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I saw this laptop in a Sony Style store.

It's specs are... It's design is... it's speed is...

My God, I'm going to squander my student loan on this.

What exactly are you planning to do? I couldn't bring myself to buy a machine for that much just for the specs.

Then again I thought $330 for a laptop was too much to spend on myself.

I'm looking for something workstation strong, yet super-portable.

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Post your desktop thread! :3

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File: 127756802566.png-(1.95MB, 1886x1080, Desert.png)
So I heard there are programs that switches desktop for you. Anyone happens to know more about this?

File: 127776283466.jpg-(532.66KB, 1280x800, rainmeter.jpg)
Rainmeter goes against minimalism. It just looks bad.

Look up Microsoft Wallpaper toy

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>* Strong magnetic fields could affect moral judgment.
>* Targeted magnetic fields can make people more inclined to judge outcomes, not intentions.
>* The findings could have implications for neuroscience, as well as the legal system.

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>>1484 always is slow to catch up with technology, and usually does so in less than graceful ways...

Especially on the part of civil rights and privacy.
But, on the plus side, "the truth" would be damning to rich people. So maybe dirty old money and dirty old dynasty would incentivize "right to privacy" question criteria.


Well, we couldn't have attorneys asking damning questions unrelated to a case.

Still, I'd love to try and get that kind of technology implemented in politics. Imagine if all speeches and official testimony were lie-checked.

"I will never raise taxes!"


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Okay, so on the advice of /g/ I installed dvd decryptor + dvd shrink + handbrake, hoping to rip dvds so I can watch them on my computer, and then sell said DVDs/return them to the rental store. The problem: I've never fucking done this before. Help, detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay, so I did a trial run with a GITS DVD, and now I have these two folders on my desktop: AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. How do I play them or merge them or whatever?

File: 127760685092.jpg-(14.42KB, 189x125, video example.jpg)
I usually stick those two folders in a separate folder named after the movie they came from.

And to start the DVD up, usually I go into the VIDEO_TS folder and double click on VIDEO_TS.IFO (I have it set so that filetype is associated with VLC). If you don't have it set that way, right click on that file and open it with VLC.


Chev, you're my hero. If I ever meet you in person, I've buying you drinks and making you dinner/lunch! ^.^

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>Chinese knockoff of iPad
>has higher-end hardware and open-source software
>Apple iPad: $536
>Chinese iPed: $105

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I don't habeeb it.

File: 127700748770.jpg-(21.48KB, 400x267, mygoditsfullofstars.jpg)


See, now THIS is what the digital comics thing should be aimed toward. Good screens, good hardware, the ability to actually do more than run iphone apps. That's all I want one for anyway.

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  and I thought parachuting tanks were something that only exists in action movies.

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should have know this is one of the Russian gimmicks.


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Would it work, despite this shortcomings?

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Well, that's sort of disappointing, but sorta.. uplifting.

Which reminds me. I've heard we've developed ways to use heat, light, even sound in place of current for computers. Will these just be neat display items in research labs, or do you think they'll find unique computer world niches?

File: 127684421623.gif-(20.79KB, 460x263, predator hand bomb device.gif)
I think the heat one is most promising
Humans make body heat naturally, and heat is generally easy to make
So think implanted computers with touch screens on your forearm

Constant sound or light is a bit harder


Not even heat, try blood.

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You are now aware of the fact that when the entire Universe is taken into consideration, millions of species go extinct every second, and many of those species are intelligent.

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Why not simply clone pandas?

because after awhile we'll run out of fresh genetic material and all our pandas will become inbred and die.

Also, pandas are jerks regardless of how cute they are

We are an anomaly in that of all the things in the universe, we are the only things that consume, reproduce and exist to do more than be inert patterns of energy.

There'll be divergent species from us. They won't be us anymore. They'll grow, they'll change, some will die off. Eventually beings may be as different from us as we are from grass or flowers, though they'll still think of us as a common ancestor.

And the universe still won't care, because it never did.

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Do you use anything bluetooth?

