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File 13387501134.png - (128.26KB , 500x700 , tumblr_m520om3fSv1r0bsjlo1_500.png )
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old thread >>98734

Remember if you find awesome stuff on tumblr link back to the source!

Here have a Korra that's 5 seconds away from posterizing you!

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>> No. 112190
File 13700364713.jpg - (891.77KB , 1859x632 , 7bb1f19dfe10c5470688b4b08df2ae6ff89129b3.jpg )
>> No. 113848
The originall would still kick ass

File 136752726116.jpg - (44.80KB , 300x462 , tumblr_mm5fmvnKSl1rqqwj4o1_400.jpg )
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Dropping this Saturday! Can't wait!
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>> No. 112016
File 136835576528.png - (466.61KB , 720x480 , ep55-2186.png )
And from "The Boiling Rock", just like you said.

Good memory. I'm ashamed I didn't remember this myself, since I'm such a huge Mai fan.
>> No. 112022
Once again, my ability to recall the most trivial and pointless details of a scene proves its worth.
>> No. 112023
I'm usually like that too, which is why I'm kicking myself.

File 136769137840.jpg - (2.68MB , 1496x2232 , ZukosStory000_front.jpg )
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"Zuko's Story" was a tie-in for the M. Night Shyamalan movie, yet is a curious hybrid of the movie and the cartoon. Zuko and Iroh's designs are based on their actors in the movies, but everyone else isn't, and the writers and artist took great pains to cram in a lot of fun easter eggs and nods to the cartoon. The story here is much better than the Shyamalan movie, with Zuko and Iroh sounding in-character for their AtLA selves, and if you ignore their redesigns it can work as a canon-compliant prequel to the AtLA cartoon series.

I tried hunting down a torrent or cbr of this for my Avatar comics archive, but couldn't find one. So I decided to scan my old print copy and share it here. I didn't want to dismember the book, so the scans have some minor blurring along the binding, and I apologize in advance for that.

It's about a hundred pages. Let's get started!
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>> No. 111985
Something we can all be grateful for.
>> No. 111986
Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.
>> No. 112003
That was actually a good story as all the characters acted as you'd expect them to act.

Pity that Zuko and Iroh looked like their movie counterparts, rather than the characters in the cartoon.

File 136769533231.png - (394.81KB , 712x478 , tumblr_m9aggxIezZ1ryu5sco1_1280.png )
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Well there isn't one so.. 

Basic idea: Azula is born Sokka's sister and Katara is Zuko's. 

>Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/8rhSbtpQ 
>First Episode:http://pastebin.com/Z24zxKEk 
>Second Episode: http://pastebin.com/54cRFcHF 
>Art: http://articorse.imgur.com/ 
>Forum: http://azaraandayaproject.freeforums.net
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>> No. 111958

Not OP, but I was on /co/ when the threads for this were around, the story would play out pretty much the same with Water Azula being Aang's main love interest and Fire Katara playing the role of the antagonist in Azula's place. Guess the idea was that the character's spirits were switched and born to the other's parents.

If I remember correctly:

Fire!Katara is a friendly yet passive aggressive cunt with white man's burden. She sincerely believes the Fire Nation is spreading its glorious civilization throughout the world and wants to convince everyone the FN is doing something good. Meanwhile, Water!Azula bugs Aang with her "can't trust anybody" and "survival of the fittest" logic.
>> No. 111963
I agree that this fanfic concept sounds rather lame.
>> No. 111965

gotta admire the effort though. kudos for that.

File 134228067325.jpg - (103.26KB , 700x800 , korradvice.jpg )
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Let's see what you got.
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>> No. 111734
File 136686958943.jpg - (55.05KB , 500x500 , Jinora's_advice.jpg )
>> No. 111736
Hey all right somebody liked my Jinora advicedog meme
>> No. 111758
If that story is anything to go by, Fire Nation has awesome stories. Shame we don't know more.

