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File 130186051665.png - (915.03KB , 852x1436 , Katara__A_Fire_Nation_Princess_by_ChibiAngel86.png )
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The old one seems to be autosaging.

One possible idea to run with is SWT!Azula being even less naturally Good With People than Sokka (let alone Aang). Crashing and burning as often as not whenever she doesn't go for overt intimidation/manipulation would affect SWT!Azula's dynamic both within and outside the Gaang. Meanwhile FN!Katara would not only be far more willing to use actual diplomacy but have a knack for it (which reshuffles the situation within Ozai's Angels).
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>> No. 110890
Some stuff I've written in an AU where Suki is the Avatar.

"I Am" http://blueflamequeen.livejournal.com/9291.html (Assorted drabbles with a pretty heavy Sukka leaning)

"Friendly Sparring" http://blueflamequeen.livejournal.com/9520.html (Hakoda gets to know Suki through sparring)
>> No. 111004

>Also known as Batsami Begins. In the aftermath of Amon's rebellion, Republic City is left in ruin. The question the Equalists posed was never answered, and now crime and war are surging. A new evil is rising, and the old protectors of Republic City cannot stop it. Now is the time for Asami Sato to take up the mantle of the Batwoman, and show this city that it's still worth saving.

Seven chapters so far, good stuff.
>> No. 111069
Re-endorsing because it's worth it

File 135519965477.jpg - (100.48KB , 986x823 , scripting-is-magic.jpg )
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>> No. 110850
This list rustles my jimmies. Not for Korra or MLP, but because it lacks some of the best shows of the year.
>> No. 110856
no Tron: Uprising?

>> No. 110857
Wait, no Motorcity?
Screw this list!

File 135454053687.png - (111.63KB , 333x250 , Toph.png )
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I still wish Nick would make action figures of the characters in their warrior uniforms, like this.
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>> No. 110735
Oh, shut up!
>> No. 110740
File 135462931531.jpg - (22.76KB , 205x332 , haylinhmm.jpg )
>mfw we'll never see avatar based figmas or figuarts
>> No. 110775
File 135505272816.jpg - (100.12KB , 600x600 , 1354861188089.jpg )
I'm still amazed Japanese kids shows can get busts (heh) like these but we cant even get crappy Mattel figures of the girls.

File 135382110811.jpg - (58.73KB , 640x535 , apollo-11-astronauts.jpg )
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OK, since in another thread it has been pointed out that this board has been essentially become little more than a 'bitching about Korra' repository, I suggest this; How would the space race be affected by bending abilities?

Now, I don't think fire or earth-bending would, in itself, be sufficient for leaving the atmoshphere, but once outside the atmosphere, I could easily see the bending crafts be used in a multiplicities of ways to not only maneuver the craft... Fire benders to produce power for the craft, especially lightning bending. Metal benders could actually manipulate the craft in orbit. Water benders could do the same as long as there was enough water on board to push about the ship, as well as helping to separate fresh water from urine and wash water (hey, on a space mission with limited resources, a bender/scientist gotta do what they gotta do).

I'm having trouble figuring out what an airbender could do? Granted, by the time the Avatar universe gets into space, there's still not gonna be a whole lotta airbenders, since I figure it'll happen (going by our timeline) within two or three generations after Korra's timeline. I don't mean two or three avatars after Korra's lifetime, just two or three generations after the timeline the current show takes place. Putting Korra in her seventies or eighties or so.
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>> No. 110685
>Metalbenders in charge of building space ships
>> No. 110695
>Metalbenders in charge of providing security for the people building space ships.

Fixed that for you.
>> No. 110758

But seriously,

File 135440777957.png - (133.33KB , 500x631 , Avatar WAT.png )
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Anyone who remembers the name of some Avatar-themed fanmade fighting game? i remember seeing the link here, does someone still have the game?

pic unrelated.

