion to their own careers.

>>Bolin has "one of the most bizarre love stories" in store, confirming earlier hints that Bolin gets a love interest this season.

Finally, regarding Korra's continuing character arc, there's this quote from Bryan:

>>"Korra is now kind of the Avatar, so how does she deal with it? Even though she has all this power... she’s kind of the bull in the china shop. She rushes in and fights with emotion and gets a little hotheaded. So that still gives us a lot of opportunity in the writing room."
>> No. 109035
>Bolin has "one of the most bizarre love stories" in store, confirming earlier hints that Bolin gets a love interest this season.

Just please dont let it be a love triangle. Please please please please don't let it be a love triangle.
>> No. 109036

>Mako is making a name for himself busting triads.
That's good, right? Fight that oppression, Mako.

>The creators are well aware the fanbase intensely dislike Mako. However, there's trouble ahead for Makorra due to their new responsibilities and devotion to their own careers.
More drama and shipping stuff? Do not want.

>Bolin has "one of the most bizarre love stories" in store, confirming earlier hints that Bolin gets a love interest this season
Damn now I'm curious.
>> No. 109038
Bolin/the spirit monster thing?
>> No. 109041

Maybe Pabu turns into a catgirl fire ferret girl.
>> No. 109042
Or maybe Bolin gets turned into a Fire Ferret.
>> No. 109043
Thus turning Mako and Bolin into Jak and Daxter.
>> No. 109044
So Ferret Bolin will still be able to talk?

This just got interesting.
>> No. 109045

Die in a fire.
>> No. 109067
I'm really glad Hiroshi isn't dead. I thought he might have been crushed since we never got a follow-up (i.e. cops pulling him from the wreckage and handcuffing him).

But ugh I don't want Makorra drama. We had enough of that in season 1. Please convince me they are cute together and can have a functional relationship. Please do not introduce drama or break them up because the fans currently hate Mako, which, for the record, is due almost entirely to relationship drama. His reputation with them could totally be fixed if he was actually a respectable partner to Korra.
>> No. 109068
Don't be so naive.
You know damn well that Korra's personal shit is going to get in the way of everything. But as with the last time the problem will be completely toothless and no doubt resolve itself.
(I could probably deal with the retarded drama, if they actually had the guts to properly address it and have them work through it. But since they were incapable of writing Mako as a decent human being for some reason...ahrgh.)
Either that or the whole character dynamic resets itself to pre-season 1, because they have another 26 episodes to write after this...
We're totally going to run into this Nathan Drake problem, where he and his ball n'chain split up between every single game only to get back together.
>> No. 109077
Why no love interest for Naga? She's the most underrated bitch on the show.
>> No. 109080
Well they did say Bolin's involved in a "bizarre" lovestory.
>> No. 109081
Reminds me of that family guy episode with Ted Turner.
>> No. 109083
File 134348293190.jpg - (26.79KB , 480x360 , daniel-radcliffe-with-a-horse_146887-480x360.jpg )
Hey, if Harry Potter did it...
>> No. 109187
Some useless or potentially plot damaging stuff I want to see next season:

- Korra and Asami's va can sing, give them a karaoke night or something
- more of Korra with her hair down
- a little swimsuit fanservice (highly unlikely since the outfits are getting even heavier)
>> No. 109196
I'm calling it now...
Both twins develop a crush on Bolin.
>> No. 109202
Then in the final episode Mako breaks up with Korra and swoops in to date both twins, at the same time.

Bolin is left all alone to blubber
>> No. 109293
Job offerings for a storyboard and character design artist for the show.

Storyboard Artist:


Character Design:

>> No. 109294
It's good that you posted this here! This would be a great way for all those expert storytellers who bitch constantly about book 1 to FINALLY do it their way!
Good luck, kids!
>> No. 109295
It's a little late for season 2 though. I'll guess they'll be able to improve the show only from season 3.
>> No. 109298
You... you don't understand what storyboard or character design artist actually does do you? I'll give yu a hint, they don't have anything to do with writing the story.
>> No. 109299
I KNOW that, I was being sarcastic.
Besides, the way some of those types go off I have difficulty believing that being a character design or storyboard position means they would control important aspects of how the story unfolds.
>> No. 109300
* no difficulty

>> No. 109302

I stick with what I'm good at.
>> No. 109309
>Romance will be much more prominent in Book 2.