File 13243349171.png - (1.07MB , 900x931 , Zutara__So_Close__Yet_So_Far_by_GreenifyME.png )
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Alirght, I know it may seem to be a foolish endevor, but let's see if we can have a Zutara thread sans the rage and lunacy. I also know it's non-canon, but well known.
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>> No. 111732
File 136684242592.png - (311.04KB , 516x352 , bobsapp.png )
You know, in retrospect... not even the canon relationships were that strong.

Sure, we talk about Zutarans seeing stuff in the cartoon that wasn't there. And the Idiot's guide to Zutara stuff was painful. But, you know what? I rewatched Avatar, and I didn't see Katara interested in Aang beyond being a friend and caring about his safety and her goals in all of Season 1 either. Sure, she protected him, and got jealous, but fuck, she wanted to get in Haru and Jet's pants mostly. She only start considering Aang as possibly a partner outright after Aunt Wu's stuff. And it's Cave of Two Lovers she even shows that affection stretching out slightly. Yeah, evenutally it's there, but it only starts showing up slightly, then takes a backseat in Season 3, is all but gone by the second half of the last season, all but said it's not there in the last few episodes, and then 'oh you saved the world, let's smooch'.

If Zutara had been made in that regard at the end, I wouldn't have cared in retrospect. Neither pairing was set up well. Zutara had the tsundere stuff in it that could have built from their interactions in Season 3, but Kataang was not that stronger. Hell, Sokki/Suka/whatever wasn't that strong either. 'Hey, it's that girl that smooched you in episode 4 of the first season, NOW SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND! YAY!' Mai was bland and all sorts of bipolar about Zuko. Only Sokka and Yue felt strong, and they killed her off.

The romance was never good, in anyone's case, and yeah Kataang was canon, but I look at shit like >>111718 and all I think is: 'It doesn't sound any less dumb than the show I just rewatched.'

Hell, we're only noticing the relationships are shit now because it was all Korra wanted to talk about. And don't give me that 'one season to work with'. This is basic level perspective of 'am I making my main heroine out to be a gigantic cuntzilla? 'cause I don't want that, right?'
>> No. 111733
File 136686008147.png - (523.34KB , 718x480 , Kataango.png )
If the relationships in ATLA didn't feel very strong to you, it's probably because romance was not the main focus of the series. Magic kung-fu action and friends saving the world was. Romance existed, but it didn't take center stage.

I find it curious that you think Sokka/Yue was so strong, when that was the relationship that developed (and ended) the fastest. And I have nothing against the pairing, I thought it was cute, but when you break it down, it was really one of those drama-rama, starcrossed-lovers who can't be together because of other people and DESTINY kind of romances. Sokka sees a pretty girl and is smitten, a mutual liking begins to form, then DRAMA occurs because she's already engaged and is torn between the whole duty-to-my-people-vs-following-my-heart situation, then she ends up giving her life to save the moon. All this happens within a few days.

With Kataang, yes, it may have seemed like Katara didn't have feelings for Aang beyond friendship, and it may have been that way at first, but it was a friendship that grew into love over time. Essentially what >>111718 was trying (and failing) to do. And if you never noticed the gradual changes in their relationship, well... what can I say? Unlike the canon Zutards, I'm not going to write an essay full of screencaps of scenes for PROOF, but it was there.

>[Katara] wanted to get in Haru and Jet's pants mostly

Jet, yes. Until she discovered his crazy terrorist side. Haru, hahaha, NO. But that was presented as something of a joke in the series by Toph later on.

Anyway, as for Sokka/Suki, by the end of the episode in which she first made her appearance, there was a bond between them. That relationship and bond was strengthened when they met up again in "The Serpent's Pass". So by the time he rescued her from the Boiling Rock and she joined
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111737
>That Sokka sentence is him catching on to Aang's crush and going 'sure I'm fine with it' before they really got to know Zuko.

My mistake, I completely misread that. But I still don't think Sokka would react that way with Aang either.

And I agree that it's better to have it grow from a just friendship into a relationship, but I can't see how this can be done earlier on in the series without drastically altering everything just for the sake of a pairing some people think is hot. I think the only chance canon Zutara would've had, without changing the events of the story too much, is if Katara really did think of Aang as just a friend or little brother and never changed her mind about it, Zuko and Mai never hooked up, and the show got a fourth season.

