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  tell me what I'm up against here Otacon...

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  they can work together now...

I'll be impressed when it can walk like it's saying "haters gonna hate"

This is getting scary.

hide File: 127819194059.gif-(536.97KB, 1180x975, MS IntelliMouse Explorer.gif)
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Hey /tek/, I've been using this Intellimouse for several years now.
I like him a lot but his aging issues are beginning to be severe. Scrolling is semi sentient, clicks register as doubles and triples.
I don't know if these are issues exclusive to my model or just an age thing.

Can you recommend me a new mouse? Something similar to Intellimouse (I love the the back/forward side buttons), good for gaming and not too pricey.

Maybe even get the same kind, unless it's a faulty line

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My middle finger is too long. From a comfortable grip position on any given mouse, the tip of my middle finger would actually sit just beyond the mouse wheel.

Same as everyone else, too long. The last knuckle on my middle finger is past the end of the scroll wheel, so I have to curl it up all nublike to scroll with that finger.

So in conclusion, Anonymous has tiny hands.

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  So one of the guys from Ubisoft Monstreal made an awesome physics engine.

Now if only they'd stop making shitty DRM.

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Imagine the hardware requirements to render so many objects independently in real-time.

These are isolated samples. If you apply tech like this to a video game of any reasonable size, you're looking at ridiculous specs.

unless we only render each pixel on the screen!

Processors are expected to triple speed over the next decade. So you'll be running at something like 9GHz in 2020, possibly 27GHz by 2030.

I think we could have this in our lifetime, we'll just be too old to care.

hide File: 127263248932.jpg-(254.82KB, 455x500, tactical-riot-gear.jpg)
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Let's talk armor.

I for one believe that there are few cooler things in today's world then riot police.

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>200 lbs.
that's like a browning heavy machine gun loaded with 120 rounds.

I wonder if it also helps in taking the recoil.

File: 127977216793.jpg-(25.59KB, 315x450, 823693-spacemarinewh_super.jpg)
An alternative that no one seems to be considering: rather than making the armor lighter, or giving it an internal propulsion system, why not make the troops stronger via steroids and/or genetic engineering?

because that makes them bigger targets and most soldiers won't do that voluntarily. modern warfare is all about trying to hit something and trying not to get hit your self.

hide File: 127927881538.png-(47.54KB, 250x250, 1261940186010.png)
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Hey /tek/ I need your aid once more.

I use a pirated Nod 32 anti virus for a few years now and it's doing the job well.
However, it stopped updating because its pirated and what not.

What's a good anti virus for me to get? Free one preferable.

Picture only slightly related.

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I just use malwarebytes and adaware uguu~


Microsoft Security Essentials.

hide File: 127960248516.jpg-(46.55KB, 1314x392, Capture.jpg)
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Fuck you

It's part of the CE/DP Stealer, if you talk over MSN with someone who has it, the damn thing injects a redirect thingy onto your computer as well as a keylogger

Don't download this POS

>AIM is shit.
>MSN Messenger is shit
>BBM is shit.

Will someone make ONE messenger service that isn't shit?


just use pidgin

hide File: 127937844729.jpg-(43.07KB, 640x480, stick.jpg)
1653 No.1653 quickreply   Reply
Looking to mod one of these. I want to replace the stick and the buttons with Sanwa parts (which are of a much higher quality).

To the best of my knowledge, the buttons in these suckers are soldered to the board.

Can you offer any tips or re-assuring comments to somebody who is unfamiliar/nervous about soldering on a board?

I just don't have the money to spring for the Real Arcade made by Hori, or a MadCatz, both of which are infinitely easier to mod.

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The only real soldering I have experience with involves torches and pipes, but I planned to test my hand on stuff that isn't sensitive before then. Still waiting on my package in the mail, and word from my uncle on letting me use his junk.

Alright, well it sounds like you've got the right idea then.


Doesn't look too hard from the videos I've seen. I was just curious if anyone had tips, etc.

hide File: 127903868384.jpg-(21.97KB, 360x527, bluemic1.jpg)
1628 No.1628 quickreply   Reply
Check out this baby.

Also, general sound equipment thread.

hide File: 127875301660.jpg-(51.57KB, 600x372, My_Dream_Smart_Car_by_Yamino.jpg)
1610 No.1610 quickreply   Reply
So there I was, browsing DeviantART (BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, OKAY?), when I noticed that a while back that +/a/'s favorite artist, Yamino, had drawn a picture of a Smart Roadster a while back, saying that it was her dream car. That's the picture right there, on your left. The gearhead in me immediately wanted to comment "that would be totally sweet if you swapped in a Hayabusa engine, maybe a turbocharger, tune up the suspension, stiffen the chasis a little." Then I realized that A) this was a picture from 2008, and B) deviantart probably isn't the place to discuss tuning. That, after all. is what /tek/ is for!

