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Delgo is better than this movie.

Shyalaman makes a shitty movie, film at eleven.

I like how Shyamalan takes us for 5 year old mentally handicapped children.
So Aang (Sorry, Ong as the pronunciation goes) goes "I NEED TO GO TO THE NORTHERN AIR TEMPLE," and immediately hops on Appa to fly to there. It then takes us to a temple on really high ground.
Shyamalan doesn't even try to put in dialogue "THIS IS THE NORTHERN AIR TEMPLE"
instead, he puts in large captions at the bottom of the screen: NORTHERN AIR TEMPLE. This continues throughout the movie, which feels the need to put these captions to let us know whenever Ong, Katara and Sohkka travel through the Earth Kingdom whether they are in NORTHERN EARTH KINGOM or NORTH EASTERN EARTH KINGDOM.

Now we have a thread that doesn't break my notebook every time I try to post in it, time for a box office update!

Coming off a $69.3 million 5-day holiday opener, The Last Airbender made $5,385,151 on its first weekday Tuesday. It's slightly behind Toy Story 3, both dropping 53% from an inflated holiday Monday.

It's not exactly setting the box office alight (that's what Twilight's doing, it made over $10 million yesterday), and summer weekdays tend to have cushioned drops in any case, but it's doing nowhere near as terrible as it should be. Its total is now $74.7 million.

Chances of a sequel are going to hinge on overseas box office, but don't hold your breath, Airbender's international release schedule is the most dragged-out arbitrary exercise in nonsense I've ever seen for a summer blockbuster:

Doesn't look like we'll get a clear picture until September at the earliest. Hilariously, it doesn't look like it's getting released in China at all.

International market is going to eat that shite up.
Fantasy movies always do well. So do franchise films.
And when 90% of the market doesn't know what bad dialogue in english sounds like, I think we're seeing a sequel.

There's another bit, though. The majority, as much as 56%, of the money this movie made in it's opening were from 3D sales. The movie isn't as wildly popular as it sounds, it's just using a damn fine money-making scheme.

Do foreign theaters have fewer 3D theaters than the US does, and if so does that mean that international numbers will be reduced?

I think so too.
Question is, will Shyamalan be staying for the sequels? Does he have a contract for making the whole trilogy, or could they replace him and his "darker and richer" fail sequel?

Y'know what? Fuck racebending. The damage is done and shows no signs of being changed. What really needs fixing is the goddamn dancebending.

File: 127853962082.gif-(2.26MB, 300x171, troll.gif)

  The same questions were asked.


He was hired for the whole trilogy, with a combined budget and all sorts. A lot of costs in this film were downpayment for future instalments. But from the sound of things it does seem that making the next two films needs an explicit 'go' order from Paramount.


3D's always a weird bastard to gauge. From past experience it tends to reward legs (Coraline, Avatar, HTTYD) and punish frontloaders (Jonas Brothers, Clash of the Titans, Shrek 4), so next weekend's drop is likely to be steep. Then again, 3D penetration in overseas markets is pretty well developed. Cinemas here in the UK have rapidly adopted digital projection.

It's 'cheating', and ain't anywhere near as popular as it seems, but money's money no matter how it's misbegotten.

There's nothing official about the sequel, just Shyamalan spouting nonsense.


I must admit to being unsure what the official position is. Early word was that the entire trilogy was greenlit in one go, so Paramount will have to suffer a financial penalty to 'ungreenlight' them, but then we have Shyamalan waiting on tenterhooks for an official decision, which casts doubt on the 'trilogy contract' dealie.

You know, I'm going to have to fess up to this sooner or later...there is an impish little voice squeaking in the bowels of my mind that honestly hopes this awful, awful movie does do well to show Nick that the Avatar franchise has a reputable and lucrative market. I'm trying to shut the damn gremlin up, but it's getting difficult now that Airbender actually looks within a hair's breadth of pulling this off.

If there is to be a silver lining to all this, it's Nick greenlighting Legend of Korra to shore up Airbender's market share. Ironically, it might even improve the series' prospects if the movie's position continues to be this precarious and fragile, since it becomes Viacom's last great hope for associating the franchise with something decent. Compare to Transformers:Animated, independent in spirit to its summer blockbuster tie-in, where the movie's presence became so curbstompingly overwhelming that the cartoon was crushed under its imposing weight.

Admittedly, this is almost certainly wishful thinking...

And isn't that the saddest fucking thing? If this movie doesn't fail financially as badly as it did critically, the studios will order 2 more out of sheer greed.
The casting perpetuated Hollywood's racist preferences, the story was badly adapted, the actors were terrible and on a whole it did nothing but piss off the fanbase. Yet we could end up with two more of these steaming piles of shit because SOMEBODY has to make some fucking money. Never mind integrity or dignity or anything like that.
Also, sadly its looking more and more like's boycott didn't work. They did a commendable job at getting everything organised and getting mainstream media outlets to acknowledge the issue. But they couldn't reach Mr. Average McShitforbrains Moviegoer with his "Let's watch shit blowup derp!" mentality. People are stupid in large numbers and sometimes there's just nothing to be done for it.

There's a lot of redundant dialogue, isn't there? From Yue's "believing in our beliefs" to Katara's narration more or less saying "A hundred years ago everything was good until a hundred years ago when it stopped"

File: 127854595980.gif-(1.83MB, 300x171, shyamrock.gif)
Yeah, or "is there a spiritual place?" "there is a very spiritual place" -- I fail to understand just how these things would not have been caught if there had been any editing at all.

Oh, and enjoy this gif from othellia on capslock_atla.

That's not editing you're thinking of, that's just having a good ear for words. Which Shyamalan doesn't. The editing of this movie was one of the few things I liked about it, at least in terms of how long shots lasted and how they were framed. This is why I'm convinced Shyamalan is a great technical director but a lousy screenwriter.

Not to mention at one point Katara's narration went something like, "and then Ong took us to the northern air temple." And her first line of dialogue in the actual scene is, "What's your name?"

I also find it fucking absurd that they decided to follow this kid from the home they've known all their lives without knowing his name! The gang had no natural motivation beyond blindly following some semblance of the Avatar cartoon's plot; they didn't even decide they were going to the north pole until after the earth kingdom prison scene, if I remember right. It reminded me a bit of a D&D game where the player characters have no in-story connection to each other but inexplicably decide to hang out.

Too many jump cuts.
Too much slow motion.

The former is great for suspense but not this genre of story. The latter isn't good for anything, and only novice action directors use it because they think it's "cool."

Why even bother having slow motion if there's not something going on that you want the audience to get a good look at anyway?

File: 127854930833.jpg-(531.94KB, 1500x2339, Last_Airbender_spoilers_01_by_rufftoon.jpg)

File: 127854965736.jpg-(170.33KB, 669x371, soaka.jpg)

File: 127854999049.gif-(1.95MB, 300x171, cabbagebending.gif)
Another good one from the thread.

File: 127855393780.jpg-(172.03KB, 365x530, sad Peeg why.jpg)

Yeah, that was one of the many little annoyances, along with name pronunciation (there was a 30 year old guy behind me and my brother who groaned the first three or so times they said "Ong", then he just gave up).

But yeah, Shayamalan screwed this one royal. Dialogue, acting, pacing, story, camera angles, editing, casting...The movie felt like it was lurching from plot point to plot point, and only felt remotely smooth and natural after they got to the Northern Water Tribe.

File: 12785555316.jpg-(89.23KB, 750x600, Airbendersuckposter.jpg)
A thought that occurred to me.


Mari has birthed dancebending into a meme.

Foreign =/= 3rd World
Besides, I've lived in 3rd World countries.
Most movie theatres are international chains. If the company has enough money to build a theatre (one with 13 large theats inside them) it's got money to install 3D projectors.

...just sayin'.

My day has been made.

File: 127856765948.jpg-(239.18KB, 660x464, umps_troll3.jpg)
>Yo dis flick was the bomb!?!?! I espeshullyliked dat charakter dat did dem karatee kicks and his head be all glowing n stuff i wuz like “WUTT” when his head glowed for da first time n dem eyes,dem eyez . he did da crazy eyes dat wuz my favorite part i jumped outta ma chair and yelled “YO” and threw sum popcorn at da screen cuz it blew my mind how ill it wuz. yo dis m nite shumulank haz a big career ahed of him dis gotz to be da illest director debew ov all time,OF ALL TIME! I hope dey make a part 2 and put in more karatee kikks nawmean!?

Posted on capslock, made me lol and wish I had Avatar fan friends in real life.

So....uhm....any pictures of Azula in the film yet?

File: 127857148321.jpg-(43.07KB, 991x567, 1278571507308.jpg)

This one was just posted on /co/.


There's one other one, a .gif, of the scenes she shows up at in the end where she says something, then does some weird lip-flap thing that's supposed to be a crazed smile.

Zhao is such a dick in this movie. I kind of like it.

File: 127858131722.jpg-(17.27KB, 422x349, Azula.jpg)

In an alternative universe, director N. Might Shyalaman filmed a flawless adaptation of The Last Airbender that managed to capture the spirit and style of the animated show.


Many didn't think he would ever work again after the debacle that was "The Sixth Sense" but studio executives hired him again. Displaying the keen insight and forethought that made them one of the most beloved and respected profession in the industry.

A+, would LOL again.

Surprisingly, Lady in the Water was still shit.

>Unsurprisingly, Lady in the Water was still shit.



Bullshit. Lady in the water was a masterpiece of comedy. Lampshading and mocking the self-importance of many Hollywood writers and directors. Sure it was a different direction than his more serious work. But it was still a great film.

I mean come on. He was even willing to make fun o himself. The scene where he cast himself as the self important writer who gets disemboweled by his own creation thanks to his overwhelming ego? That was pure genius.

Hey! It's that time again!

Airbender made $4,340,399 yesterday, compared to $5,385,151 on Tuesday. It fell the hardest of all the major releases today (19.5%, compared to 17% for Eclipse and 11.5% for Toy Story 3). Pixar's latest is building a substantive lead over its family competition.

Going by current trends, Airbender's takings should drop below $4 million tomorrow, and with so much competition next weekend coupled with shallow summer drops, we could be looking at a $15 million second weekend, leaving it just shy of $100 million in total US revenue by the end of Sunday. Current total is $79,040,879.

Bad news for Airbender, excellent news for us.


Does it justify the cancellation of any existing trilogy contracts, though? Given DVD, video game, and network syndication profits aren't even close to being tapped yet?


All of that still has to make more than 130 million to justify it. If the movie falls short 50 mil from it's budget all of that has to make 180 million to break even, and breaking even is almost as useless for future installments.

Actually the movie needs to double its budget (which was around 280 millions), 50% of the ticket price goes to the theater .

