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File 13800258161.png - (118.90KB , 444x250 , 1379972999069.png )
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>The highly anticipated return of The Legend of Korra is off to a very soft start in its first two weeks back. Both episodes have scored series lows, with the hour-long return on September 13 scoring 2.600 million total viewers. This past Friday’s new episode was even lower – with 2.191 million.

>The series’ first book aired from April to June 2012 and scored between 4.548 million for its highest during the series premiere and 2.976 million at its lowest in early June. Book one aired on Saturday mornings at 11am, while book two has relocated to Friday nights at 7pm.

>Korra isn’t alone. Nick’s other series are struggling to reach decent ratings. Last week’s new Sam & Cat scored 2.331 million viewers and newer series The Haunted Hathaways dropped to 1.896 million. Even Sanjay and Craig returned from a break to 2.378 million viewers on September 14. Korra was the 7th most watched program for the week ending September 15 on Nick – behind six SpongeBob repeats. September 21 and 22 ratings haven’t been released yet, but with Nick’s Worldwide Day of Play on Saturday, they are sure to be down even more than normal.

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>> No. 116569
NickAndMore posted that 448 of the top 500 ratings for 2013 were Spongebob, so unless LoK made 51 or 52 on the top not Spongebob, not a single episode of LoK cracked Nick's top 500 slots of 2013.
>> No. 116570
The highest Korra ep. was the premier, with a 2.60. So I doubt it.

The fucking movie was more watched than Korra.
>> No. 116573
>people watch the Shyllama movie to see info on LoK
>these people don't tune into the actual show

Or maybe it was like, "Hey everyone, that really bad movie is on!"
"<insert name of movie here?>"
"No, Last Airbender"
"Oh we GOT to watch this!"

File 133833081695.png - (230.18KB , 641x352 , Screenshot_1.png )
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Gimme ur HIGH-larious youtube vids. I'LL START.

And the Jerkbender Of The Week…youtube thumb

Exceptional AMVs are also acceptable.
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>> No. 115965

Aw sheet, how do i inbed the video
>> No. 116293
Korra Book 2 finale + Pacific Rim trailer mashup

Pacific Rim/The Legend of Korr…youtube thumb
>> No. 116545
Legend of Korra Book 2 AMV - Skyfallyoutube thumb

Korra AMVs are few and far between these days. This was a nice one based on Book 2.

File 138159912412.png - (232.45KB , 653x397 , Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 10_29_54 AM.png )
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Now that the final Pierrot-animated episode of Korra has come to pass, let's have a moment of silence for the studio that gave us all this breathtakingly-drawn quality.
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>> No. 116087
And seriously, Studio Pierrot sank to new lows this season.
>> No. 116090
hence Mir coming back after seeing what was being done and claimed season three onward as theirs.
>> No. 116531
File 138774265911.jpg - (685.80KB , 1920x1080 , 1046.jpg )

File 13862201577.jpg - (725.79KB , 1000x800 , 122768876453.jpg )
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You know, the recent interest in Gaang Jr got me thinking. How many other Avatar fan-projects worth of note are there out there?

I know the most famous (or infamous) ones like HIBY, DoD, rufftoon's "Water Tribe Zhao", /co/'s Doomzula and "Lone Mai and cub", the artrix's "Inspector Iroh",and our own long dead Mechaverse, Moezula and the westernized Avatar. And of course, Wolfbatman.
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>> No. 116430
I always thought The Artrix was female. I'll check out the fic though, it sounds interesting.
>> No. 116440
Man, I thought His Dream of Skyland was brilliant.
>> No. 116443
File 138645089065.jpg - (489.69KB , 1228x1712 , His_Dream_of_Skyland_by_RasputinNought.jpg )
It's been something I've been meaning to get back to for oooooh...about five years now. I wanted to at least get to Toph's and Jet's introductions before giving up the ghost, but for the most part I've gone pretty comprehensively cold turkey on the whole fanfiction thang.

I mean if anyone else fancies re-setting Avatar as an Indy-esque action-adventure in the Second Sino-Japanese War, by all means steal as much material as you like. Whenever I'm bored I like thinking about setting a Korra sequel fic in Hong Kong and making it a long series of John Woo pastiches...

