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116612 No. 116612
Their world doesn't seem that horrid of a place especially from what was seen in A New Spiritual Age. Even Iroh retired there. So why would spirits either in Korra's time or Wan's time want to inhabit the mortal world? What is so bad about their world that makes them want to crossover? Sure, there are dark places with dark spirits and not to mention Koh the Facestealer, but I'd figure their world is probably near-infinite. Couldn't they easily get away from such terrible things?

Oh and was this area basically New Zealand meets Wonderland?
>> No. 116614
Guess we'll have to wait and see, I'm still interested to see why.
>> No. 116616
Why did Korra turn into a little kid again?
>> No. 116617
It was the last point that she was just Korra and not Korra The Avatar.
>> No. 116622
Because you can't get fire flakes in the Spirit World.
>> No. 116652
Because they can't beat on people all they like. It's not like humans have any way to actually hurt them.
>> No. 116653
yea touch a spirit and they can muss you up, Strong feeling we're going to see those in Book 3.
>> No. 116728
In Wan's time at least, they crossed because they wanted to defend nature from humanity. In the original series, this spirits = nature thing is also very common.

Of course, according to people bitching about Korra's final decision, the real reason is that they're all evil and devils and want to kill everyone and/or send them to that foggy prison thingy.
>> No. 116730
Yeah from what we've seen so far it's pretty one-sided. I guess humans would hurt them indirectly by taking away their habitat in the physical world, but unless the spirits' nature changed through those ten thousand years I'm wondering what non-benders can do to protect themselves against the nastier spirits without also pissing off the good ones.
>> No. 116731
Maybe now that humanity has spread and become the dominant species the spirits aren't as powerful in this world as they used to be.
>> No. 116763
Probably because we have cool technology they don't.

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