Nah. Exit clauses on film contracts are ususally played on when the movie just doesn't make money period.

File: 127862535630.jpg-(25.66KB, 300x300, the_last_kitschbender.jpg)

One thing to bear in mind, the studio doesn't get back the entirety of a movie's box office. In the US, studios get a 55% cut of cinema revenue. Overseas, it's a bit more varied (Europe is close to American rates while in Asia it's as low as 12%), but on average is around 45%. Since US and international box office for major movies have historically been near-identical to each other, in effect the two balance each other out. In practice, this means that studios gauge profit and cost almost entirely on raw domestic box office, since it's generally assumed that overseas box office will at least match it (a fairly safe assumption to make, especially for fantasy films). Bone-crushingly expensive blockbusters like Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean would be completely unprofitable if they depended completely on US box office.

However, ward off any thoughts of counting the marketing budget against the movie. Pic related, much of it is self-perpetuating schmaltz that largely pays for itself. Any cost overruns are paid off by DVD sales, since it all goes in the same pot. Marketing budgets aren't counted into blockbuster costs for that reason, since while box office revenue goes directly towards a cohesive product playing in the multiplex, the consumer pap that surrounds it flails off in all directions.

>Check Twitter
>Nathan Fillion Avatar, the Last Air Bender was the best dance movie all year.

File: 127864680958.jpg-(71.10KB, 469x502, 1274614581160.jpg)
Hahahaha, oh man he's the best. :3

File: 127864897530.jpg-(91.09KB, 700x525, nvv[1].jpg)
Oh man:

>Water bending on my off time.
>posted by @NathanFillion from Twitter for iPhone 12 mins 11 secs ago

(If I put it in parenthesis, it doesn't count as a derail.)

(I would just like to point out that the character in Maritova's post is from a show called Wakfu. I you have not watched Wakfu, stop reading, stop posting, and go fucking watch Wakfu. That is all).

Now to stay on topic. Man, The movie sure sucked. Sucked hard. Yesiree

(No words. But I think it's a rather well-known show. Especially in these circles. Just sayin'.)



Clearly I must finish Firefly.

(Also, I can't seem to get a handle on what Wakfu is about, or what it even *is*--keep hearing stuff about an MMPORG. Could someone just lay it out for me?)

(This French company has a couple MMOs called Dofus and Wakfu, and the TV show Wakfu is set in that fantasy world. It's your typical "party of adventurers going out into the world" kind of premise, but after the first few episodes the plot really starts to take off. It's got stunning animation that uses Flash without using it as a crutch like so many other cartoons do, fun characters... all the girls have DEM HIPS... you really should check it out.)
(Complete list of subbed episodes here: )

(If only my hard-drive wasn't stuffed to the brim.)

File: 127868638639.gif-(0.96MB, 280x164, lebowski.gif)

Episode 6.

File: 12786881561.png-(240.48KB, 596x329, this movie is dicks.png)
Well, I watched the camrip. I don't know where to start. So ask me anything.

Screengrab of penis hair to show you the kind of attention to detail we're dealing with.

The Last Airbender (and the show) get there very own article on cracked.

So what did you think was the best part? That's right, the best. :P

Going to be out of touch for most of the weekend, but I just uncovered a titchy piece of breaking news. Airbender's just opened in Russia and managed to garner $1,875,000 on its opening Thursday, more than double "Despicable Me" and three times more than "Predators", both of which opened yesterday in Russia as well.

As far as I can make out, that's 'not bad' for Russia. It's a huge emerging market (in ten years growing from $6 million total revenue to nearly $1 billion) with notoriously shitty taste in movies. To whit, All Time Grosses in US dollars:

1. $112.945.268 - Avatar
2. $50.981.099 - Shrek Forever After
3. $50.009.796 - Irony of Fate 2 (Ирония судьбы. Продолжение)
4. $44.572.301 - Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
5. $42.105.597 - Alice in Wonderland
6. $40.665.152 - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
7. $36.608.694 - 2012
8. $34.527.887 - Admiral (Адмиралъ)
9. $31.965.087 - Day Watch (Дневной дозор)
10. $30.850.884 - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Lets all point and laugh at them. Any Russians browsing, I deeply apologise, but I'm going to have to point and laugh at you too.

File: 127869527725.jpg-(15.31KB, 100x100, 477264.jpg)
This is vaguely on topic, but if you guys feel it isn't, I can delete it.

So, I roleplay. (Yes, I know, it's the epitome of nerdiness.) I've been keeping an eye out for people RPing Avatar, and specifically I've been watching for people RPing the movie, mostly so I can laugh. Today, I stumbled onto someone playing an original character on IJ, a Fire Lord from some next-gen game. And who did they use for their icons? Pic related.

Now I can't get the mental image out of my head of Shyamalan casting himself as Fire Lord Sozin, if the third movie ever gets made.


>Many parts of the show's story were blended together for the film. And that's understandable. Movies are a short-form medium: Some condensing of the plot and some missing characters are to be expected. If done skillfully, an adaptation can still capture the essence of the show for the movie-going audience, while maintaining the spirit of the original work for fans of the series. It is not done skillfully in The Last Airbender. It's done more like premature ejaculation sex, where one party (movie-goers) is left confused and ashamed, while the other party (fans of the show) are left enraged and disappointed.


For fuck's sake it's even flesh-toned.

Okay, gonna have to settle for "least terrible" part. I liked the scenes with the flashbacks of the Air Nomads. Against all odds, I think they actually did a good job capturing the look and feel of the culture. And Gyatso's scenes with Ong were somehow pretty adorable.

  My god.

That's indeed bad. I mean, so bad not even its soundtrack can save it!

It's time for you to stop doing this and whatever else you were doing or had intention to do!

One of us! One of us!

Now, when I say I enjoyed the editing, this is what I mean. Sure, the bending was ridiculous and the dialogue was horrendous, but the way that fight scene was cut as one long take with no slow mo, I enjoyed.

Shit, I just realized what this movie reminded me of.

A really bad high school play, complete with horrible acting and timing. And over the top effects that come off as cheap looking.


Now that I saw this again, that stomping party was probably the one who raised the wall that protected the dude and notHaru and that lone guy on the left was the one who bended the rock.

Doesn't make it any less wat, but still.

Then it was poorly shot/choreographed and still sucks.


>Doesn't make it any less wat, but still.

Remember when people said "The Bending looks cool!".
Yeah, so do I.
At this point I'm convinced that MNS has seen maybe 5 episodes of the show. He doesn't understand how bending works, he doesn't get that-that- OH GOD FFUCK HE JUST FAILED AT THE WHOLE FUCKING THING BLREALAELLEAAEEARRAGGNNNGNN!!!


>Remember when people said "The Bending looks cool!".
>Yeah, so do I.
Yeah... :(
It helped that the trailers only showed the bending itself, never the flailing beforehand.

People are actually defending that scene and the whole movie in the comments. What.The.Fuck.


Why is the bending so laggy?

Oh wow, the acting's even worse then I thought.

I'm having serious trouble understanding this. Where was this video linked,

Just for the hell of it, I went and looked up some other movie's that Airbender shares an 8% rating with.


Directed by: Uwe Boll

Kangaroo Jack

Norbit Fucking Norbit!

And here's some terrible movies that, despite being terrible, still scored higher than Airbender. I do this as a public service for those of you who might still be thinking about seeing this movie. Everything beyond this point has been judged by professionals as being superior to "The Last Airbender".

This is you're final warning.

The Love Guru 15%

White Chicks 15%

Scary Movie 2 14%

The Wicker Man 13% (yes, the one with Nicolas Cage dressed in a bear suite punching a women... and it wasn't supposed to be funny.)

Dragonball Evolution 13% (Seriously! Fucking Seriously! You couldn't make a better movie that Dragonball Motherfuck Evolution!!!)


Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo 10% (Oh, suck a dick!)


The Happening 19%
Night succeeded in making a movie 11% shittier than his own previous worst movie ever!

Don't forget:

Batman & Robin 12%

File: 127876227526.gif-(920.18KB, 300x171, RaveBending.gif)

Also, terribly bad adaptations such as The Flintones, George of the Jugnle and their sequels, are 'better' in comparative terms according to RT.

George of the Jungle wasn't too bad. Flintstones... well, at least it had John Goodman, right?

>On its 9th day in release, Paramount's The Last Airbender made $5.3 million today for an expected $17M from 3,233 dates and a possible cume of $100.7M.



yeah, George of the Jungle was funny. The Flintstones, meh...
But George of the Jungle 2 and Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas were awful.
Though they're still better than TLA in RT.

Alright. Laugh all you want. Keep in mind, though, that we DUB movies, too.
And we re-work the dialogue to better fit the situations in the russian language.
So in a way, we're watching a better movie than you. In dialogue's part, at least.
About a good time to learn russian, don't you think?


Thanks for the kind suggestion (learning new languages is an excellent idea in general), but I'd rather learn Russian for more productive reasons than to watch a 'superior' version of 2012.


Ok, the only good thing I noticed was the defensive earthbending, everything else was crap.

Eh. Two burds with one stone.
You can check it off your list.


>those eyes

Shyamalan confirmed for reptilian!

Not to sound like a total idiot (I actually am one, I just don't like sounding like it), but how do I get the cam rip to work. I have the two files with an .avi.001 and .avi.002 extension on them. Do I have to merge them somehow?

As I mentioned in >>81402, you'll need HJ-Split to join the files into one .avi file. But you might want to try playing each one individually in a media player, since they should work and just be half of the movie each.

All Third World countries are “foreign,” technically.

But not the other way around.

that was something I thought about, of how dubbing a film could in fact hide atrocious acting and leave it looking "better" than it was in reality... it was the only explanation I could find to some crappy movies or tv-shows being popular in some places. It would also explain opposite situations, with a good movie or tv show having a bad dub.


Here in Italy, actors with huge theatre experience (some even acted in Fellini's films) were called to dub every character in the original Star Wars trilogy.
That's why we are still convinced those movies contain oscar worthy performances.
But I don't think a movie like TLA can be saved with that, acting doesn't count when you have scenes like the earthbenders in prison.

Oh, I want to clarify I'm not saying that dubbing saved Star Wars, the movies were already awesome on their own.

Don't know if this has been posted yet, but it seems like the least emotionally biased report on the controversy I've found.

>"Dev Patel is the actual hero of the series, and he's Indian, okay? The whole point of the movie is that there isn't any bad or good. The irony is that I'm playing on the exact prejudices that the people who are claiming I'm racist are doing. They immediately assume that everyone with dark skin is a villain. That was an incredibly racist assumption which, as it turns out, is completely incorrect."

This quote in particular is one that should be discussed among contentious fans.


>They immediately assume that everyone with dark skin is a villain.