How did they get that from the ign interview?
>> No. 109320

And of course the usual bitch-and-complain tumblrs shat with fiery rage over that line today.
>> No. 109324
Oh and they're shitting bricks on /co/, too.
Do they know that no one's putting a gun to their heads to watch the show?
>> No. 109325
So they are not allowed to have opinions on it at all?

Leave it out. Legend of Korra did have a number of problems in its writing, the romance was certainly one of them, hearing someone say that the next season will be more prominant then reacting to that by saying it sounds like a terrible idea is not so heretical.

Really stop acting like the series is a sacred cow and people not respecting it harms your own enjoyment of the series.
>> No. 109326
>Really stop acting like the series is a sacred cow and people not respecting it harms your own enjoyment of the series.
I don't think anyone is under the impression the series is a sacred cow, given that 90% of the posts in this very board are about how terrible the show is. I think some of us are just getting tired of the bitching about it being the exact same bitching we've already discussed to death.

At least bitch about something new, Avatards.
>> No. 109328

The point being made here is that the blogger got that bullet point out of the IGN interview that's been around for a couple weeks and everyone is shitting fucking bricks over it.

It's just like the "Korra is a Mary Sue" thing after half of the premiere got leaked on Nick's press site. People just need to calm the fuck down.
>> No. 109359
File 134411236214.png - (288.89KB , 774x1032 , deal with it.png )
That's not what I said at all.
I pointed out that this little line of information regarding the romance in the series already has people screaming bloody fucking murder.
No, the series isn't a "sacred cow", it's just a TV show. So it makes you wonder why people are reacting to "more romance" like someone ran over their grandmothers with a steamroller.
If other people are entitled to hate the show and harp about their half-assed reasons why, then I am sure as hell entitled to like the show and harp about why.
Deal with it.
>> No. 109368
>I pointed out that this little line of information regarding the romance in the series already has people screaming bloody fucking murder.

Well, while I understand why you think it's stupid, and it is stupid that people are overreacting to a bulletpoint summery of old information we already had, I can also understand why people would react that way.

The single biggest complaint most people had for season one was that the romance stuff wasn't well... because it wasn't. So hearing that there's going to be more romance is kinda of like if Lucas announced there was going to be even more Jar Jar in episode two.

>given that 90% of the posts in this very board are about how terrible the show is

I think you're getting this board confused with regular /co/. Yes, we've done out fair share of complaining, but you're making this board out to be much worse about it than it actually has been. And honestly, not to sound like a dick, but it's not the boards responsibility to post the way you think we should. If you don't like the atmosphere here, don't come. I stopped going to /co/ for a few weeks after the finale aired because of how negative it was over there. Again, not trying to sound like a Mako... I mean a dick, but if you're that frustrated with the fandom in general, or just this board specificly, take a break for a bit. Were probably not going anywhere.

Aside from all that, I'm not too worried about the romance aspect in season two. Mike and Bryan are great at the world building, creating a mythology and generally handle the major elements of a narrative very well; setting, characters, conflict, plot, theme... But when it comes to the subtler nuances within the writing, dialogue, pacing, resolution... that sort of thing is where they seem to need help. And as Mike and Bryan have said, they brought in more writers so they can concentrate on bigger picture... i.e. the shit they're good at, while handing those subtler details to writers.
>> No. 109370
>So hearing that there's going to be more romance is kinda of like if Lucas announced there was going to be even more Jar Jar in episode two. 
The irritating part is that there wasn't any official statement like that. Jeez, several months till the premiere and we're already on to our second hoax (why do these completely manufactured, unsourced statements pick up so much steam?).
>> No. 109371
This. People just had to follow the link to see it's just that blog's intepretation.
>> No. 109375
>you're making this board out to be much worse about it than it actually has been
Fine, 80% then. But regardless, I didn't tell you you had to stop being negative nellies, so you don't need to get all defensive about your right to whine, I just made a plea for less repetitive negativity.

And no, I'm not confusing you with /co/. I don't go to /co/ because while this place has reached ugly levels of negativity, /co/ has been irredeemably negative for years now.

I'm well aware that this place doesn't have long before it's entirely lost to the Internet Hate Machine and just becomes /co/ 2.0. But for the time being I am trying to stick around for news and fandom AUs.
>> No. 109378
>Fine, 80% then.
Ok, that's better.

