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File 138207000918.jpg - (295.57KB , 764x431 , NumberWan.jpg )
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8 EST Friday night people! The return of Studio Mir!

Lots of people within the production have been praising these episodes. I think we're in for a real treat.
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>> No. 115711
Uh...guys? Wasn't there like, a new episode on tonight?
>> No. 115712

board's kind of slow this week, but yeah.
>> No. 115713

2nd Halloween weekend (Halloween on a Thursday = parties on two weekends). Internet in general has been slow tonight.

I'll make a thread (you know, it's not against the rules if you Anons make the episode thread. I'm always late watching the episodes anyway)

File 138316157438.jpg - (589.84KB , 600x900 , The-Search-Part-3.jpg )
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>> No. 115708

give it a week or two
>> No. 115709
I've half expecting all that we've heard about The Rift to be false and it's another trilogy about Zuko.
>> No. 115710

Considering that the story deals with a joint Earth Kingdom/Fire Nation factory or some shit, I'm sure Zuko will play some role, but it sounds like The Rift is mostly Aang.

File 137470317139.jpg - (165.39KB , 700x1024 , 1374687346.jpg )
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SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Yang Takes "Avatar: The Last Airbender" To "The Rift"


Looks to be Toph centric. Maybe she'll reunite with her parents or start the police force.
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>> No. 115683

No, I don't think Gene would stoop so low as to let shipping preferences and years dead fandom drama influence his writing, I was just trying to explain why somebody called him a Zutaran.
>> No. 115684
Camera raws
>> No. 115686
Katara didn't keep her mouth shut, though, she just said she can see where the colonists are coming from in a less Zuko-like fashion.

File 138242245817.png - (106.63KB , 332x331 , Water_Tribe_emblem.png )
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Considering how the United Republic elected their first president marking the era of democracy for their world. Would it be possible that Avatar Korra or her father establishes the first Republic of Water? It just feels like this is where the story is leading to for the final resolution.
>> No. 115586
I always thought the Chief was elected through a democratic process. At least after they die/retire. I figured since Sokka was never next in line to be Chief of the SWT, and there's been no mention of Tonraq and Unalaq's family being related to Yue's.

File 138215707519.jpg - (673.38KB , 1920x1080 , spirits6-2200[1].jpg )
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Why did it seem like Korra was a completely new person at the end of the episode? Did she finally learn what it meant to be the Avatar? Has her ego finally gone away or will she still have some of it to drive her forward in some situations? Wan had a bit of an ego too, but eventually learned to not let it define him.
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>> No. 115474

They weren't claiming she was, they were using hyperbole to make fun of people like >>115419 who exaggerate or invent flaws for Korra. Speaking of >>115419, are you really at this again? The previous two bans taught you nothing?
>> No. 115475
Why was he banned twice?
>> No. 115477

For this exact behavior. Again, recognizing the show's faults is fine, saying everything Korra ever did was out of spite, jealousy, or malice is nothing but starting shit.

File 138216311634.png - (627.15KB , 634x493 , failures.png )
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Why do fire and water avatars suck at everything?

Why is Earth so based?
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>> No. 115456

Also, she founded the Dai Li.
>> No. 115458

>Implying that was a bad thing
>> No. 115508
You're a bad idea thing!

File 138147715338.jpg - (21.66KB , 760x409 , movers.jpg )
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Preemptively starting the thread for this week's episode.

Next to last Studio Pierrot animated episode. Mir is back next week for Beginnings part 1 and 2, Pierrot bids their farewell after the following episode.
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>> No. 115436
Women who are sad are still more likely to cry than kiss their ex-boyfriend. They're also more likely to cry than kiss their current boyfriend. So Asami's actions are still out of place.
>> No. 115449

Even after getting an "I believe in you and won't give up on you," speech? It just seems like you're kinda simplifying things.
>> No. 115457
File 138220696139.png - (135.89KB , 422x596 , wow.png )
I didn't know they took a poll on what women are most likely to do when their company has been robbed, their mom is dead and their father is in jail because he was working for a terrorist group and their ex single boyfriend with whom they didn't have a satisfactory breakup with has just told them they weren't going to give up on them.