>cast imperial, genocidal Fire Nation as dark skinned people
>call everyone else racists



Isn't that a totally loaded correlational assumption, though?

The Fire Nation is imperialistic, but is it because they are Indian or because of what really happens in the story? Does being Indian make someone more prone to enacting genocide, or does having a single influence like Sozin set that up?


>not include any of those plot elements
>not include Roku
>replace with horrid CGI Gene Simmons dragon
>cast imperial, genocidal Fire Nation as dark skinned people
>call everyone else racists


same thing here on Spain, any movie with the voice actor of Darth Vader becomes 'awesome' by default, even if it isn't really that good.

Right, according to Box Office Mojo (DO NOT go there, I brave shark-infested waters so you don't have to), coming fifth after TS3, Predators, Eclipse and surprise smash-hit Despicable Me, Airbender is estimated to have earned $17,150,000 over this weekend for a $100,227,000 total (it might go down with actuals, since as per standard practice its Sunday is guesstimated). It fell 57.5% from its opening weekend, but more importantly it fell over 75% from its opening 5-day, which is probably a better reflection of its overall trajectory (i.e., how badly it would have cratered if it opened on a normal weekend). From this point on, on current trends, it can't make much more than $130 million, if that.

It's opened in a few locations overseas (Russia, India, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Taiwan), and earnt around $10 million outside the US. No one knows where from, Box Office Mojo is being needlessly obtuse and vague about its sources.

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a particular post (it's related to the movie, but not in this thread). Someone was talking about the episodes and plotlines that the movie should have included and listed episodes in different groups according to their importance to the story. Can someone tell me where that post is? I can't find it now.


It's my post from the previous movie thread, here: >>81291

There's like 1000+ posts in that thread, be prepared for a long load.

I do agree to some recommendations that a few episodes be scraped while only keeping one particular event, but I think to create something coherent for the purposes of a trilogy, we'd have to do a list for the entire run of the show...which is probably something M. Night should have done, but still.

Thanks, guys.

File: 12788914792.jpg-(1.16MB, 900x6265, Airbender_Movie_Sketches_by_secondlina.jpg)
Big image. Absolutely worth the time it takes to load.

That was awesome. I guess she didn't notice the creepy movie Zutarians who DID like that scene, though.

Like the crazy "Proof people!" chick for example.

What does it say about me if I didn't totally hate it? :(


Lowered standards.

"If you've never seen Avatar, it's very heavily influenced by Asian culture, by Asian music, by Asian art, and pretty much everything down to the naming of some of the characters look Asian... but there's nothing that really says "Hello, I'm Asian" except for a couple of characters that are extremely Asian stereotyped"

"...I just think it's a really stupid debate and everybody should shut up about it because they can't do anything about it."


Internet blog personality Cat misses the point and makes a contradictory argument, news at 11.

Again, why do some people need to be explicitly told they're Asian before they'll accept it? Mike and Bryan have said they specifically modeled the characters after specific cultures, even specific people. Aaron Ehaz, creator of Toph as we know her, has said they specifically modeled the characters after specific cultures. What the hell do some people need? This person implies that for them to say "we are Asian" they all need to be characters " that are extremely Asian stereotyped."

Yeah I could agree with that. I went in with the lowest expectations ever, so... huh.

I mean don't get me wrong, there were things that were absolutely terrible, but I feel like with some HEAVY SWEEPING CHANGES to about... ohhh, everything? Then we might have a decent sequel.

Fuck the 3D though, not worth it at all

Found a post on imdb that I thought made a good point about the "continuous shot" earthbending scene:

>Long cuts can be a great idea if you're competent and you know what you're doing. Case in point:



>The problem is, this is equivalent of an amateur chef who decides to cut up blowfish and shout, "Look at me and how skilled I am, for cutting up this extremely difficult fish!", while completely ignoring the fact that he completely poisoned the entire restaurant.

>In order for a long cut to be impressive, it needs to be at least as good as what you would expect to see from an elementary school live production. And this scene just isn't. Katara yells "don't be afraid!", and then just akwardly stands there while waiting for the camera to pan to someone else, because the director forgot to give her any other instructions or character actions.

>And even if the scene did work, it still wouldn't be impressive. It was only 1:20, which isn't very long. And as soon as the long cut ends, we immediately cut to later in the fight, when Ong is wearing a completely different costume and knocking down some guards. WTF? When did that happen? Why did he change uniforms? How much time passed? We don't know.

Adding some of my own thoughts, I think the continuous shot would have been much more impressive if the scene had been a more linear one, with the characters fighting through obstacles to get from A to B (like in the youtube videos above). In the earthbending scene there isn't an overarching flow to it and there isn't a sense of anything happening off camera when there should be (and having a more linear approach means this would be OK, since if the hero is constantly moving he can leave behind his defeated foes and head toward new ones).

Also when Ong does his Airbendering (Ahrbending?) against the soldier Katara shoved, notice that Katara's hair doesn't act at all like wind's moving near her. That's perhaps another problem with the bending: for all the work that was done in making things like Waterbending look like actual water, there's no real interaction with the real world. It very strongly strikes me as telekinesis with elements CGI'd on afterward.


No one's arguing that the characters are based on highly specific cultural and character influences, but there's nothing in that reality that makes them racially Asian OR that bars an adaptation from making it so.

The insistence of the contrary is the ridiculous and contentious feature that keeps this debate going.

What keeps the debate going is the fact that people continuously try to make excuses for Hollywood when they pull a stunt such as this when they have done it so many times before. People also tried to make the "Races are ambiguous" argument with the Earthsea adaption. I didn't hold any water then it doesn't now.

File: 127899102275.jpg-(30.59KB, 100x100, sokka-lolwut.jpg)

Erm... nothing in the culturally Asian-marked world that prevents the adaptation from casting Asian roles?


No one's making excuses for Hollywood. No one stands to benefit anything by supporting racism in such a wide-spread medium with such a heavy liberal bias, not even racists.

It makes sense for the Water Tribes to be populated by Caucasians given the other general races are represented elsewhere.

More like they felt Caucasian heroes would be more marketable.


>It makes sense for the Water Tribes to be populated by Caucasians given the other general races are represented elsewhere.
Also seeing as how the Water tribes are based on Inuit cultures, it actually doesn't make any sense for them to be White but you keep on making those excuses.


You seem to be missing Sharkman's point. Those that argue the Avatar World's culture is Asian but not necessarily the people concede that a character is Asian only when said character (a. says "Hello, I'm Asian," or (b. is a stereotype. Seeing as the characters never have any reason to do the former one has to wonder: do these people see all Asians simply as stereotypes? After all it's only when a character is in alignment with such preconceptions that they're willing to accept the possibility that the character is Asian even if the only real world models for such characters like June, Joo Dee or Jeong Jeong who have no marked racial differences from all the rest of the world's inhabitants were Asian.

At least this shitty movie did some good


That's pretty cool.

See, told ya!

Yeah, I noticed that all of the DVDs were sold out at Best Buy when I went to other day, as well.

And yet we dont have them in sweden... The DVDs that is.

Hi, I saw the movie yesterday, and I still regretted it, even though it was free.

If it's any consolation, I haven't seen the faintest hint of advertising for TLA in Korea. I saw the movie in a military base theater, but outside of that, it looks like mainstream Korean theaters are pimping Salt, The Expendables, Toy Story 3, and that magical Nick Cage movie a lot harder than Avatar. Koreans eat up American movies like nobody's business, so if they won't even touch Avatar, that can only be a good thing.

It could still be a little early to tell, though. Scheduling's weird over here, so there's a chance they'll get Avatar in like, September or something, but at least by then, it'll be too late to really count for anything.

So tell me, what is the evidence that the characters are or could be white people?

File: 12790860702.jpg-(44.51KB, 720x480, katara shitting me.jpg)
From IMDB:

Apparently, the FX budget cost a lot more because the CGI people had trouble adapting to Shyamalan's camera work

>>NIGHT: Because it can’t be some guy in a cubicle making a shot which I didn’t mean, which costs an extra 40 grand, and 30 of those means I don’t get the greenlight. So I have to do what I mean, and then I have to work with the CGI company, ILM, to hear their bids on that and then go, “Well, why is that so expensive?” And they’ll say, “Because you did this 180 over a plant,” or whatever it is, and I’ll say, “All right, what if the shot ended here?,” and they say, “Well, that would be mean this.” And we did that kind of process till I got it honed down to the appropriate figure. Because the spread of what something can cost can be tens and tens of millions of dollars very easily without you blinking. And so, it’s just something I’ve come to accept as part of the process when you make a gigantic fantasy movie like this. Now, it is worrisome because people get really tied to [the previsualization], and it’s very hard to get exactly what I meant in previz, whereas in storyboards I feel more comfortable. I’m like, “No, move the character a little bit here,” and then they go — it’s the insinuation that I feel it’s correct. Whereas sometimes I see some of the previz and it’s not what I meant — although our particular previz company had a particular guy named Dan Gregoire who’s really a genius. I literally got the right guy and the right company and the right time, and [he] really made it incredibly beautiful. I may put [the previz] on the DVD, it’s so beautiful.

>For all we know, the 6 dancing Earth benders were supposed to create a CGI Dirt Godzilla.

>Except that they couldn't track it properly with the bad camera work, so they reached a compromised and said, "Well, how about just a rock?"

So the right hand had no idea what the left was doing. Is this also Shamalamadingdong's work (or rather, lack of it), or is someone else actually to blame?

Indeed the bending looks terrible. I never got why some people said "the effects are good" or "the bending looks good" from the trailers, I don't know where they got that impression from, because movie!bending has always looked like crap.

>>It makes sense for the Water Tribes to be populated by Caucasians given the other general races are represented elsewhere.

So you tell us, when did they started bleaching their skin and wearing sunscreen? Because people from SWT and NWT didn't look so pale in the cartoon.

Speaking of the bending, why the hell didn't they use Sifu Kisu? Surely Mike and Bryan would have suggested him..

File: 12791613088.jpg-(196.51KB, 738x1050, Slept Through the Oscars.jpg)

File: 127916704229.jpg-(16.58KB, 242x251, shamcash.jpg)
Hey Fanboys,
Me name is M. Night, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, talentless, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid cartoon fart jokes. You are everything bad in the movie industry. Honestly, have any of you directed a 150 million dollars movie? I mean, I guess it's fun playing on prejudices because of your own insecurities, but you all take it to a whole new level, okay?
This is even worse than racebending guys on imdb boards. Period.
Don't be completely incorrect. Just hit me with your worst critic. That's the point. I'm pretty much perfect. I am the most succesful Indian American filmmaker in Hollywood, and I filmed The Sixth Sense. What do you write, direct or make cameos in, other than "internet imageboards"? I also got Samuel L. Jackson for a movie, and have a Bengalee hot wife (She just watched my Airbender; Shit was SO cash). You are all fanboys who should direct movies yourselves. Thanks for buying tickets.
Photo related: It's me and my trademark twist ending


>well i'm black as night. and i know how these hollywood people think. they gonna make ang white, think about it they got the two biggest stars in china in one movie and they still put an unknown caucasian in the movie. they're afraid they've been afraid and they alays gonna be afraid. they only want to make money and the kids who watch this movie are not gonna gripe if ang is white.