>so you don't need to get all defensive about your right to whine
But... but that's why the internet was invented! Well, ok, maybe it was actually for science 'n shit, but whatever. Complaining about pop culture and copious amounts of porn is way more important than that shit.

>I'm well aware that this place doesn't have long before it's entirely lost to the Internet Hate Machine
Hey, we don't even have exploding scooters yet, much less exploding vans.

>But for the time being I am trying to stick around for news and fandom AUs.
Ok, agreed. I think that, for the most part, were past the bitching stage. And, as I stated in my last post, I have high hopes season two and I do think M&B do deserve a little slack for giving us such a wonderful universe in the first place.

Now, to qualify this for a "Season 2" thread and not just make it a complain about the campaigning for season one back and forth...

Anyone think that Mako's policemanning may lead him to; A) finding the firebender that killed his parents, or; B) the firebender that killed Sato's wife, or; C) it's the same person. A low leverl thug that mugged and killed Mako's parents than later, after moving up the ranks of Agni Kai triad, was involved in the raid on the Sato's house and killed his wife.

It would be an interesting way to bring Sato back into the story and flesh out both him and Mako's backgrounds a little more. They could even have Mako working with Sato to try and find the guy.
>> No. 109391
That reminds me, I think Hiroshi's voice actor has been confirmed for Season Two, right?

Think Asami will ever want to be in the same room as him?
>> No. 109395
She's probably going to be like Zuko in the promise and go to him for advice. She isn't really trained to run a big business on her own.
>> No. 109400
Anyone who wants to "enjoy" being in this fandom best get used to most of the fandom complaining about the romance.
>> No. 109401
I'm excited about the characters having arcs and being separated. Lok could use more B-C plots, some episodes were almost too linear.
>> No. 109422
I want to see:
Asami teaching Korra how to drive
Bolin figuring his life out
More of what's going on with the rest of the world

If I don't get these things I will not throw a shit-fit tantrum like a spoiled child and complain that the creators of the show don't know what they're doing.
I expect to see more gorgeous animation, to hear more spot-on voice work and more exciting action scenes. I probably won't be disappointed there since book one delivered so well with all of that.
>> No. 109440
>I'm well aware that this place doesn't have long before it's entirely lost to the Internet Hate Machine and just becomes /co/ 2.0
This place is pretty much a hugbox. There's criticism, but it's all well-reasoned and always seems to be followed by "but I love the show but I love Mike & Bryan but I love the Avatar universe"
>> No. 109445
So who wants to see Hiroshi pull an Iroh and get secretly buff in prison.
>> No. 109448
File 134434646651.jpg - (61.60KB , 1192x632 , 134408576891[1].jpg )

>Asami teaching Korra how to drive
Studio Mir released this nice pic, but I doubt it's gonna be canon.
>> No. 109453
It'd be funny if he does do that but it's not plot-relevant or anything at all, he just feels like getting fit.

Then in season 3 and 4 he can become a caped vigilante or something.
>> No. 109585
>> No. 109770
File 134540597342.png - (62.92KB , 596x189 , tumblr_m8xrmySxBR1rtziedo1_1280[1].png )
She could be playing Kya.
>> No. 109771
File 13454276724.jpg - (13.29KB , 275x275 , R3o.jpg )

>Next April.

He is back, and more powerful than ever!
>> No. 109772
Who the hell is "He"?
>> No. 109891
There's not really a good thread to stick this, so I'm gonna lump it in with the run-up to Season 2. There's a novelization of the first season coming January 2013:

>> No. 109896
Milk that cash cow, Nick.
>> No. 109911
>First season gets novelized
>Still no Kyoshi/Roku spinoff novels

wow fuck
>> No. 109912

If anything, that's a blessing. Have you ever read the Lost Scrolls or Sozin's Comet novelization? Terrible stuff, especially with the quality of YA lit these days.
>> No. 109929
What does YA lit have to do with it? Those books were for like...4 to 8 year olds.
>> No. 109997
File 134703033177.png - (212.73KB , 500x435 , tumblr_m9y7mng5G91qd2egso1_500[1].png )
What's with the season 3 finale in the background?
>> No. 109998
They're going to retcon the ending so Azula was over in the corner in a straitjacket glaring at them angrily and sputtering about ghosts.
>> No. 110082
So they're Force Ghosting Azula into the scene with the Ewoks partying... Got it.
>> No. 110083
File 134815554870.jpg - (642.35KB , 1412x951 , 1234523433444.jpg )
I had to read that three times to figure out what it meant.
>> No. 110121
- The Search will focus more on the Fire Nation Royal Family than the expansive cast from the previous miniseries, and may delve into the supernatural in the quest for Zuko's mum. (Wait, what? Was she kidnapped by pixies or something?)

