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File 138006464312.png - (754.59KB , 838x940 , totally not a villain.png )
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So... they're doing this on purpose, right? The similarities, I mean.
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>> No. 114529
Yea she got lucky grabbing an official that spilled all the beans in one go, and actually believed him over her uncle and having Varrick the voice of reason call him a fraud from the start.
>> No. 114538
She isn't.
The main difference between them is that Palaptine had much more time to manipulate his Korra.
>> No. 114539
Palpatine was more subtle too.

File 137931277248.png - (135.43KB , 444x250 , korra meditating.png )
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What would it be like when Korra becomes a fully realized Avatar and matures passed her aggressive pre-conventional morality?

I am still adjusting to an older more wiser Aang when I continue to think of him as that goofy little 12 year old who was forced to mature quickly due to the world being endangered by a war tyrant.

Yet this flashback alone has still managed to give me goosebumps like the original series did during big Aang moments.

I'd imagine it'll feel the same way for Korra when she's a woman instead of just a young girl.
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>> No. 114389
Why does this song's lyrics appear to fit Korra's core personality?

>> No. 114397
Well her uncle cutting her Vader path off the pass by arresting her parents on trumped up charges. I do see a possibility of her building the Avatar as more the head of a unified bending group if we go down a road where she decides its best not to align herself with any nation.
>> No. 114468
What could they do for the next Avatar's personality when Korra expresses one that an earthbender or firebender might have?

File 137913291098.jpg - (40.68KB , 962x542 , Clipboard01.jpg )
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The Rebel Spirit / The Southern Lights has finally, FINALLY arrived!

What did you think?


Pic related, it's the cloudbabies and their proud mama.
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>> No. 114448

I think they were based on MesoAmerica, but did have some actual Indonesian reference thrown in. Something about the Sun Warrior chief's headpiece was at least similar to some early SE Asian headwear.
>> No. 114449
File 13802358597.jpg - (125.76KB , 796x1000 , russel-jane-03-g.jpg )
Ginger may be based on the actress Jane Russell.
>> No. 114461
That's not exactly fair. First because an adaptation can take a work in a different direction, especially with movies where the screenwriter, director, producer and even actors all have influence, and second just because a work is ABOUT one thing doesn't mean you can't look at it from other perspectives. V for Vendetta can be about thatcher and still have things to say about bush.
So pretty much a lot of stuff in avatar isn't direct rips of earth cultures, and has influence from places other than just the most obvious one.

File 134316965686.jpg - (176.48KB , 900x1260 , the_avatar_state_by_sukieblackmore-d50bjn2.jpg )
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old thread >>104204

Didn't notice it went beyond the bump limit :|
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>> No. 114225

I'm more than certain it's supposed to be a "ripping off a band-aid" joke, it's line per line the common phrase. I guess they figured Republic City doesn't have them yet? Odd, since some cursory research shows they show up around 1921, and got popular a few years later when the showed up pre-cut and pre-sterilized.

Also leeches are ground up and eaten in traditional Chinese medicine, I'm not sure how often they'd be used live.
>> No. 114226
Oh, shush. Let them delude themselves into thinking that Mako was a genuinely shitty and bastardly person if it makes them feel better. God knows it wouldn't be the first time that this fandom's preferred to moan about the symptoms of a problem, rather than the problem itself.
>> No. 117075

File 137957510782.jpg - (33.36KB , 600x338 , Untitled-1.jpg )
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President Raiko is just Tarrlok after some extreme plastic surgery. That hot little number next to him is Noatok.
>> No. 114095
File 137963864092.png - (115.63KB , 333x250 , Sato_family.png )
I also think Tahno is Hiroshi's illegitimate son, but I don’t go around making threads about it.
>> No. 114105
File 137970076366.png - (590.01KB , 1024x768 , bloodbending_brothers_17_years_ago_by_freestarisis.png )
>Can someone please explain to me what the fuck Amon's motive was? I didn't get it at all.

You still haven't figured it out, eh?
After we ran away from home, Noatok and I became grifters, playing elaborate cons on gulible idiots.
We became really good at it. So good that we got ambitious.
We wanted to dupe Republic city, dupe the Avatar and dupe all four nations at once. The works.

It was a long and tedious process. I worked my way up the political ladder, while Noatok took on the new personality as a radical insurgeonist in Republic City.
When we both had amassed enough power and influence, we brought our two camps in conflict with each other and caused a state of emergency.
Played them like Tsungi horns, we did. Now comes the Clou:
During the time of the Equalist Uprising the Republic City treassury, the biggest in the world, remained unguarded. That's the funny thing about radicals, they don't really care about money. So we had some associated firebenders, disguise themselves as Chi Blockers, melt all the gold in there down and funnel it out of the city, behind Republic Forces lines.