File 138136637488.png - (153.86KB , 444x250 , Wan.png )
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So Avatar Wan is Aladdin?
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>> No. 115243
So this tumblr person is slowly uploading the NYCC panel. If you want to watch a recorded version of Beginnings pt 1 with some dude's head in the way, here you go:


The episode is on parts 2 and 3. And don't panic when the camera rises up to high, s/he fixes it pretty quick.

Anyone have a full version?
>> No. 115349

Clip from the first episode.

Really great they're finally touching down on the whole 'fire is life' bit ATLA had with that healing in the beginning.

Also I'm feeling ridiculous so I'm betting five bucks the old lady is Azula (jokingly).

>> No. 115350

Serena Williams made a return to Avatar as the voice of one of the Fire Sages in that scene.

File 138190487325.jpg - (109.18KB , 1280x720 , The Avatars.jpg )
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If Korra somehow managed to meet Aang when he was mastering the elements. How might the two get along?
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>> No. 115346
I love how they didn't even hide how Aang was Mike when they gave him a chin strap or when they gave Zuko Bryan's haircut.
>> No. 115347

>tfw old Zuko shows up eventually with Bryan's currant Guy Fawkes facial hair
>> No. 115348

File 13817352375.png - (967.00KB , 959x496 , flash.png )
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Why has Avatar flash games improved since Korra started airing?
I decided to try this and it's surprisingly a decent little flash game.
>> No. 115285
The interface on that one is pretty damn good. I was surprised

File 138044079832.jpg - (174.57KB , 700x462 , verse-frontbig1[1].jpg )
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What could they do if they were to do a series where the population of the world has expanded into the space age and now people reside in the heavens? How would this effect the spirit world when it's confirmed that a celestial body is a spirit? Would this mean other bodies also have a spirit or at least one in the spirit world? Would that realm be larger than one has previously thought? How would bending translate into an atmosphere with no oxygen? Will earthbenders resides on asteroids? Will waterbenders reside on icy planets and comets? Will firebenders reside on hot planets like Venus or Mustafar? Will airbenders be left behind on humanity's original planet?

What role will the Avatar play in this scenario?

Pic is unrelated.
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>> No. 114979
You seem to forgot that the spirits actually exist in their world and may still have something to do with bending.
>> No. 114981
I'm bullshitting either way, so it's not like that's the only thing I'm ignoring for my silly little aside.
>> No. 114983
No, it makes sense, eventually they're going to enter a stage where they're going to want scientific answers to such phenomenons as bending and even the spirit world.

File 138044148522.jpg - (47.09KB , 1107x624 , diabeetus.jpg )
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We're back!

Good lord I loved this episode to pieces. :)
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>> No. 114824
Actually, you know who should have helped them in the season finale? Bumi. How much better would his characterization be if we actually saw him being a commander instead of just hearing about it and then seeing him retired? Everything we know about his leadership skills comes exclusively from hear-say.
>> No. 114825
Bumi will be brought into this soon enough either being recalled to active status or enlisting in the SWT forces once the family air vacation comes to a close.
>> No. 114826
I'm sure he has a role in the coming conflict, but how much better would his characterization be if we actually got to know him before season 2 started?

File 138102028226.jpg - (94.17KB , 900x401 , 1380986883810.jpg )
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Here's an idea. Write the final scene of the final season of TLOK.