File 137013441459.png - (566.58KB , 750x419 , Untitled.png )
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Doug Walker (AKA The Nostalgia Critic) has decided to review Syamalan's masterpiece, but he wants to come at it knowing about the source material, so he's going to be watching the entire series, one episode per night, and posing his reactions and thoughts in video form. As a big fan of his work (less so since his comeback) and of his reviews, I'm super excited and can't wait to see his thoughts.


Who will be watching with me?
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>> No. 116383


On his face.
>> No. 116384
>"And our hero refused to listen to the sound logic presented to her by a loved one and insisted that her initial assumption was correct and anyone who says otherwise was against her"
Also known as "Acting like a teenager."
>> No. 116426
You're right, it's a derail. I got distracted since that question said "some people".

File 13413972543.png - (101.87KB , 422x267 , bobo.png )
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Bolin appreciation thread.

General fanworks starring Bolin, inappropriate sexualization of a teenage boy, rage at Bobo getting booted out of the spotlight so his brother could take center stage, hopes for season 2 Bolin, etc.

I'd like to see him step up his earthbending next season for one. When he actually gets lines he's gold, but battle wise I think his grand accomplishment this season was knocking over a robot that Korra already disabled.
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>> No. 107564
File 134164436977.gif - (334.09KB , 500x281 , feared-symphony.gif )
Hey, is it me, or does Bolin get along really well with animals? I know that people want to see him metalbend, too, but I wonder if that trait will be expanded upon in the second season.
>> No. 107633
Same thing here brah.

Could work even better if Season 2 goes with a "ALL DIS PROGRESS IS PISSING OFF NATURE" plot (and i hope it doesn't).

Or... Bolin could join the Police and become the equivalent of a K-9 Handler.
>> No. 116392
File 138612410548.jpg - (24.12KB , 581x341 , savin'_the_day.jpg )
Even though the Nuktuk stuff was fun(ny) and they sort of threw him a bone when they had him save worst president ever President Raiko, I still don't think Bolin got very much character development in book 2. He's still sort of the Awkward Guy, and one of his few shining moments was when he helped the Krew fight off dark spirits in the finale. Here's hoping book 3 treats him better.

File 134248859029.gif - (283.20KB , 420x308 , tumblr_m6g2h66lSg1qb7vnmo1_500.gif )
108441 No. 108441 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Because I thought it was fun the first time. A hypothetical fighting game was the subject of the last one, so let's start the write-ups on the Korra expansion. Remember, this is purely just for fun, imagining how the characters and themes would translate into button-pushing logic.
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>> No. 109421
So there's this:


Time to reinstall Civ 5 so I can ensure the Fire Nation assumes its rightful place as supreme power in the Avatar world.
>> No. 116357
So...Vaatu is the Galactus type boss?
>> No. 116380
>Because I thought it was fun the first time.
Must have missed the first one
There was a thread on some months back /co/ which pretended a tag-team, ATLA beat 'em up existed, that was fun.
If I remember correctly Blue Spirit Zuko was the fighter for noob button mashers, Samurai Momo and Samurai Appa were console exclusives, Katara's off-screen healing abilities were broken and there was Ember Island Arena DLC which featured Actor skins for selected characters.

File 138499550296.png - (365.43KB , 765x407 , a new spiritural age.png )
116226 No. 116226 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Surely there has to be a lot of people who do not support the Avatar's decision to let the spirits come and go into the mortal world freely. Could this possibly lead to an anti-spirit group similar to that of the Equalists? How would Avatar Roku think knowing now that his spirit can crossover into the mortal world? (Unless his spirit is permanently bound to Korra's.) He is portrayed as an old fashioned segregationist in the comics and as far as I know those are considered canon.
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>> No. 116324
One of my biggest issues with season 2 though is that they hadn't really given any reason for the audience not to think the two are the same. They could've gotten something going on with Vaatu meaning unification of the spirit and human worlds, but too little too late and mostly tell rather than show. I wonder if they trimmed out most of the Republic City stuff down we might've gotten more time to see this play out.
>> No. 116326
>in the context, it isn't

Keep moving them goal posts. I bet you think that the amnesia subplot was genius, too.
>> No. 116332

I have no issues with it.