File 132953315867.jpg - (111.87KB , 750x600 , manly.jpg )
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Old Thread >>91283
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>> No. 110579
File 135355098248.png - (179.62KB , 500x581 , Bat Asami.png )
>> No. 110607
File 135381511611.jpg - (164.18KB , 914x694 , appa_loves_catbus_by_jsheaisaninja.jpg )
>> No. 111724
File 136678012748.jpg - (161.57KB , 900x1242 , Mulan_x_Korra_by_dariaxmorgendorffer.jpg )
Last night I had a weird dream that Mushu was Korra's sidekick. But she had a lot less tolerance for his antics and threatened to duct tape his mouth shut at one point. Anyway, it made me start looking for Korra/Mulan crossovers and I found these.



File 136446130729.png - (76.70KB , 568x401 , Korra air date.png )
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Janet Varney said on her twitter that Korra should be premiere next month, though they still might change it.

Personally I'm looking forward to it, and I think that they should have been able to work out any problems that happened with the production of the last season.

Even though I'm sure that some people here will say it's the worst thing ever even if it does improve. *sigh*
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>> No. 111702

Well, can't argue with a random guy on IRC, can we?
>> No. 111715
So given that April is mostly over, I guess it isn't happening. Any more news about this?
>> No. 111717
> Any more news about this?

No, nothing official. But given that both the Blu-Ray/DVD release and the SDCC are in July, I'd figure post-July release. When in Q3 or Q4 of 2013 I couldn't say.

File 134642907047.gif - (1.94MB , 340x200 , Dino judo.gif )
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If in Avatar some of the first benders were animals does that mean kung-fu was made by dinosaurs?
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>> No. 109958
it was all about Vertigo, motherfuckers
>> No. 110009
File 134725486043.jpg - (30.71KB , 432x520 , Gon.jpg )
the first Kyoshi Warrior?
>> No. 111716
>It's clearly a firebreathing dinosaur.

Now I can never unsee this.

File 13645231624.jpg - (140.72KB , 600x889 , the legend of korra.jpg )
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I maybe mistaking this film for another one, but I remember sometime ago on /r/TheLastAirbender that people were talking about this film and saying that this could have been what the movie "The Last Airbender" was like if Shyamalan didn't suck.

Looking at the trailer it seemed like The Legend of Korra. Has anyone here on /a/ seen this movie and if so, is it worth the time watching for a fan of ATLA and TLOK?
>> No. 111463
I remember coming across the trailer for this last year and going "yeah, this what The Last Airbender should have looked like".

Tai Chi 0 Official US Trailer …youtube thumb

I postulated at the time that since the Chinese box office is getting pretty damn HUEG right now (second largest in the world after Hollywood since last year and growing fast), Avatar might be a lucrative property for Paramount to offer as a Chinese co-production, since it would appeal to both markets and co-productions get profit-sharing benefits. Not likely after Shyamalan's epic-grade clusterfuck, but a man can dream.
>> No. 111470
I've seen this movie. It's not as Avatar-like as it looks from the trailer. Some of that footage is actually from the sequel (which I haven't seen yet). The style of the movie is completely off the walls (like an asian kung-fu version of Scott Pilgrim) but the choreography is still miles better than anything in M. Night's movie.
>> No. 111483
>an asian kung-fu version of Scott Pilgrim

File 134064912160.jpg - (110.44KB , 600x878 , 1340634179.jpg )
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EXCLUSIVE: Yang Continues "Avatar: The Last Airbender" in "The Search"

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>> No. 111385
File 136393305617.gif - (2.58MB , 200x150 , 1360051142643.gif )
>Zuki getting bandied about in this thread

Still a better ship than Zutara!
>> No. 111386

Of course it is cause Zuki will be canon
>> No. 111478
i really like the theory that the spirit wolf helped Ikem into seeing Ursa again, and in that fateful reunion, Azula was concieved

basing on that, maybe what Ozai said was '"impossible" is that Azula was the one Ursa was referring to in the letter.

but why would Ozai still keep Azula if that were the case?

maybe because he doesn't want to be known as the unfortunate, dishonored cuckolded Prince of the Fire Nation, especially by his father, who painstakingly hunted down Roku's descendants for him to mate with. and besides, he already has his firstborn son, so his succession requirements is clear enough (i am aware that in the time period of Ozai finding out about the letter, Zuko and Azula were still too young to display their firebending talents)

and once Azula grew to be the prodigy that she is, Ozai excused her being a 'bastard' and adopted her as his own because her firebending prowess would bring glory and honor to his name; not to mention evidence to Azulon that his eugenics experiment worked, AND to ensure a loyal and powerful weapon to use against his enemies. brilliant!