- Due to the success of the previous series (averaging apparently around 4 million viewers) Nick have renewed the show for another full three series, bringing Korra up to four books in total. (Yay)

- Bryke not knowing whether the season finale of Korra Book 1 would be the series finale as well was apparently a contributing factor in why it wrapped everything up so abruptly.

- Book 2 of Korra will focus on the idea of lineage, both in terms of Tenzin's family (so yes, more Bumi) as well as the spiritual lineage of Korra herself.

- Bolin confirmed to be getting a new love interest.

- More flashbacks of the Adventures of the Older!Gaang may be on the way.


So yeah, some stuff that we already knew, but other parts were interesting.
>> No. 110122
I'm ok with everything about this.
>> No. 110123

>Bryke not knowing whether the season finale of Korra Book 1 would be the series finale as well was apparently a contributing factor in why it wrapped everything up so abruptly.

Ok, I'm going to cut them some slack there.
>> No. 110124
Why? It doesn't make their screenwriting any better. In Avatar the writing team was smart enough to leave things open-ended for future possibilities. In Korra we get a Scooby Doo resolution that leaves the audience wanting absolutely nothing to do with any of this nonsense.
>> No. 110125

I said some.
>> No. 110126
Eh, they'd previously shown that emotional trauma causes the Avatar State to be activated, with near-death-experiences or seeing his friends dead/nearly die/get kidnapped being the most often trigger for Aang.

With Korra they had that "lowest moment" thing be her realising that since Katara couldn't cure her depowering, then she isn't the Avatar anymore and doesn't know who she is.

Mako dumping his "yeah, I like you know" thing on her, possibly adding guilt for breaking up Asami's relationship probably didn't help any, either.

But, yeah, I get what they were going for, dramatic re-empowering and all, but I do admit that it could have been done a lot better. Maybe if the second season was confirmed in the writing stages then they wouldn't have rushed it so much.
>> No. 110150
>- The Search will focus more on the Fire Nation Royal Family than the expansive cast from the previous miniseries, and may delve into the supernatural in the quest for Zuko's mum. (Wait, what? Was she kidnapped by pixies or something?)
Finally some Koh fanservice?
>> No. 110152

Why would Koh be involved at all?
>> No. 110154
Because people want him to be. That is all.
>> No. 110155
>> No. 110156

Rule of cool is always nice, it just doesn't exactly make sense. Unless Ursa became a spirit hunter (which sounds cool in my head) something as big as Koh has little reason to be involved. Hell, he has almost no stake in anything the world has going on most days, it's why I never liked fanfic that treats him like some devil-figure.
>> No. 110157
Don't do that either. The original series was too successful to justify such cautiousness.
>> No. 110169
>- Book 2 of Korra will focus on the idea of lineage, both in terms of Tenzin's family (so yes, more Bumi) as well as the spiritual lineage of Korra herself.
That's good then, it means they have a theme.
>> No. 110306
File 135051845773.png - (24.17KB , 500x108 , tumblr_mc1rcbRTtY1qc4x4wo1_500[1].png )
That's two characters making it to season 3.
>> No. 110307
Seychelle :3
>> No. 110308
Considering Mike and Bryan's track record for killing characters (or having consequences for their actions) it's no surprise.
>> No. 110309
More whining, just what we needed.
>> No. 110310
File 135053354755.gif - (1.69MB , 200x150 , punk_you_mad.gif )
>> No. 110312
Killing a character off would mean sometihng actually happening in the story. That cannot be permitted.
>> No. 110313
Get out, if you want to sling baseless insults do it on /co/.
>> No. 110318
When I finished season 1, it really didn't feel like it was finished.

Why would they only design it to be a 1-season thing? ATLA was a cashcow, so it's obvious this would be too.
>> No. 110319
Nick said to do a mini-series format.

Rather than say they work best doing their own way, Bryke smiled and agreed saying this would be great and that they can finally make a show like Game of Thrones, or any other HBO special. You know, a series told in 10,12 ish episodes with a length of 60 minutes with no commercials and can crack the rating up to R.