Post made 1/5/2008, several months before the casting announcement.

Prophetic, except for that last part.

File: 12791972645.jpg-(20.03KB, 372x294, 1266340239789.jpg)
NIGHT: I did. I prevized the most CGI-heavy area of the movie, primarily to get a proper bid. But to do that was like an art form. I did that as an art form, and I went — my neurotic issues — that became like a final product. I spent forever making this little twenty-something-minute previz that you could release as a little short. Really, there’s no purpose whatsoever other than to get, as I said, the bid right [laughs].

But what it did, I think, was hone my timing on when I wanted the effect to happen based on movement and things like that. But it was “take”-specific for the animator, so the character would be doing part of a form and I’d say, “I’m not feeling the chi right yet, and when he releases the chi, that’s when I want the event to happen.” You know, that kind of thing. And it would be different for each actor and each take because I would believe it [only] at a certain moment. Part of it was just like pumping an air gun and the pressing the trigger was the moment the chi came out. And so I was like, “No, no, no, he’s still pumping and then there — there’s where he throws the element.”] And we would look for it with each actor and each moment. Most of the background was all martial arts experts, so it was much easier. But with the actors I would spend a lot of time in the warehouse with them, getting them to understand what each move was if they weren’t martial artists, and what was meant behind each one. nder-m-night-shyamalan-mastered-cgi-and-indulged-his-secret-passion-fo r-martial-arts

I like how someone on IMDB described it:
>Apparently, MNS never understood that bending was a natural extension of the body. He assumed that it was supposed to be the equivalent of the money shot in porn, and that all of the actors had to keep "pumping" it until they were ready to "release."

File: 127921902490.jpg-(111.88KB, 800x600, Rage_Quit_logo_by_atomiccc.jpg)

Damnation! Is THAT the fucking story behind the five minute pre-bending dances? So M. Night is almost entirely responsible for the incredibly idiotic timing behind anything bending. Can't say I'm surprised, but DAMN.

File: 127922019281.gif-(0.99MB, 254x172, sailorsenshi_disapprove_of_your_actions.gif)

>You know, that kind of thing. And it would be different for each actor and each take because I would believe it [only] at a certain moment. Part of it was just like pumping an air gun and the pressing the trigger was the moment the chi came out. And so I was like, “No, no, no, he’s still pumping and then there — there’s where he throws the element.

  This guy sums up this entire debacle very nicely (explaining his reservations with the movie adaptation without actually reviewing the movie) while the end fight scene from Bato of The Water Tribe plays behind him

Would love to hear his take on the finished product.

What a horrible nightmare!

Are a thousand screaming, ranting fans not enough?

File: 127923783429.gif-(655.78KB, 673x320, cake.gif)
Made this for /co/.

It's beautiful. Thank you.

The man is completely off his rocker. I'm wondering if we actually saw the same cartoon, or if he was watching a badly-animated Chinese bootleg.


That was you? I was just about to come post that here.

>>82257 i like the way he ends the video "RANT OVER!!"

Right. I just got back from Inception (movie of the fucking year) and there was a trailer for Shyamalan's next thriller.

I think we can call it on his career. People seemed into it and then the second his name came up the entire 1000 seater IMAX theater started booing. (Then someone predicted it'd be the funniest comedy ever and we all applauded his joke.)

I seriously can't think of ANY director that gets booed as soon as his name comes up on a trailer.

>and there was a trailer for Shyamalan's next thriller.
Ho-ho-holy shite.

...Really? Isn't it a little early to make publicity of a movie that's barely being made?


I don't think he's directing 'Devil'. He's producing a film made by someone else based on his own short story. As far as I know, he's been moonlighting on it for the past year while he finished up Airbender.

Honestly, I'm more interested in hearing what Spoony's brother has to say about the movie.

How many people here now think that M. Night has seen maybe 5 episodes of the actual show?

Isn't that being a little generous?



>And, as per usual, the real villainess of the story is their daughter, little miss sunshine sparklepants who has had countless nannies and maids fired. She wants to be an actress. I have a thought-how ’bout you ACT like an adult and stop shitting all over everyone?

And then there's this:
>They have cameras all over the place and refused to let staff eat or save any food that’s destined for the garbage.


>The family butler was dismissed on Easter Sunday after Mrs. Peltz detected a less than chipper attitude after the butler had cleaned a toilet seat for the fourth time “for luck” per her instructions.

Sounds like the whole fucking family is insane. What a bunch of assholes. Meanwhile, ShamWow is kissing up and saying he can't do the movie without Nicola, because he wants her rich parents' money, naturally. I guess this all but confirms our suspicions. Once again, there goes the "best actors for the job" lie we've been fed.

I'll not make racism accusations, but why are the Fire Nation portrayed by Indians? In the cartoon they have pale skin. Why do Indians play them? Isn't that kind of like having a white or black person play Jet Li and speak Chinese?

Because Shamalamadingdong popped a boner for Dev Patel after Jessie McCartney quit. Also, he apparently thinks Zuko is the hero of the story instead of Aang Ong. And you really should check out the following site:

File: 127929808981.jpg-(12.58KB, 325x332, veruca_salt.jpg)
Daddy, I want to star in a movie.

I've begun taking those reports of her family with just a bit of a grain of salt, but still, there's no denying that she's incredibly rich.

Actually, rumor from the grape vine is that Peltz thought M. Night was a total asshole perfectionist, who'd blow up at her if she was just a bit off mark with a shot or a scene, and they'd redo things.

Then again, that's something I heard from a protester who heard it from a friend who's apparently friends with Nicola Peltz. Grains of salt shall be needed, but if you go by the book about how he made Lady in the Water, he got pissed at Paul Giamatti for wanting to stutter on a different syllable on one of his lines (not re-write,mind you, just change the inflection,) got pissed at an actress for not eating some of his birthday cake (she was a vegan, didn't eat things with animal fat in them. M. Night responded by later refusing a vegetarian meal, saying he didn't eat things without animal fat in them.) And, if I remember right, even didn't hire an actress because he didn't like how she was eating a bag of Fritos.

I have no idea what sort of person Nicola Peltz and her family are outside of these outrageous stories, there's always a chance it's bullcrap.

...But according to a book specifically dedicated to the story of how M. Night is amazing and how he made the amazing Lady in the Water, he's a tremendous prick.


>implying Zuko isn't the hero of the story

File: 127931492164.png-(128.91KB, 685x606, 1279314661661.png)
That's... a surprising number of 10's.

Some webcomic guy is going apeshit over all the negative reviews of the new Avatar movie.

Check out his post at

also bawww warning!


People on Rotten Tomatoes have created accounts specifically to leave 100% ratings with no reviews or words, I'm guessing it's M. Night fans or fans of the movie doing this en masse.


And he sounds exactly like and M. Night fan/Pro-caster, who knew?

You're totally that guy, aren't you?
More pageviews, I suppose.

no, not really

Eh. It just smelled like it.
It sounded like you were advertising or sumshite.

if it were ricky he would just call us lowly groupthinking chantards

Just sayin'... Maybe even he doesn't believe it.
As I said, anything for pageviews.


If he didn't phrase it so antagonistically, he might actually change some minds.

But oh well.

I left a comment there.


>What I object to in that regard is not that the village is poor but that the Fire Nation are holding EARTHBENDERS, who BEND EARTH, in a prison made of…EARTH. What? Why would they do that? Why wouldn’t the Earthbenders just escape whenever they want?

If they acted out, the Firebenders occupying their villages would execute their families. They said it twice in the movie...


execute them immediately. why keep them alive in the first place?
glorious leader wants these towns to belong to him.
we would get great credit for exterminating the threat posed by these people

idk perhaps that would be too efficient or perhaps
the rating of the show came into play over that(yeah we all know the answer there)

Then why do they rebel? Aang made their families die?


And that changed at one point? The Earthbenders in Imprisoned were in despair because they were defenseless, but after Katara rouses them into action with the help of Aang and Sokka, they go back to retake their captured villages, no longer under direct threat with their return.

Here? Ong tells them they're surrounded by millions of tons of something only they can use as a weapon against the severely less formidible Movie Firebenders, they fight back, then Ong and his mostly ineffective traveling companions/bodyguards (I hesitate to call people with that little chemistry or even camaraderie friends) leave. Aside from this little attack, nothing has changed at all. Did he give them the confidence to trump such an easily defeated and small force? We don't get the same sense of hopelessness that the earthbenders stuck on a metal off shore plant had, these dudes had every means to fight back, and if they were gonna get slaughtered by fighting back, why does Ringer's presence change anything?

You're more or less right. Here's the line:

>"The Fire Nation sent soldiers. We fought them and defeated them. Then they sent their machines, huge machines made of metal. There was nothing we could do. Those who could not bend were allowed to live in peace, if we were imprisoned."

However, a lot of people didn't note this. When I brought it up to one reviewer, she mentioned that it was only after I had mentioned it that she caught the "if" in that dialogue, without which the listener won't get the nature of the threat.

In fact, I think that apart from myself (who got this on the first theater viewing) and you, no one has mentioned this that I've seen. This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else are moviewatching idiots who can't grasp the concept -- it seems apparent that they didn't do a good enough job making sure the audience would get this.


a) He's not just some kid who reminds them "lol ur sittan on dert." He's the Avatar. They see his tattoos. They hear him speak. He shows them his power. They gave up resisting because only the Avatar could lead them to a meaningful victory, and now he's standing right in front of them telling them to fight back. I think we can agree that the scene itself could have been done much better (personally, Aang's speech there was some of the worst writing I've ever heard), but our distaste doesn't change the fact that the themes are very, very present.

b) Aang and co don't "just leave," they run a fukken William Tecumseh Sherman on the Earth Kingdom and whooped the occupying Fire Nation soldiers out of the villages and made them think twice about doing anything hasty. The whole world knows the Avatar can defeat the Fire Lord and end the war, including the Fire Nation. Again, this could have been revealed with much more power (a montage? Really?), but the themes are still there.


This is a really great point. The Earthbenders were imprisoned in the show because they could be used to build tanks and boats and shit for the Fire Nation. Why are they imprisoned in the movie? They just sit there. And even if the Earthbenders were threatened, why would the FN risk putting them in a prison made of earth (with only one fire source)? The whole thing is just damn stupid on all accounts.

well, there's really no reason to debate with ricky since he's having an internet meltdown


I tried reading his comic. It's pretty boring.