But if he adopted Azula as his own, wouldn't he be concerned that he is breaking his family's dynasty? that's where my theory goes; Ozai doesn't really love Azula; he sees her as a weapon, and only adopted and tolerated her bastardity because of that. once all his enemies are vanquished, and his path to victory already clear, he would off Azula, like some disposable spoon and fork, and have new kids with another woman.

why not Zuko? well, he did try to kill Zuko in Day of Black Sun, and even though Zuko is his true heir, Zuko sucks so bad and is probably a reminder of his suck-ish genes. he strikes me as someone who would try his luck again with another kid and hopefully that kid won't suck as much as Zuko.

but why would the letter say "our son" instead of "our daughter" if this theory is true? simple forgery my friend. the rest of the message were the original written by Ursa, except for the phrase "our son", "his" , and "Zuko". my theo
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 136362167570.jpg - (237.48KB , 806x1000 , 1352005503107.jpg )
111250 No. 111250 hide quickreply [Reply]
So what the hell had happened to the site?
>> No. 111251
You wouldn't stop touching yourself and god got angry.
>> No. 111371
The franchise has fallen in quality, not as many people enjoy talking about it
>> No. 111403
Specifically, Anonex (our site admin) was out of town for the month and during that time, some server-side mod accidentally banned all traffic to the site.

File 133981274362.png - (184.88KB , 701x429 , omnomnom.png )
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I figured a pic of Korra chowing down to restore her health was fitting for the OP for this one. Korra looks so cute when she eats :3

Our bodies aren't ready/not prepared/hold on to our butts/this one's gonna be a doozy/etc.

And I have a feeling AsamixMako will die a quiet death. Please just let Asami be happy Brychael!
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>> No. 105329
By walking up the side of a skyscraper with the tools on you
>> No. 105387
or, you know, just rappelling down the side on a steel cable
>> No. 105693

>#1: Korra and team cozy up with Gommu (Sparky Sparky Bush Man)

I think you mean Sparkly Sparkly Bush Man.

I'd have more to say about the awesomeness of this episode in general, but these threads max out too damn fast now, especially since I'm usually late to join in.

File 129889122032.png - (703.57KB , 894x894 , Kataang_by_koalakitty23.png )
90090 No. 90090 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
old one past bump limit
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>> No. 111167
File 136064746813.jpg - (174.24KB , 800x920 , tumblr_mi2x5pL2IT1rrsgdso1_r12_1280.jpg )
>Aang never got to show his airbender grandkids the marble trick

;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;

>> No. 111168

There's a surprising number of rebloggers commentating that they don't understand the picture because clearly the grandkids weren't canonically born until after Aang's death.


^ And that's just three of 'em!
>> No. 111223
File 136113531569.jpg - (270.42KB , 900x732 , tumblr_mid69qipCw1rrsgdso2_1280.jpg )
oh my god


File 129351477868.jpg - (567.44KB , 1024x724 , Wolfbatman_vs__Joker_Azula_by_Wolfbatman.jpg )
88999 No. 88999 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I think we should have a Wolfbatman thread.
182 posts and 104 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111171
File 136081970035.jpg - (343.96KB , 1920x1080 , 2088.jpg )
So does this mean that at some point, Lin was Wolfbatgirl?
>> No. 111172
Yes. Yes it does.
>> No. 111189
File 136096433944.jpg - (257.62KB , 1920x1080 , 1028.jpg )
I kind of want a picture of middle-aged Sokka as Wolfbatman. I bet he filled out the suit pretty nicely by that point.

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