The only liability was of course the Avatar, who could easily find out about our family history and deduce the connection. Truth be told, I panicked when she told me I was no better than Amon, since she was dangerously close to the truth. But seeing as how she was a little moron, I could make an advantage out of that.
Every great lie contains a bit of truth after all. So I dished her up some sob-story about dear old papa, which went well with the murder-suicide we later staged to tie up all the loose ends.
And the rest is history, at least the parts we didn't make up.
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>> No. 114593
Tahno looks more like he's related to her mum though.

File 134052670530.jpg - (48.32KB , 400x686 , necromancer.jpg )
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Necromancers/ Necrobenders. Just to start it off.

Pic not really related.
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>> No. 112942

I'm sorry that horribly mangled, twisted limbs and bodies accompanied by the most disgusting, creepy squelching sounds ever heard on a Y7 show wasn't hardcore enough for you.
>> No. 112944
No, the real villain will be angels, since it's called "Spirits". Then Bayonetta will come in and kill everyone, including the Avatar.
>> No. 114003
File 137930146831.jpg - (464.92KB , 1095x921 , tesla__s_death_ray_by_keithwormwood-d4u6rtp.jpg )
Once a spiritually talented young man, Autumn achieved a state of mind that allowed him to enter the Spirit World...and wasn't impressed by what he saw. Over the years, he'd see how the spirits would 'punish' mankind for acts of 'defilement' that he saw as trivial and petty. Realizing that society would always be bullied by spirits that were equally if not more brutal and petty than the people they oppressed as long as they held such power, he sought to find a way to fight them.

Years of study and experimentation yielded the discovery that Spirits are not composed of true, physical matter, but an entropic phenomena of bundled energy. After further research, he invented a device that produces a beam/signal capable of disrupting that energy (think the Proton Packs from Ghostbusters). Being hit by the beam causes the Spirit intense amounts of agony and copious exposure to it will cause permanent 'dispersal' (Autumn does not regard Spirits as being 'alive'). With several successful test runs, he's trying to sell the technology to the desperate Asami Sato so as to mass produce the weapon for "the preservation of human civilization and the protection of scientific progress." He doesn't know what would happen if you hit the Avatar, a veritable gumbo of thousands of 'spirits', with his device, but he's curious to see what would happen. For science, you understand.

File 137819735246.jpg - (504.36KB , 1920x1080 , 0024.jpg )
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Back in season one of Korra, the theme of the show seemed to be very much about social and political issues, such as prejudice, abuses of power, how harsh government leads to harsh rebellion etc.

Season Two, from what we've been gleaned so far, seems to be of a similiar theme going on in the background, beyond even the invasion of spirits/Korra's journey to the Spirit World. That is to say, the appearance and intervention of Korra's uncle, who wants to instill North Water Tribe religion and values into the people of the South.

Considering what we've seen of him and his backstory (claims that the SWT has lost its spiritual way, replaced his brother in the line of succession due to him not being concerned with spiritual matters) it seems that the intention is to have him portrayed as a more conservative character than what we've seen thus far. Whether he seems as overtly villainous as some of his actiosn have suggested is something we'll have to wait and see.

Might this mean that, just like the previous season dealt with things on the social/political side of things, Season Two will deal with ideas of religious fundementalism and cultural posturing? Possibly.

Korra's Uncle seems to be leveling up to be the antiIroh though, in being a spiritually inclined guy who appears to be kind of uptight, and uses his insight to boss people around instead of helping them.
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>> No. 113805
Space sword.
>> No. 113812
With a weapon, and talented wielder. The Avatarverse is probably filled with myths about plucky mortals killing troublesome spirits, much like our own world is filled with tales of people slaying monsters.
>> No. 113878
File 137911780169.gif - (618.91KB , 500x330 , tumblr_mgxbq45vrV1rhq1hfo1_500.gif )
*Watches first two episodes*

Called it!

File 133712826226.png - (354.64KB , 613x1105 , OBJECTION_by_Yukina-chun.png )
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Reviving this in the interest of preventing excessive thread derailments. This applies mostly to ATLA, but LoK debates are welcome too if you feel they don't fit in any of the other threads.

Got a problem with the way something was handled in the series? Are there things that just bug you? Debate, discuss, or vent your frustrations here, just try to keep it civil.
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>> No. 113542
Eat shit you fucking child-minded retard son of a bitch.