To top it off, Bryke take any criticism as "trollish" attempts. Word on the street is that the first draft of season 3's script is done. In such a small time frame they are already done with a full draft.
>> No. 110320
I think they wanted to do a mini-series... and just failed.
>> No. 110321
>To top it off, Bryke take any criticism as "trollish" attempts.
You're so full of of shit it's not even funny.
>> No. 110322
File 135067857358.jpg - (203.18KB , 757x998 , Bryan on GoT and LoK.jpg )

If only
>> No. 110323
Are you seriously that dumb? That webcomic was done in response to people calling him a troll.
>> No. 110325
>To top it off, Bryke take any criticism as "trollish" attempts.

What? No, they don't, they don't like being called trolls.
>> No. 110326
>Bryke smiled and agreed saying this would be great and that they can finally make a show like Game of Thrones

First episode of Game of Thrones: Apr. 17, 2011

First official announcement for Korra: July 21, 2010

So yes, they totally wanted to make Korra just like a show that hadn't come out until after the script the Korra was already written. Stop being a fuckwit.
>> No. 110329
Obviously, they wanted to make it like the books.
>> No. 110330
You mean thousands of pages long and rife with incest?
>> No. 110332
I could go for some timeskipping shenanigans with Toph/Lin and Senna/Korra myself.

But I'll settle with some bonding time between Asami and Korra in season 2 - just to stay on topic.
>> No. 110333

And racism, don't forget the horrible racism! ^^

Sean Bean being in Legend of Korra would be pretty boss though.
>> No. 110334
racism in game of thrones? Unless you're talking about discrimination of the Others, I must've missed that.
>> No. 110344

Maybe how all of the non-white people seem to be bodged into one civilisation of barbarian rapists?

Even CS Lewis' Calormen had a more balanced protrayal than the Dothraki.
>> No. 110345
How is realism racist?
>> No. 110346
File 135102346583.gif - (212.96KB , 500x200 , tumblr_m6kfkrwgGR1qj360mo1_r1_500.gif )
>> No. 110347

Actually I'm going with the other anon here.

Because the Dothraki seem to be based on the Steppe peoples during Ghengis' time...and lets be honest here, they did a lot of pillaging and raping.

Besides, they aren't all like that. It's a culture thing; not a race thing.
>> No. 110348
Dorne, the Summer Isles, the Ghiscari and elements of Free Cities are all at least partially non-white.
>> No. 110394
There are lots of non-white civilizations in Essos, and most of them are not presented as particularly evil or any worse than the folks in Westeros, just strange because they're different.
>> No. 110399
The Mongols had more going on then just raiding, enslaving and rapin' folk though...

I will concede that the Dothraki don't make up the entirety of the nonwhite cast of GOT, and I know that the idea was probably that the Dothraki were meant to be a homage to fictional barbarians in fiction (Conan for example) in addition to Mongols, but the TV shows decision to just stick all the non-European people under one generic unflattering banner was kind of... iffy.

Don't get me wrong, the majority of people in GoT suck for various reasons, but the Dothraki didn't really seem to be an actual culture more than a 13 year old's idea of what the Mongols etc. were like.

Hell, even Vikings had trade, craftsmen etc. and went just about the pillaging and junk.
>> No. 110400
*weren't just about pillaging and junk.
>> No. 110865
Since this is as close as we have to a general Avatar thread right now...

I thought this was an interesting post on Korra's childhood. As one commentator put it: "So [Korra's] basically X-23 crossed with the Dalai Lama?"

>> No. 110882

Well that does explain why Katara saying that should couldn't give Korra back her loosing her bending was her "lowest point", despite people complaining that Aang should have appeared when she got mugged by Amon on Avatar Island.
>> No. 110891
apparently the dark spirit isn't azula

>> No. 110892
People seriously thought it might be her?
>> No. 110896
I considered it within the realm of possibility.
>> No. 110900
it was a theory that was slowly gaining steam and could have ended up being season 2's "amon is koh" brand of theory.
>> No. 110902
My assumption was that she would be a descendant of either Azula or Zuko. Which Grey hasn't denied yet, actually.
>> No. 110903
I doubt the Dark Spirit was ever a human. Seems more like a La to the Avatar's Tui.
>> No. 110904
>Seems more like a La to the Avatar's Tui.