I didn't really respond to Ricky. I responded to one of the earlier comments.


Are we sure that's the same Peltz? There's more than one family in the world with that name, after all.


The amount of brothers Nicola's talked about having matches up with this one legal document I once found on the internet, and lists "Nicola" as the youngest daughter of the family. I'm pretty sure it's the same one.


Only one Peltz family headed by Nelson Peltz, and that's the one Nicola comes from.

>>hey just sit there. And even if the Earthbenders were threatened, why would the FN risk putting them in a prison made of earth (with only one fire source)? The whole thing is just damn stupid on all accounts.

THIS. Shyamalan didn't even try to make the world work coherently.

Digging up employment histories of one of the cast members?


It's not "digging" if it's out there in the open. And why not? Paramount and co wanted us to believe that they chose the "best actors" for the job. Then M. Night started saying how he wouldn't dream of doing the movie without Nicola. If she got the role simply because she's a rich brat, not because she auditioned or had any talent, then fans have a right to know.


That's the same Nelson Peltz who who shares Viacom 40/60 with Sumner Redstone, by the way.


Viacom has only 2 shareholders now?


Not literally, but you know what I mean.


Pretty much this. I didn't do any digging, it's on a website out in the open that somebody linked me to. Shit, I think it was found by some dude on IMDB for crying out loud.

Also, Peltz has stock in Viacom? I figured his fortune came from being the CEO of the Wendy's/Arby's group.


Yeah that's how he got rich, but like most wealthy people he diversified; now he's pretty much the number two owner of Viacom after Redstone.


Redstone is the chairman. Peltz doesn't even hold 1% of the stock. Where are your sources?


Really? I was certain that was the case, I don't know why I got so adamant about it.

File: 127940007046.jpg-(22.82KB, 266x400, 37874_411966607343_274253632343_4981636_4793493_n.jpg)
Off topic, but how creepy is this?


oh man that was pretty hilarious.
might we need... a fandub+fanedit of last avatar?

I know it's supposed to be innocent, I know. But it looks like he's either strangling him, or trying to force him to smile. Since he apparently can't do it on his own, at least in the movie.

I support this.

File: 127943462357.jpg-(61.95KB, 595x668, twoface.jpg)


  I haven't seen it, I won't see it, and I hope it sweeps the razzies. Vid unrelated, but this song starts going through my head whenever MNS:TLA comes up.

File: 127943893255.jpg-(174.62KB, 750x715, red lantern ring anon edit.jpg)
Went through the first 15 pages on IMDB trying to find a positive review.

When I couldn't find one, I just sorted it by "Loved it!" reviews.

Dear God.

Real life story to share here. I was doing errands with another family member when we decided to take a detour. I spotted a kid with his family, maybe junior high age, with his hair shaved like an Airbender arrow. So just for the heck of it, I went up to him and said "Nice arrow. But I wouldn't go see the movie if I were you, it's terrible. Not worth it." And then he replied "I've seen it twice." All I could really do at this point was chuckle a little to myself in disbelief and said "I feel sorry for you." There wasn't much interaction after that except his dad mentioned to me something like "He loved it, but yeah, it really wasn't anything like the cartoon."


I just got back from Inception and I've just witnessed something I have never witnessed before.

Before the movie was a trailer for "Devil" a new M. Night film. It actually looked somewhat interesting, but as soon as his name come on screen, there was a collective moan of disgust from the entire audience. Which was of course followed by a bought of laughter as a reaction to the collective groan.

If that isn't the definition of box office poison, I don't know what it.




i actually decided to view few of the scenes from the movie on youtube
i was expecting them to be just generic and bland
but HOLY SHIT this movie really is a trainwreck, no wonder the ratings are phenomenally low

  I never noticed until someone said it in the Youtube comments, but the dialogue is off in this scene even more than what's immediately obvious. Zhao enters the room and salutes as if he just got there, and Ozai's first line sounds as if they're in the middle of a conversation.

What, did Zhao have to leave in the middle of their meeting to use the restroom, and when he comes back they continue their talk?


File: 12795629191.jpg-(14.66KB, 845x75, HISNAMEISAANG.jpg)
Epic Trollface courtesy of IMDB.

it made me go wtf when I read it.

  >During a Mexico City press conference for The Last Airbender, M. Night Shyamalan ripped a reporter a new one after she asked whether he deliberately chose to make a commercial movie because "the audience has lost its faith in your work." The director, sitting next to Airbender star Jackson Rathbone, was NOT pleased, and didn't attempt to hide it. Luckily, it was all captured on video.

>Shyamalan's response?

>"I think if I thought like you I'd kill myself," he said. "Everything you said is the opposite of my instinct as an artist. The way you just thought, I literally would kill myself."

>And there's more where that came from.

He mad.

Maybe this whole thing, all of Avatar is an elaborate social experiment. A cartoon was made with the full intent of being brilliant, endearing and memorable. Then a movie was constructed that was deliberately a bastardization of it. Viacom orchestrated the whole thing to gauge our responses. Somewhere there may be an Avatar fan with electrodes drilled into her skull.

>France's favorite movie is the village.

1. I thought Spain was where he was popular.

2. If that's true, France deserves every bad stereotype that we can throw at them.

3. He mad.


He's popular worldwide and their reception of his works vary, which is I think what he's trying to say. It's ok that he mad when he's being accused of selling out to his face.

He thinks he's popular in Spain, but you've seen how he thinks his Airbender is great.

He's been pretty much a one-liner joke in Spain since comedy shows spoofed The Sixth Sense endlessly back in the day.

I'd link some YT vids of Spanish Shyamalan parodies, but I don't know if anyone would be interested in this stuff in a foreign language...

Probably slowpoking here, but could anyone please provide a link to the full cam rip from which these clips are coming from? I was really excited to see the movie for myself before it opened, but now there's no way in hell I'm paying for it, lol.

I made a thread here: >>81402
Let me know if all the links are down (most of them likely are). Alternatively, register an account on a site like and just search for "airbender."

Yeah, seems like most are dead, but I tried
and luckily it worked, so thanks man







Yeah, that's totally what the crowd was cheering.

  I wish I had RL friends to mock this movie with.

  "Yeeaah, they didn't like it."

>Infinity ringtone.
Haven't they gotten over it? It was huge when I was there.

Still, Rathbone? Come on. Unbreakable is clearly superior to most of his catalogue. If anything, the discussion with his sister should've been between that and The Sixth Sense.

The Sixth Sense is one of the most overrated movies ever made. People talked that shit up like it was the next Exorcist or some shit and it wasn't even scary. Unbreakable and Signs( until the ending that is.) was the only movies he made that i enjoyed.


I watched it with no hype and no talk of it beforehand. Yet I still thought it was a brilliant film. In construction, development and idea.

...And I don't think it was supposed to be scary. I think of it more as a suspence drama with slightly disturbing imagery.
Though it was marketed as such, Unbreakable was just as much a comic book film and character drama as it was a thriller.

Doesn't make it bad.

...Signs is meh, though.

Doesn't make it bad, it was however mediocre.

Doesn't make it mediocre, either.
It just makes it... not what you expected.

I mean, I went in unbiased. I don't envy you.

File: 127968074161.jpg-(8.26KB, 202x225, Gary Dell’Abate.jpg)
If you cannot pronounce the name of a cartoon character correctly, you have no business representing said cartoon character.

What "Bias" are you talking about? I didn't even know who Shayalaman was when i first saw it. It was just a mediocre run of the mill movie.


You realize you stand almost completely alone in that sentiment?

Am i supposed to give a shit or something?

Guys, aren't we supposed to be talking about how much TLA sucks here rather than how much ShamWow's other movies do or do not suck?

You know, despite how much Shyamalan sucks, I don't entirely blame him. I mean, he had to go through about 10 hours of footage, and condense it into a one and a half hour movie. Sure, there were parts that could have been cut or shuffled into other sections of the story, but that's still a lot to cover.

Perhaps this series would have been better explained split into six or seven parts instead of three.
One goes up to the Winter Solstice.
Two to the Siege of the North.
Three ends with Aang defeating the drill with his earth powers he's learned this movie.
Four ends with Ba Sing Se falling.
Five ends with the Day of Black Sun invasion failure.
Six ends with the ominous shot of Sozin's Comet heading to earth.
And Seven is the Sozin's Comet Four-Parter.

Of course, this might be hard to fit with the actors, as it would require a tough filming schedule to make it in any reasonable time.

Maybe Avatar just was sort of fucked from the start trying to make a live-action movie.


But isn't that just the pacing of the show, then? What would be the point? He might have been okay with a longer movie, the precedent is there with the Harry Potter films and the Narnia movies as well, kids see these things (which could also work as something being said about the concept I pitched a while back.)

>>You know, despite how much Shyamalan sucks, I don't entirely blame him
>>Maybe Avatar just was sort of fucked from the start trying to make a live-action movie.

Nobody had considered a live action adaptation UNTIL Shyamalan came around saying he wanted to do it. Fans wanted animated specials. Shyamalan wanted a live action blockbuster. Nobody asked him to do it, he offered himself to write and direct it.

And indeed you're right and it's an obviously bad idea to try to compress an entire season in 100 minutes.
I blame Shyamalan. He decided to do the opposite of what made LotR or Harry Potter succesful adaptations.

>>You know, despite how much Shyamalan sucks, I don't entirely blame him
>>Maybe Avatar just was sort of fucked from the start trying to make a live-action movie.

While i was one of the people who said there was no need for a live action Avatar, i just don't buy that at all. Another more competent director could have done a much better job adapting the source material, Lord Of the Rings had lots of material to adapt.

Some characters even had to be cut out entirely, yet it still stuck with the original spirit of the books. Despite Shayalaman for the most part sticking to the source material, it just didn't feel like i was watching Avatar. Characters didn't really act like themselves. Aang was super serious and brooding, Katara was useless, Sokka had no real personality to speak of. The very foundation the show was built on ( namely the Bending itself) was screwed up and made to look pretty useless in a fight. Due to every character doing 5 minutes of wasted movement before any bending actually took place. Beyond it being a bad adaption it was just a plain bad movie, the dialogue was horrible unnatural and almost as bad as the dialogue in the prequels. Almost. The acting was Jake Lloyd episode 1 tier.

I want some total honesty from the people that went to see the movie. No fanboyism, no bullshit.

Was the bending better or worse than in this cheaply made McDonalds commercial?