Now, I can't be the only one who does this. There are a lot of helpful, knowledgeable people on this board, and sometimes that instinct to chime in about our favorite topics can't be resisted. So tell me, /tek/heads, of your greatest Gearhead Moments, inappropriate or otherwise!

hide File: 127822672433.jpg-(32.67KB, 394x296, tibetan-singing-bowl.jpg)
1544 No.1544 quickreply   Reply
This is a singing bowl. Ever do that thing with a wine glass where you wet your finger and run it along the rim to produce a continuous ringing? It's like that. It was used in Buddhist meditation as focusing aid in ye times of lore.

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You aren't squinting enough.


Quick, shrike, make like you're Asian!


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  You know how it goes, there's always an alternate universe where blimp travel never went out of style and everyone get's an airship.

WELL SHIT! That must mean there's a universe where our counterparts are toolin' around on these babies... So go ahead, fill this topic up with shit you'd expect to have been successful on the other side.

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File: 127837166535.jpg-(22.29KB, 689x439, airship5.jpg)

File: 127837167183.jpg-(37.25KB, 678x445, airship6.jpg)

  ruskies managed to rip it off.

fucking shagohod.

hide File: 127818227841.jpg-(12.84KB, 381x329, pen_drive.jpg)
1532 No.1532 quickreply   Reply
Ok apparently there is a virus on my flash drive. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?

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File: 127835048967.jpg-(21.50KB, 175x241, 1256057427617.jpg)

File: 127835051868.jpg-(13.88KB, 175x250, 1256057461271.jpg)

I had the same problem recently.
I ended up just connecting it to a mac and removed the offending files manually.
Works fine now.

hide File: 127696167194.gif-(67.84KB, 313x429, Doctor Hal - MY BRAIN!.gif)
1431 No.1431 quickreply   Reply
Parental units are going out today to buy a new laptop and I'm their call center so I need a website where I can look up some reviews for the potential models they'll see.

Or should I be trying to convince them to buy one online?

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>Live in manhattan


ANYWAY, they bought one, can't remember what it is right now, but at the time I saw it had some pretty good reviews.

are two I like, and Costco is the best if you care about a generous return policy and time period

Don't forget to shop for a good third party cooling unit, too. That'll add years to its lifespan.

hide File: 127722680925.jpg-(50.80KB, 400x510, steve_jobs_evil.jpg)
1445 No.1445 quickreply   Reply
I've given up trying to fight it.
I told myself that I'd be perfectly content with just a flip phone, and a classic iPod, who needs a buggy old Smartphone? They can't even hold all my songs.

But then they came out with ones that could.
And then I saw some of the other apps in action, and thought it was cool.
And then my iPod's headphone jack rusted out.
And then my dumbass dad borrowed my phone for the day, and threw it in the washing machine accidentally.

So I give up, I'll buy a damn smartphone. They're looking far more interesting than they did a few years back anyway.

Now, right now I'm on a T-Mobile plan, so I could probably just pick from that line, but I have been interested in getting an iPhone 3G S or 4, pretty much because I don't know if iTunes works on any of the others, and that whole "hear a song on the radio, record it with the iPhone, then buy it on iTu- I mean hold on to the name and just download it on TPB sounds cool. But hey, I'm open to practically anything. Except a Blackberry. Fuck Blackberries.

Now, which smartphone SHOULD I get? Just so you know, I am open to switching providers as well.

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I'm on a Verizon family plan with my parents and have been considering getting a smartphone soon. Anyone here have experience with Verizon's Droids and had a few things to say about them?

I have the Motorola Droid. Went from a Razr to that, so you can imagine the upgrade.

It's not too bad. The few complaints I have are:

- Seems to lag a fair deal when running a couple apps, even with an automatic task killer app that frees up memory.
- Touchscreen typing is a bitch. My fingers are even that big, and I've had it long enough to get used to the screen, but I'm still constantly making mistakes on the on-screen keyboard. I usually use the slide-out one now.


Oh I love the new excuse "you are just holding it wrong"

hide File: 127779299036.jpg-(533.82KB, 800x1150, 1260074169037.jpg)
1498 No.1498 quickreply   Reply
Does anyone have Ubuntu installed on their PS3? If so what do you use it for?

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PS3 Media Server. Other than that, I think they're releasing an app store for it soon.

Personally I think there are a multitude of better solutions for media servers than the PS3. Especially if you're like me and want the same file support you get on a PC.

(MKV files, I'm looking at you)

PS3 Media Server transcodes MKV, and it lays like a charm (especially if you have a modern CPU)

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