>> No. 113544
I cannot wait until summertime is over and children like you are back in school.
>> No. 113802
Now why would they want to make everything like the Star Wars prequels when they made fun of them on the DVD commentary for an episode?

File 137412785318.jpg - (23.55KB , 600x400 , i am iron toph.jpg )
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In Avatar: The Last Airbender, when the Gaang is on the Fire Nation airship and Toph has the crowning moment of awesome that is her solo takedown of a roomful of FN soldiers by metalbending the door into an armored suit, a few things hit me about that only recently...

Metalbending is literally something she just invented only a short while earlier, yet she's mastered it so thoroughly and quickly that she can do it CONSTANTLY, every single second, in the middle of a fight (as otherwise the armor would be an immobile statue) without a loss of concentration or losing her ability to bend other stuff beyond the armor (like how she pinned soldiers to the walls by wrapping them in broken pipes and such), foreshadowing how she would (as the comic later showed) become literally the greatest Earthbender in the world.

The Fire Nation soldiers futilely throwing fire at her, despite the armor shrugging off the flames... they were panicking because they had no idea how to fight her. Metalbending was considered a wild theory at best, and even then it'd be a theory that was likely something common folks like the soldiers had never heard of before. So when a metalbender shows up, they freak out, doing the only thing they knew how to do.

The armor itself is interesting, too... Normally, being stuck in a metal suit while facing guys who throw fire would simply lead to hot metal and painful burning of the person inside as the metal absorbs and retains the heat. But this is metal from a Fire Nation ship. It stands to reason that such metal would be strongly heat-resistant, lest a stray blast of fire cause the wrong piece of metalwork to overheat and cause damage.

So really, everything about that fight was perfect in guaranteeing victory- it was just the right person using just the right strategy and just the right equipment against just the right opponents.
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>> No. 113738
training a lot over a short time is just as good if not better than training occasionally over a long time.
>> No. 113739
I don't know--the way Toph described her metal bending when she first worked it out as actually bending bits of rock inside the metal made me think it must be steel she was bending, or at least some sort of alloyed metal, rather than pure iron. And we saw in Korra that even accomplished metalbenders can't bend pure metal, like that Platinum thing.
>> No. 113746
Your word choice confuses me here, but if you're suggesting that cramming a lot of practice into a short time period would ever be better than doing the same amount of practice frequently but over a longer time period, you're wrong on that one. As far as internalizing and retaining knowledge and/or skills go, repetition/frequency is far more effective than intensity. That's why you speak your native language better than you do foreign languages you study later in school even though almost no one has studied their native language as intensely as they've studied foreign ones.

It's a moot point in the case of Bumi/Toph though--Bumi may not practice every second he's awake the way Toph does, but given that he's been doing heavy-duty bending for like ten times as long as she has been bending, the fact that he gets less practice on a day to day basis is irrelevant. They've both had plenty of time to internalize a lot of Earthbending skill.

I suspect that if it were down to 112 year old Toph versus 112 year old Bumi (or whatever their exact ages were), there'd be no contest though. Toph would win that one for sure.

File 135007503785.png - (176.88KB , 500x667 , Honora.png )
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I know it's old news, but not everyone knows who the new writers are, so I made a list of all the episodes each of them wrote in the original show for reference. How much of an impact do you think they'll have on season 2's episodes?

Tim Hedrick
s1e16 The Deserter
s2e1 The Avatar State (with Aaron Ehasz, Elizabeth Welch Ehasz, and John O'Bryan)
s2e4 The Swamp
s2e11 The Desert
s2e14 City of Walls and Secrets
s2e17 Lake Laogai
s3e4 Sokka's Master
s3e8 The Puppetmaster
s3e12 The Western Air Temple (with Elizabeth Welch Ehasz)
s3e17 The Ember Island Players (with Josh Hamilton and John O'Bryan)

Josh Hamilton
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 113643
Okay, well. That's not terribly surprising - there's a lot of vitriol centered on him, for various reasons. Your friends' jeers are just a few more on the pile.
>> No. 113742
OP here. I'm glad this was bumped. Since season 2 is almost out maybe we can talk more about the writing in this thread as the show airs.
>> No. 113743
He's probably used to forums/communities with censorship rules, and censoring out swear words is a habit for him.

File 128569744893.jpg - (174.67KB , 900x652 , maiko___peacefull_by_gadani13-d2zfl2j.jpg )
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>> No. 113373
I can still hope, damn it. I just want to annoy Sokka's more annoying fans.