that's a pretty bold assumption considering we haven't even seen the dark spirit.
>> No. 110905
The name made me assume the Dark Spirit would be like the Blue Spirit. Actual Spirits in the Avatar-verse tend to have names, like Tui and La and Koh.
>> No. 110906

It could just be that "the Dark Spirit" isn't its real name, but one given to it by the Krew because they don't know what to call it. Then the writers could squeeze out a subplot where Korra investigates the Spirit World to learn its name.
>> No. 110907
On the other hand, The Avatar Spirit. Call me crazy here, but is it really so hard to believe that the Avatar spirit had an opposite that made itself apparent when the Avatar was being really irresponsible with their power like Korra?
>> No. 110908
i don't think korra has been so irresponsible that she warrants a beatdown from a spirit. she'd have to beat kuruk's 20+ years of goofing off.
>> No. 110909
He was never abusing the Avatar state to beat 8 year olds at games.
>> No. 110910
No, but he did randomly challenge people to bending duels.

The spirits that interact with the physical world a lot have names, but perhaps the more "pure" spirits are in turn more inhuman, and therefore don't have human names.
>> No. 110911
That's why Koh took his wife.
Korra's punishment must be more severe.
>> No. 110912
we get you guys don't like korra but you need to stop jumping on every mistake she makes as a warrant for having her punished. it took 20+ years for a spirit to finally punish kuruk, and he had it coming since he was in his 40s and was still messing around. korra is 17 and from what we've seen so far (once to use it to win a race, another time in a fight against a spirit) she doesn't abuse the avatar state so much as she relies on it a lot. she can learn not to do this without being punished, and since she can't bend in the spirit world there's a perfect opportunity there.
>> No. 110916
File 135744642946.png - (110.90KB , 306x275 , colonc.png )

>Korra's punishment must be more severe.
>> No. 110918
File 135761058142.png - (98.95KB , 481x324 , moresevere.png )
>> No. 110921
File 135768706624.jpg - (941.07KB , 1024x1260 , post_it_dump_by_ibgraham.jpg )
>So every day on Korra as I work on my story board files I have to back them up to the server at Nick. This can take 5 to 10 min per file.... So I try to spend that time productively and do a quick drawing on a Post-It. Now these drawings are my drawings and not for or from the show. However sometimes I will practice drawing the characters like Korra or Tenzin and other times I will just doodle something for myself.

>I took this photo with my IPhone and I'm calling it a Post-It dump and I'm posting it for you to see.


Merged both post-it dumps together. Korra, her cousin(s), and Tenzin are there. There's also a few new, repeating character designs here.
>> No. 110922
Who is that qt3.14 with the short hair?
>> No. 110923
File 135768903834.jpg - (678.03KB , 500x1550 , Sorted.jpg )

Which one?

Here's the pin-ups sorted by character. I left off Korra, as there's a lot of her and nothing's really notable about any of them.
>> No. 110925
The one on the first column of the last image in the top two rows
>> No. 110926
so are the unknowns characters in the show or are they just people he made up? important to know before people start making up theories about who they are.
>> No. 110927
>so are the unknowns characters in the show or are they just people he made up? important to know before people start making up theories about who they are.

His comments on the original posts said it was a mix of both: doodling LoK characters as well as some of his own. That's why I sorted them by repeats. Generally, the ones with multiple examples I suspect are LoK characters. The one-offs probably aren't LoK characters.
>> No. 110928
So many ladies!
>> No. 110945
the long-haired girl is pretty cute
>> No. 110946
File 135789982231.jpg - (26.55KB , 525x466 , ohmygodkorrawatchout.jpg )
Just out of curiosity but does Korra and the rest of the gang know that Amon and Tarrlok are dead?

They never once resolved this question at the end of the season.
>> No. 110947
>Just out of curiosity but does Korra and the rest of the gang know that Amon and Tarrlok are dead?

There's no indication either way. For all we know, the mystery of Amon and Tarrlok's disappearances could be the in-universe equivalent of Jimmy Hoffa. Or not. We'll know in S2.
>> No. 110948
if you want to get technical it's possible that a search crew found the wreckage (they weren't that far from republic city i think), but other than that i don't see how'd they know.
>> No. 110949
Plus, while there's no way in the real world they would survive something like that, this is a cartoon and we didn't see the bodies. So even we don't know for a fact they're dead, we're just pretty damn certain.
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