File 135071524914.png - (154.87KB , 493x371 , 134801676799.png )
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I believe season two has a lot of potential to fix the shortcomings of season one.
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>> No. 110576
He likely would have been, but that was probably one of the things Bryke cut when they realized that they didn't have enough time to include him in any depth. LoK was overstuffed as it was, though.
>> No. 110577
File 135352117011.jpg - (84.53KB , 800x600 , 1353517265184.jpg )
>the endless Korra bitching will forever be neverending
>> No. 110581
I disagree with your hyperbole but those are all valid criticisms of the show

File 135274062089.jpg - (205.38KB , 487x750 , tumblr_mdb6kz6g0F1r0c5dxo2_500.jpg )
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We should KickStart a fund for an ATLA comic by Rufftoon.
>> No. 110494
Can it be pornographic?
>> No. 110496
If it can’t, expect about $0 in donations.

File 135173868123.png - (327.16KB , 598x468 , 1326136691760.png )
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>Friends in New Orleans, the New Orleans Volunteer Orchestra is going to be performing 'Peace' from the ATLA soundtrack at their Nov 9th concert. Here is the event:

>> No. 110454
File 135177406151.jpg - (122.99KB , 640x480 , katarawesome.jpg )
>> No. 110477
is this going to be recorded?

because it totally should.
>> No. 110486

Here you go.

Peace - Avatar: The Last Airbender (NOVO)youtube thumb

File 135174404511.png - (452.34KB , 720x480 , ep48-112.png )
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I'll just leave these here.

"This is Halloween", Avatar style.

Avatar- This is Halloweenyoutube thumb
Avatar - This Is Halloweenyoutube thumb

"Kidnap the Avatar"

Kidnap The Avataryoutube thumb

"Zhao is the Boogieman!"

Zhao is the Boogie Man!youtube thumb
>> No. 110478
>> No. 111712
no u

File 134966569858.png - (97.63KB , 333x250 , Lightning_Bolt_Zolt.png )
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A question, guys.

Does Korra give this guy (and the other gang leaders) their bending back?

If she does, then they'll go right back to committing crimes and exploiting people. If she doesn't, then she's endorsing the actions of Amon. Given the large amount of equalists left over from the rebellion, I could see them reacting to this decision either way, and it could start the whole revolution up again.

Just wondering your opinions on this moral dilemma that (most likely) will never be covered in the show.
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>> No. 110289
Okay see, you're making it sound like the Wolfbats were a bunch of psychopaths.
>> No. 110331
Yes she should give it all back, and at the same time they should all be subjected to a fair trial in the established legal system of the city. That way, justice is served.
>> No. 110341
She could give them back to them with the reminder that what the avatar gives, the avatar can take away...

File 135053545236.png - (140.57KB , 425x456 , Iroh's tea.png )
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My Kung Fu teacher is also a tea enthusiast.
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>> No. 110315

Does he have any words of wisdom to share, have you picked up anything from him? Even just life styles in general.

Which teas are productive to what and what extent?
>> No. 110316
I know a vegetarian who shaves his head, and I set parking tickets on fire.
>> No. 110324
He does not make tea during classes. He oversees the learning process. If I get some extra time to talk to him, I might talk tea.

File 135001717272.jpg - (16.02KB , 458x480 , 1286325623192.jpg )
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Do the Avatar DVDs come with commentary for ever episode or is it only the finales?
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>> No. 110266
File 135001891258.png - (75.08KB , 234x299 , Screen shot 2012-08-13 at 7_45_20 AM.png )
Damn. I downloaded a 20GB season 1 DVD and it didn't have any of the special features on it, I wish there was an easy way to find out which episodes have commentary on them.
>> No. 110267
Buying them.
>> No. 110268
If I'm not mistaken, the european versions have no commentary at all.

File 134998079024.gif - (115.43KB , 275x240 , Toph-toph-31187336-275-240.gif )
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safereturnyoutube thumb
>> No. 110262

File 134989272291.png - (243.34KB , 360x472 , Zuko.png )
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Slow days uh?

Any idea when we should get some news?
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>> No. 110256
Experiment with what?
>> No. 110257
Everything it could? The show had ADHD.
>> No. 110259

I'd actually say that though the difference in faults between the two shows is greater, the overall problem when people discuss them is the same: An ignoring of positives. In this, both shows are treated are alike.

I should also say that just because I don't demonize Naruto means I think it hasn't outlived its credibility.

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