What would you do to give a series like this a powerful capstone? Could be hopeful, could be tragic, could be funny, could be shocking could be the Sopranos. Don't put any limiters on your thoughts, just because it's a kids show.
I'm partly inspired by all the ending of Breaking Bad theories that were buzzing around. And partly by the following from /co/ proper:
>15 years later
>the world is plunged in perpetual war and chaos
>Asami Sato sits in her luxurious office at the top of the Future industries high rise which looms over Republic City
>Korra bursts in, the secretary failing to tell her off
>she looks squalid, limping her way to Asami's mahagony desk
>"Thought you might have time for an old friend."
>Asami puts on a placid smile
>"Korra, it's been too long. Did you get the flowers I sent you?"
>"Sure, didn't do much to ease the sting of having shrapnel picked out of my leg though."
>"I truly am sorry about all that. You need to be more careful out in public. I can't really govern how our products are used."
>"I'm not going to ask you to stop manufacturing, Asami. I'm not that stupid. I came to you for different reasons."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 114765
>Asami in a position of power and Korra is a weeping hobo loser
Yeah, this is from /co/ all right.
>> No. 114766
I just like endings that seem really grim until the very last moment, where the hero gets back up and says "Fuck it! This isn't over."

And then the rest is up to you.
More stuff should end that way.
>> No. 114770
File 138102436187.jpg - (466.68KB , 800x800 , baby_bending_korrasami_by_sachiko_ogasawara23-d57y.jpg )

File 133939551280.png - (140.71KB , 315x251 , sweetbabbies.png )
104201 No. 104201 hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
old thread: >>100996

Welp, the first season is near it's closing act. Post all of your smoochy smoochy Korra stuff here.

Pictured is my OTP 9ever :I
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>> No. 114638
>Hansel & Gretel
My mind went to terrible, terrible places.

A pity LoK's still a kids' show, and won't ever get that messed up.
>> No. 114647
Obviously they won't be taking any big risks, since this is Nick, but I was hoping for a scene similar to the one where Toph accidentally kisses Suki. Bolin is about to kiss "Eska", then discovers his mistake. Since this would be involving two guys instead of girls, I'm sure they wouldn't actually get to do it even by accident, but an attempt would be nice.
>> No. 114740
File 138099364061.png - (505.94KB , 585x757 , tumblr_mqn5rapXeR1s4jqopo1_1280.png )

File 137973752687.jpg - (34.53KB , 973x562 , vroomvroom.jpg )
114127 No. 114127 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Here have Korra being an airplane.

>Bolin and Creepy Cousins in charge of not cockblocking
>Unalaq in charge of being a decent human being
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>> No. 114584
File 138063578695.jpg - (648.75KB , 1920x1080 , 1342.jpg )
It could go either way whether the SWT had an engagement necklace tradition, given Katara's reaction back in "The Waterbending Master". The important exchange is...

* * *

KATARA: Thanks for the lesson.

YUGODA: So, who's the lucky boy?


YUGODA (pointing at her neck): Your betrothal necklace. You're getting married, right?

KATARA (smiling): No, I don't think I'm ready for that yet. My grandmother gave my mother this necklace, and my mother passed it down to me.

* * *
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 114592
I didn't notice Senna wasn't wearing one, kind of odd considering her husband would have been chief of the NWT if Unalaq hadn't fucked it up. Tonraq must have abandoned those traditions to assimilate better into the South? Or something?

The betrothal necklace Eska gave to Bolin was an extreme example, but since it was still recognised as such, that still proves that not all necklaces must look exactly like Katara's. Furthermore, the important part of the necklace which designates it as a betrothal seems to be the dark fabric band, not the decorations. So just by looking at it, Kya is definitely wearing one, and it wasn't passed down to her by Katara.

We also know that, because Katara's grandmother decided to pass it down, it probably wasn't a tradition in the South when she was young. If it is now, it must have been introduced by Northern immigrants to helped to rebuild the South after the war. Since Senna isn't wearing one though I think this is unlikely and the South still doesn't give a fuck about necklaces.

Given all this, it's extremely likely Kya was married (or at least engaged) to a man from the North. I wonder where he is now?
>> No. 114596
I'm betting that in Korra's time, particularly in the South, it's just something you can do if you want to. Maybe when Senna and Tonraq were dating she mentioned not wanting a necklace or something.

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