I always see it all over tech crap, and tech review sites will disapprove of devices that don't include it, but I've never used it for anything, ever.

Is there something that I should be using it for?

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My father uses bluetooth. I don't know if it's because he's the kind of guy who breaks everything (he's clumsy) so he just buys the cheap stuff, but every time he calls me I get shitty noise in our conversation until I tell him to pick up his goddamn phone instead of using the headset.

He also loves PMPs that include bluetooth functionality for headphones. Which means he's limited to three models at most. >_>

I borrowed the headset I use with my PS3 to try out with my phone for a while--it just wasn't for me. It's a pretty basic headset I picked up on sale, though, and finding the sweet spot on the thing in order to answer/hang up was more of a pain than just sliding the phone open/closed. I might get a USB dongle someday?

Funny you made this thread, because I just returned a set of Motorola S305 headphones. The sound quality was ok, but there was a constant hiss coming from the receiver and you couldn't go more than 15 feet away from the source without the playback warping or dropping out.

One use of Bluetooth is for transferring stuff back and forth between your cell phone and PC, but cell phone USB cables are a couple of dollars on Amazon and will charge the battery instead of draining it. You could also use a wireless headset if you drive a lot or feel like being a lazy douche. They do make Bluetooth keyboards and mice, but: 1) those cost a lot more, 2) a Bluetooth dongle would take up the same space as a regular wireless receiver, and 3) have fun getting it to work during POST

In my opinion, Bluetooth isn't really useful (still). When a lower power, larger bandwidth spec becomes widely available, then it might be nice to have.

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  Science, sufficiently advanced, is Indiscernible from magic

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File: 127631921516.png-(160.13KB, 540x225, ironman.png)
technically, I don't want them to float in mid air I want them flying to my retina. I'm not really sure what I want flying in mid air to create the effect.


  Combine this guy's UI with Johnny Lee's headtracking setup, and you have a good approximation of an interactive hologram.

what if I combine BOTH of them with project Natal I'm not even going to need the gloves or the sensor bar.

hide File: 127489740330.png-(354.46KB, 794x453, mars3.png)
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this treaty sounds like a bad Idea to my inner sci-fi geek.

because when people will live in space they will Necessarily wage wars in space, it's only human.

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Fuck /k/.

I still think colonial wars on the red planet will be waged with railguns, if only for the lack of gun powder.

40k will be reality...

it's better to just kill yourself then life in 40k.

hide File: 127508054313.jpg-(8.58KB, 226x170, _47890453_gibson2hr.jpg)
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So /tek/ are we completely fucked, or do we just have another thing to be paranoid about like all the Nukes in the world?

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It's just a self-replicating sequence. More of a computer code than an organism. The potential "god damn, everything's all fucked up and shit" will come when people start manipulating the sequence to do something other than self-replicate.

Also, stuff like this should never leave a lab until it's very well established to be vanquishable.

Artificial life is more than likely not fit for survival in the real world.

Agreed, without the hell testing of evolution it'll die outside of specific conditions.

EXCEPT that if there is a market for tougher artificial lifeforms, they will be made and then Oh-shit-it-escaped-from-the-lab goes from the scifi novels to the business reports.

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Disregard that, not lovely at all:

Disregard that, still lovely:

Weird people do things driven by their weirdness. Occasionally these things are wonderful.

hide File: 127473977496.jpg-(48.61KB, 599x453, series_of_tubes.jpg)
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So I tried using Google Chrome for awhile because I like selling more and more of my soul to Google. Recently, though, it's been crapping out more than any other browser ever has, and not only doesn't trust the most harmless sites, but will sometimes automatically redirect me to a Google home page.

Tl;dr I'm back on Firefox.

What are your preferences?

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Chrome has all my working scripts that make YouTube not suck suck less. Other than that, it's Firefox all the way.

I use chrome because it takes 1 second to load when I click the icon, and Firefox takes up to 10.

I would rather have Bowsers tbh

Firefox here.

hide File: 127507916233.jpg-(112.99KB, 895x880, 114.jpg)
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ITT we grow bigger, better mind grapes

brb, sniffing peat

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