That said, Ty Luko is the far more amusing alternative. That'd mess with everyone.
>> No. 113374
Spite-based shipping is ugly
>> No. 113378
Maybe, but it doesn't lessen the sense of amusement I get from it. Pushing for a certain ship to be "end-game" with that reason is pretty silly, though.

File 135034593460.jpg - (9.65KB , 287x219 , princezuko.jpg )
110291 No. 110291 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
When do they learn Zuko's name?
26 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110408
I don't know why it should surprise you. When you make a claim, you should at least try to explain it and give examples. I'm curious behind your reasoning, so I'm pointing out the parts of it I don't understand in the hope you'll clarify for me.
>> No. 110479
He doesn't though. He's competent but he's hardly a lame hax figure that knows everything.
>> No. 113364
File 137582015395.jpg - (112.91KB , 500x500 , vishnya-500x500.jpg )
About Zuko people knows and in USSR!

File 137420185715.jpg - (55.00KB , 660x371 , LegendofKorra_Wan_SteveYeun-660x371.jpg )
113068 No. 113068 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
"Wan" is the first Avatar.
Is this some kind of bad pun with his name sounding similar to "One"?

I'm wondering if revealing how everything started is a good idea or they should have left it a secret as it happened 10000 year ago?
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>> No. 113335
He is obviously a non-bender who got imbued with the Avatar spirit.

Suck on that Equalists.
>> No. 113340
You see a younger Han firebending in the trailer so I don't think that's likely.
>> No. 113348
File 137559497868.png - (586.29KB , 720x480 , Hahn.png )
He came back as a firebender?!

File 137442216932.png - (59.33KB , 894x662 , co will kill for korra.png )
113182 No. 113182 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Leaks. Quality is super shit, like super duper camrip shit. Watch if you dare.

rebel spirityoutube thumb

Part 1

Part 2
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>> No. 113261
less social inequality and more like in general, the council just isn't a good idea in korra's time. during aang's time when republic city was first being built and being advertised as this place where all of the nations could mix, you would have some trouble getting all those people getting to live side by side peacefully. a lot of them would also still be heavy on the traditions and culture of their homelands, hence the representatives being from different countries would be able to better understand their needs.

in korra's time, you still do have people coming in from the other nations (artbook confirms mako and bolin's parents actually immigrated to rc) but a majority of the population is mixed and don't have very strong ties to their ancestors' homelands. it would be like asami saying she's fire nation and should be treated as such, even though she's lived in rc her entire life and is more familiar with the culture found there (or for a more realistic comparison, a white american saying they're irish because of a drop of blood and then they go out and start wearing green and talking in a shitty irish accent when they actually have no fucking idea what irish culture is like). the council and the concept it was developed around just doesn't work anymore, so they either toss out the part about them being from the different nations and election people from the UR, but how would you go about determining that? and obviously they aren't going to do royalty, so the next thing to do is elect a president.

also, while i'd wager the guy is a non-bender i doubt the position is only allowed to them. that would be discrimination.
>> No. 113266
You have some good arguments, although

>(or for a more realistic comparison, a white american saying they're irish because of a drop of blood and then they go out and start wearing green and talking in a shitty irish accent when they actually have no fucking idea what irish culture is like)

this actually tends to happen in real life. Not saying they aren't stupid, just saying it does happen.
>> No. 113439
Plastic paddyness... Also you don't see as many obese food-centered people in Italy opposed to what Italian Americans want to make you believe.

File 137394022868.jpg - (123.86KB , 748x1069 , 133796183617.jpg )
113004 No. 113004 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

ASN: Like Aang’s story, do you see the untold tales of Korra finding their voice in graphic novels like the original series did through Dark Horse?

MD: It’s certainly a possibility, but there isn’t anything in the works right now. I like having the graphic novels as a way to explore some other storylines for the characters beyond TV. I think seeing a teenage Tenzin and Beifong would be fun.

> I think seeing a teenage Tenzin and Beifong would be fun.

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>> No. 113023
>> No. 113035
File 137413480288.jpg - (15.92KB , 458x478 , 135001717272.jpg )

At first I thought you were joking, but yeah, what >>113020 said. Besides, the show has already established that you don't need to lighten a character's skin to show that they're blushing.

Polite sage, and I'm not trying to start anything either, since we already have too many batshit SJWs screeching about "whitewashing" in fanart.
>> No. 113132
File 137427029290.jpg - (300.26KB , 1280x1198 , tumblr_mq7cua6dIN1rbotaoo1_1280.jpg )

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