File 138246385644.jpg - (55.08KB , 720x480 , Jin.jpg )
115555 No. 115555 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
why so perfect /a/?
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>> No. 116319
File 138552644823.jpg - (328.58KB , 500x714 , whatdidhesay.jpg )
>> No. 116320
Meet someone who may or may not be Zuko's earth bastard in book 3.
>> No. 116321
>Meet someone who may or may not be Zuko's earth bastard in book 3.

Jesus, that'd be weird for me. One of the first fics I ever wrote had just that premise.


File 138396436563.png - (868.93KB , 1366x768 , 1383960146069.png )
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There wasn't a thread, so...
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>> No. 116203

I suggest you read the mod's posts about the shitposter. Don't be so ignorant.
>> No. 116204

If we're being fair, the person banned in this thread (>>116030) is actually a separate person than the one banned for the comments about writing training and went all "fuck it, ban me again." (who was also the guy who made these posts >>115978, >>115979, >>115981, before being banned for >>115983.)

If you ask me, >>115992 actually has a point, and a rotating cast might have served the story better, much as I enjoyed parts of the B-plot.

On the other hand, >>116030, >>116189, and >>116202 all have very similar IP addresses, so I'm kinda suspicious.
>> No. 116205
Yes, those last three posts are mine. I didn't want to cause a scene over the fact I was banned for saying the character writing in Legend of Korra was rather bad, which lead to my later comment as to it being why the main group in this show didn't have the solidarity you could see in that of the main group in the previous show.

I stand by my original statement, if pressed I would state that the original banning was unwarranted and caused by the mod being a little overeager with the ban-button in response to a less than positive comment because of the actions of the aforementioned person who goes around starting trouble for the sake of trouble, which to be fair I can understand.

File 138406860639.png - (125.52KB , 444x250 , Korra_energybends.png )
115889 No. 115889 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I didn't find any thread about this, so I'll start a new one.

>>115154 said bending is impossible in the spirit world. Every time Aang was in the spirit world, he could not bend. But that's because he was a spirit himself.

When Wan fights against Vaatu, you know the epic battle just before the harmonic convergence, he is bending the elements.

I think it's impossible to bend in the spirit world if you are visiting as a spirit. More precisely, I think it's impossible for spirits to bend elements. Maybe spirits can only bend energy (or spirits). That's why they can take control of humans' bodies. And they seem to do so easily because they've been spirits since a long time while humans are barely in touch with their spiritual selves being the flesh and bones beings they are. Hence, humans' spirits are easily bendable.

I don't recall a spirit bending any element. They can't bend elements because of what they are : spirits. As for humans, they bend elements to protect themselves from spirits who might bend their own spirit. That's also why they stayed closed to the lion turtles: for protection.

Sure, the lion turtle who met with Aang said: "In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements but the energy within ourselves." I'm not sure if he also meant the humans. He said it can be dangerous because you can become corrupted ; your own spirit must be unbendable. Which makes me believe only they, the lion turtles, bent the energy within themselves and within humans. The Avatar can bend the elements plus the energy since he's half human, half Raava.

spirits = come from spirit world, they only bend energy (or spirits easily bendable, such as human spirits)
humans = come from "material/physical" world, they only bend the elements
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 115905
Pity Avatar Wan didn't tell Aang than Lion Turtles can give and remove bending. Maybe it's more difficult to talk to Avatars from a long time ago.
>> No. 115909

To be fair, the lion turtle simply said it had never been done before. From the gist of it, it seems to be more of a taboo than sheer impossibility.
>> No. 115910
My thought exactly. That's why the priests put Korra in some spiritual water so she could go back to the beginning of the Avatar.

File 138094235690.jpg - (38.60KB , 350x231 , articles-history-of-long-fist.jpg )
114690 No. 114690 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
We were told that:
>Airbending is Ba Gua
>Waterbending is Tai Chi
>Earthbending is Hung Gar
>Firebending is Northern Shaolin

Which leave me confused. "Northern Shaolin" is a very generic term. That is a place, not a style. So, is Firebending Long Fist, or what?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114808
Can't teach the unteachable.
>> No. 115891
In this video, sifu Kisu calls it Nothern Shaolin Kung Fu:
Avatar creating the legend of …youtube thumb
>> No. 115892
So much edge...

I know. However, this article exists:

File 138379535393.jpg - (604.09KB , 789x737 , AirSpirits.jpg )
115805 No. 115805 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
TLoK's production order has Books 1 and 2 as, technically, being a part of the same first season. But what if this went beyond technicalities? What if "Book 1: Air" and "Book 2: Spirits" were merged together into a single Avatar book.

