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File 139581285033.jpg - (41.49KB , 969x576 , 143974__art-br0ny-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-korra.jpg )
116892 No. 116892
What would be the primary things that people would remember Avatar Korra for?

Aang is remembered for helping to establish Republic City and the United Republic as well as ending the one hundred year war.

Something tells me that the Equalists would merely just be a small footnote in her life. She definitely would be remembered for leaving the Spirit portals open as that would have a major effect on the future world. But what else might people remember her for?

She's gotta be remembered for something especially when her entire life has been trying to become the best Avatar she could ever be so she cannot be completely upstaged by Aang's accomplishments.

I get the feeling that Republic City might end up being voted as one of the Avatar's greatest achievements.
>> No. 116893
Saving the fucking world from 10,000 years of darkness?
>> No. 116894
>saving the world from 10,000 years of darkness
>turning blue and giant and fighting a squidman in yue bay
>leaving the portals open and ushering the world into a new age
Inb4 a million contrived reasons as to why Korra didn't actually do any of those things.
>> No. 116895
Why do I get the feeling that Korra is the Obama of the Avatars?

People only remember their shortcomings and not their actual successes.
>> No. 116896
But she did do those things.
>> No. 116897
She also was involved in Republic City being converted from having an unelected council to a democracy, though that probably belongs more under Tenzin's accomplishments really.

Just how Korra is seen by a lot of fans in real life then.

People will find some way to claim she didn't.

Like there are a lot of people who claim that what she's accomplished in the two years or so she's been publically out and about as the Avatar isn't as impressive as what Aang managed to do... even though the world is completely different to Aang's day and how the shadow of Aang's legacy is an overarcing thread throughout most of seasons one and two.
>> No. 116901
In this recent Korra thread on /co/, a user posted pictures of Dr. Phil while calling a lot of Korra-haters autistic. They didn't like this and started throwing a fit which didn't help their case. I am starting to firmly believe that nearly all haters of Korra might have some form of this condition after what I saw in that thread.
>> No. 116906
There were a LOT of people who said she didn't actually beat Amon and that Jinora actually saved the day (IDK what constitutes as 'beating' to these people because we may as well say the Lion Turtle beat Ozai, or that Aang could have only truly won if he was on his own for the entire series and had no Gaang).
>> No. 116907
Sounds like good troll-bait for /co/. Thanks.
>> No. 116908

Probably going to be remembered as the Avatar who beat the shit out of an Ancient Evil that was going to kill all of humanity and paved the way for humans and spirits to finally reconcile and understand one another.

In short, as one of the best avatars ever.
>> No. 116910
It's funny when the whole leaving the portals open thing is going to work out just fine people are going to complain that things never go wrong for Korra and conveniently forget how things worked out for Aang.
>> No. 116911
But she cannot be remembered more than Aang, right?
Korra may have brought the wall between humans and spirits down, but Aang still brought the wall that divided humans down with the help of Zuko, of course.
>> No. 116912
I'm pretty sure neither of them are going to be forgotten anytime soon.
>> No. 116913
Would the Avatar after Korra have anything memorable to accomplish or can we expect another Kuruk?
>> No. 116916
The Avatar after Korra is probably going to have their hands full trying to prevent the spirits from driving humanity back into small isolated survivor pockets, what with them now coming back to take over again.
>> No. 116917
You and I both know that's not going to happen.
>> No. 116919
Nah Korra has two book to establish DA LAW that will govern the interactions between the humans and the spirits.
>> No. 116922
Will there be prejudice on both sides though, right? Surely there has to be humans who disapprove of this decision and surely there has to be spirits who disapprove too, yes?
>> No. 116923
Probably, might be starting in this book and then really coming about in the next.
>> No. 116926
But Bryan said Book 4 is the end of Korra.
>> No. 116929
That's what I'm saying is that Book 3 may have the beginnings of the conflict and Book 4 will have Korra setting it all down and establishing the structure between the spirits and humans.
>> No. 116931
But why would the stories connect? Book 1 and Book 2 didn't have interlocking stories and technically aside from the end of 2, Book 3 won't have much of a connection either.
>> No. 116933
Some people are thinking that since Book 1 was originally all that they were given, then Books 2,3, and 4 were permitted that the series will now be standalone-yet-connected more so than just the characters keeping their equipment and items from Disc 1.
>> No. 116935
I think I remember reading that was the hitch with Book 2 in that they were setting up a story they could tell through the next books hence some retreading ground.
>> No. 116936
I think I remember reading that was the hitch with Book 2 in that they were setting up a story they could tell through the next books hence some retreading ground.

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