>>82799 I saw it and by and large other than one scene near the end it was all worse


Well, for one, it looks like actual Ba Gua, the art chosen because of it's philosophical connection to the idea of Airbending. Two, the bending seems to actually move with the practitioner, in the movie, there was a lot of movement, a lot of "pumping up" like Shyamalan put it, before anything moved.

From this interview:

>What did you guys think of the live-action version of “The Last Airbender”?

>Konietzko: We’re just really focused on this new show right now, and kind of taking this off in its own direction and not concerning ourselves with that right now.

>So you didn’t follow the casting controversy about the movie version of “The Last Airbender”?

>Konietzko: We didn’t head up that film. We’re just happy to be back generating the original content in this mythology, which is what we do.

>Would you like to bring a cartoon version of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to the big screen?

>Konietzko: We would love to. I think Mike and I would absolutely love to do feature animation. Either another story, or it if worked out, one in the “Avatar” world. We would be really excited.

I suppose they answered that as well as they could. :)

A lot of major movie franchises based on other media will disagree with you. Harry Potter and the aforementioned LOTR both have shitloads of stuff to adapt, but all of their movies are reasonably decent to awesome. Even Watchmen, which is "unfilmable" still made a reasonable movie adaptation. The content isn't the problem- the director/writer is.

I left the theater wishing that the movie sucked because Avatar just wouldn't make a good live-action, but I think that's untrue. The story itself is straightforward, and god knows more complicated stories have been adapted reasonably well before. I think the problem was in the mood and the actors, both of which could've been easily manipulated in a way that would be a lot closer to the show or, at the very least, more entertaining to watch.

Don't even deny a Robert Rodriguez TLA would've been fun as hell.

I'm somewhat late in this, but given the investment given into the discussion by any party, I'd say yes. You're expected to.


I have no qualifications to make predictions, but I thought I'd mention that the 21st was the first day TLA's box office numbers went below $1 million, at $921,077.

File: 127986308254.gif-(2.20KB, 210x187, 1276053885372.gif)
>Box Office Mojo
>Category: TV adaptations
>Airbender beat out Sex and the City 2

File: 128003585531.jpg-(1.77MB, 600x3216, airbender2.jpg)

I lol'd. Who is the guy being shown here? Or are they just random stock pics?

So is this it? After thousands of posts in expectation and all our worries and fears confirmed... this is how it ends about 20 days after its release? Is the movie dead already?

The pic is from a article. Thia one;

I'm pretty sure the guy is the author of the article.

It was a terrible piece of shit and everone knows it. What's left to say?

>>It was a terrible piece of shit and everone knows it. What's left to say?

I know, I know, you're right. It's just it's... this weird... feeling about how everything turned out. They kept teasing us for all these months and now the movie's been out for less than a month and it's already been a failure in so many ways, Ember Island Players level.

It makes me feel kinda empty, especially as chances for a sequel seem so Dragon Ball Evolution slim that we can assume this movie has trolled the ATLA fandom on a whole new level.


>chances of sequel slim

Remember you said that.


He has a point. The movie, after three weeks and openings in a few overseas markets (for example, it *tanked* in Japan compared to Shrek, $1.5 million in comparison to $45 mil) has only just barely (as in literally just yesterday or the day before) made back it's production budget of $150 mil, and it's approaching the end of it's domestic run.

Compare that to Iron Man 2, which made $120 million in it's opening weekend and had a much higher budget.

An article on said it's sequel prospects were still unclear a few days ago. They haven't dismantled the sets in the soundstages, just yet, but quite franky it's done fairly piss-poor beyond it's opening weekend for a big-budget blockbuster, there's the constant issue of the casting controversy, and it's gotten horrible word of mouth.

It still has to make a profit though.
The studio gets only about 60% of the box office gross.

IMHO even if Paramount manages to make some money, they won't take another risk producing a sequel.


You're fixating on the box office returns when you should be paying attention to forecasting DVD/Blu-Ray sales.


Which are usually a license to print money after a movie has made a profit. If they have to rely on amazing DVD sales (which don't sound likely) to make a decent profit due to the box office failure of the movie, they're in trouble.


DVD sales work to offset marketing costs and other peripheral expenses (which are reported to be large, since they were working hard to compensate for a terrible product). It's usually understood that box office revenue is dedicated towards paying off the production costs, so that everything beyond that point is profit. The studio takes slightly over half the cut from overall box office, so it needs to make a total equal to its budget in the US and a similar amount overseas to justify the expense.

Right now, it's $25 million short of its budget domestically and $125 million short of its budget internationally (though it hasn't opened everywhere yet, its international roll-out is unusually slow). The chances of it making back its production costs are slim, and make the task of paying off its marketing costs with peripheral merchandise that much harder.

>Right now, it's $25 million short of its budget domestically

You Americans always amuse me with how you love to watch shitty movies like Transformers 2 and this. Learn some fucking taste for God's sake and stop fueling this shit

I cross my fingers and knock on wood...

Actually a lot of people watched this knowing what it was based on and having high hopes. Wanting to see it potentially pay great tribute to a series you love is no crime. Though I'm indeed surprised it's made as much as it has, shows to go you just how damn good the series was if even in this shameful incarnation it could get that many people to watch it.

  Movie advertising campaing has started in Spain as the movie premiere's date of August 6th approaches.
A pair of trailers have begun airing on TV with the unexpected action-generic title change of "Airbender: The Last Warrior." This makes it look even less related to Nickelodeon's cartoon, which aired as "Avatar: The Legend of Aang."

I'll post updates if I hear of any boycott meetings or any relevant critic, but I doubt so, as people here as pretty much apathetic to anything that involves (multi)cultural understanding or sensibility.

>implying most people watching this aren't Shamalmama fans or just wanting to see how shitty the reviews say it is.

You know what pissed me off the most from this movie?

It's not that the acting was shitty. It's not that they made the characters look dull, lifeless and boring. It's not that they changed the ethnicity of the characters and mispronounced their names.

It's the fact that Firebenders can't create their own FUCKING FIRE!

Shamwow's reasoning for that is that none of the other benders could either.

It's still a retarded change, though.


He said it was because he didn't want to make them seem overpowered, but in the end they ended up looking weak.

How on Earth they managed to take over everything is beyond me.

Maybe the rest of the nations are too stupid to simply PUT OUT their fire sources.

Obviously the other nations initially did put out their fires before an attack... but then the Fire Nation brought their MASHEENS and that someone changed everything.

It's indeed retarded, because he applied logic! to magic!

The reason other benders didn't need to create their elements, it's because they were already surrounded by them! Just as in Thur's DIRT beneath yer FEET! Or like Hama teaches Katara how to get water from plants or anything else so she can stop relying on carrying a pouch around though carrying water around wasn't much of a problem for a culture of people living on chunks of solid water surrounded by liquid water.

But Shyamalan didn't watch the show, and he thought it was logical! to have an entire army rely on dragging around torches.

Also, this means no lightning bending for Azula, unless she happens to be lucky and there's a storm in the day's weather forecast.

I don't know why but I find things dubbed into Spanish to be instantly funnier than the original. Anyone else agree?

I do. It's like the voice actors for this are delivering their lines in their hardest attempt to sound "epic" or something.

>Also, this means no lightning bending for Azula
I hadn't thought of this. Though Iroh managed to make fire on his own (scaring off a troop of firebenders? What?) so maybe she'll be able to, too.

It is a really obnoxious change, and from interviews it feels like M. Night is absolutely full of himself. "*I*'m a martial artist and *I* know what chi looks like so I know what bending would *really* be like."

  The ibex has spoken. It sucked.


He's not actually asking him anything about the movie, but I still laughed.

LMAO they were actually "discussing" the prime-minister's goverment but it was still funny.

>>83702 shamwow is claiming to be a what now?


Firebending requires an outside source for lower-able benders, therefore Azula cannot bend lightning?

How could Azula make her own lightning if Zuko couldn't make his own fire despite being Iroh's pupil?

Remember this is Shyamalan's AU we're speaking about.


...He makes his own fire at the end of the movie. To get through the ice.

I'm still not seeing how "lower benders require outside source" translates into "Azula, one of the single greatest Firebending prodigies ever, cannot bend without an outside source."

I didn't know Zuko did that at the end of the movie because I haven't watched the downloaded movie yet.

I'm biased because I'm a FN fan, and I don't like what Shyamy did to them so I don't want to see a sequel for this.

Because Azula is female, and therefore useless in the movie universe.


How can you not like what he did when you don't know what he did?

I know he made firebenders dependant on a fire source, thus making everyone else look stupid i.e. nobody thinks they can put out their enemy's fire sources.

You know the dancing earthbenders scene?That's enough stupidity for me.


What your peers conveniently leave out is that the Fire Nation brings their own fire to the battlefield.


Which nobody put out anyway. The Waterbending master (premumably Pakku, but he goes unnamed) made two giant snakes of water, but doesn't put any fires out. Patel would have been left defenseless if Peltz had put out the fire he made in front of him, right next to the little creeks of the oasis, but instead only made water shields until he tosses a big enough burst to beat her? A fight that took all of a minute, and was over without any effort. He just sorta looks at her like "you cheeky little fucker before swatting her aside. Nobody thows dirt in the giant fire cauldron in the prison, nobody puts the torches out in the North, nobody puts campfires out.

I think the only reason the movie's Fire Naton got as far as they did was because everybody else was stupid.

Also, the never explain how Patel melts through the ice those two times, Toub just says "your Chi will keep you warm." Zuko could do it because his fire came from his breath and needed no source, but it seemed to take discipline and training not many had (otherwise the coolers in The Boiling Rock would be pointless. But Patel just sorta used it to warm up, which suggests it's the limit of what he could do, and was thus actually a low level technique. We also saw dudes poking through the ice as an invasion technique to further reinforce that point (which was also stupid, what's stopping them from being subject to getting refrozen into the floor, or used for a game of Water Tribe Whack-a-Badgermole?)

Seriously, its as if Manoj saw his kids watching the show maybe once or twice. Just enough to say to himself "If I make a movie trilogy out of this, I will be the next George Lucas!" and never really bothered to try and understand the characters or how bending works.

>>What your peers conveniently leave out is that the Fire Nation brings their own fire to the battlefield.

Which is stupid in itself. "Hey look at us carrying our coal and fuel around, anyone's got a lighter before the waterbenders decide to soak our coal making it useless?"

IRL army carrying their guns and ammo around? OK cool. Magic Kung Fu army relying on flints to make fire? Lame.

>>I think the only reason the movie's Fire Naton got as far as they did was because everybody else was stupid.

THIS. So absolutely RIGHT. You don't have to be a friggin' avatar to remind earthbenders that, hey, there's earth beneath your feet.


Were you paying attention at all during the siege? Recall the battle formations. Who lined the walls of the NWT? Who were the first FN soldiers to penetrate said wall?