So in this thread, let's speculate on how you'd merge both books together to tell a single story. One that features Amon, Tarrlok, Hiroshi, Vaatu, Tonraq, Varrick... the pro-bending arc, the War of the Water Tribes, Bolin's movie career, the Equalist revolt, and the Harmonic Convergence.

ALL in one 20 episode season, like AtLA had.

How do you see "Book ∀1: Air Spirits" play out?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 115841
Both seasons make up 26 episodes and probably do not need to be changed much.

It'll just have a mid-season break inbetween.
>> No. 115861
Skip Air. Amon didn't really add anything, and there's enough of the Water Tribe sibling stuff happening in Spirits. Have everyone just meet in the opening episodes (Making Spirit about 20); Korra escapes the compound because she senses something otherworldly about this Civil War and goes to Republic City to get spiritual help from Tenzin to better ascertain the threat and learn airbending while she's there, Bolin and Mako are part of a pro-bending "tour" that entertains the troops, Asami is providing war machines to Republic City to maintain its neutrality after her father was assassinated, Lin's basically the same, etc. etc., then the Dark Spirits come in and its pretty much regular Season 2 from then on.
>> No. 115878
But but muh Metal Gear Lin

File 137991476611.jpg - (44.65KB , 967x541 , Korra_Smash.jpg )
114245 No. 114245 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Soon followed by the Feats of Strength! An Avatarus for the rest-of-us!

Our ever-growing chronicle of Avatar fans doing really shitty, outlandishly stupid or unreasonable things on the interbutt. Layeth the Smackdown!
255 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 115870

What's the facepalm about? Bumi's insecurities from being a nonbender in family of powerful benders is actually being addressed in the show - it's pretty much his key motivation.
>> No. 115871
They're saying it means Amon was justified in building a terrorist organization and using it to suppress and wipe out benders.
>> No. 115874

Is there more involving this tumblr user because all I see is them saying Amon had a point? That could mean about anything from "maybe nonbenders face disadvantages" to "all benders are scum that should be eradicated."

File 138336551315.jpg - (46.54KB , 871x487 , Furryfoot.jpg )
115714 No. 115714 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
With this episode, we big adieu to Studio Pierrot. They did a fine job for their last Korra gig IMO. They buckled down on the annoying quirks they tended to fall into in prior episodes.

Dat delicious Korra and Tenzin character development.
79 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 115803
File 138372630550.png - (368.80KB , 477x611 , Cap.png )
yea, still as awkward as the original post though
>> No. 115813
File 138392900054.png - (2.04MB , 1024x2304 , vaatu_s_plans_meme_by_seeker900-d6tfjhg.png )
Smithers, I'm beginning to think that Homer Simpson was not the brilliant tactician I thought he was.
>> No. 115814
I'd say the major problems with the current storyline is that the end of the world plot completely overshadows the Civil War and Republic City subplot, and there's too many character who don't add anything to the plot. As a result these subplots and extra characters come off as a waste of time because they have no bearing on the main plot.

This series could be fixed by:

1) Remove the Dark Spirit and have the main plot be Unalaq trying to maintain total control over the North and South Water tribes. This makes the Civil War the main plot and makes any subplots related to relevant to the overall story.

If there has to be a Dark Spirit then deal with it after the Civil War, not before it. In order to maintain the tension in a story the most powerful enemy should dealt with last because once they've been defeated everything else seems less important by comparison.

2) Have Asami agree to sell weapons to the Souther Water Tribe while Korra goes to gather allies. This attaches Asami to the main plot.

3) Have Varrick manipulate Bolin, try to gain control of Asami's company, and frame Mako. As Varrick will be hindering the supply of weapons to the Southern Water Tribe this makes him and everything he does relevant to the main plot.

4) Have Korra go the various nations looking for allies. It would be best if Tenzin accompanies her and uses his diplomatic skills to try and convince the various rulers. This makes Tenzin relevant to the plot.

5) Tenzin's family should come alone with Tenzin and Korra. While the children explore (revealing how the 4 nations have changed) Bumi and Kya can assist in various ways by using the contacts they make throughout their lives. This would make Bumi and Kya relevant to the plot, unlike in the current story where they're just there.
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