Where were the Waterbenders, including notPakku, during the fight? Behind the NWT non-benders. What about the Firebenders? Behind the lines of FN non-benders.

Benders on both sides were utilized as artillery, not regular infantry. The Waterbenders could put out the fires, but they'd have to totally neglect the waves and waves and waves of non-benders pushing forward, they'd have to stop supporting their own non-benders, and they'd have to push back and move into the killzone.

I'm all for shitting on a movie, but you have to get your quarrels right.


Right, I'm gonna rewatch that bit somehow, because that somehow doesn't sound correct. Also remember that M. Night approached this by getting a price estimate on a shot, then scaling it back to be cheaper, there could have been giant waterfalls and fireballs everywhere, but M. Night might have been cut in post. Hell, maybe that's why he cut Koizilla.

Are any of the rip links still working? I got rid of the thing.

So, when did M Night decide the whole thing wasn't about the benders but the non.benders instead?

It's like he chose to do the exact opposite of the cartoon!


And now...You finally understand.

Which makes me glad I didn't pay to watch it. He should have titled it "It not be Airbender" so people at least would've have known they were going to watch a bizarroverse movie.

File: 128025513393.jpg-(86.83KB, 720x517, 38348_414957112343_274253632343_5065186_5331659_n.jpg)
Uh-oh. Looks like not even the movie Zutarians can be happy.


So they are all smiley in the promo shots but not in the damn movie?

>"Heh... I can't believe it."
Funny how he looks like that guy from New Kids on the Rock in that picture there.

I genuinely feel sorry for the kid who played Aang. I saw his audition tape, he was really good and really excited to be in this movie. But then the whole race debacle kind of fucked with him, then the movie fucking blowed. His possible career was over before it began. I hope he gets another role in something eventually.


Now that I get a really good look at it, there's no way they could play a romance between this Katara and Aang without it being really, really uncomfortable.

I'm actually hoping for the opposite. Or to be more specific, I hope whatever he's made off this film pays his way through college and he lives a normal and happy life in obscurity. I'd hate to see Noah Ringer get all fucked up by Hollywood.

Noah's already set to be in another movie: "Cowboys & Aliens," alongside Daniel Craig and others.

Oddly enough? The one actor among the four leads who didn't have another movie lined up after this one until recently was Dev Patel. He has complained that he has trouble getting meaningful work because of his ethnicity. He's going to be reprising his role as his character from Skins (Anwar, I think?) in an upcoming movie.

Oh, he can smile... he looks so cute when he does, too.

Why would Shyamalan deny us even that...

That makes sense.


"The story takes place in the future, after Man has devastated the planet and survives in the form of beings with magical powers allowing them to influence earth, water and fire. These warring factions are held in uneasy harmony by the Avatar, but the Avatar has disappeared, and Earth lives in a state of constant turmoil caused by the warlike Firebenders."

WOAH WOAH WOAH! Is that really the case in the movie? I never noticed.

Nah, I'm really not sure where Ebert got that idea.

He was making a shitty joke.


The twist is that the battle between Aang and Ozai is going to take place in the ancient ruins of Washington D.C.


with toph playing the part of


I hate Nicola Peltz's weird nose shape which is like pointy but upturned at the same time and WTF I'm the same age as Jackson Rathbone and he has more wrinkles than me.


By limiting the appearance and tactical advantages of benders, I actually think it accentuated the importance of benders in turn. They're incredibly powerful gamechangers in battles of any size, but they're almost entirely defenseless when winding up attacks.

I wish it was more apparent. I liked it, but even I was going "what the shit is this" without having it explained.

>By limiting the appearance and tactical advantages of benders, I actually think it accentuated the importance of benders in turn

So, what you're basically saying here is, that by making them less powerful, slower and less useful, that they've somehow made them more important in battle...

Uh... ok?

In other news, historians now think that Hitler would have totally won the war if only his Panzer tanks carried less ammo, took three times longer to reload and had half the range.


I never said they were less powerful or less useful. Read again.

File: 128044052195.png-(440.83KB, 720x480, ep6-43.png)

>I never said they were less powerful or less useful.

Yeah, but they were. Tremendously so.

It took seven earth benders, Fucking 7, to move a 90 pound rock at 10 mph.

Compare that with the attached picture of what Haru, an amateur and untrained earthbender, is capable of doing on his own.

Not to mention that the thing Iroh does at the end of the movie to scare away all the other firebenders is to generate his own fire.

You know the thing that all the firebenders in the show could already fucking do!

Ooohhh.. scary!


that was never 90 lbs if it was a piece of lead perhaps but at regular stone that was 30-55


I still don't but that the marching Earthbender group was behind the single rock thrown. If you watch the clip, it's clearly the lone guy who comes up out of the corner.

According to the screenplay, those six guys lift the rock and the seventh one throws it.


That may not be valid at this point. In the final version of the film, we don't ever see the rock until it's already airborne.


And even if that it the case it still makes the bending weak and practically useless. You know how many non-benders it would have taken to pick up that rock, run over, and hit the guy with it.


...and it would have still been faster.

The thing that really got me about that scene. The thing that just cracked me up. It's not that it took that many benders to pick up a little rock, or how sluggishly it moves across the screen, but that it actually hit someone! It's literally moving at the speed of a mild jog and he couldn't avoid it!

Was that firebender just not paying attention? Were his feet nailed to the ground? Was he playing chicken with the rock? Did the other firebenders dare him to take the hit?

Movieverse benders are really, really stupid.

Especially when it comes to fighting firebenders. They seem to know that they could just put out the source flames, but no one ever actually does it.

This mistake was due to lousy exposition. Shyamalan shows a map of the world onscreen exactly once, and that's when Gran Gran is expositing about spirits, which is what the audience is focused on and not the map she's holding. Combine that with the fact that Katara says "100 years have passed" in the opening narration and I can see where some got the impression it was Earth in the future.

File: 128045696934.jpg-(143.27KB, 799x533, 1280455543605.jpg)
My God.
I'm actually glad they left out the Kyoshi Warriors.
They look awful and not sexy at all.

>not sexy at all.
Well, then, they cast Suki properly.

File: 128045754925.jpg-(62.78KB, 640x480, snapshot20090107041702.jpg)

You're just mad cause you wouldn't know what to do with it.

Well, I'd put a bag over it to start.

File: 128045812725.jpg-(24.64KB, 333x250, Suki.jpg)

Mmmmmh....yes. And then what?

File: 128045975045.gif-(1.77MB, 300x171, MY CABBAGES.gif)
People who say this are so fucking blind it's irritating. Those seven guys were working the walls. It was the one guy moving that small stone, and he was moving it slowly it slowly to get it the aim correct then he rapidly sped it up when he was ready to fire it. The movie sucked, and so did the bending but at least get your complaints correct. Yes, I fucking mad that nobody else on either /co/ noticed this until I pointed it out.


They were dancing after the wall came up and back down.

Like I said, the bending sucks. They had to go through all that dancing to raise another wall. Either that or there was another wall offscreen. The screen direction in this movie WAS atrocious.

I ought to be fucking shitting me if you think that is what actually happened. Those 5 guys were working the fucking STONE. If they have danced, there would be a fucking WALL and there WASN'T.

niggershit hurrpa derpa


What's your reasoning for the seven guys moving the stone? Because the stone isn't even visible until they've stopped moving and it's the single Earthbender that maneuvers it.

Also, why has no one considered the possibility that those seven guys might be doing some kind of battle ritual and not solely bending?

Nope. If you pay attention to the dimensions of the shot, it's most likely it's the man nearest the stone, the one who came on screen bending in sync with the rock. If you also pay attention to the size difference between the rock and the wall, the rock was a good size in comparison to the awful bending in this movie, as was the wall involving those dancing men. If you'll also pay attention to the timing of the men dancing and the rock being bended you'll see that it is completely off. The evidence supports my theory. So if we were thinking logically, my theory should be considered fact.

If you'll also notice that the rock impacts the guard when the man makes the punching motion, further suggesting that he was moving it steadily until he was ready to fire it as a projectile.

I actually just realized that this scene would actually have a pretty drastic effect on Zuko's speech to his father in movie 3 (not that will get one but still).

You know the speech I'm talking about. Zuko's "The people of the Earth Kingdom are proud and strong. They can endure anything as long as they have hope."

We'll it's pretty obvious from this scene that they can't endure jack shit since they're about as strong and resilient as a paper mache vagina.

Here's how the scene will probably go (despite the fact that the movie won't get made).

Fire Lord Ozai: Prince Zuko, you’ve been among the Earth Kingdom commoners. Do you think that adding more troops will stop these rebellions‌

Zuko: Shit yeah. I mean, holy fuck, don't you remember when we had those earthbenders trapped in a not prison surrounded by billions of tons of the one thing only they can use as a weapon and they didn't do a damn thing cause they were scared of the five guards and their campfire!?

Fire Lord Ozai: Oh, ok. Sooo, then the wars pretty much done and we don't have to bother doing anything.

Zuko: Nope. In fact, since those fuckers are pretty much functionally retarded, it was probably in their best interest that we conquered them and put them in camps. That way they can't hurt themselves.

Azula: Christ. I was thinking that maybe we should burn their cities down... but there so pathetic even I feel kinda bad for em.

Zuko: Yeah dad. Banishing me was the best thing you could have done for my life. It put me on the right path. I've seen that this war really was in the worlds best interest. Sorry I ever doubted you.

Ozai: Give me a hug son, then let us all go hunt the Avatar together, your sister included.

Azula: Yeah, a happy ending for everyone.

The End!

Regardless, the fact that the vast majority of viewers have thought that the half-dozen dancebenders were moving the small stone indicates that, if Shyamalan, didn't mean that, he utterly failed at camerawork and communicating things to the audience.

The idea that they were all working on that stone wall is stupid too, just because of the prediction involved in "the Firebenders are going to shoot fire at that guy over there in about 10 seconds, so we should flail around to put up a wall just before it hits him instead of having him move out of the way."

I lol'd

Never said it wasn't stupid, but it's correct. They were operating those walls. When you apply the logic that this movie is fucking illogical to begin with, you have to go with the most likely thing no matter how inane. The people who thought the dancebenders were moving that stone still are blind though.

So the dancebenders where just... dancing?


But the wall was already gone by the time the benders are doing their Jazzersize. Why are they still moving if the wall is already done and back in the ground?

Sorry mate, but even your own "logic" doesn't support your wall hypothesis. And, as Maritova already said, even if that is what happened, it's not the fault of the viewers that the director couldn't make that clear.

Oh, and >>84158 was me. I forgot my name.

Have you paid attention to my prior posts? They were likely raising another wall. But the facts are on my side, you may believe whatever you wish, but I'm right. I've stated most of the reasons why my theory is correct and no one has countered them.

They were raising walls still. Seriously, it surprises me that people can still believe that they were moving that rock even with the reasons they weren't being provided. I believe this article is relevant.

OK, now that I'm rewatching that scene with the idea that they're doing the wall (damn you for making me view it again ;)), I can see it that they're raising and then lowering that wall from off-screen, since the guy they're protecting obviously wasn't doing anything himself and turns toward the dancebenders in response. I admit that my original recollection of the scene was messed up by thinking that the wall came up after the pebble floated by, not before.

But we still have the problem of the dancebenders doing their dance afterward. Here's why I think it's altogether reasonable for the audience to think that the dance was to move the small rock:
1: Shyamalan's bending idea is all about "pumping up and releasing chi."
2: The dance feels very much like building something up and then releasing it -- they even throw their heads back and yell.
3: Thus we expect something elemental to happen in the moment they "release" their chi.
4: The only bending we see in that moment is a small rock drifting right by them, in the same direction they're facing and only appearing after they've "released."

The only other options are doing a dance for no reason (which of course the audience does not accept as there would be no reason for the camera to focus on the dance and no reason for them to be doing nothing in the middle of a fight like that), or that their dancing is doing some Earthbending off-screen. But since we see no other Earthbending happening that would appear to correlate with their actions, the idea never enters most moviegoers' minds to even accept or reject. To say that they're raising other walls that we can't see and are never featured in the shot requires a complete invention on the part of the theorist -- one that is not required in the thought that they were moving the stone.

You're right about that one last Earthbender that sends the stone into the Fire Nation soldier, but what best explains this convoluted mess is that the dancebenders somehow raised the stone and the other one shot it into the soldier. Whether or not this was Shyamalan's intention is irrelevant -- this is a logical reading of what happened that makes more sense to more people than "the dancebenders were dancing for no reason or they were doing bending that we never see the effects of." In a situation like this, the audience isn't "blind" but rather "blinded" by being forced to choose between a situation that only half-fits with what's happening and a situation that demands invisible off-screen actions, and you shouldn't get so irritated at the audience for finding this path to interpret it.

>They were likely raising another wall.

Where? Is this a wall only you can see and know about. Did M. Night tell you about this special off-screen wall on your nightly phone call with him?

I'm watching the video in another window.

The dirt wall blocks the fire and falls to the ground a full 2 seconds before the earthbenders are even doing their retardo dance. By the time they finish, the wall that you think they're summoning has been gone by a full 5 seconds.

What does happen when they finish is that a little rock gently saunters across the screen. Absolutely everything in that scene implies that it was the Earth Kingdom stepping class throwing that stone, and any supposed evidence to the contrary seems to exist only in your brain.

Says the man yet to counter the evidence. The timing, dimensions, size difference between rock and rock wall and screen direction support my theory. If this was a court case of sorts I will have won.

Okay, it's reasonable for them to think wrongly. But with the presented evidence it's ludicrous to think otherwise.

Not to get off subject, but you wouldn't happen to be a creationist by any chance. You sure argue like one.

No, I'm atheist. But that sure is a bullshit way to denounce something. In fact, I would say you're arguing like a creationist. I've given you my logical and supported reasons for believing this theory and you counter it by ignoring every thing I've said. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in a circle telling you to actually counter my trumping evidence.

File: 128046955961.jpg-(5.15KB, 227x222, kettle.jpg)
>and you counter it by ignoring every thing I've said.

Here pot, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

The fact that you guys are arguing over the sequence proves Shyamalan failed outstandingly to make it clear.

Oh no doubt, Shyamalan fucked up royally.
Once you use greentext and and sayings to attempt to prove your point you've failed. Until someone can properly counter my evidence I'm in the right.

You have no evidence. You're just running in circles to defend this shit.

>Until someone can properly counter my evidence I'm in the right.

Except both Mari and I as well as a few other Anon's have countered your "evidence" along with providing "evidence" of our own as to why we think you're wrong.

You're response has been to ignore those posts, pretended they aren't there, then accuse me of doing the exact thing you're guilty of.

>Once you use greentext and and sayings to attempt to prove your point you've failed

Unless, you know, it's completely appropriate and fitting to the situation at hand.

The fact that you exist proves God doesn't.


>Until someone can properly counter my evidence I'm in the right.

What does it honestly matter once it's established that it's so difficult to understand the events in this scene that we all admit that it looks like six people moved one tiny rock?

Even Johan Matte, aka Rufftoon, a storyboarder for the actual show itself, thought that was the case. Going by Maritova's explanation, it sounds like you have to have the idea in your head that they make the wall, first, otherwise it's going to go over people's head 90% of the time, confuse the living hell out of a further 9%, the last 1% gets it on the first viewing and 99.99% of people think it's stupid anyway.

If was so poorly executed that you have to really closely examine it and fill in the blanks with context clues to arrive at a certain conclusion, then what's the point? That we have to do such a thing before we make fun of it, so that we do so correctly? I'm honestly not understanding your position.

He does, and it's pretty obnoxious, but now that I'm watching the whole thing one more time (fuck you anon I was trying to forget this scene) I can start to see how the dancebenders could be doing walls and walls only.

The sequence of events:
Fire Nation guy gets hit by pebble
Fire Nation guy throws flame at boy who presumably threw pebble
Wall #1 is raised in front of him, then lowers, camera moves to father in Earthbending stance (presumably the one responsible for Wall #1)
Katara yells out "don't be afraid" and then stands around there lamely with nothing to do
Fire Nation guy throws more fire at father and son
Wall #2 appears and disappears to block, both father and son look surprised and look at dancebenders (who seem responsible for Wall #2)
Dancebenders dance
Stone appears, moves across screen, Lone Earthbender (a very fancy name!) appears and launches stone into soldier
Another Fire Nation guy throws flame at Lone Earthbender, Wall #3 raises in front of him as he puts his arms up

I think the way anon is interpreting is is that all walls, or at least #3 and not just #2, are by the dancebenders. Under this model, what I imagine is happening is this: the dancebenders are acting as a tank for the entire area, and their dancing is "pumping up the Earthbending" so it can be quickly released as a wall where and when it's needed. So they raise and lower Wall #2, and then stomp/pack the earth to "reload" their wall so when the Lone Earthbender is in danger they can quickly send it up and protect him. It's actually a clever concept and I wouldn't mind it at all.

However! This whole idea depends on the idea that raising Earth walls is a process that requires time (to "reload") and a fair number of people.

This is invalidated by the appearance of Wall #1 (and to a certain degree, Wall #3). The way the son looks at his father and how the father is in a stance makes it very clear that he was the one who raised Wall #1. Thus, one person can very quickly make an Earth wall -- so you don't need a bunch of benders to make a wall, nor do you need them to flail around to "load up" a wall to use in the near future.

Also, with Wall #3, it's obviously one that the Lone Earthbender is quickly putting up and not one the dancebenders are building for him. He is not shielding himself with his arms like the boy or his father, but has fists clenched in a more solid pose, and the wall rises up in concert with the rising of his arms.

There are only these three walls visible, and no one else is in any visible danger where a wall would be needed. To postulate any others is to insert an ad hoc hypothesis (awh yeah Latin). It seems apparent that the dancebenders can only be responsible for Wall #2. And since the dancebenders are doing nothing wall-related after Wall #2, their dancing has no apparent meaning unless they are working in concert with the Lone Earthbender on that small rock.

On the other hand it is possible that the father is just stronger than the other Earthbenders and can make that Wall #1 by himself, while the others need to work in dancing formations and charge up each time -- though that does strike me as ad hoc as well, since the only evidence for the father being a stronger Earthbender is that it's the only way that theory would work. Plus the way that Wall #3 seems to accord with the Lone Earthbender's movements weakens the idea that the dancebenders were responsible.

I will very much admit, though, that the stone feels like it's from the angle of the Lone Earthbender and not the dancebenders.

It's just a scene where no single interpretation can fully cover what we see, and that the only conclusions that can be made are that the dancebenders are moving the stone (which doesn't quite fit with the angles), the dancebenders are prepping to raise Wall #3 (which doesn't correlate with the way the Lone Earthbender is moving or the effortless ability of the father), or the dancebenders are working a wall offscreen to protect someone we never see (which has no evidence for it). In such a situation, I think no interpretation can be truly conclusive.

>Until someone can properly counter my evidence I'm in the right.

And just to be clear, that's actually the exact opposite of how that works. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim.

By your logic, if I claim that the inside of the moon is filled with 5 mile tall purple elephants, would your inability to disprove it make it true?

I could disprove your reasons. I know the burden of proof is on me, that's precisely why I provided it. So until then, I'm still right. You can throw around what ever shit you want but until you can present evidence to the contrary I'm to be considered correct.

I'm not in anyway defending it. It was atrocious screen direction and the fact that I have to use several reasons and my skills of deduction after years in investigation is even further evidence that who ever directed that scene is an idiot. The fact that it's in anyone's head that all those people were moving one stone is saddening. I could except this if it was from an amateur director, but someone that Hollywood consistently looks to to make movies is disheartening.


Well, alright then. Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to go do something a bit more productive and argue with the brick wall in my basement a bit.

Apologies. "Except" in that last comment should be "accept".

File: 128047241827.gif-(0.98MB, 325x210, CRooi.gif)
Nuh-uh! I'm right! I know I'm right because I said it and I'm the one to judge my own statements! And if no one replies to this post in 5 seconds I'm right forever, no do-overs!

You do that friend. I'll go see inception again.

File: 128047267959.gif-(549.76KB, 278x227, dealwithit3.gif)
How childish. Do you sincerely believe that by trying to mock me you can trump me logically? Well, you certainly have a bright career on fox news ahead of you.

Interesting. My reply is appearing on the front page, but not in the actual thread.

I apologize for the duplicate post. It wouldn't go through so i assumed there was something wrong with .gif file.

Really guys? This great big shitstorm over the dancebending scene?

To the Anon arguing we're all stupid for thinking the dancebenders were helping move the tiny rock, as the others have stated, Shyamalan did a terrible job of making that scene clear if this many people believe that's what happened. And even if you're right about this one little scene, and it doesn't sound like you are, that doesn't make up for the rest of the movie being complete and utter shit. So who gives a damn?


File: 128051471338.jpg-(696.59KB, 657x1110, __The_Ringers___Band_XD_by_Thais_Kataangmaniac.jpg)

You're saying it as if I haven't stated that several times, which shows me that you haven't read my posts and that you're set in your incorrect ways. If you had read my posts you would see that in no way has anyone even attempted to dispute my reasons while saying that the burden of proof is on me when in fact I've provided proof, and they haven't.

Excuse me, what the fuck is this?

Eh just some photoshop on dA.

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